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By the time you figure it out, your 60 day money back guarantee is GONE
June 5, 2021
By the time you figure out you've been ripped off, your 60 day money back guarantee is gone and they will NOT give you your money back. You will also get bombarded with other emails of their services thinking its part of your subscription but its only more private deals that you have to pay MORE for. I know with MicroCurrency, by the time you get their notice to buy, the crypto currency its promoting has already spiked - too late. Save your money!

October 30, 2019

Ok, I have to say that they make promises about money that you will make that unless you have a whole lot of money to invest you won't make it. I have subscribed to several of the subscriptions in which I cancelled out of three of them that I was able to get a refund on two. I'm still a member of the Night

Trader and Weekly money and have enjoyed both very much. Yes, I have lost money but also I have made money as everyone does playing Stocks and Options. I mainly play only Options. They have recommended some really good plays and if I have had the money to buy in more than just one at a time those plays would have paid out a whole lot more but I still made money. I have doubled some of my investments and even once tripled. I have learned so much from these guys and grew in knowledge from when I first started not knowing anything. I also got training from other books and videos as well. I am still subscribed to the 10 minute millionaire and bought some REITS from his recommendations which are in the red and get VERY little in dividends in return from a couple. I could do without having that membership but I'm locked in for now I believe. So, for the most part I like being a member and I think for a lot of others that had a different experience and lost a whole lot of money may have had a bad pick, didn't follow the recommendation correctly or didn't give it enough time becouse I have definetly made money and they do recommend you some winners you just have to play them and get in at the right time. I wish I can play all the recommendations but my budget wont allow me to cause I lost out on some good wins.

Money Losing Newletters
January 18, 2019

I signed up for 3 of the letters...spent too much money

I followed all recommendations from the 3 letters and have lost money on all 3!

I called to complain after the year subscription was up and Customer Service claimed they met all their objective.

Needless to say, I did not sign up again

Money from you to them
June 2, 2018
Ridiculous I bought the first 3 recommendations and lost money on all of them. They constantly bombarded me with more ways to make/spend money on there programs. I saw the latest advert stating his 132% profits and wanted to puke. They give you trades, in my case none worked. However they often refine and repeat the trade with different dates. I want to find good advice but yes u can not trust the numbers or profits they lay claim to. Waste of money. If anyone finds a good trader that really shares profitable trades let me know. All these guys do is hype the next program they are selling. FOS

I did better on my own
April 20, 2018
I am a subscriber to the Night Trader program. Big mistake. The program identifies stock that have been increasing in price using a 200 day moving average. By the time the recommendations arrive, the stock prices deflate. With the state of the current market conditions, this is the program to use.

unsatisfied ex-member
December 12, 2017
This is a laundering scam scheme just like any other scams. I've watched that video, to the end, paid their fee(over $200) and got nothing. In the video it promises checks after you pay the fee. There is no checks for "Big tobacco must pay out". they continue sending me offers to invest more money. No checks? No money! Its simply a psychological manipulative system to get you to give them free money for nothing.

MoneyMapPress will Drain You
November 10, 2017

This company is good at one thing, making enticing videos for their services.

Here is what I found. While they talk a good game their computer services are no better than anyone else's. The individual Analysts are verbose, tell many fabrications and will never answer any of your questions.

I kept thinking they would help me make some money but after investing $50,000 with 6 of their "analysts" I promptly lost $20,000 following their guidance to a tee.

Dealing with these crooks has left a very bad taste in my mouth for any investing services and taught me a valuable (though costly) lesson.. Please don't fall in their trap.

James Chin-TiLin January 20, 2019

I am glad reading these negative reports on Money Map Press consistently from so many ex-customer. I felt the same way although not victimized yet because how they present the case all following a commonly known formula with how good, easy, and cheap it can be to entice potential customers, with all imaginable tactics to manipulate people's ignorance, anxiety, fear, greed, etc., and on top of these, with plying a strong sense of time urgency on you to get you signed in. After paying them money, all promise and guarantee were gone. If asked for refund, they will say if you read the contract. Yet, why do the US society allow such scams? Politically, some legislators could act like political scammers for votes with playing tons of political correctness with no substance to really elevated the mental and physical wealth of people. So, beware charlatans around and take necessary precautions to avoid falling victims to these societal spoilers.

