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US Concealed Online is a website run by Concealed Coalition Inc., promoting an online training course they state grants a certification that aids in receiving a concealed carry permit in certain states in the US.

Concealed Coalition, found at runs a number of similar websites promoting their services.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, US Concealed Online offers an educational safety training course, with accompanying printable certification, which provides customers with the training and documentation of competence with a handgun. 

This certificate is meant to satisfy the state requirement that confirms you are proficient with a firearm, and would qualify you for a Concealed Carry Permit.

To be clear, US Concealed Online is not associated with a government agency, and are not affiliated with any state.   Instead, they state that the training resources and certificate they issue have been designed to specifically fulfill the requirements of the state in which you're applying for a permit.  

Once you have gotten your handgun training certification from, you do yet legally have a concealed carry permit until you officially apply in your state and provide them with all other required documentation, state fees, photos, signatures, and applications. 

This certificate does not include the fees to be paid for actually applying for you permit, and is only meant to fulfill the state requirement that proves you are proficient with a firearm.

Cost & Price Plans

This website doesn’t readily provide information regarding the cost of their class to the general public.

Instead, you first have to provide residential contact information, watch an introductory video, then go through an initial 10 question screening process before the website will let you move on to the actual training videos. 

Once there, the 'Certification Processing Fee' is shown and the amount will depend on the state in which you're planning to apply for your permit.  We saw a fee ranging from $99.99 to $219.99 to earn your certificate from US Concealed Online.

Refund Policy

This website is very clear that they do not provide refunds of their fees for any other reason than if a customer is able to prove that they passed the Online Concealed Carry Qualification test and were then denied a concealed carry permit specifically due to the nature of the training they were provided.

Unfortunately, refunds for any other reasons will not be given. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact US Concealed Online. customer service with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at (800) 765-0208, or by email at [email protected]

Additionally, Concealed Coalition lists their contact phone number as (800) 805-2238 and contact email address as [email protected].

Concealed Coalition Inc. lists their physical address as 848 North Rainbow Blvd #508, Las Vegas, Nevada 89107.


There are not many reviews specifically for the, but there are many, many different reviews and commentaries available online for websites that are similar and which offer conceal and carry permits to people that live throughout the country. 

The bottom line is that the goal of these websites is to make it as easy as possible to pass the test for conceal and carry; high quality training is not really their main concern.   

Depending on your state, a concealed carry class can cost anywhere from $40 to $175, and you can usually find a course around $100 in any state. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many online companies which promise to offer their customers these kinds of preliminary training and permit courses, including National Concealed Academy.

Due to the sensitive nature of these types of certifications, customers are really best served by going to their local police department or state government website to find the programs that they recommend for their citizens regarding their own requirements.   

If you have any experience with US Concealed Online or Concealed Coalition, please leave your reviews below.

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US Concealed Online Customer Reviews

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This is a scam.
October 31, 2023
This is nothing but a scam. I lost eighty-eight dollars, but they can have that, I'm just trying to help make sure other people are not scammed.

This is a SCAM!
September 27, 2023
What a scam! They lead you to believe you will get a US Certificate that allows you to carry nation wide. When you go to their site, there is a button saying "Begin Here." Pressing that takes you to a gun safety video and then to a test. When you pass that you are taken to the payment screen where thy claim you will receive in the mail a certificate and other items (i.e., Florida Non-Resident Certificate, etc.). You pay then it takes you to another screen where it has a list of items you need to do to get a license to carry in your home state. I already have a LTC for my home state. I was expecting a US Certificate, not a state license. This is the scam. You can easily save yourself the fee they charge and apply that to getting your LTC in your home state. Their process does not save you anything as you will still need to do the training by someone qualified to do that training in your home state. This is definitely an outfit that should be checked out by the FBI and ATF!

June 9, 2023

This is a SCAM. They send you a small holster and that is it. DO NOT FALL for this.

Is this a scam
February 19, 2023
I would like to receive my money back from this it a scam

Scam Company.
October 21, 2022
I signed up for the concealed permit, passing the test and paying my fee. The closest location they offered for range qualification was 400+ miles from my location. I was not able to drive that far and ask for a refund. They refused without any comment. This does not seem to be a reputable company.

Don't get suckered do more research.
July 5, 2022
I wouldn't say it's a scam but you can learn more on YouTube than you can here. Very misleading in what you get for your money. You get nothing. A piece of paper you could make yourself. The training video is amateur at best. I got suckered and that's on me, $182.00 lesson.

This is a scam
June 30, 2022

This is a scam and a joke. Paid the $139 and shortly thereafter had a sheriffs deputy tell me he can certify me for conceal carry. I called us concealed online and they said no refunds. Clearly it’s a case by case policy. Refund my money.

CCC Concealed Carry Crap
June 24, 2022

A complete rip off. Info provided is fundamentally correct, but ALL claims are bogus. I was sent a holster, no certificate. Embarrassing to be scammed, live and learn. I'm out $179.51...

John June 28, 2022

I'm out $109.23. Passed through their 10 question preliminary "test", then went on to the actual course and it failed to function. Accessed the site with my phone, same result, froze in exactly the same place. I called them and the first thing our of the representatives mouth was a dour recital of their "No refund policy" and I hadn't even asked for a refund. Unfortunately I paid with a debit card, and there's no recourse.

mikewaldman January 07, 2023

When you pay with a debit card your bank can take the money back as soon as it clears then cancel your card all in about ten minutes. They will give you a new card right away so you can contact anyone who you pay with that card and give them the info for the new card.

