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Vicco, KY?
March 8, 2014
I just found this thing and read an 'article" proclaiming that "36 towns in 20 states have abandoned the dollar". The only town actually named is Vicco, Kentucky, with a population (as of the 2010 census) of....334!. The substitute? Something called "Edison money" which seems to be another sort of bitcoin. The smell test reveals a truly foul odor here.

Cookie Rojas April 18, 2014

You question the veracity of that bellweather Vicco? Shame.

Daly Megakill November 19, 2014

bellwether :)

Completely Rediculous and Primed for Conning Easy Targets
March 3, 2014
This angle is repugnant. It's obviously aimed toward older generations who are not as intuitively tipped off to a scam online. It's fear mongering BS. And it makes me angry.

Robert Loblaw September 29, 2014

speak for yourself young lady!!

December 5, 2013
Don't click on their ads. No matter how many times you try to leave their site, it will try to show you the page for ObamaCare video and won't let you out. These M***F***s should be hung by their nuts.

Full of Lies
November 7, 2013
I easily debunk 99% of the crap this rag puts out. Horrible paper for anyone to use for an actual financial source. Who is stupid enough to believe this crap?

KPK November 14, 2013

Reminds me of Fox news

Obviously a fake site
October 25, 2013

As others have stated, all their articles have unsubstantiated claims, cite "studies" and "surveys" and "researchers" but never name any one specifically, and some of the facts are just plain wrong.

I clicked on a banner ad by mistake that led me to moneymorning, so I knew it was going to be bad but I hope other people don't get fooled.

KPK November 14, 2013

Reminds me of Fox News...Lies and scaring people....

Skip w November 22, 2013

Their lies are so extreme, it's impossible anyone is stupid enough to believe them--Oh, I forgot--we live in Idiot America

Talking points and mouth piece dressed up in scholar's clothing
October 24, 2013
The recent article on ACA quotes from a book and from some "letter" from the insurance companies about how ACA will raise premiums 413% and cost jobs. First red flag, no links to the sources. Second red flag, no author a "staff" report. Third red flag, I found errors on the ACA "interpretation" of MM. As little as I know about ACA, able to find serious error about the penalties. Finally, this article is clearly a sabotage propaganda piece that has NO balance. THE ISSUE IS: How do we get the 40+ million people in the US on heath care. It is good for them, good for the economy and good for business. The USA is the ONLY developed country in the world where a medical catastrophe can put someone in bankruptcy, 51% of all bankruptcies are caused by medical issues. This article is pure propoganda.

Ray R November 06, 2013

Couldn't agree more. Happened upon this same article and for a moment thought I'd stumbled into the FOX News site.

Sj d November 07, 2013

It's a propaganda rag. No substance and totally laughable.

Eee November 17, 2013

Couldn't agree more, it's full of lies and idiocy. These people are basically criminals and scammers.

No Financial News - All Anti-Obamacare Propaganda
October 22, 2013

The one time I clicked on an ad for this it turned out to be fear mongering propaganda about how Obamacare will take all of your money and destroy us all.

No financial news or advice.

Just more Obama is trying to destroy you crappola.

KPK November 14, 2013

Horrid lies...Reminds me of Fox News.

G Tai November 26, 2015

This is their disclaimer at the bottom of their site. Pretty contrasting to their prophetic inside knowledge they claim to have and will only share with you because you are just lucky enough to be you and they wanted to share the wealth with you!!!!

Yahoo has their Paid Propoganda as a Paid News Article hidden with other articles..... I knew Yahoo was getting bad and all but I fear they are now in the same category as Fox and The Sun

Money Morning Disclaimer: Nothing published by Money Morning should be considered personalized investment advice. Although our employees may answer your general customer service questions, they are not licensed under securities laws to address your particular investment situation. No communication by our employees to you should be deemed as personalized investment advice. We expressly forbid our writers from having a financial interest in any security recommended to our readers. All of our employees and agents must wait 24 hours after on-line publication or 72 hours after the mailing of printed-only publication prior to following an initial recommendation. Any investments recommended by Money Morning should be made only after consulting with your investment advisor and only after reviewing the prospectus or financial statements of the company. If you'd like to know more details, here is our privacy policy.

October 18, 2013

I dismissed their long video after 10 minutes of sales pitches (it promised answers to questions in 3 minutes). It was just a scam trying to get subscribers.

For free (and after you subscribe if you are that gullible) you can read misleading and downright false articles about ObamaCare which spread all the usual lies and misinformation.

If you have already drunk the Tea Party kool-aid, you will love this site. For everyone else, take a pass. Drudge does this better because, although it is unintended humor, at least Drudge has minor entertainment value. Morning Money commits a worse sin than simply spreading disinformation. It is boring.

M B October 27, 2013

You would be more credible yourself if you didn't show yourself to be so biased.

BWC November 04, 2013

I agree, If she/he was more biased in favor of Fox news and Obama Care Naysayers, she/he might be biased in a way you agree with . . .

I had never heard of Money Morning until I clicked on a banner ad by accident. I agree with the author that, from what I saw, it is just more tea-party, right winged republican balderdash. That would be fine, except that it tries to pass as "journalism" and "financial advising." In my book, that's unethical.

But you should continue to enjoy it if that's the kind of "advice" you are looking for . . .

Sj D November 07, 2013

It is not just spreading lie and propaganda, but it is giving totally false and made up advice which i also call unethical. I have followed it for awhile now and all the scare tactics and information they have given has proven totally false over time. Don't know how long they think people will fall for all this crap before they realize that it is misleading them. People who believe it have to be easily brainwashed into doing what is NOT in their best interest. It's laughable if it were not so dangerous to Dummies who believe it.