July 15, 2017

Well first we need to take note that so far there have already been four independant reviews from past Money Map Press subscribers here on Reviewopedia and all four reviews have been negative and even critical of Money Map Press. Furthermore, aside from Money Map Press's own replies to those four independant reviews which in my opinion do not substantiate any of their past wrong way investment recommendations, there have also been three independant commentators replying to those four independant reviews and they likewise have also been critical of Money Map Press. Note needs to be taken that there is not a single review or comment here from an independant reviewer or independant commentator which has a positive opinion of Money Map Press.

Well I must confess that my review will also be highly critical of Money Map Press! So we independant reviewers and commentators are unanimous in our negative conclusions about Money Map Press! What has started me on this rant against the reputation of Money Map Press is that I have formerly been a email recipient of their bogus investment email solicitations for

a few years during which time I did carefully review the results of some of their own recommendations. In all invesment recommendation cases which I choose to follow, not a single one resulted in a profit. Quite a record! A blind monkey just throwing darts at a dart board covered with a list of investments hung over the dart board could have done better and got better results!

I am very glad that I have a practise of doing my own DUE DILIGENCE BEFORE I INVEST OR SUBSCRIBE TO ANY INVESTMENT NEWSLETTER OR TRADING ADVICE COMMENTARY. This practice of verifying the authenticity and correctness of invesment advice has stood the test of time for me and I strongly recommend it to other investors especially when the advisors are trying to rush their clients into making quick on the spot decisions to purchase said invesments! In such cases the investor should be leary that the "advisor or commentator" may have a financial interest in the invesment and is simply trying to unload said invesment on unsuspecting gullible investors and thus giving rise to poor future investment returns thereafter.

Now I do not claim that I know for sure that that is the case with Money Map Press but their rate of return that I have seen so far based on their wrong way past recommendations that I followed and examined, certainly points in the same direction. Furthermore all the Money Map Press invesment commentators/advisors claim to be very well known in the invesment and business community. This is another red flag. So just now I went to WIKIPEDIA to checkout the reputation of Mr. Kent Moors who is one of their commentators/advisors. He does not have a webpage on WIKIPEDIA yet he claims to be famous in invesment and business circles. Well other truly famous invesment commentators/advisors such as Mr. Jim Rogers and numerous others all have a webpage on WIKIPEDIA! So why not the authors of articles in Money Map Press you may ask? The answer is simple, they truly are not as famous as they claim they are. I rest my case for you to decide.

Jamie July 23, 2017

I have a question for you. You said some of the people that write on money map press aren't legit. What do you know of Michael A Robinson? I'm not an investor or want to scammed, I'm definitely not rich either. I have some investment advice from him and I'm meeting with my broker at Edward jones to talk about it. But I wan to know if its a waste of my time and money since I only spend what I save to invest in lol.

Thanks, Jamie

Ed Schaffer July 29, 2017

Hello Jamie > Well I would not go that far as to say that some of the people on Money Map Press are not legit but I do still stand by my earlier comment that I followed Kent Moors and one other "advisor" whose name escapes me now as I have not followed them for several years now. That one advisor is no longer on the webpage for Money Map Press. That should tell you something as he was not an old guy either say in his 40's or 50's. I recall he was recommending shorting Deutsche Bank just as it hit bottom and began to rise from there. I quit following them after that. Furthermore, I just googled Mr. Michael A. Robinson for you and the second posting on Google search results that came up assigns only one star review rating to Mr. Robinson. I did not follow him personally myself but soon as I saw that one star, I decided not to waste my time with any further searching and I just abandoned any further search for you on this topic as I would regard this as a complete waste of my good time. Also I checked out the PISSED CONSUMER website for you and found that they had 62 reviews on Money Map Press with a rating of only 2 stars! Not good! Furthermore they reported $130K in claimed losses with an average loss of $4.4K! Again not good! My recommendation to you is to do your own good due diligence BEFORE you invest your money just as I have learned to do over the years.

I hope this helps you to do good due diligence work and use those computer search engines like google etc for yourself.


Master Settlement Payout
May 31, 2017

Has anyone tried to file for MSP through the Big Tobacco Co.s?

I just watched a video on this and they say it is possible but I have read the agreement and it is a state by state payout and not to the consumers. They quickly mention a $250.00 fee but don't explain what it is for? I would like to know if this is also a scam?

Sign me a "nervous investor"

[email protected]

Jaxton June 22, 2017

I bought it and it basically gives you a list of bonds from different counties that got settlement money. I'm not completely;y familiar with bonds so I really want to confirm with someone one who does that I'm reading it right. I did go to NYU Business school and have been actively investing for years but I just never got into the bond market. But from what It looks like to me is the one with the highest yield is around 10% a year. Which to me was completely underwhelming and did not match up with the tone of the pitch to sign up. The woman who they say gets around $3500 a month is what throws me and makes me think I'm missing something. I would like to know how much she had to spend to get that kind of money monthly. When I called customer service they told I should speak to a broker about specifics. I just wanted specifics from what they stated. Not a difficult question. It actually should be part of the presentation. But those videos keep coming and they require a significant amount of time to watch. That's why I download them and can scan through it if I want.. Wondershare Video Ultimate does it in 2 minutes.

