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New USA Funding, found online at, is a website and organization that states they can help people get access to the millions of dollars in funding available through the US government and private foundations across the country.

According to their website, there are thousands of federal and state programs, foundations, corporations, and other funding agencies that will provide funding for all different kinds of reasons and all different kinds of people.

This company states they can show you "how to get your hands on some of the free funding that is available," for the small fee of just $29.95, which they say is the smallest fee they can charge to cover their administrative costs.

The creators of this website also run a very similar website called USA Funding Applications at

Getting Started

Besides the administration fee, users will be asked to fill out a basic questionnaire that will help their teams assess what funds they may qualify for, if they qualify at all. To begin with, you'll have to categorize what type of funding you are searching for.

Funding options include Business Funding, Real Estate Investing or Business, Community Funding, Education and Tuition Funding, Real Estate Home Purchase or First Time Home Buyer, Personal Assistance, and Home Repairs.

To finish your application, you'll need to answer questions regarding Citizenship, Age, Gender, the amount of money you are hoping to be funded, a description of how you plan to use the money, an explanation of you think you are an ideal candidate for funding, and your contact information.

Is New USA Funding Legit?

This is an important question to ask, as there are many unethical companies out there that charge fees for promising to help people try and receive government funds, which the vast majority of people will never actually qualify for.

New USA Funding claims to prove that their services are ethical by giving their users a guarantee, saying that they will refund the $29.95 administrative fee to anyone who was denied funding, if they provide them with the information of the funding agency you applied to, the response you received, and the application you gave them.

Unfortunately, there have been complaints filed that this company has difficulty honoring this guarantee, often making members wait weeks for even a basic response saying that their refund request was received.

Because of this, people should only feel comfortable using this service if they are ok with losing their registration fee.

This company may have registered several or more websites using the same scheme. 

For example, we have found USA Funding Applications, located at, to be a very similar website with the same offer, for the same price. 

Both websites have similar phone numbers and both have physical addresses in Delaware. lists its phone number as 888 364 1120, while lists its phone number as 88 364 1167.

If you have any experience with New USA Funding or USA Funding Applications, please leave your reviews below.

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Sucky customer service, likely scam
June 11, 2022

I filled out the application and stopped once I saw there was a fee at the end of the application. I wanted to do more research on the company before I gave them my money.

Maybe a hour later I received a email, then later a call. I answered the call, and the guy asked if I was seeking grant money for my business, I said yes and told him how much I was seeking and what it would be used for in my business. He was like I understand and believe I would get the money, and he proceeded to tell me the process his company takes. I told him I understood, and at the current moment I'm on a job, I will get back to him later. Ignoring the fact I told him I was in the middle of working he proceeded to pressure me to make the payment.

I repeated myself and Saif once I'm done with the job I will revisit the site and make a decision. Obviously that wasn't good for him. Without being rude I politely said "Sir I'm in the middle of a job, I will revisit this later today" He then begins to repeat over and over "Bye, Bye, Bye!" I immediately hung up. $29 is a minor investment for the amount of money I'm seeking for my business. His attitude only makes me believe I wouldn't have gotten the help u was seeking if I committed to pay

This is a scam
August 24, 2021
Do not give them all your information or access to your credit files. A few days ago I apply for a $2,000 loan from, they received all my information but never completed the loan when I call they would hang up.

This is a terrible business
November 25, 2020
They promise a business grant coaching intervention but it never happened.

Terrible company!!
November 11, 2020

Do NOT register with them. I spoke to a representative name Yanelle, she was the rudest person I have ever encountered! I called because today 11/11/20 I received a charge of $34.95 and I was not aware that they would keep charging an account that they can clearly monitor and see that we never used because the rep said the first payment of $29.95 was refundable which it wasn't!

Then, on the phone, Yanelle tells me that my boyfriend (who made the account) was incompetent because he didn't pay attention to the sales rep who created the account and she wouldn't let me speak so we got into an argument to which she said " I was going to help you and do a curtesy refund but because you got angry, I am not going to do it".

What kind of customer service is this! Then I asked for a manager and she said there was none that I had to speak with another rep if I wanted help. I called three times and all three times I kept getting her! I had to call my bank and they were able to put a stop to the scammers and give me my money back as soon as the charge is posted.

Reported fraud
September 25, 2020

When I started telling the man about all the complaints against his company he then started stuttering and saying all of those complaints have been settled and they were under the federal statute for consumer protection then he started telling me I would be charged every month $34.95 after getting my card number which was never disclosed before.

I then called my bank and reported fraud and they canceled the charge please do not fall for this you can go online and find real grant money from county state and the feds you just need to doo your homework it is a lot of work if you do not know where to look good luck to every one.

Don't sign on...scam!
September 24, 2020
Scam. They gave me the run around when I asked for my money back. They guy tried to get snooty with me and over talk me while requesting my money.

Waste of time and money
July 22, 2020

They charged me $29.95 for basically giving me a runaround. I asked for my money back. They played games. I dispute the charge with my Chase Freedom credit card. Chase got my money back.

These crooks called me, texted me, and emailed me to ask chase to cancel the dispute, and they'll give me my money back. I didn't trust them this time. I think Chase Visa fucked them up. They really deserved that.

