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Disreputable Company out to Scam with Promise they don’t keep
July 4, 2021

I signed up for a trial subscription with the understanding that I could cancel at any time. I find the information useless and have tried to cancel more than once. I am ignored. They have charged me for a subscription that I don’t use.

I have put the charges in dispute with my credit card company. The charges are now blocked.

I would give them 0 stars or even negative ones if you had this option.

RobinBecker February 13, 2022

Those looking for more natural ways to help our body and get to root cause of health issue is becoming mainstream- because nothing is fixed today/ just a band aid aka pharmaceuticals.

Just researching this information- for starters- sugar is bad. 100 percent true! It is considered poison. Everything this doctor said about diet changes that happened years ago, meat bad, cheese, butter bad- use margarine and cholesterol meds- my parents trusted.

While changing diets, on cholesterol meds, blood pressure meds- both had massive heart attacks. I think people look for an easy fix. If we truly want change we have to make lifestyle changes.

I felt nothing offered in video was not true on my research to making best lifestyle changes. I no longer trust medication because it is FDA approved. For starters- there are endless tv ads from lawyers suing fda or drug companies for death or damages. They even lied about food pyramid.

I think as a whole- humanity is starting to turn away from so much medication and get to the core of the problem and through healthy lifestyle, better diets, less sugar and supplements to find their true wellness that must include mind, body and spirit.

I find it disturbing that people attack the messenger- the company discussed here. This type of info is everywhere so are we going to attack anything we don’t like. More cancel culture. I remember my dear dad refused vitamins and supplements because they were not fda approved. I had to break it to him- Dad, the fda does not approve any vitamins or supplements. Products that support our bodies. That says something.

Seriously, I am not connected to this company at all. I watched video and it’s inspiring. And none of it is untrue if one researched and hint- don’t get your info from FDA. I just lost a dog 8 years old from FDA approved flea meds. If you dig in on stuff you will often find thousands who went through similar and are screaming to be heard by FDA.

The truth is - there is no easy fix or pill. Research and make the necessary lifestyle changes to improve the wellness of your body. Otherwise it’s the hamster wheel of prescriptions that mask symptoms often but never cure. To attack and report is silly. If it is not for you, move on. Humanity is changing and number one thing is be responsible for your body.

Research and make changes. For example I just stopped putting regular sugar in my coffee. Sugar is bad. See, little steps of positive changes. If this info was not a fit, it does not mean it’s a scam. Love and wellness to all.

They all should be put in jail.
June 16, 2021

They all should be put in jail.

I have filed with the Attorney General

SCAM beware of auto charge of your credit card on file...
May 27, 2021

Got a letter today that they will be using my credit card info on file to charge me for a auto renew subscription... HOW DARE THEY... The web site does not work in the news letter Cannot even find it in a search....SCAMMERS....

This pisses me off.... How DARE THEY charge my card without permission.

Will call today...

Natural Health Response
July 23, 2019
My Dad got scammed. Huge financial ripoff! It gave him FALSE hope about my mother’s cancer. The whole thing disgusts me. You should be ashamed!

CoreyreyRushush September 05, 2019

I agree these people are the worst type of low life's they prey on people that are in desperate situations. Just imagine the poor family whose baby has been given a diagnosis of life taking cancer. Prison is too good for scumbags like this.

Robert Mahaney September 16, 2019

Praying on a person's pain an anguish over a loved ones cancer situation is the lowest of scumbags the human race has to offer. They should be stripped of all assets an given to medical research, and then put in jail for the rest of their lives.....sorry excuses of human beings....

Nice Try !!!
May 28, 2019

I sat thru the entire sales video ,just for cheap entertainment, And I must say , The Con Artists that made this are VERY smart and VERY talented, to create such a great show...I bet a LOT of fools fell for it !

Nice Try, Boys! Better Luck Next time....

SandraAndrews June 13, 2019

Who is putting out this review?

