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Nexgen Ceramic Spray
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About Nexgen Ceramic Spray

If you’re looking to reseal your vehicle, you might want to consider Nexgen Ceramic. A professional-grade sealer, this product produces an impenetrable layer on your vehicle’s surface, protecting it from scratches, streaks, and degradations. It will protect your paint and clear coat over time, helping to repel rust and allowing your vehicle to not only last longer - but look better, too.

How Does Nexgen Ceramic Spray Work?

Nexgen utilizes the highest grade of silicon dioxide to reduce the ability for contaminants to affect the paint on your vehicle. The Nexgen Ceramic Spray was designed to repel dirt, improve the luster of your paint, and establish a lasting shine. Despite all this, the Nexgen Ceramic Coating is still environmentally friendly with a green water-based footprint.

Nexgen has been in the automotive care industry for over 20 years. The company offers a unique formula of silicone, ceramics, and polymers that has become the core work supply of professional auto dealerships and detailers. It is used by over 1000 professionals around the country.

You can apply this formula to any surface, as it is hydrophobic. You can put it on glass, metal, plastic, chrome, or painted surfaces. 


Applying Nexgen ceramic spray is easy. Proudly produced in southern California, this USA-made product was subjected to twenty years of field and laboratory testing. It has the fastest application time of any product on the market. All you need to do is spray the Nextgen Ceramic Spray to a clean, cool surface. You should be out of direct sunlight. Spray, wipe evenly with a towel, and then buff for a gorgeous luster.

These superior ingredients in Nextgen offer some of the best protections available. You can protect, restore, and maintain the appearance of your vehicle with this water-based formula just one eight ounce bottle gives you multiple coats that can be applied several times throughout the year.

Just one bottle will give you four or five applications for a mid-size car. An average car only takes up to two ounces per application, while trucks can take up to three ounces depending on size. You can even use Nexgen on trucks, boats, dirt bikes, motorcycles, RVs, and ATVs!

You can apply Nexgen stop your existing wax coat. While it’s recommended that you remove existing wax before applying Nexgen, must customers have zero problems applying Nexgen on an already waxed surface.

Cost and Price Plans

Nexgen Ceramic is an affordable alternative to getting your car waxed every month. Just one bottle costs $19.95, and shipping is free while the current limited website offer lasts. Otherwise, shipping is just $7.57.

Competitors and Alternatives

Nexgen isn’t the only product that can help give your car a flawless look. Two other popular ceramic coating products are Color n Drive and Nano Bond.

Color n Drive offers a unique kit that includes the 50ml Nano-Ionic ceramic coating along with everything you will need to get the task done - including sponges, pretreatment, microfiber clothes, polishing microfiber cloths, and gloves. This kind of ceramic coating offers the same protections as Nexgen, but is significantly more expensive, since you’re getting everything in a kit.

Nano Bond is another ceramic coating. Also more expensive than Nexgen, this product has a similar formula, with 80% pure SiO2 content. The purchase comes with upgraded suede applicator clothes and is super hydrophobic as well. This product does not repel bugs, but it makes them easy to clean off. Unlike Nexgen, you will need to do some preparatory work to your car before you able to apply Nano Bond, making it a bit less convenient to use.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Nexgen has received rave reviews from thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. Customers claim that this bottle creates an amazing top coating, reducing the need for regular car waxes or other shine treatments.

Although it can be a bit pricey for the volume you receive, leading many customers to urge Nexgen to offer larger treatment sizes, customer reviews are otherwise positive. Many people claim that it leaves no greasy residue behind and that it works even better than the ads and commercial suggest.

Customer Service

Not satisfied with your Nexgen purchase - or worried about spending the money on a bottle? Each purchase is backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee - either you love it or you don’t have to pay. All you need to do is contact the company and send the spray back for them to return your money.

The company has a generous return policy as well. All you need to do is email [email protected] if you are dissatisfied with your order. You can return any product within 30 days. If you need to cancel an order within two hours of placing, you can update your order by emailing customer support at this address, too. Information about the company's mailing address and business phone number is not readily available online.

Where to Buy?

Currently, you can buy the products from the official manufacturer's website. You can also find it for sale on Amazon in limited quantities but this may not include the steep discounts available when you purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Is Nexgen Worth It?

