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Nexgen Ceramic Spray
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Nexgen Ceramic Spray is a silicon dioxide professional-grade hydrophobic sealer meant for a variety of surfaces that Nexgen states creates an impenetrable layer of protection from scratches, grime, water, rust and other types of degradations.

How Does it Work?

Nexgen utilizes high grade silicon dioxide to reduce the ability for contaminants to affect the paint on your vehicle.

The Nexgen Ceramic Spray was designed to repel dirt, improve the luster of your paint, and establish a lasting shine.

The company makes a lot of bold claims in the promotional materials for Nexgen. 

Here’s some of the things the company claims about their product:

  • Nexgen has been in the automotive care industry for over 20 years
  • Their unique formula of  silicone, ceramics, and polymers has been used by professional auto dealerships and detailers, and is used 1000+ professionals around the country
  • Their product is “green”
  • You can apply this formula to any surface, as it is hydrophobic. You can put it on glass, metal, plastic, chrome, or painted surfaces
  • This USA-made product was subjected to twenty years of field and laboratory testing

How To Use Nexgen Ceramic Spray?

Applying Nexgen ceramic spray is easy since it has a fast application time. All you need to do is spray the Nextgen Ceramic Spray to a clean, cool surface.

You should be out of direct sunlight. Spray, wipe evenly with a towel, and then buff for an optimal finish.

The product is meant to protect, restore, and maintain the appearance of your vehicle. Being a water-based formula, one eight ounce bottle gives you multiple coats that can be applied several times throughout the year.

Their website says that just one bottle will give you four or five applications for a mid-size car. An average car only takes up to two ounces per application, while trucks can take up to three ounces depending on size.

Nexgen is advertised for use on trucks, boats, dirt bikes, motorcycles, RVs, and ATVs.

You can apply Nexgen atop your existing wax coat. While it’s recommended that you remove existing wax before applying Nexgen, they say you shouldn't have any problems applying Nexgen on an already waxed surface.

Cost and Price Plans

Nexgen Ceramic bills itself as an affordable alternative to getting your car waxed every month.

One bottle costs $19.95, and shipping is free with their VIP membership.  Otherwise, shipping is $7.57.

Customer Service

Not satisfied with your Nexgen purchase - or worried about spending the money on a bottle? They say each purchase is backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee. 

While that is the case the company has a pretty specific return policy and very strict rules for issuing refunds.

To initiate a refund you first have to contact the company at their email, [email protected] or phone number (386) 244-7883.

In their terms they state that defective or incorrectly sent items will be replaced with a new product or refunded if it is not available.

However, in instances where the customer is not satisfied with Nexgen’s performance or any other reason for returning, the claim must be approved by customer support.  Further the refund is at their discretion and will only be partially refunded.

If you do get approved for a refund you have to send the product back to Nexgen Global LLC | 2665 N Atlantic Ave Suite 315 Daytona Beach, Fl 32118.  This is at your own cost and you must provide them with a tracking number for shipping.

They also say they can’t change or cancel orders beyond 2hrs after you placed them.

Online Customer Reviews & Complaints

There are many negative reviews for the Nexgen Ceramic Spray and especially for how the company has chosen to conduct its business.  The main complaint is that if you choose the free shipping “VIP” option you will be enrolled into a paid monthly subscription of just under $13.

This VIP membership supposedly gives you access to early and exclusive deals.  Customers were naturally upset when they started seeing these monthly charges on their statements and then had to go through the hassle of trying to reach the company to cancel.

As for the product quality itself, most customers stated that it worked no better than any readily available car store option.  Some said they didn’t notice any difference and that the hydrophobic properties were greatly exaggerated.

Naturally, Nexgen’s own website has many positive reviews from customers making incredible claims to the product’s effectiveness.

Where to Buy Nexgen Ceramic Spray?

Currently, you can buy the products from the official manufacturer's website.

You can also find it for sale on Amazon in limited quantities but this may not include the steep discounts available when you purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Competitors and Alternatives

Nexgen isn’t the only product that can help give your car a flawless look. Two other popular ceramic coating products are Color n Drive and Nano Bond.

Color n Drive offers a unique kit that includes the 50ml Nano-Ionic ceramic coating along with everything you will need to get the task done - including sponges, pretreatment, microfiber clothes, polishing microfiber cloths, and gloves.

This kind of ceramic coating offers the same protections as Nexgen, but is more expensive, since you’re getting everything in a kit.

