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They Will Never Stop Calling
March 4, 2017

My father expressed interest in Page Publishing about a year and a half ago. At the time, he was terminally ill and working on a memoir. He had only a few pages written, but still they called and called, wanting over three grand to get the process started. My father quickly became more interested in other ways to finish out the remainder of his life, and never did much writing. Still, they called, encouraging him to write, to leave something we could remember him by.

When my father died, I expected the calls to our house to stop, but they didn't. I explained that he was dead, but they kept calling once a week or so. They used hard rebuttals for every possible excuse and were sometimes very aggressive. Someone actually said to me, "Would you consider honoring your father's memory by writing a book about your relationship with him?"

Even after I explained to them that I'm not interested, and that the person who expressed interest is now deceased, they still kept calling me, asking if *I* want to write a book and publish with them. It's been over a year since my father's death, and I got another call today. Once they get your number, they will NEVER leave you or your family alone.

BethCarr February 21, 2018

I just called the 1-800 number from the commercial on TV. I wanted the free authors submission kit. First they asked for my name and became a little frustrated when I only gave my first initial. I asked them to repeat the name of the company since I didn't catch it from the commercial. I immediately googled them. The next question was for my phone number. I saw the scam alert and stated that I didn't want want phone calls, I just wanted the kit sent to me. The agent said she was unable to proceed w/out my phone number. I politely thanked her and hung up. Thanks for the heads up.

January 25, 2017

I'm so disappointed. The commercial I saw had me all excited until i learned they were vanity publishers. Turned out they wanted over 3000 dollars to publish my book. I went online to see if they were legit and after reading the reviews here I changed my mind. I OWE YOU A HUGE THANK YOU!!!!

BTW, someone in the comments mentioned I ended up using them to publish my book. They also teach you a lot about publishing so thanks for the recommend.

Thank you all
October 28, 2016
thank you all for the information on this PAGE company. I am not going to go with there company, they told me, it will not cost a dime its only going to cost $0.20 per copy sold...I am soory for your lost BUT keep your dreams alive.

Avoid Like The Plague
September 6, 2016
I was referred to this company by friends who admitted they knew very little. So I went through the process and nearly bought into their sales pitch. That was, until I read the details of the contract they sent me. Like the previous reviewers, they wanted an upfront $3300 or so dollars and that didn't cover the costs of the copies I might want to sell independently. This IS NOT a legitimate publishing house. It's better to it the old fashioned way or go on-demand. Even if you're desperate, it's better to be known but just your friends than be out over $3000 and have nothing to show for it.

Publishing with them
July 15, 2016
I have published with them, at a cost of $3745. Fortunately at the time I did have the money but unfortunately they leave certain things out of the contract. For instance they say in the contract that they advertise to 4,000 + media. No where in the contract states that your book is advertised if the media decides to pick it up, I was told that in an email. Plus another thing that was not stated in the contract (which the contract with them is 2 years) is when a copy of your book is sold, a lot of fees are taken out of that also. My book sells for $12.95, after the fees are taken out, i'm left with making $3.14 a book and since its not being advertised as stated in the contract, no one really knows it's out there,

Page Publishing costs to authors
May 4, 2015
I contacted them as part of an informational article for an independent website and found they want authors to pay $3,200 in costs to get their book published. Ouch!

Ling Raphael June 03, 2015

I received some sales document in the mail, they promised everything there can be, but did not mention the price.

Thom Tate August 23, 2015

I've been in contact with them. It is pricey. They have a TON of glowing reviews on their website, of course. But, none of them tell of the authors success. I don't care if they're nice and compassionate, I want to know if they get results. Did you [the author] try self publishing several other ways and sold on 20 books in two years and with Page Publishing's help, you've now sold 2000, etc... That's the kind of thing I need to know.

Janet Ross Mays January 05, 2016

I simply sent a copy of my manuscript, and they called a few minutes ago to say it is accepted for publication, to expect the paperwork in about a week.

Michele May 14, 2016

Janet, what happened? Were they worth the money? We don't have much money and I need to know if they are a scam or not. Please let me know.

edith bidwell July 09, 2016

My name is Edith Bidwell and i have have my book done though them my my problem is paying the $3,200 to get it out there i am poor as hell and this is my only chance at my dreams and i cant pay the money.

Lillian September 01, 2016

Don't do it. A real publisher will not require up front payment.