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Big Scammers
July 11, 2022

This company is a SCAM, please stay away from it. They subscribe you without your approval and the next thing you know your money is withdrawn from your account.

"Holes" in the cheese.
July 5, 2022

Complete Rip off. Once you leave their site you can't edit your paid for document, I've tried using, Word, google doc and DocUHub and all pages have water "spot" little holes throughout the .doc that prevents editing.

The one version that you can edit offsite is a drag and drop template, each word has to be dragged one by one to edit. Waste of time.

Horrible..They won't let you cancel even when they say they do
March 9, 2022

HORRIBLE..DON'T DO IT! I called to cancel in December, then emailed after we noticed we were still getting billed. On our side, we didn't notice it till we started to do taxes. Still no excuse!

The only thing I agreed to was a one time bill yet they charged for $35.?? per month after. They said they would refund me one month..great..nope. I usually don't write reviews except a few to say how remarkable an establishment was. These guys are ridiculous! Don't waste your money and time!

Useless/Waste Of Time
February 21, 2022
I write resumes professionally. I wanted to revise my lengthy resume to be formatted into a smarter version. However, it didn't format it at all... it was a running list. USELESS PRODUCT.

Poor Customer Service and Hard to Cancel
January 21, 2022
I used this service to assist with writing a resume I could use. I tried to cancel the service and they continued to withdraw funds from my account, even when I received the cancelation email. When I called in to talk to a customer service representative, he got very aggressive on the phone and refused to refund the amount I was owed.

Beware of the recurring billing
January 9, 2022

I have been charged roughly $100 over 3 months due to a recurring subscription.

The terms of the recurring subscription are only mentioned in the fine print when you sign up for the trial. This company has managed to sign many users onto monthly recurring subscriptions this way.

The chat agent will conveniently disappear whenever I ask if a refund is possible.

It's a scam
November 27, 2021

It;s a scam! Went through the whole process providing all the information and I got back a resume full of run on sentences, items out of place and then when I tried to download the resume I had to pay and other $2.95.

The kicker?! You can't download your resume, and every link to customer service is labelled a "bad destination". It's a well played scam.

November 17, 2021

Don't try this place, you will regret you ever tried this website, customer service is a joke!!

That is if you can ever get thru.

Buyer Beware - scamming the unemployed
November 2, 2021
My son signed up for a $3.00 resume template not knowing that if not canceled within 14 days, they start charging a $24.95 fee each month. Their website also does not explicitly state this. We did not catch the charges until 14 months later and we disputed the charge. They fought back and the charges remain. Who would ever sign up for a monthly resume service for over a year? They fully know what they're doing - Puerto Rico based help desk.

Scam 100%
August 28, 2021
Same story as with others.

MicheleChambers-Elliott September 21, 2021

For the 14 day trial, I was able to update my resume for $2.95, however, any corrections made after pressing "save" and download did cost an extra forty-five cents. My experience to this point has not been bad. I'm not sure if it will be easy to cancel with customer service before my 14 day trial period is up, but I will know tomorrow.

They do a good job of misleading people and charging their Credit Card. DO NOT USE
August 20, 2021
I thought I was paying a one time fee of $3.00 to get my resume. Before I knew it they were charging $22.95 a month. They are misleading and have bad business practices. I think there needs to be a class action against them. Has anyone contacted the FTC?

It's a scam
August 10, 2021
I opted out of the subscription service after creating a resume (that, ironically, I never used). I was charged $23.95 for a service I did not want or sign up for one month later. Do not use this product.

A Scam!
July 23, 2021
Like the others, a scam, out $102.75, cancelled twice and now a 3rd time!

October 2, 2020

I lost my job in August due to covid and found this website online when I was looking for a resume template. I made a whole resume and spent a lot of time on it just to find out that you had to pay like $2 to actually download your resume to your computer. So I paid it.

Today, I get a text from my bank saying there was a transaction outside the US which is definitely weird for me so I logged in and saw a $24.95 charge for this service. So immediately I call them to cancel whatever this is and get a refund for the 2 months they apparently charged me for. And the guy who answered sounded like a sketchy call salesman right from the beginning. Asked me a bunch of questions trying to verify my email and why I went on the service in the first place and if my situation had to due with covid.

Then puts me on hold and comes back with a whole spiel like he's trying to help and he's the best thing to ever happen to me by giving me two choices. 1) They would refund the $24.95 from today only (not the one from 9/8/20) and cancel my account OR 2) they would give me next month services free because I still didn't get a job using their service and then my auto pay would go to $5 or something going forward.

I was now getting super frustrated because this crazy man was talking a mile a minute saying hes going above and beyond from me. I told him that this was a ridiculous scam, that I had no idea my card was being charged, and that I wanted both months of the $24.95 charge refunded to me immediately or I was going to file fraud with my bank. He got ridiculously mad at me and was yelling saying that if I was going to talk like that he would terminate the call.

That I was extremely rude in talking like that because they are a legitimate business that's been in business for 12 years helping people. LOL all because I called it a SCAM which it is. So I regained any composure I could and told him I would take the one refund of $24.95 and cancel. At the end he said it was a pleasure talking to me and that's when I went off on him and told him he should go to hell and I hope hes ashamed of himself.