Lost huge amount of money believing Dr Kent Moor
March 22, 2016

I have lost $40k buying linc energy. Recommended and updated that it is temporary fall and price is coming up etc. Average out the shares and it got consolidate 6 into 1 and price drop to lower than my purchase price before consolidation.

Dr Kent Moor wrote for Linc energy, it has been consolidated 6 into 1 and rename... That's it.

Sunedison- kept having statement ONLY day after price went up. And news are all old and outdated. Drop from $7 to $2 since my membership but kept saying without any basis good price to average. Wonder if anyone follow MMP since Sunedison was $30.

Solar Window - advise to buy, price was $4.90 and it fell to $3.50. Tell member to take profit????

PLEASE be careful when signing up with these so called professional advisor.

I earned more from self trade....

Money Map Press July 12, 2016

Hello Linda,

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your feedback regarding Money Map Press.

I wanted to let you know that no recommendation is guaranteed, as nothing involving securities is a sure thing. I am extremely sorry to hear about your experience as we at Money Map Press take your satisfaction very seriously. I will certainly forward your feedback to Dr. Moors and his team.

If you have any questions or would like to share more about your experience with us, our Concierge team is available Monday through Friday 8 AM - 8 PM EST and can be reached at 1-888-384-8339.

Best Regards,

Money Map Press

Peter Maclean June 30, 2017

I lost approximately the same amount with MMP as Lijnda on Linc, Sunedison,, and Xoma. The plays seem quite reasonable but they never pan out. I still subscribe to enery advantage. Gives me a few ideas for investing and it costs a couple of hundred bucks a year. I have yet to make any money with Biotech Insider and Inner Energy Circle which cost several thousand a year. I have more success with information and recommendations fromMSNBC, Bloomberg, and BNN (Canadian).

MMP is a not to your benefit.
March 10, 2016

I signed up wit MMP in the Passport club - what a rip off! When I signed their product was adequate, I thought I could use it. But as time passed it became weak, useless & ineffectual. The good news letters were removed and replaced with ineffectual ones. By then the review time was over with. also they continuously hit me with adds, about 2 daily. Even thought they have been told that I am not interested in their adds.I have subscribed to several investment newsletter over the years and would not suggest them at all. The provide way too much happy talk (do you really care about the writer father hobby)? I want stock info, stats and data not happy talk and suppositions - Just the facts!

If you're looking for the sizzle with little data and lots of pie in the sky supposition then MMP is for you. If you want facts and accuracy, then keep away.

Money Map Press July 12, 2016

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for reviewing Money Map Press. I am really sorry to hear about your experience with us. In order to improve our publications, we take all feedback very seriously.

If you are currently a member of our Passport Club, our Concierge team would be more than happy to change your email preferences for you, so you do not receive as many advertisements. This way, you can focus on all of the valuable information we offer. They are available Monday through Friday 8 AM - 8 PM EST and can be reached at 1-888-384-8339

Best Regards,

Money Map Press

Thomas July 13, 2016

Every investment through MMP that I followed has failed, I do better following my own advice. I haven't put MMP in my spam folder yet, but that is on the agenda, considering the garbage I have been getting as of late.

There is still one writer I have faith in, but only one.

Money Map Press July 21, 2016

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for replying to us. We really value your feedback so I have passed this on to our editorial team. We always want to make sure we are offering only the best of quality. If we could please have a moment of your time, we would love to hear more about that particular writer and how he is working out for you. Feel free to email us directly at [email protected].

Best Regards,

Money Map Press.

Money Map Press
December 29, 2014
These folks are not good advisors, I signed up for 4 of their advisory services since they right great copy with recommendations that will make you tons of money. I lost on every service and the last one was their Bio Tech insider service that l lost $1000 on.These guys offer only 30 days money back and now I know that any advisory service worth their salt is usually 90- days to a year of money back.How do you rate a service in 30 days?? I lost money with all of these services and they called me a scammer and i asked for them to look at the recommendation s and that I will show them my account activity but they refused.Buyer be aware. They are going to lose your money.

Jamie July 23, 2017

Did you get the Nova-X Report? Was it good, bad, ugly?!?!