What is this payment for
April 3, 2019
25 Feb 2019 24 Feb 2019 Purchase NATURAL HEALTH RESPONSE 800-5391966 37 USD - £28.52

PSV*Natural Health Res.
February 4, 2019

Having listened to their Pseudoscience sales babble for the best part of an hour and agreeing to a refundable introductory fee I waited. No product arrived, ever.Within ten days I was further billed $378.18NZ a sum I cannot afford and never OK'd,all supposedly refundable, but like others before me they are not to be found, refuse to acknowledge any request

I will now be handing this over to the POLICE.

I only tick one star to make the page accept.

natural health response
December 28, 2018
I got sucked into the trial subscription. I did not care for it and emailed them asking for a refund. No responses, so I googled and came up with another email to which I got an email saying that email doesn't work. So I will have to try calling now. Not so worried about the money, but the subscription, how can I cancel it if I can't get a hold of them?

SandraAndrews June 13, 2019

Try phone number 844 373 5825 worked today.

Not a Good Investment
December 14, 2018

I was getting ready for a long trip and I needed some reading material. I ordered the books and they contained some interesting information, but they weren't worth $49.00.

As for the "subscription," it involves at least a couple emails a day. They contain very long winded sales pitches with very little useful information. In the end, there is a link to buy some supplement.

I found the articles to be totally useless, so they now go directly to my spam folder.

Don't get sucked in. Save your money.

Natural Health Response response
December 3, 2018
I recently sat through the presentation, and as a type 2 diabetic, I really thought that a cure was available that I could afford. After my membership fee was processed, I received the books as promised, and they do seem to contain some valid information, but not the miracle cure I hoped for. While its true the Atkins diet can help control high blood sugar, it does nothing for insulin resistant diabetes. On a plus note I contacted them(NHR) and explained my concern and was assured that I would receive a complete and total refund in 5-7 business days. It may not be everything to everybody,but they may help some with better ways to approach their problem

IrmaLampinen December 12, 2018

I too watched the type 2 diabetic presentation till almost to the end and think that they make too outrageous claims. The Tibetan silk fruit I could not find on the internet to cure the decease. I believe the whole thing is a hoax.

Active Forskolin*Not 14 days before charged 80.00
November 27, 2018
Don't do it. It says you have 14 days. I got 7 days and 79.99 later I am fuming. Customer service was well trained and nice. Only repeating what they were told. 80 bucks..wha the wha!

PatriciaWest April 03, 2019

I went to Amazon and ordered 100% Pure Forskolin 2000mg Per Caps - 180 capsules [Nom-GMO

October 5, 2018
Read through pages and pages and finally chose a $19 option. After that, a page came up saying I could get the 3 free documents plus 2 more and the newsletter for free. I read through it carefully and clicked. Then my VISA was charged $250! I called to cancel. Wish me luck.

Saw the Sales Pitch
July 25, 2018

I have not tried the service, did not buy anything, all I did was sit through that time-consuming video. In fact, about two years ago I had sat through the same kind of video from the same kind of people, I don't remember if they had the same name as they do now.

The video tells you that it's going to give you access to a book for FREE, and it stresses this. It spends a whopping probably 30+ minutes telling you about all the health secrets and cures to be found in the book. Continues to soothe your wariness of a possible scam by throwing around the word free like candy to the point where you can't help but stay and finish the video. I'm a smart guy, so I was expecting a sales pitch near the end like those webinar things are doing now on YouTube. That is what I got.

The video begins to fear-monger in the middle even though what it's saying is mostly true, but combined with the repetition of its "secret cures" rhetoric it creates a sense of desperation in the viewer to get to the end-.. to get that SWEET FREE book. Then it happens, the sales pitch, I'll paraphrase. 'This book and life-saving information can be available to you and your family if you donate a bit of money to us for the printing and distribution costs.' THEN SOON AFTER it says that you will get the information and book if you subscribe to their monthly magazine or whatever. Flip flops around like a fish and IT STILL DROPS THE WORD FREE LIKE CANDY even after it is becoming increasingly evident that the book and information is NOT free. Then they change it up and start talking about it being "risk-free" and "completely refundable if you're not satisfied, and you get to keep the free gifts." The free gifts are the book they pitched you in the beginning AND the two other books they pitch you at the end(which come out of nowhere as they were never mentioned before) to sweeten the deal. Then they FINALLY after finishing that video where they play with your mind AND possibly your emotions if you suffer from ailments, give you a button at the bottom which directs you to a page in which you can order the subscription, one year for 49.00 dollars and two for 89 dollars, of course the say this is a drop in price from their original only for a limited time. ON TOP OF THAT ALL, THERE IS A TIMER AT THE TOP OF THE ORDER PAGE URGING YOU TO BUY IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, GIVING YOU A WHOPPING 14 MINUTES TO MAKE A CHOICE!