Sick of spending a fortune on waxing your car every month? Unfortunately, environmental conditions and everyday wear and tear make waxing a necessity if you want your vehicle to look nice and to last in the long term. Nexgen offers an easier, more affordable solution to save your time, money, and energy.

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21 ‘Nexgen Ceramic Spray ’ Reviews
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Love the ceramic spray.
April 30, 2021

One of the best products I've used. Love 40% off as a VIP customer.

I don't get why people say Nexgen is a scam. If you don't want to be a VIP customer, just cancel.

Nexgen Fraud Scammer
April 24, 2021

This company is a FRAUD. They will sell you a worthless product and then charge you $12.96 monthly for your supposed registration to their VIP program. The VIP program gets you nothing but you pay just the same. Nexgen is nothing but a scam and make money by running the scam from every unsuspecting customer.

Buy this worthless product from a scammer and pay up forever.

One of the worst scam products.
April 15, 2021
Applied this for 3 straight weeks to my Audi and 2 weeks later maybe 1/2 the car didnt even bead from water at all...This product is a scam...Lucky to say it only cost me $28.

Be warned....Not meant for personal hygiene.
March 16, 2021

I saw their add, how the bottle slid right off, and thought, why not spray it up my arse, will make my #2 come right out! I won't even have to wipe!

Well, it worked fine at first, but, it has to be repeatedly applied. Now, I got this funny fungus growing on my keester. I stopped using the spray and it went away, then, all my hair fell out and my fingernails turned blue.

WTF? Thanks NextGen!!!

Buy this SNAKE OIL and keep paying forever!!
December 20, 2020
SNAKE OIL.......When you order this product from these clowns, you are SET UP in a phony VIP program. This company will then charge you $12.57 a month to your bank acct. or credit card that was used to purchase the snake oil. When you keep seeing the $12.57 reoccurring charge every month, you realize that you have been scammed!! They will not accept Pay Pal because they could never get away with their scam otherwise. BEWARE!!

Len E April 20, 2021

Same here. Now they won't answer the phone!

Johnny g February 03, 2021

You just fell for their marketing...

Thanh N January 13, 2021

Bought this product in Jul 01 2020. After that, they keep charging me $12.57 every month about somethings I don't even know. I didn't notice about that for over haft year. Do NOT buy ther product

Automotive Shysters
December 7, 2020

Ordered the product in November 2020 as special trial pricing on Face Book for $19.95. Arrived as promised in a reasonable time. Product worked OK but, not shocked out of my socks by results.

Alright good enough no problem will use it as I see fit. HERE COMES THE PROBLEM!

One month later a charge appears on my same credit card for $12.57. This I come to find out is a hidden clause in my purchase consent. To belong to their VIP Club. SCREW YOU NEXGEN what an underhanded marketing plan. Wasted an hour of my time (not cheep) canceling my credit card.

Here is what you have accomplished for collecting $12.57. I am connected to a vast network of automotive enthusiast and you bought $10K of absolute articulate and concise bad PR totally due to your clandestine sales practice.

Mike M March 16, 2021

Thank you for saving me from making the same mistake! I just saw their Fake Book ad and thought....hmmm...looks good, I am familiar with ceramic coatings for painted surfaces, but, more times than not, and at best, Fake Book advertised products are not what they seem to be, or worse. I think I can can on one or two fingers the ones that actually turned out decent. Fake Book, you are off the radar.

Buyer Beware!!!!
October 29, 2020
No customer service. No communication. Never received my order.

Scammers! Beware!
October 18, 2020

They continue to charge customers for their monthly VIP Membership after making a purchase. $12.57 every month until the end of time, apparently. What a scam. Nowhere was this mentioned in my initial order. If you've bought product from this company in the past, you need to look at your band statements closely. Chances are that they are charging you too.

SCAMMERS! I've already contacted the BBB and I'm considering contacting media outlets to expose this scam as well as futher action.

