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My pillows
January 21, 2024

Don't fall for the pillows, it's not worth it they tear up too easly. It’s just a waste of your money, when you wash them every once in a while, and we don't wash them all the time, so it's not necessary for them to tear up so easily like that.

I would give 0 ratings if I could, these pillows are not worth the money. We litterly had 2 pillows that have been torn up and didn't even have them that long, not even a year.

It's a shame, so I'm on here to warn others to not waste their money on the pillows, they aren't worth it. Might consider getting your pillows at Walmart or somewhere else that would last alot longer than these do. What a shame this company is and they have lost my business for sure, I will never order from this company again.

Mypillow you best do better than this or you are gonna lose more people than you are currently losing. You need to make these pillows stronger than this because this is insane it's just money wasted down the drain. You just lost another customer hope you are glad now...

Different types for back or side sleepers.
January 12, 2024
My husband and I have used our My Pillow pillows for the last 6 years and they have made a huge difference in our sleep. There are different types of pillows--the customer service rep helped us pick out which type of pillows for us. My husband is a back sleeper and I'm a side sleeper, so we have two different kinds of pillows. I love that I can wash them. I hope this helps.

Don't fall for the pillow hype!
November 4, 2023

No stars would be more appropriate. Just bought two "medium loft" queen pillows for $96 (I'm close to Toronto, Canada. They shipped out of Montreal). When they arrived I was immediately taken aback by the poor quality. Yes, they went into the dryer for 20 minutes but that didn't improve them much at all.

After three nights sleeping on one my neck is a wreck—terrible pain. Now I see it will cost me half the price to return them if I even can. Online returns say my order numbers (I was given two) don't exist. Do Not waste your money on these things.

1 out of 4 ain't bad!
September 27, 2023

I've purchased three separate items from My Pillow and of the three, only one could I give a positive review.

The Giza Dream Sheets are excellent although somewhat on the heavy side. Definitely not for use in the summer. In my opinion, the pillows are a complete joke. The "patented fill" does indeed hold its' shape but after a very short time it feels like your head is lying on small rocks. Fluff it and that goes away but the feeling returns every time.

The worst of them all was the mattress topper! I was really excited to try it and didn't use it after the first night. It literally felt as if I had slept on concrete! My whole body ached, and my shoulders and hips suffered for days.

It came with a money back guarantee but it had to be returned to Minnesota at my cost. Imagine trying to put toothpaste back in the tube! It comes in a rather large box and the topper had been rolled tight by some sort of machine but after wrestling with it for an afternoon, I managed to compress it enough to get it into a box about the size of a clothes dryer. I'll bet they were surprised to see it when it arrived via FedEx.

I just received the "Percale" sheets and had my hopes dashed yet again. I just pulled them from the dryer, and I couldn't believe the wrinkles! They look like they're made from papyrus! I put them back in with a damp shirt at a lower temperature in the hopes of smoothing them out a little, but the papyrus-like appearance endured! Oh, well! Caveat emptor!

These pillows are awful.
August 22, 2023
I Purchased several of my pillows when they first came out and they were mediocre. But after all the televised commercials Stating that my pillow 2.0, was the best pillow ever. We purchased two kings. They certainly don’t keep you cool even if you flip them over so many times because they get out of shape. A total disappointment I’d rate them a one star. Don’t waste your time and money on these cheaply made pillows. We gave them to our dogs, and we still have to readjust them every night for them. False advertising and cheaply made, and I would give them a one star.

August 18, 2023

I had a King size firm pillow which frayed two years from purchase. They sent me a pillow they claimed it was the same pillow the problem is it only has half the fill it's very flimsy with no support. They require you to return the original & now I'm stuck with a garbage pillow.

Buyer beware!!! They do NOT give a fair warranty on any of their products. I also bought two sets of his towels which are imported from Indonesia & fell apart after a year. This guy is a joke. I will never give this guy another penny of my money. BEWARE!!

July 13, 2023

They send you product that is the wrong size and will not allow a return or exchange. VERY RUDE customer service reps. WILL NEVER BUY OR RECCOMEND THEM AGAIN.

Pillow Height and sheet size overall
June 16, 2023

After 2 years of use on and off, the pillow is not the best in my opinion. A little too much height for my head, but may suit others, anyway certainly not the best pillow I've ever had.

And the Giza sheets, not all that great, I found the Queen size top sheet to be much longer than usual or needed to be. They should look at that. The fitted one though seems to be a good enough fit.

Pillow cases are just average in my opinion.

Joseph June 16, 2023

I agree

June 3, 2023
I bought these sheets because they were advertised to fit a 15 inch mattress. I believed this because Mike claims to be a Christian and I thought I could trust his product. The first time I washed the sheets I could hardly get the fitted bottom sheet to fit my 23 inch mattress. The sheets shrunk so badly. Now I noticed there are pinholes in the top sheet and pillowcases. I have never seen sheets do this. They are poor quality and have never heard a response to any of my complaints. This is not how a Christian should do business. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM MY PILLOW.

Wrinkled Mess and Thinning Already!
May 20, 2023
I had heard so much about the Mr. Pillow sheets that I bought a set. I've had them 5 months now and they are wearing already. Right where our shoulders, butts and feet are the sheets are thinning. I am so disappointed in these sheets! They come out of the dryer a wrinkled mess. I can't recommend these sheets!