At this point a smart man knows this is a fraud or at least highly suspects it. The top of the page offers a customer service number which I called after doing some digging around the internet on this so-called "Natural Health Response." There seems to be a cover up of anything negative being said about said company, I found good reviews of the company, but something in my intuition told me these were reviews paid for or written by somebody with an interest in "Natural Health Response." I didn't stop there and sought out negative reviews and I found them, people saying they'd been conned out of their money by these immoral fraudsters, banking off the fear of the sick and weak, when they find no hope in anybody or anything, so they end up paying for anything that seems to work or claims to. It is criminal and I dare say if these folks do not repent they should burn in hell. Taking advantage of the fear of disease for profit is one of the most disgusting and sick things a human being can do to another. This company is also known as Laissez-Faire Books, avoid them at all costs, I tell you this from what I've seen, not from experience because I do not want to be scammed.

Thank you, best wishes for anybody reading this.

davidshaughnessy September 15, 2020

Your comments have value to anyone who engages the internet for understanding and actionable counsel. You state: "It is criminal and I dare say if these folks do not repent they should burn in hell. Taking advantage of the fear of disease for profit is one of the most disgusting and sick things a human being can do to another." This is exactly what oncologists do every day as they advance protocols and earn profit from "chemo-so-called-therapies". Your cautions are valid and should be considered, but I hold certain truths to be self-evident, and among them is western medicine is established upon obscene profits paid by a system of underwriting via insurance to launder monthly extortion payments. The love of money is the root of all evil.

How to stop them from charging you.
June 2, 2018
To stop them from charging you if the cancellation and refund process doesn't work just call your credit card and have them close the account and open a new one with a different account number. Then Natural Health Response will no longer have valid credit card info to charge you with. Then file complaints with the Better Business Bureau and any appropriate authorities (Department of Consumer Affairs, Federal Trade Commission, etc.). I have a feeling all of the above is what I will probably have to do. Maybe we can get them shut down. Now that I think of it I remember in their online sales pitch they urge us to order now because they are expecting to be shut down at any time. Isn't that something? They tell us right up front that they are expecting to be shut down and we fall for it anyway. I tried to go to their website and my Malwarebytes software blocked it due to fraud.

Fraudulently Charged Credit Card, Won't Respond to Email or Call
January 22, 2018
18 February 2017 I subscribed for a year. I didn't like it, and did not use their service, but paid for the year and did not ask for a refund. They have now charged my credit card for a second year, prior to the end of the first year! I have requested cancellation of the subscription, no auto renewal of the subscription, to refund the charges they made to my card, and to remove details from their data base and close my account my six times in the past week - it is now 22 January 2018 so well before the subscription year was up - and they do not respond to emails or pick up their phone, nor have they credited my card.

Nancy February 26, 2018

I agree with Jerry. Natural Health Response is a horrible scam!!

I have the same experience. Once they get your details, they refuse to answer your calls or emails.

But they sent me a letter to inform me that they will automatically renew annual subscriptions.

All the materials that they sent are craps!!

Robert Sohm June 02, 2018

I guess at that point all you can do is close that credit card account and open a new account then they wont have valid info anymore and can no longer charge you. Looks like I might have to do the same after trying cancellation and maybe filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau and whatever appropriate authorities. Maybe we can get them shut down. Now that I think of it I remember in their internet sales pitch they urge us to order now because they expect to be shut down soon. Isn't that something? They tell us right up front that they are expecting to be shut down and we fall for it anyway. I tried to go to their website and my Malwarebytes software blocked it due to fraud.