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January 20, 2023

Ultimate bait and switch! We were offered in the near $500,000 range for our home. Jump through all the hoops did the video walk throughs had a personal inspection and their final offer came through around $279,000! Home needed virtually no repairs and has had recent upgrades and refinishing in the last few years. Shameful that they try to steal from desperate people.

How well it worked for my problem.
July 12, 2022

I ordered this with some doubt, and it has exceeded what I had expected! Love this product.

Do Not Buy From Open Door
May 4, 2022

Do not deal with OpenDoor, whatever you do. We bought our first house through them and we’ve had nothing but problems with them.

First, they listed that the roof was changed in 2010. After inspection, we found out the roof had never been redone!

Then, after having a flood in the house, we found out that the main drainage pipe had been broken for YEARS and was never fixed. There was evidence of previous water damage in the bathrooms and they tried to cover it up with new panel floor.

When we reached out to them because we believe we should’ve been informed of all those problems, they basically told us that we couldn’t prove that they knew about this. We know for a fact that they are the ones who replaced the floors.

In fact, they simply patched up the water damage with the floor. Toilets were not even safely secured to the floor! Don’t ever deal with them, they are dishonest and have no idea how to conduct business properly.”

Tried selling a house via Opendoor...
April 13, 2022

Hoping to sell my house without the headache of listing with an agent and having showings, I submitted a request for an Opendoor offer. I had a good, rough sense of what my house might be worth, because I've spoken with three Realtors, each of whom gave me a range of possible list prices.

I have been paying close attention to comparable home sales in my area, but exact comps have been few and far between so far. Per the Realtors I spoke with, my house should sell for around $785K to $810K. Admittedly, this is higher than my current Zestimate ($756K, though, again, I don't have a lot of comps at present, and my house has some upgrades), so I would likely list for $785K-$790K.

Opendoor's initial offer: $623K.

Yup, that's $133K less than my Zestimate, and far less than any list price any Realtor has quoted me.

I mentioned the offer to my neighbor who then submitted his own request for an Opendoor offer (just to see). His house is slightly smaller than mine (about 300 or 400 feet smaller), but has the same size lot, and a slightly worse view (he has a telephone pole right behind his house, I do not).

Our homes are exactly the same age, and both have a 3-car garage. So, as far as Opendoor is concerned, our homes are more-or-less comparable.

His initial offer: $731,500 (which is about the same as his Zestimate)!

After this, I spoke to the person assigned to my offer, who looked at comparable sales in my area and market trends, and agreed that my offer was way too low. I told her about my neighbor's offer, too, and she also agreed that the discrepancy between his offer and mine was really strange, and indicative of a glitch with the algorithm.

Still, all she could advise me to do was to film my house and move the process forward, in the hope that my offer price would be increased substantially. When I asked her if she knew of any offer prices that had been raised more than $130K, she said she hadn't, but still urged me to submit more material, presumably because she didn't know what else to say.

Given the glitch, and the seeming unlikelihood that my offer would be increased to a level I would even begin to consider accepting, I opted to (attempt to) contact someone in corporate instead.

Eventually, I was able to do so, and was told by a member of the administrative staff that, yes, it sounded like there was something wrong with my offer, and that someone from the corporate office would call me today at 11:00 AM my time. That person never called. I called the corporate office again, spoke to another receptionist, and was told to wait (as if I don't have a full-time job to do myself) for the Opendoor rep to call me. I was also warned that he/she might need to reschedule... Two hours later, and no one has called or made effort to reschedule yet.

Interestingly, I've since spoken to a few other people across the country who have conveyed similar stories about Opendoor spitting out laughably low offers, as well as inconsistencies in offers made to one homeowner versus his/her neighbor(s). So I'm experience isn't a one-off.

Overall, I would rate my experience with Opendoor very low. Between receiving an extremely low offer on my house, learning that my next-door neighbor received an offer ~$110K higher for no obvious reason, and being stood-up by someone from Opendoor's corporate office when trying to investigate (and correct) the issue, I'd say Opendoor leaves a LOT to be desired.

Unreliable service, inconsistent offer prices, and impossible to get in touch with anyone who might actually be able to address an issue: not a recipe for customer/client satisfaction. Looks like I'll be listing my house instead...

MeMeMe May 12, 2022

The problem with your review is you didn't complete the offer process to find out what the "actual" offer was going to be. You got their preliminary offer only. It's not like you would be forced to accept the final offer.

We are currently deciding how and/or if we are going to sell our home and move. Their initial offer was considerably less than the final offer. I find it odd that you didn't complete the process to get the final offer before reaching out to complain to corporate.