Fake News
October 17, 2013
I'm disappointed this site had a top hit on Google news, when it is clearly fake news. I can see why Colbert has an audience after reading stuff like this.

Free = credit card charge $49.50
October 13, 2013 This is the page that comes up at the end of a 78 minute video. I will highlight by copy and paste method in case copy and paste of link will not work,

All this is YOURS FREE just for giving Money Map Report a no-risk, no-obligation trial.

When you fill out the secure order form below, we'll charge your credit card $49.50 – that's more than HALF-OFF (62%!) the usual rate of $129 a year – just in case you decide to remain a subscriber to Money Map Report for the full year.

But remember, you can get ALL that money back if you decide to cancel after reading your three risk-free issues.

And those 4 free gifts are YOURS TO KEEP no matter what! WHAT A LOAD OF B.S

Angling for Greed
October 10, 2013

The video I'm listening to lost its last shred of credibility when the speaker denigrated the 10 percent returns of the recent stock market. Yeah, that's paltry.

Only greedy, ignorant fools will continue to listen to schemes like this.

Forget get-rich-quick schemes and, to quote Sherlock, DO YOUR RESEARCH!.

More contrived right wing propaganda
October 5, 2013

They claim that Warren Buffet wants to "scrap ObamaCare" - using fragments of quotes from 3.5 years ago, other "news" outlets use MM as a source, Buffet denies and corrects the lies, other "news" outlets post the correction, Money Morning keeps posting the lie,

Right wing Kock-rag.

Dpedron October 07, 2013

agree with you totally ridiculous citing 2010 article as if it were news today. 3 yrs later?

Fedup October 13, 2013

Outrageous misuse of so-called Buffet quote. Just sets the tone for a "story" that is nothing more than right-wing palaver.

Sj D November 07, 2013

This rag is total scam. How can anyone with 2 brain cells believe this BS?

Kleg November 30, 2013

Why are all scams "Right Wing"?

smells bad
September 30, 2013
another anonymous feeling site that smells like the brothers Koch. most of their negative comments about obamacare march in lockstep with the fox, teaparty talking points.

Progressivevictory October 01, 2013

Amen pure bull!

Murphy October 05, 2013

Yup, they printed the story that Warren Buffet now wants to repeal ObamaCare, after taking fragments of quotes from 3.5 years ago. -

Other sites have made the correction, but MM continues to spread the lies.

Mike October 11, 2013

I gotta agree. They're definitely on Koch.

Sj D November 07, 2013

Reeks of Koch Propaganda. Are these people Fascists? It reminds me of the same type of propaganda that Fascist Parties in other countries put out. Scarey that some people would believe it.

September 28, 2013
They certainly seem to have a political agenda buried inside the advice and tips. Check it out; what you'll find is scare tactics, sensationalism, links to extreme ideas. A typical "Tea Party" screed is what I'd call it.

Charle October 03, 2013

I like specific facts to back up opinions

John L October 10, 2013

Example: Scary headline claming that "Hidden Obamacare Taxes will cost average family $6,000 next year" - their "source" is a book by Nancy McCaughy, the inventor of the "Death Panels" lies. McCaughy makes a practice of taking legal jargon out of context, distorting it by using layman's misunderstanding of the vocabulary, and making intentionally misleading extrapolations.

Need more examples?

Sd D November 07, 2013

it's all lies for brainwashed dummies who know nothing much about anything based in fact and not even a good job of it.

Very Misleading
September 23, 2013
I discovered their web site when I clicked a link to an article. The headline was so misleading that I would have to call it completely dishonest. The "article" was just a sales pitch for someone's book. A bunch of crap.

A lie
September 22, 2013
I listen to one presentation. It stated that "the secret will be reviled in the next three minutes". I timed it. I gave up after 7 minutes.

Wendy October 13, 2013

It's a 78min long video zzzzzzzzz

Appears to be scammers
September 2, 2013
I have seen their ads attached to my emails, facebook, websites, etc. They have been preaching a crash of the market for years. I guess in the hope one day like 1929 they will be right. The crash talk is to get you to buy a book. Their opinion is like butts, everyone has one, but they are trying to make money from theirs! They also totally fill up the google search engine with links to their site, but if you get past the first page of links, you will see the truth....

Why the U.S. Dollar Will Crash on September 2 article
August 20, 2013


i love the hype of this article especially when i read the bottom disclaimer :

"...Any investments recommended by Money Map Press should be made only after consulting with your investment advisor and only after reviewing the prospectus or financial statements of the company."

Badawg August 26, 2013

they can't even spell the word silver what idiots!!!

Sj D November 07, 2013

Well its November 7, missed that crash huh? How could anyone believe this rag? It's all propaganda and lies to get your money.

Unsubscribe from Money Morning
August 18, 2013
This entire operation is a scam. The long videos trying to get you to subscribe... The content is totally incorrect, if you do a little bit of digging, you will find this out for yourself. Do yourself a favor and never read or listen to any of their presentations again. You will thank me!

Not all bad
July 17, 2013
I like Money Morning articles, I subscribe to their British MoneyWeek magazine, which is out of London and very enjoyable reading...though it arrives about 1.5 weeks after publication... The thing I really dislike is their video sale pitches that go on and on and on and always end with an invitation to subscribe to a new on-line newsletter for just 50 British pounds every 3 months....Yikes... This is not a great idea.

Sj D November 07, 2013

Respectfully what alternate universe do you live in? Please never take their advice about anything financially or you will regret it.