Johnny g February 03, 2021

It is in their but they gotcha with the different colored text drew your attention. It's called marketing not a scam they just got you. 99¢ and up stores have crap stuff for 99¢ and everything else costs more than a dollar but they hook people in with the 99¢ sign, lol, marketing just remember to look at it that way and you may see more than you normally would in deals.

scammers stealing money vip sux
October 8, 2020
very poor product nexgen no better than a good wax or other oxicide product

Very Disappointed
October 7, 2020
First of all it didn't work nearly as good as they said it did. Pledge works much better. They have way too reach customer care at all and they keep charging you every month. We had to go through our bank to file a claim and block them from taking anymore money. That's just BS

Shipping nexgen
September 10, 2020
All I get after ordering is advertisements on my E-mail. I do not want advertisements I want the product. this has been going On for close to 2 weeks without a shipping notice. If I could cancel my order I would.

September 9, 2020

I don't why people bash nexgen..I used it on my camaro and its really easy on and off..I know they say just to wipe it off right away,but I let it sit on my car fender for about 5 minutes,and it comes off easier and shines like the sun!!

I don't now why, but I guess my cars finish is extremely smooth to start..It really made the car pop.Letting it sit for 5 minutes...Great stuff.

Len E April 20, 2021

You will be getting charged every month for nothing!! BEWARE!!

Scam!!!!! They keep charging you!!!!!
June 10, 2020

The product sort of works but not to the scale claimed and certainly not at any crazy price deal. THEN, you get billed every month for a vip membership you can't decline at ordering time that "looks" like some kind of fluff sales thing at order time and not disclosed as an additional monthly fee.

Then they tell you to cancel through your account on their website but THERE IS NO ACCOUNT LINK!!!!!! Just another BS scam to keep getting more money out of each sale that you end up having to dispute with your credit card company!!!!!!!

Update, ALL of their other products web pages have now disappeared! The only page is the "" page.

Chadwick H October 18, 2020

I've contacted them today about this. I noticed a charge on my account. Nowhere did I see anthing about a VIP membership when I bought some product a while back. I also sent the same email to the BBB. Tomorrow I will contact my bank and dispute the charge while also blocking all further charges from them. They would have had a repeat customer, but not now.

Chadwick H October 18, 2020

Just noticed a charge today for their "VIP Membership" although, I had to look around their website to find something that is $12.57. And there it is. I've sent them an email and I also sent the same email to the BBB.

John N October 13, 2020

Yes, they got me too! I didn't catch it for six months. My bad! don't fall for thiscrap.

was skeptical
April 19, 2020
I was skeptical but bought anyway, I tried it on my car without claying and wish I had. I later clayed my wife's Yukon and used product and it did what it says. I will clay my car and get it properly prepped, I suppose that is the key. Can't be lazy I suppose.

Len E April 20, 2021

You will bne getting charged every month for nothing!! BEWARE!!

April 2, 2020
This company is a joke! The will continue to bill you EVERY MONTH!!! Do not give them you credit card number. I now need to get the better business bureau involved. I have sent multiple emails with no response. 30 money back guarantee. . . BS!!! Do not give this company access to you info.

Bill T May 18, 2020

Are they continuing to bill you as a VIP member or do they just keep sending you product every month?

product review
March 27, 2020

To the people at Nexgen:

I am submitting this short review after trying your product. I must say at this time I'm not that impressed by your claims, which fall short of your boast.

Sure application is easy but removal is not. Without a lot of rubbing that it takes to buff it out (by hand) I find it very streaky. Now you haven't any information such as optimal temp. to use it, also I wrote to you about the implication of using a orbital buffer with a microfiber pad as I feel would be VERY helpful in getting it to blend in your comments in return would be helpful also.

Thank You for your time

Trial size worked well
November 30, 2019

I opted to receive the trial size *buy one get one free). Just pay shipping.

I used it on my QX50 and immediately saw how it made it shine and felt slippery without

any residue. It is supposed to snow here in a few days and will see how it holds up but for now my car looks flawless.

Works great and super easy to apply
November 10, 2019
This stuff works. It takes me about 10 minutes to cover my car with this. Will continue to use.

Not worth any stars
October 26, 2019
I’m not sure what’s worse product or customer service!

October 21, 2019
This product is junk and a total wast of money! I have 35years experience as a detailer and I would never recommend this product! You could get better protection from a can of furniture polish and it’s cheaper! This company does not return messages and their customer service SUCKS! Do not buy this!!!!!