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scammers stealing money vip sux
October 8, 2020
very poor product nexgen no better than a good wax or other oxicide product

Very Disappointed
October 7, 2020
First of all it didn't work nearly as good as they said it did. Pledge works much better. They have way too reach customer care at all and they keep charging you every month. We had to go through our bank to file a claim and block them from taking anymore money. That's just BS

Shipping nexgen
September 10, 2020
All I get after ordering is advertisements on my E-mail. I do not want advertisements I want the product. this has been going On for close to 2 weeks without a shipping notice. If I could cancel my order I would.

September 9, 2020

I don't why people bash nexgen..I used it on my camaro and its really easy on and off..I know they say just to wipe it off right away,but I let it sit on my car fender for about 5 minutes,and it comes off easier and shines like the sun!!

I don't now why, but I guess my cars finish is extremely smooth to start..It really made the car pop.Letting it sit for 5 minutes...Great stuff.

LenEkkert April 20, 2021

You will be getting charged every month for nothing!! BEWARE!!

Jesse September 18, 2021

Because it lasts like a week and then they have that bs vip scam they put on you, Topcoat F11 lasts a lot longer and is slicker

Scam!!!!! They keep charging you!!!!!
June 10, 2020

The product sort of works but not to the scale claimed and certainly not at any crazy price deal. THEN, you get billed every month for a vip membership you can't decline at ordering time that "looks" like some kind of fluff sales thing at order time and not disclosed as an additional monthly fee.

Then they tell you to cancel through your account on their website but THERE IS NO ACCOUNT LINK!!!!!! Just another BS scam to keep getting more money out of each sale that you end up having to dispute with your credit card company!!!!!!!

Update, ALL of their other products web pages have now disappeared! The only page is the "" page.

JohnNaylor October 13, 2020

Yes, they got me too! I didn't catch it for six months. My bad! don't fall for thiscrap.

ChadwickHurlburt October 18, 2020

Just noticed a charge today for their "VIP Membership" although, I had to look around their website to find something that is $12.57. And there it is. I've sent them an email and I also sent the same email to the BBB.

ChadwickHurlburt October 18, 2020

I've contacted them today about this. I noticed a charge on my account. Nowhere did I see anthing about a VIP membership when I bought some product a while back. I also sent the same email to the BBB. Tomorrow I will contact my bank and dispute the charge while also blocking all further charges from them. They would have had a repeat customer, but not now.

was skeptical
April 19, 2020
I was skeptical but bought anyway, I tried it on my car without claying and wish I had. I later clayed my wife's Yukon and used product and it did what it says. I will clay my car and get it properly prepped, I suppose that is the key. Can't be lazy I suppose.

LenEkkert April 20, 2021

You will bne getting charged every month for nothing!! BEWARE!!

April 2, 2020
This company is a joke! The will continue to bill you EVERY MONTH!!! Do not give them you credit card number. I now need to get the better business bureau involved. I have sent multiple emails with no response. 30 money back guarantee. . . BS!!! Do not give this company access to you info.

BillTaglia May 18, 2020

Are they continuing to bill you as a VIP member or do they just keep sending you product every month?

Jesse September 18, 2021

Bill, no product just continues billing.

product review
March 27, 2020

To the people at Nexgen:

I am submitting this short review after trying your product. I must say at this time I'm not that impressed by your claims, which fall short of your boast.

Sure application is easy but removal is not. Without a lot of rubbing that it takes to buff it out (by hand) I find it very streaky. Now you haven't any information such as optimal temp. to use it, also I wrote to you about the implication of using a orbital buffer with a microfiber pad as I feel would be VERY helpful in getting it to blend in your comments in return would be helpful also.

Thank You for your time

Trial size worked well
November 30, 2019

I opted to receive the trial size *buy one get one free). Just pay shipping.

I used it on my QX50 and immediately saw how it made it shine and felt slippery without

any residue. It is supposed to snow here in a few days and will see how it holds up but for now my car looks flawless.

Works great and super easy to apply
November 10, 2019
This stuff works. It takes me about 10 minutes to cover my car with this. Will continue to use.

Not worth any stars
October 26, 2019
I’m not sure what’s worse product or customer service!

October 21, 2019
This product is junk and a total wast of money! I have 35years experience as a detailer and I would never recommend this product! You could get better protection from a can of furniture polish and it’s cheaper! This company does not return messages and their customer service SUCKS! Do not buy this!!!!!

Great product
October 3, 2019

I use all 4 of their products.

The ceramic Soap can be used in a bucket or I like to use it in my foam gun. Then I can do a touchless car wash.

I use the quick detail spray with a clay bar to remove stuff on top of the paint.

I use the waterless wash on my garage queens so i don't have to drag them out for weekly washes.

And all of the vehicles i own are coated in Nexgen Ceramic Spray after they are clay barred.