Nano Bond is another ceramic coating. Also more expensive than Nexgen, this product has a similar formula, with 80% pure SiO2 content.

The purchase comes with upgraded suede applicator clothes and is super hydrophobic as well. This product does not repel bugs, but it makes them easy to clean off.

Unlike Nexgen, you will need to do some preparatory work to your car before you are able to apply Nano Bond, making it a bit less convenient to use.

Other popular car care products include: F11, Meguiars, Shine Armor, Turtle Wax, and Chemical Guys

The Bottom Line

We would not recommend this product as your car care solution. 

The company has a convoluted and misleading return policy, there are many online complaints, and worst of all they clandestinely enroll customers into a recurring paid membership.

We recommend using any number of similar products that can be found in your local Auto stores or on Amazon.  That way your purchase will be backed by quality customer service and support until the job is done.

If you have any experience with Nexgen Ceramic Spray, please leave your reviews below.

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Nexgen Ceramic Spray Customer Reviews

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Doesnt live up to the hype!
October 28, 2023

I feel like the ceramic spray product is a total scam. I bought several supplies. I used one for myself and gave the others as gifts.

It didnt last beyond two car washes. And those that i gave it to, also said the ceramic spray didn't last very long, less than regular car wax. So much for my gift giving reputation.

It leaves no milky film which is remarkable
February 1, 2023
I own 3 black vehicles . This is the best product I have ever used on them . I wish Nexgen had been available years ago . Being 76 years old I have tried them all being a car crazy old man . I give this product a rating of the highest . Please continue producing this product . R. L. Faulkner

StevePeters January 21, 2024

Must be the only product u used

Never got my order
April 21, 2022

I ordered nexgen in 2021 never received anything, emailed them asking them where it was they told me it must of got lost in transit and they would resend another. One month goes by nothing, emailed them again, Was told that it got lost in transit but again resend.

This goes on and on, it's been almost a year now I've checked tacking numbers and checking to make sure it's the right address to deliver but still nothing, there isn't a customer service line to call and talk with a person everything is email so finally I just gave up on it . Don't trust them...

Nexgen Beats Most All Other Ceramic Products
February 9, 2022

In my experience I feel that Nexgen is one of the best applications I have tried & I have tried a few of the other ceramic sprays such as Torque, Produxa & few more & Nexgen out performs them all. I have coated my black 57 Chevy with Nexgen & the shine & lasting duration is incredible.

I am in the process of buying a new car & the dealership wants to charge me almost $5,000.00 for a ceramic coating when my car arrives & I had them remove that charge & can't wait till I can apply a coat or two of the nexgen ceramic spray on my car. I don't know why some reviews are so negative as I have no complaints with the product or their customer service.

StevePeters January 21, 2024

Can u tell me what it does so special, it does absolutely nothing it claims to do.

Do Not Buy From This Company Period
December 14, 2021

NexGen is a dishonest company that should not be trusted. I spoke with them after not receiving my order and was told it was damaged or lost by shipper and would be resent ASAP.

Needless to say after taking my money in a hurry they still have not delivered my product. After E-Mails and messages still no response. THIS IS A RIP OFF!

December 9, 2021
Subscription SCAM, SCAM

Deceptive advertising
November 24, 2021

The product advertising says the “wet look” shine lasts for 6 months. Mine only lasted 3 washes. When I complained to the company they sent an email back saying that in California it lasts 6 months because in is dry there.

They said that in Florida, where I live and the product was shipped, it needs to be applied every two weeks. RIDICULOUS!!!! No one wants to apply every two weeks when the advertising promises 6 months. DECEPTIVE!!!!


I used this on my 2001 BMW 330CI last summer. I have no complaints about this product. I live in Chicago, and our weather sucks here. I only applied it once after a detail, it still shines. The paint on this car is 21 yrs old now.

After applying the Nexgen, after it rains, it will clean easily. I'm going to give it another coat soon. When the car gets dusty, or light dirt, I hit it with the California Car Duster, and it's good to go again. I do have to mention, I don't drive this car in the winter, only Spring to fall. Different people, different results I guess.

super slick ceramic crooks
October 26, 2021

I used the product and the quality was the same as turtle wax with ceramic in it. Difference was NexGen costs more.

The problem I have is I apparently joined some subscription I wasn't aware of and paid an extra 12 dollars a month. For what I'll never know. Watch out they're obviously crooks or they wouldn't do this to people.

