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About Manscaped

Manscaped is a men’s grooming company that focuses on below-the-belt grooming and hygiene. The company offers solutions that cover every part of keeping the area clean and groomed, including products that range from razors and trimmers, all the way to boxers and hair removal creams.

The company prides itself on the fact that this is their soul purpose; they don’t do anything other than offer products that help men keep their lower areas clean and well-kept. Because of this, they stand out from many companies that have a below-the-belt men's grooming aspect of their business model.


Manscaped aims at having every product possible for their customers to use. This includes trimmers, razors, blades, deodorants, creams, and mats that keep your hair from making a mess or getting on the floor.

Below are five of their main products:

The Lawn Mower 2.0

This product is the new version of their electric trimmer, the Lawn Mower. This product allows men to get a good trim in almost any environment or situation. The razor is built into a wireless device that comes with a built-in, rechargeable battery.

At full charge, it can last for about 60 minutes. It’s complete with three blade lengths and comes with a USB cord to charge it when not in use. One of the main benefits is it’s built in such a way that reduces the risk of knicks and cuts while trimming.

The Crop Cleanser

This gel is a two-in-one hair and body wash offered by Manscaped. It’s been designed to clean the entire body and leaving the people who use it feeling clean and smelling nice.

It’s made with natural ingredients such as sea salt and aloe in order to prevent as little rashes and skin discomfort as possible. It’s perfect for when you’re trimming, as it gets between every hair and cleans directly on the skin.

The Crop Preserver

This talcum gel is perfect to put on your skin after you’re finished shaving or trimming. It’s been designed to be safely applied below-the-belt and moisturizes your area and wicks away excess water, keeping your areas clean and dry. It’s oil-free and prevents post-shave chafing.

The Shears

This nail kit offered by Manscaped makes sure that your nails aren’t getting out of order, too. This kit comes with a nail trimmer, scissors, tweezers, an ear pick, and a nail filer, all packed together in a Manscaped-branded leather pouch. All of the items are stainless steel and the pouch allows for easy and safe transportation.

Cost and Price Plans

Individually, the prices of the products can range from $19.99 for the nail kit, all the way to almost $50 for the Lawn Mower 2.0. In order to save you as much money as possible, it would be advised to buy one of the packages that the company offers. 

The first one is the Perfect Package 2.0. This set comes in a box and is completed with the Lawn Mower 2.0 trimmer, the Plow safety razor, the Crop Preserver gel and deodorant, and the Crop Reviver tone and freshener. Overall, these items would cost $137 all separately, but with this bundle, the overall cost is $74.99 plus tax and fees.

Another is the Keep It Clean Kit. This one comes with the Crop Cleanser body and hair was the Crop Preserver deodorant and gel, the Crop Reviver freshener, as well as the Magic Mat. This is a disposable mat you put on the surface you’ll be shaving on in order to reduce the size of the mess you might make.

Customer Service

If you’re interested in contacting Manscaped, below is some of the way you can get in touch with them.

  • Phone Number: (800) 497-3037 
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Contact Page:

Refund/Cancellation Options: You’re able to return items 30-days after the sale in the original box and unused. Discounted items are final sales and you’re responsible for covering the shipping and handling fees on the item(s).

Online Reviews/Complaints

Overall, the impression of the company is rather positive, averaging at about a 4 / 5-star review. Generally speaking, customers were very satisfied with their products. For many, the trimmers were safe, smooth, and didn’t irritate the skin.

The gels and liquid products were easy to use, smelled nice, and left the skin feeling very clean and healthy. As well, the Magic Mats were considered very useful and easy to clean up / throw out.

The only real cons that people complained about were the fact that the products were rather pricey when they were bought individually, or there were issues with the shipping service. All of these situations, however, were due to the handling from the shipping company, not Manscaped.

Competitors and Alternatives

Like every area of business, there are always alternatives and competition. Below are listed three companies that offer the same products. - This company doesn’t focus on the traditional blade and trimmer style of shaving that Manscaped does. Instead, they offer products like hair wax-removal products, hair-removal creams, and moisturizers that are specifically made for shaved skin. Their products focus on making the below-the-belt area of a man smooth and clean.

The Ultimate Personal Shaver - This company focuses on offering trimmers for both men and women. Unlike Manscaped, however, they only offer trimmers and avoid other products, such as mats, creams and gels. Their products focus on hair removal of all lengths and safe blades that are able to be used in the groin region without irritating the skin or cutting sensitive areas.

Below the Belt Grooming for Men - This company is very similar to Manscaped in the sense that they offer products that are specifically designed for men. However, they don’t focus on the actual shaving of the area like Manscaped does. Instead, they approach it from a hygiene angle. Their products include lots of powders and creams that are guaranteed to keep the area dry, moisturized, clean, and chafe-free.

Where to Buy?

The first and most obvious place to buy Manscaped products is on their website and directly from there. However, if you’d like to find their items in stores, you might be out of luck. Apart from buying online, you may be able to find their products on websites like eBay. For safety reasons, it would be safer buying straight from Manscaped.

Overall, Manscaped offers products for men of any kind who would like to groom their downstairs areas. If you’re looking to ensure that your below-the-belt hygiene is kept at a high standard, or you’re looking to just keep things organized, Manscaped may be worth a shot.

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1 Review

Manscaped Products

January24, 2019

I have had a good experience with the company and the products work. You should highly recommend Manscaped to your family and friends.

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1 Review

Great Product And Great Company

January24, 2019

Purchased the kit and was going to be traveling. While I put in my address I also messaged them about the hotel I would be in. They gladly and easily helped me make sure and get my kit while traveling.

Really over the top awesome customer service. Really recommend the product as well.

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