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Feels like...
July 8, 2013
...a billionaire funding a site to try to influence average people to vote for the candidate/party he/she wants to win. Doesn't seem legit.

Bruce September 28, 2013

right on!

doesn't look or feel right
June 16, 2013
I got their newsletter by email on a Saturday morning (today) with a notation that I had subscribed, which I don't recall doing. I looked at one article about the Vice President, which actually seemed OK, but somehow just didn't feel right, so I went out to search the publication. Wiki doesn't have anything about them; DuckDuckGo search engine told me twice that the links related to them were questionable. I did get to this, and I see poor reviews. I'll pass on this one.

May 1, 2013
Clicked on a doom and gloom "article" of theirs. Promised free book. Out of curiosity (and smelling BS) I clicked. It just takes you to a further advertisement for the book. Nothing free. But I'm sure flocks of paranoid lemmings are rushing to amazon after getting their curiosity piqued.

Kathleen A June 04, 2013

I sensed the same, as the articles are strictly doom & gloom, which appeals to a sizable number of citizens. Then I noticed it felt like a sales pitch, and sure enough... A book to sell written by another fear monger. Strikes me as bogus.

Why Should I trust You?
April 18, 2013
Anyone can get together with either friends or employees and write an online newsletter cobbling together stories about investment. They may even be knowledgeable about finances but how are we to know that. Who are they associated with, what is their track record, and what are their credentials? These are all questions that I am unable to find ready answers to. Sources like the WSJ, Finanical Times, Forbes and Bloomberg have a track record and make known their credentials. I definitely would need to be sure of a sites credentials before I would even read anything they have to say.

Sj D November 07, 2013

They are scammers and profit out of fear mongering with lies. Totally dishonest!

Seems too good to be true
April 4, 2013

There special offers for investment advice seem too good to be true. They make HUGE promises of 1000% returns etc, They really push hard to make the sale, and it all seems scripted.... Like a infomertial

I wish i could hear good things from people who've actully made money with them, otherwise i won't be forking over the $895 USD to get there advice...

They are totally fear mongering too.... Trying to scare you into investing and preaching doom for those who don't...

M h April 17, 2013

And they are obviously selling something; their book, for one thing.

Paul April 21, 2013

Despite their pandering, are they right about the fiscal cliff?

Can anyone confirm or deny, without selling me a book?

Fritz c May 07, 2013

Right wingers have been predicting financial doom all my life. I remember a book called "the Crash of 78" when I was in college. These predictions always coincide with a Democrat in the White House. Go figure. When it actually happened, it was one of their own that brought it on.

Financial collapse could happen. But probably not in the manner these boneheads predict.

Fritz Chess

Eta283197 May 14, 2013

You are absolutely right. Right radicals continue to employ their fear tactic.

Greg October 07, 2013

As do leftwing radicals, of course....

Emil Trankarov March 17, 2014

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