RogerBohling January 07, 2024

I also ordered the product several months ago and now just noticed a bill on my credit card for $13.39, beware.

Be aware of this credit card scam!!!
September 27, 2021
I ordered this product back on Apr. 02, 2021 and have not yet taken the time as of 9/27/2021 to use it but without my consent they have been charging my credit card account for $12.57 every month since then and I just now caught it! It is a scam, scam, scam!

DC March 06, 2023

Hmmm. You don't take care of your car for months. You don't check your bank statements for months. Yet you're fast to declare that Nexgen is a scam. A scam is if they sent you water instead of actual product they advertise, but you wouldn't know now would you since it's still sitting unused on the shelf beside the spotlessly clean microfiber towel.

Stop your negativity towards a good company and point it inward at yourself for being a lazy procrastinator. Just sayin

DavidW. January 24, 2024

Not sure where your hostility comes from. I'm one of those consumers who bought one bottle of the stuff, found the results adequate but not extraordinary after two applications. 60 days later i start to see Nexgen charges on my card for nothing I knowingly bought. Having card company dispute and credit my account, blocking any further contact from Nexgen. Yes, it is a scam. Buying a single bottle does not mean subscribing to a lifetime of shine.

Monthly ripoff
September 25, 2021

Nexgen is ripping me off month by month . They are taking money out of my account each month and not sending me anything at all . I bought 2 bottles. Of the water product ! Thought it would work well but it truly sux . I want the money back in my account and a real reason why they are taking money out of my account thieves.

Do not fall for this scam
September 18, 2021
They are a scam, when you buy their product they start charging you $13 a month for some bullshit vip subscription

VIP membership is a scam. Avoid Nexgen.
September 2, 2021

I gave you one star only because there wasn't an option for zero stars. Your product works the same as Torque Detail but costs 4 times as much. Though price isn't an issue due to the cost per application is still cheap for both products.

Your VIP membership is a SCAM. You shouldn't screw people like that. I am a member of a couple forums and attend many car shows. What could have been good press for you just turned all negative. I hope you clean up your act. I hate seeing car guys get screwed.

September 1, 2021

SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!! If I could give NEGATIVE stars I would!!! You pay a huge price for crap that doesn't work as good as what you can buy in a regular store. THEN, they charge you MONTHLY for a "VIP membership" that you don't even know you agreed to until you check your bank account and realize you've been getting charged $12.57 every month for NOTHING. WTH is VIP with a CAR PRODUCT for?!?!?!?!?!?!

If you call the number it shows on your bank statement (386-244-7883) you'll get their voicemail and they want you to leave your number and email address. I definitely didn't trust that, so I looked up their actual number (386-957-1857) and some guy who didn't introduce himself when he answered says he cancelled my "subscription" for me, since I didn't cancel it before the "trial" was up. He better hope I don't see another charge on my bank statement!

This company is BOGUS!! Make sure if you purchase this crappy product, you do your research and at least cancel your wonderful VIP membership before you get charged monthly. What is wrong with them?!

One more thing to add. Someone said in their review that they don't understand why everyone is so negative and if you're not happy, just cancel your VIP membership. I'm thinking after reading everyone else's reviews, most people don't even KNOW they've AGREED to a membership.

Here's part of it from their site, and I NEVER would've knowingly agreed to this! Btw, in the first sentence, it includes the words "MAY HAVE" instead of just "HAVE", and then the rest is limitations on the membership. All part of their hidden agenda:

Membership Scope

As a VIP member, you may have early access to certain deals, access to certain closed and sold-out deals, and access to other benefits. Certain deals available as exclusive Nexgen engagements and all NEXGEN DEALS OFFERED THROUGH NEXGEN NOW!, NEXGENLIVE, NEXGEN GOODS AND NEXGEN GETAWAYS PROGRAMS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR VIP BENEFITS.

The features of, and services available to you through, VIP may vary over time. Your VIP membership, and deals offered to you pursuant to your VIP membership, may not be shared, transferred or assigned to any other person or entity.

Here's the number I called to supposedly get this resolved and canceled: 386-957-1857. I received a confirmation number of the cancellation, but won't know if it's legit until Sept 24th when their $12.57 charge would be taken out of my account. Please beware of this company! Read the reviews and go with your gut, which SHOULD tell you to NOT purchase from this company!