What to do and how to handle your weapon.
June 9, 2022
Was Blessed to be taught in a class on 06/04/2022 by Joshua Rodriguez. He was the best instructor I have ever had and plan on letting others know how well he taught and informed us of everything we need to know about the class. I was so impressed I signed up for the USCCA Membership.

May 22, 2022

do not do this, misleading, you still need to take the class, these people are thieves in my opinion, read the small print, do not waste your money, you will achieve nothing by the taking your money, DO NOT DO THIS, waist waist waist.

don't use them
December 28, 2021

I attempted to use my Discover Card and the transaction failed

used my MC and same thing

then I get charged on both accts

they refunded the MC but not the discover

they said there was no refund stated --but I never got to the payment checkout to see that

sounds pretty suspicious

I'm disputing the charges

Scam Company
August 20, 2021
Bogus scam company. I was not told the class was not offered in my city where I reside. So I was told I couldn't get my money back.

Bigg Nique August 20, 2021

Never sent me any type of receipt or information regarding the fake class, just took my money and now I'm out of $129.00

Avoid this disrespectfu cheating company!!!!!
August 2, 2021

I had a VERY negative experience with this company. When I did not recognized the $149.49 charge on my card I called to find out what it was. After a very long hold a sharp speaking woman came on the phone. She continually addressed me as "Ma'am" which is an offensive slang word from the Black slave days - slang for Madam - old woman. I asked - repeatedly - the woman to not address me as "ma'am" that my title is doctor. She refused and persisted in calling me "ma'am" repeatedly telling me that she is in the south. Ma'am, is the "M-word" for women - like the old "N" word for Blacks. It is OFFENSIVE and DEMEANING.

I called to make a complaint and the customer service woman was helpful but also called me ma'am even tho I asked her to stop. I paid these folks and I deserve respect. Subsequently I learned that the so-called class they gave me is not legal in California -Useless!!!!! And it cost $149.49 and I never got the so-called permit. Avoid these nasty, disrespectful, cheating people - Doc

StephenBozich March 24, 2022

So you didn't bother checking to see if the permit was even recognized in your state? And you're a "doctor"?

jayGarey April 24, 2022

You actually think "Ma'm" is racist? Are you a "Doctor" of Radical Race Studies or something? You are far too ignorant and confused to carry a gun.

Scam. You don't get a carry permit with this.
May 3, 2021

This is a scam. In their advertisement email they list "Concealed carry permit valid in 70% US states". You do not get a permit to carry. What you get is a certificate that says you took their online concealed carry training course and passed. This will cost you $108.00.

The next steps tell you to take this to your local law enforcement office and use it to apply for a carry permit.

Complete Scam
April 2, 2020
I knew there was a $65 fee for the certificate but I saw no mention of the $100 fee to Virginia. The other requirements ID and fingerprints are somewhat expected but not mentioned early on either. The certificate is then valid in Wisconsin if you live in Virginia. If you live Wisconsin you must apply to Wisconsin and pay whatever fees that are required there. So the Virginia is a waste of time and money. I gave them 1 star only because 0 stars was not an option. If you are looking for a concealed carry permit do some research and avoid US Concealed Online.

Thomas Moore June 18, 2020

Utter total scam. I can go to Tombstone Arizona and at tourist spot buy a Sheriff Badge and then if worn and shown purportedly offering myself as some kind of LE then that is a crime. Serious one. Same with this garbage. Makes people think they can actually CC and NO THEY CANNOT. "Just download certificate!" what skunk spray and I am sure lots of folks fall for this and how many will be confronted by an LE and led off to jail protesting "but I downloaded a certificate!"

JimDeSwarte October 19, 2021


Good Info, but Don't Waste Your Money on This
January 28, 2020

I watched the video, took the quiz, passed it with flying colors (who doesn't? ... it's all common-sense info), then I read the reviews here when it asks for money.

Even though I don't need a permit to CC in my state, I'll take the real test and pay the appropriate authorities in my state to obtain a valid CCW, which has a 38-state reciprocity.

I lost $75 and bailed
December 26, 2019
After spending 75$ to take the test, I became aware that a minimum of $140 would be necessary to possibly obtain the CC permit advertised. Even though I passed the test I elected to take the loss. News to this company it costs to get a certified fingerprint. I once belonged to CCA but left when the value became minimal.

December 2, 2019

Total ripoff!

Stay away from this SCAM!

Scam BIG TIME !!!!!!
August 10, 2019
After taking a few short questions “ it was to good to be true” SCAM SCAM SCAM please save your money I wish I made it here before I got ripped off

KenBrown Sr September 16, 2019

Sold me a $24.50 holster I didn't need and a printed out conceal carry permit applacation for $9 all together $101.and some change throw away it is a scam!

Barry W Evans December 02, 2019

Huge SCAM ....avoid online Have billed me multiple times for unauthorized coverage.

Turn and run from this scam company! You

JimDeSwarte October 19, 2021


December 28, 2018
scam , i want my money