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February 9, 2024
THIS IS A SCAM!!!! Stay AWAY! I can't seem to find a way to CANCEL it. You will get a run-a-round at every turn.

MasterClass is a SCAM
August 23, 2023

Horrible. Newsflash! A class is not 6-8 minutes long. And a lecture? is NOT an interview! DOH. Did 5 Noam Chomsky sessions[turned out to be only interviews] that amounted to less then ONE lecture. I DID get my money refunded but I COMPLAINED big time and did so within one week. Here is what I wrote to them to get same day response and refund. "I would like my money back.

MasterClass is neither at the Master's level, nor in reality does it actually offer up "classes" or lectures. Moreover, I had no idea! that this was a platform for the likes of Karl Rove, GWBush [war criminal] and Kris Kartrashian who pimps out her own daughters[via sex tapes] for profit. I would suggest that MasterClass is nothing but a Master Grift. Please reimburse me immediately. Thank you. You have my email and account information." I also took screenshots of my "convos" with the bots that support their "help" section for back up in case they tried to jerk me around and told them so.

This is a SCAM for the illiterate! who want the patina of master level studies without the INTELLECTUAL WORK involved Celebrity Kulture. Its a slick website but its a suckers game. Anyhoo, I got OUT and got my refund the same day!

I enjoyed this :-)
July 3, 2023
I enjoyed Masterclass and some of their courses. I'd recommend if you'd like to learn a new skill :-)

Liars and cheats
May 29, 2023
They are liars and cheats. They promise a 30 day free trial. But instead they will immediately charge you a full year’s subscription. When you call them out they double down on their lies and gaslight you claiming there was never a free trial, even going so far as to say “prove it with screenshots”. Who screenshots free trails of apps as a standard practice? No one. And they know it. Stay far far away from this dishonest company.

Deceptive advertisement.
November 30, 2022
The advertisement for Bill Clinton's Master Class says it's 8 dollars. But when I go to the website, the only option I have to pay $15/month for the class and get one membership free for a friend. WTH ? This does NOT make my class $8 like it stated on Yahoo advertisement. I am still required to Pay a monthly $15 payment to access Bill Clinton's class. Or Ringo start's master class or any other class for that matter.

September 22, 2022
Be careful!! Masterclass is such a scam. They are no help at all if you are fraudulently charged. The customer service is outsourced and I feel sorry for the poor people who work for them. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE & TERRIBLE COMPANY. BEWARE-READ THE GOOGLE REVIEWS.

Beware of SCAM and DECEIT, Warn others to stay away from MasterCrook.
June 25, 2022

My daughter sent me a gift saying that it would cost me nothing. When I opened the MasterClass, I had to give my credit card details. In any case, I watched one episode and found it wasting my time, and I never watched again, and had completely forgotten about it.

Just now 2 minutes before midnight on Friday to Saturday, I received a credit card payment notice for "annual fee" (receipt #2407-3673), I immediately called the phone provided, but the recording says MasterClass staff only operate Monday to Friday 8-5. I am furious that I have been scammed.

I have never authorized MasterClass to automatically deduct money from my credit card. Credit card payment must be reversed immediately to avoid my reporting to Scam investigation authorities.

May be fine if you don't need customer service
December 30, 2021
Their customer service is abysmal. They have an answer bot, that will tell you to go to a link and the link does not exist. I waited for over a day to get the link to reset my password, and then that link was not valid. I got the 2 for 1 holiday offer and my friend did not receive her link, and I still cannot log it.

Single course subscription feature advertised as available now but cancelled some time ago
April 8, 2021

It took several weeks, multiple false instructions, and multiple people involved on their side and my side to find this out. The feature was cancelled prior to this.

Hello, MasterClass! I was really looking forward to the class! Could you please fix this? Gave you a 2 instead of a 1 and a public message to see if you folks are listening. I think there is a structural organizational communications issue big time. Show that you care, please!

MasterClass Gift Subscriptions Are A Scam
December 9, 2020

The masterclass gift subscription is an all out scam. Here's what their representative had to say when inquiring why a credit card had to be issued: "Guest Pass recipients are required to enter a credit card before activating their Guest Pass.

Your card will be used to automatically renew your gift subscription at the Guest Pass period ends to ensure no interruptions in your MasterClass experience."

What a load of crap. This is how they want to start a relationship with new customers?

DaniGreer February 17, 2021

I had issues with this too. Tacky, tacky. My friend and I signed up for the 2-fer class anyway. I have been extremely pleased with the quality of the classes - much higher productions than any others and certainly a huge selection. (We got the unlimited annual membership.) That said, I just received the three free passes perk... which I won't send to anyone as I am sure they will be required to give CC information. We shall see if I can cancel before my membership is up at the end of the year!