Scam and skum bag stealer
July 28, 2021

Scam... Aside from after initial purchase of Nexgen during covid lockdown social media advertising the skum bags sneakingly continued debiting my business account for 12.85 for 5 months before I caught it..

As far as product as his a says it suck... used once and absolutely no different than the Mothers or Turtle wax one... Now the new 303 Graphene is the stuff for sure !!!

DC March 06, 2023

You dare claim that Nexgen debited your Business account? Who you trying to fool? There's no possibility of your being a business man the way you reviewed this. It made my head hurt trying to figure out just what covid had to do with your purchase.

At least I think that's what you said when you said 'Covid lockdown social media advertising' but I have to admit that you really have me looking around the room dumbfounded.

"As far as product as his a says it suck" What is that? Pig Latin?

Business owner?

DC March 06, 2023

OMG how could I almost forget and am dying to know.. Is there an accredited college that teaches Skum Bag Stealing or is that an on line GED course? Fascinating

Love the ceramic spray.
April 30, 2021

One of the best products I've used. Love 40% off as a VIP customer.

I don't get why people say Nexgen is a scam. If you don't want to be a VIP customer, just cancel.

Jesse September 18, 2021

Because they don't ask you, they automatically opt you into it with a purchase, it's the classic business thievery

CurtisSally March 25, 2022

No they DO NOT automatically opt you in..... you check a box BEFORE going to the payment step. If you do not check the box, you will be adding a shipping fee.

Nexgen Fraud Scammer
April 24, 2021

This company is a FRAUD. They will sell you a worthless product and then charge you $12.96 monthly for your supposed registration to their VIP program. The VIP program gets you nothing but you pay just the same. Nexgen is nothing but a scam and make money by running the scam from every unsuspecting customer.

Buy this worthless product from a scammer and pay up forever.

One of the worst scam products.
April 15, 2021
Applied this for 3 straight weeks to my Audi and 2 weeks later maybe 1/2 the car didnt even bead from water at all...This product is a scam...Lucky to say it only cost me $28.

Be warned....Not meant for personal hygiene.
March 16, 2021

I saw their add, how the bottle slid right off, and thought, why not spray it up my arse, will make my #2 come right out! I won't even have to wipe!

Well, it worked fine at first, but, it has to be repeatedly applied. Now, I got this funny fungus growing on my keester. I stopped using the spray and it went away, then, all my hair fell out and my fingernails turned blue.

WTF? Thanks NextGen!!!

Phil2018SS September 02, 2021

Mike M. You da man!

Buy this SNAKE OIL and keep paying forever!!
December 20, 2020

SNAKE OIL.......When you order this product from these clowns, you are SET UP in a phony VIP program. This company will then charge you $12.57 a month to your bank acct. or credit card that was used to purchase the snake oil.

When you keep seeing the $12.57 reoccurring charge every month, you realize that you have been scammed!! They will not accept Pay Pal because they could never get away with their scam otherwise. BEWARE!!

ThanhNguyen January 13, 2021

Bought this product in Jul 01 2020. After that, they keep charging me $12.57 every month about somethings I don't even know. I didn't notice about that for over haft year. Do NOT buy ther product

johnnygonzalez February 03, 2021

You just fell for their marketing...

LenEkkert April 20, 2021

Same here. Now they won't answer the phone!

Automotive Shysters
December 7, 2020

Ordered the product in November 2020 as special trial pricing on Face Book for $19.95. Arrived as promised in a reasonable time. Product worked OK but, not shocked out of my socks by results.

Alright good enough no problem will use it as I see fit. HERE COMES THE PROBLEM!

One month later a charge appears on my same credit card for $12.57. This I come to find out is a hidden clause in my purchase consent. To belong to their VIP Club. SCREW YOU NEXGEN what an underhanded marketing plan. Wasted an hour of my time (not cheep) canceling my credit card.

Here is what you have accomplished for collecting $12.57. I am connected to a vast network of automotive enthusiast and you bought $10K of absolute articulate and concise bad PR totally due to your clandestine sales practice.

MikeMascow March 16, 2021

Thank you for saving me from making the same mistake! I just saw their Fake Book ad and thought....hmmm...looks good, I am familiar with ceramic coatings for painted surfaces, but, more times than not, and at best, Fake Book advertised products are not what they seem to be, or worse. I think I can can on one or two fingers the ones that actually turned out decent. Fake Book, you are off the radar.