MyPillow Unisex Thong Sandals
May 18, 2023
This review is about MyPillow Unisex Thong Sandals only. Bad support straps, could be dangerous. We returned them with no problem. But, there's an almost $10 return fee, for any reason. In my opinion, I don't think that's a good business practice, when a product has a potential danger. The pillows and cases seem to be good.

Bed sheets are not what they say they are
May 3, 2023

I ordered two sets of full size sheets, one for my bed and one for my son's bed. They are huge, I have never seen fitted sheets so big. They also don't feel good to the touch, kind of silky. Please do not buy these sheets, they are no good. Don't waste your money.

Using religion to make sales
May 2, 2023

Company's that use religion to sell their products are a joke...

Don’t buy My Pillow Sheets
April 25, 2023

Ordered the sheets in 2 sizes. I am very disappointed. The fabric is stiff. The colors are drab. And there are spots of dye on the sheets .

And…..they cannot be returned. So unfair.

My Pillow Does not make it right
March 18, 2023

I have never been more disappointed in a company or customer service. I ordered a mattress and foundation from My Pillow. We received the foundation in defective condition.

First of all, the parts were not contained and were all over the box and several were missing. Secondly, It did not fit together right, even after watching their video. We decided to rigged it so we could go ahead and use it since I didn't have a bed, having already sold mine.

When we attempted to put the slats on, they were about 1 inch too wide for the foundation and 5 inches to short lengthwise (the slats were encased in material).

I called their customer service and was asked to send pictures, which I did. They sent an email telling me I could donate the topper, which is not the problem. I called them and spent several minutes waiting, just to be told that they would send a new foundation out. We are in our 70's and live in a townhouse which has 3 floors and FedEx delivered to our garage. We had already carried the box up and were not interested in doing that again.

We asked for a refund and they could come get the other one if they so desired. This was their solution: Feel free to donate it to a charity and get a receipt to send to them before sending a refund. I asked: Why would I take all that part, carry it down three floors, rent a truck and take it to a charity for their opportunity to deal with a defective platform foundation, which they will just have to dispose of? The answer: That is what Mike wants and they will take it. That is just ridiculous.

My Pillow claims to have the best customer service on earth, yet they don't listen nor understand what the customer is needing when it was their fault the problem existed in the first place. We have given up and have held the foundation together the best we could with braces and our own screws (many were missing from them), cut the slats down to fit the bed and have placed the mattress.

This truly is ridiculous and so uncaring by this company and I would NEVER recommend them to anyone, ever. These are the kind of people that make Christians look bad to the world. My Pillow, you should be ashamed of the way we have been treated.

The full of my pillow is not what you would expect
February 20, 2023

After watching the commercials for several years my wife and I purchased two of these pillows. After receiving them we were excited about having these new pillows.

Now a month later my wife and I both came to the same conclusion: The product is so poorly made and probably the worst pillow I have ever used. I got curios to find out about the “special interior fill” that Mike Lindall brags about. I ripped it apart at the seams and found ground up foam inside. I am not a detective, but the cut up foam looks like it is from a waste bucket.

Maybe the manufacturers of foam mattresses who use foam, have waste that normally gets thrown away. I think that is the source of what’s inside the my pillow: foam waste.

Ordering and Return disaster............
January 6, 2023
After ordering from My Pillow, with nothing being delivered, we called the order dept. and were told that we never ordered anything, so we ordered the item from Amazon which was delivered in time for Christmas. Then weeks later the My Pillow order was delivered and we went through hell getting someone to help us and then lost $30.95 to boot.

All positive for prompt shipping, quality and price.
January 2, 2023
I purchased the green and the blue firmness, king-size and both my husband love our new pillows. We even reordered the green to give as a Christmas gift. I also bought a set of king-size sheets and the waffle weave blanket. Especially love the generous extra length and width for tucking in at the foot of the bed and draping on the sides. Stays tucked in, and we're no longer fighting for enough to cover two people at the same time. Sheets tend to wrinkle in the dryer, but once on the bed they smooth out and are comfortable. Buy using a promo code and price is much better than any similar products at stores like Macy's, Dillards, or Bed, Bath, and Beyond, even when they are on sale.

August 30, 2022

Horrible product and customer service. Sheets had a horrible odor and so cheaply made. They don't bother to tell you if you return them that there is a reshipping fee on top of the already paid when purchased.

Customer service is a joke. Returned them and was supposed to get a refund that didn't happen until I disputed the charge from Amex. 3 weeks to get refund when it is supposed to be done immediately. Major RIP OFF. Run from this company.

Read the reviews before even thinking of dealing with this company! Rip off!
August 21, 2022

Worst customer service and product ever! Received my 2 sets of sheets and pillowcases and the odor was overwhelming. Opened the package and the "luxury sheets" were so thin I can't imagine them lasting more than a few washes. Called to ask about a return and was told I would have to pay return shipping in addition to the 12.98 that I had already paid.

Customer service is a total joke, when the "Supervisor" got involved I received an email for something completely different that was being discussed.

Ended up paying an extra 9.95 just to return these horrible items. The return was supposed to be immediately refunded that was on Aug 6th. I filed a complaint with my credit card company as of August 19th. Today the credit was started, so this also seems to be a bit off as well. Disgusting company and product. Run don't walk from MyPillow.