Furthermore, Zillow is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy off on market values! Most agents, in the interest of listing your home, will offer a "FREE" Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) on your home.

It doesn't appear that you made that effort either. Given that information it pretty much invalidates your review. Good luck! God be with ya! You are gonna need him! ;)

questionable ethics
February 8, 2022

I am a licensed TX broker, have been one for over 40 years. Also co own a residential office with 35 agents.

Made an offer on a property, negotiated an acceptable price. Open door agent started with delay tactics that lasted for several days, requesting corrections and changes, and ridiculous demands. Issues that could have been resolved in minutes.

and suddenly.... " sorry we are now in a multiple offers scenario all bets are off" . I read that this is also a recurring modus operandi, not to mention an over priced home with at least 50K repair issues. Not exactly full disclosure is also a part of their system. UN-ethical sleazy approach to doing business. Caveat Emptor. I will make all our agents aware of this, plus share with the local board Arlington TX . My wife and co owner of the company is past board chair.

Incompetence and Mismanagement
August 21, 2021

OPENDOOR is a totally Incompetent company giving the Real Estate industry a bad name. Their listings are overpriced. They put some lipstick on a piggy and expect to sell for full price. As soon as the Buying frenzy stops (and it will) this company will be out of business.

We recently submitted an ALL CASH Offer, with a 2 week close, on one of their properties. Our Offer price was within 11% of the Listing Price. It was at the same price that another house just closed, 2 blocks down the street.

The OPENDOOR property was in horrible condition, it needed a new roof, new a/c, the walls in 2 of the bedrooms appear to have water damage because paint is peeling and bottom molding is separating from the walls, pool was a very dark color and was bubbling, you cannot even see the bottom of the pool.

Who ignores an ALL Cash offer without even a counter when they are responsible for this listing? Hmm, someone who needs to be FIRED!

If OPENDOOR wants to repair their reputation in the industry they need to clean up their own house before they start representing others. This is a case of MISMANAGEMENT.

Slow in responding and horrible customer service from Agent at Open Door.
June 22, 2021

Sent 3 offers to the open door agent only for her to tell me they are holding a verbal agreement to purchase from the 15th of the month- 3 weeks out the home still hasn't gone under contract.

They are trying to have a bidding war with their properties.

I will be reporting them in North Carolina to the Real Estate Commissioner.

IanL August 13, 2021

Selling my home to Opendoor, VERY bad experience. The most incompetent company in real estate I have every come across and my company has been involved in well over 100 closings.

September 13, 2019

So, my husband and I have recently begun relocation cross country to his hometown. When I got a very good job offer it put some urgency into selling our home. We only had it on the market about a month before we decided to go with Opendoor. I knew we would not make a big profit, but since I had good equity, we would be okay with the settlement. I had read all the reviews, done some research and even retained my agent for the process at my expense. The offer was very low, and the fees are very high, the cost of convenience I suppose.

At this point the repairs came out to 4,300. A bit high, as if I am paying for improvements for them to flip it, but again, perfect victim due to urgency. This is where it gets bad, really bad, I am already losing tens of thousands versus a market sale, I am in my new hometown closing remotely. The mobile notary comes to my Airbnb on Wednesday, we sign, husband signs in Texas. Done. Nope, TWO hours after closing I am informed the math was wrong and it would be 6K less! After closing! People, I cannot stress enough the fact that this was AFTER closing!

The first story was Opendoor commission, the second was taxes, nobody really knows. They just want an extra 6k and since I am even more pressured with pending home purchase, I believe they thought I would have no choice. Wrong, I went through the settlement sheet and every department that let the error slip was forced to rebate their fees, my agent reduced hers and they made up the difference. Did I mention I am in leadership??

The story is not over though, as I sit here on the east coast on Friday afternoon, still no funds. They can’t seem to put a trace on the wire that they documented as executed on Thursday and was not executed until this morning. But, still NO funds. I call the closer and she informs me that that they accidentally sent a live check via FedEx to the property address they now own, in Texas, and the wire transfer tracking number I was provided was for my agents funds not mine. Please note the finance company and title company are owned by Opendoor.

To conclude, it is 5:15 EST on Friday and I just got funded on a transaction from Wednesday. My closer was genuinely upset and did resolve it, but had it not been for multiple calls to the office, my bank, my mortgage company and agent it could have been weeks. Only use Opendoor to get rid of a mortgage payment, nothing more. There are people that depend on the equity to buy a new home and with Opendoor you will not be sure even after closing.