March 12, 2020

This is a scam. I took one survey with a "free" gift. I then was charged four times at the rate of $92.99 for the "gift". I've marked it as fraud and changed my card but today received two new "gifts". As soon as the CU opens I am calling them.

This is a rip off.

I cannot get a hold of anyone at MC---

I enjoyed listening to the classes but it is NOT what is purports to be.


The Herbie Hancock class was amazing for me
August 15, 2018
Really recommend Masterclass in general. I do not know why there are so many negative reviews on this blog accusing them of scamming people and taking their money - I did not experience the same problems. If you are not sure about it, take the free week trial.

ElizabethMyers December 22, 2018

I ordered the $180 by mistake I called them saying I only wanted the $90 one. The person on the phone said no problem saying The refund for$180 would be in my account within 10 business days. That was Dec 5th it is now Dec 22nd no refund. I have sent them e mail, called left a message nothing, no reply. So yes I have a very negative review

ElizabethMyers December 22, 2018

Was told my refund would be in my bank within 10 business days. Dec 5th it is now Dec 22nd no refund. They do not answer e mails nor phone messages. So yes I have a very negative response. I want to know where my refund is

Liz March 05, 2019

I signed up to do the Gladwell classes and won't let me back in. Did not know there was a use by date.Now I just want to sign up with one teacher and they will not let me unless I pay for all classes.

Alice Waters cooking class
May 22, 2018
I signed up late last year for this class at a supposed special rate. They said it would begin in spring but I have inquired twice and just get replies it is coming. Soon it will be summer. My next move is CS, I guess but the comments here are not encouraging. There's always the Attorney General, I guess. What state though? Surprising given the big names they draw.

ElizabethMyers December 22, 2018

I cancelled my order the very same day I ordered

The person on the phone said my refund would be in my bank within 10 days

That was Dec 5th it is now Dec 22nd no refund. I have sent emails mails called on the phone left message. No answer to either and still no refund

I am going to contact AG this I'd most definately a scam. You cannot even leave a comment on their page.

Michael PatrickBrewer December 09, 2019

Still waiting for my refund from August. Never could access Samuel Jackson class.

the mater class has chaned my life
April 26, 2018

I love it now I want to do more them film making

AsimAli November 30, 2022

Perhaps you should take a class on typing first.

Paid for class - class never started
April 4, 2018

Bought a chess class for my son taught by a chess master. they kept postponing the start date - for 7 months! I have asked for my money back and have not received it. They get negative stars from me. I think the class is being taught by a Nigerian Prince. This is a SCAM. They take your money and do not provide the class

Buyer Beware
December 14, 2017
Purchased a Masterclass for my nephew for Christmas. Paid in full end of October 2017 - guess what, some 7 weeks later, 1 week prior to Christmas - no gift card, no gift, money taken and absolutely no response from anyone at Masterclass. Given the option again, I would stay far and wide clear of this crap company. Should be called MASTER RIPOFFS.

Complete Crap Master NO SHOW CLASS
November 18, 2017

I joined masterclass in may 2017 to see and take the Diane von Furstenberg brand class. With a release date august 017 with a clock to release said class. Up to then you had to introduce yourself and fellow class members to your work and show mood boards and debate topics like is Instagram stronger influence than vogue on the catwalk. Instagram!

First red flag, second red flag, was they pushed the date back I said ok and was patient. Their statement they wanted to make sure the class was ready. I wrote my opinion that if I was a fashion store and a supplier left me in a lurch this would be unacceptable as I would have dead stock past a season due to their incompetence. And this would not be acceptable in this if we are to learn how to build a fashion brand.

Then come October no film footage, nothing and their class is filled with young millennials posting as masterclass team members instructing us to show more mood boards and how we can build our brand DNA?

I paid for Diane von Furstenberg not some snot nose brat working for a start up company in san Francisco! I have asked 4 times for a full refund and I get emails saying oh just contact support. Which I have 4 times and they still wont give me my money back. If they want to ask people to pay for a class by people whom are running a company on the back of whom we actually pay for, leave little very little to be desired.

I again have asked for a 5th time for a refund after multiple times with correspondence from their team. `so I am taking to the streets and posting my experience here.

Buyer beware

Terrible customer service
January 11, 2017
I have called and emailed multiple times and still have not gotten through to a live person to help. I purchased a gift card for a class for my husband for his birthday and it still hasn't come in the mail and there is no update or any communication from the company, just an emailed receipt of my purchase and a charge on my credit card. Starting to doubt this company strongly! Buyer beware!!