Fast forward to me calling my bank. Since the one charge processed today, I have to wait for it to go completely through. This is supposedly the charge they are refunding me so I am going to be watching for that. If it doesn't come through, my bank said I can file a claim for that since they gave me a cancellation confirmation email and a refund email. But here's the kicker, the monthly charges come through from 'different' named companies!

The original charge for $1.95 and the $24.95 from September come from BLD-Resume and the one today came from MyPerfectResume. The lady at the bank said they do this to make sure their charge continues to go through. Like if I had noticed BLD-Resume took money out in September and I blocked it, their charge would have still gone through today because its under a different name!!! So yeah, not sure if I am actually going to get any money back but believe me I am going to fight it.

I could not believe someone in a 'customer service role' would talk to me that way because I called them a scam, which they are. It was like he was purposely trying to intimidate me and then act like he was handing me the whole world. Absolutely absurd. 0/10 would not recommend. Run from this company

Sneaky little thrifts
September 2, 2020
I found myperfectresume trying to find a free resume template. After finding the company I spent 4 hours building my resume thinking it was free. I went to print the resume and was informed it was going to be a few dollars to print. Not wanting to lose my resume I paid the few bucks. This is where they get yeah. Incognito like, you know have a 25$ every 4 week prescription. I took me about 125$ to finally catch I’m the charge on my cc. I had no recipes from them and it seemed like the way they make a majority of their money. Big wast of money. I just got off the phone. They offered me 13 dollars back to make it seem like a legit business. Sorry, but it’s a scam.

October 10, 2019

Do not use this service! They are absolute thieves! If you use them once they will continue to take money from your bank account undetected. They stole $900 dollars from my credit card until I discovered it was happening.

Do not use this company! They will steal from you!!

August 29, 2019
I went to their site on the premise that they have free resume templates. After spending a lot of time perfecting my resume just how I wanted, they finally say you have to pay money to actually get what you created. I reviewed them stating they are misleading and should be up front about the charges, not advertising free templates. The company reported my review as being defamatory, having taken it down. I then get an email telling me to change my review and take out all the negative things. Shame on them. No wonder they seem to have such high reviews on other sites. They probably report anything negative that they don't like. What awful business practice.

Jacob September 06, 2019

Thanks, after reading these reviews I definitely won't waste my time with them.

TylerThompson September 02, 2020

I typed in free resume temple and ended up finding myperfectresume. I spent hours using this site thinking it was free. I then went to print my resume and it said it was going to be a few dollars. This is where they get yeah. I didn't want to start from scratch so I paid the few bucks. 5 moths later now I notice my account missing around 125 dollars. Yes, you guessed it. I have been getting charged around 25 dollars every 4 weeks with no recites to my email. Undercover like. Just got off the phone. They offered me 13 dollars back to pretend they have a legit business. Sad.

July 30, 2019

I never signed up with MY PERFECT RESUME....WHY????Because I don't need one....I am retired.....

However, this company without my authority debited my Visa account as follows:

3 November 2018 $2.01

3 November 2018 $1.03

18 November 2018 $36.00

16 December 2018 $36.00

13 January 2019 $36.00

10 February 2019 $36.00

10 March 2019 $36.00

7 April 2019 $36.00

5 May 2019 $36.00

2 June 2019 $36.00

TOTAL $291.04

After several complaints made by me they reluctantly credited $108.00 to my Visa Account.


These people are disgraceful and exploitative. I have never contracted them for what they sell. I have never signed anything and yet they have accessed my private card details and defrauded me.

I want my money back and then I will go away.... please do not use this is dodgy as all hell


Crime pays
January 17, 2019

My perfect cv are a criminal organization who make money by defrauding people .

Just type in my perfect cv and scam into google and you will see what i mean .

MarySchoepe February 20, 2019

My Perfect Resume is a ripoff.Their advertising is misleading and the website deceitful. After I finished building my resume - I had to pay $3.95- which I thought was reasonable. However, I had no idea that I was buying a monthly subscription. All the subscription companies I deal with send out a billing notice well in advance before being charged,

I was billed $24.95 for the past 3 months and when I complained the customer service rep told me he would refund my credit card a whopping $2.95!

If I ran my business like that.. I would be out of business

January 12, 2019


They have been charging me $24.99 a month for 4 months and they wont send a single email receipt so you won't know you are getting charged (WHAT COMPANY DOESN'T SEND A RECEIPT?!? If someone is accepting of the charges, these charges are write off's).

I remember closing my account (as I had deleted it the same day because it wasn't what I needed) and all I received was a page in the web browser that said my account had been closed. No confirmation email was sent stating the account was closed. So when you call and ask them to reimburse you for the charges (that were not authorized) they ask you for a cancelation email and you aren't able to provide one since "they do not send emails".

I called them a 2nd time (after I had called to cancel my account as I had a feeling they didn't do it) and they said my account was STILL active. What company operates this way?!