Would not recommend.
July 1, 2020
The website is complicated to navigate and doesn't provide any useful information. They extort customers afterwards by not honoring their refund policy.

Asked this company for help, nothing.
May 4, 2020

I was contacted by this company back in 2013. I am a father of 5 great kids. And was well on my way of getting them through college when 2008 happened. I lost my home that I bought in 1981 with $30,000 down and a $100,000 loan. In 1981 the lowest interest rate available was 11%.

So when the economy did it's thing in 2008 I lost everything. Asked this company for help, nothing. If they were legit I could have avoided the robo-closings that were impossible to fight, this of course was before the government stepped in. I lost everything.

What do I do now?
March 27, 2020

I was told to call this telephone number : 202-858-7741 and then leave name, my telephone number and address. This was told to me over Facebook by someone that I went to school with. She was always an honorable person. So, I thought that this information would ideal for me. She said this was for a grant that has just become available for disabled, elderly, bad health, or wanted to start a business.

I got a message from this person calling themselves a Federal agent : There's Marie Ellis. She sent me a form to fill out by Facebook messenger. I was really gullible and took the bait. I replied that I couldn't print the form and then fill the blanks in. Well, she replied that she was sorry. She said she said that she would fill it out and give it to the department that would process it for the grant approval. Within about 20-30 minutes, she replied that I had won. Winning grant approval. Then when she asked me how much that I needed, I told her. After another text or so , she told me in a text that I would need $5,000 up front to pay for the courier feel, etc.

I was already skeptical at the very beginning but since my friend told me , I had begun to believe that this was for real. As I tried to get thus $5,000, I asked several local friends and family members about helping get this money. Naturally, they all said that grants were supposed to free and no fees shouldn't be applied. What do I do now? These people have all my personal information, plus a picture if my driver's license. Then only thing that I can say that I did right was not giving my financial information. Please help me. I don't need my identity stolen or other problems.

I know I shouldn't be so trusting. Please help me?

Elizabeth Harris

I got scammed out of my life savings!!!
November 7, 2019

Almost 54,000. This is BS!!! I want my money back !!! How can I get my money back??? I'm going to lose everything, I'm a single mom of 2 !!! Ridiculous!!!

This is not for real, everything is fake !!! I need answers now!! Ridiculous, how can someone do this to anyone??? I'm literally broke!!! I can't even pay any of my bills!!! I'm about ready to lose my mind!!!

I want my money back plus some
September 3, 2019

I have nothing except a lot of extra work now answering all the emails and messages that I have gotten from this bunch of information that leads me only to no answers and more understanding that I have to give to others . Because they don't even know how to do their job. The list goes on .

I get nothing done answering the phone politely to 50 callers before noon. Because of telemarketers calling . I gave them permission because of these people. I want my money back plus some, for them using up so much of my time. My bank will stop payment of their money because they are frauds . I will get my money back. Unless they want a lawsuit. Good luck and Gods speed to everyone.

Its a scam
May 20, 2019

I made out the initial online application thinking I was applying for a grant only to find out it was a "membership" and they will continue to charge my card monthly. I contacted them within 30 minutes of filling out the application to cancel. They stated they can only refund 20.00 of the 29.95. I told them I expected the entire refund.

The man on the phone became belligerent and insulting with a few choice words before he agreed to refund the entire amount.

I want my money back
April 22, 2019
I don't believe that this group is trying to help me get the funding that I need or they would have done so already. I want my money back. The $29.95 that I spent to get this started.

I was really happy with all the progress
April 5, 2019

Wow, I am really disappointed with these bad reviews. I joined early yesterday evening, paid the $29.95 and got immediate access to a list of available grants, but nothing really suitable for me. I called the company and was helped by a guy named Juan, who gave me some suggestions which I followed. I signed up for the first free month of teleseminar talks and sat in on one last night. I asked the speaker a question at the end of it and he was extremely polite and helpful.

I then followed HIS suggestions and discovered two grants that I could apply for, simple and easy. By the way, Juan gave me his number and extension, and I called three hours after I had originally talked to him and there he was.

I DO NOT work for this company, I assure you. I think if you would follow their suggestions you might have some success. I was really happy with all the progress I made last night and will continue on with this company for the foreseeable future.

November 29, 2018
I agree with other users, this 'company' is full of it. Promising to help a person find obtained grants instead a person fill out application pay registration fee then pay fee again to somebody else. A person need Financial help now not pay more money. BOGUS. Never use this again.

I fell for it
October 11, 2018

They got my money and now I can't get a refund, if they think they are going to get the monthly fee from me there crazy, I got nothing for my $29.95 that I couldn't even afford in the first place. When I go to Log In they say they don't recognize my username or password.

Have great day and God Bless All.

September 9, 2018
I want my money back

September 7, 2018
Not a scam at all! There are thousands of applications on the website and the website is very easy to use and very impressive! There are grants on there for every type of situation. It's a great resource and worth every penny. You sign up and log in and you will see just how many applications are on there. Worth every bit of the $29.95 you pay for their service of finding all these applications from all over the nation!

DavidBaxter June 11, 2022

Did you recieve grant money from this site?

August 15, 2018
THEY assured me i would get a refund if i did not get grant and SAID ill give you 10$ off 24 help sounded like a scam