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Liquid IV is a brand of electrolyte drink mix powders focused on hydration and immune support that uses a proprietary blend the company calls Cellular Transport Technology.

Company founder Brandin Cohen also states his company aims to make a positive impact on people and the world by donating over 15 million servings of Liquid IV worldwide, saving thousands of lives.


This company specializes in hydrating people all around the world with clean and simple ingredients.  Their main ingredients include mined salt and cane sugar because electrolytes are lost through sweat and this combination helps to counteract the loss.

Stevia (a natural sweetening ingredient that comes from the stevia leaf in powder or liquid form) contains zero calories, Vitamin C, and, of course, water.  


It’s said to be surprising that sugar is in a drink that is supposed to be so healthy.   In Liquid IV, the natural sugars work to regulate your electrolytes.

Their products also come in three different flavors: lemon-lime, passionfruit, and acai berry.

Its nutrition facts are pretty simple as their Liquid IV Healthy Hydration has no preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and no artificial colors.

They have 3 times the electrolytes of sports drinks, with less than half of the sugar and calories.  It's one of the healthiest ways to hydrate and is a safe option for kids to replace sports drinks with.

How Does Liquid IV Work?

The science behind the Liquid IV is something called Cellular Transport Technology (CTT). It focuses on an even ratio of sodium, glucose, and potassium. 

Not only are you getting hydrated with water, but you’re also getting important nutrients delivered to your bloodstream, leading to faster and more effective hydration.

Cost and Price Plans

There are different price plans for each package depending on what you choose. You can get a 16-pack ($1.56/stick) for $24.99, a 32-pack ($1.40/stick) for $44.98, a 64-pack ($1.32/stick) for $84.96, or a 96-pack ($1.24/stick) for $119.95. These are the one-time purchase options.

If you happen to try out Liquid IV and decide that you want to use it long-term, there is a subscription option to save money. When you subscribe you will save 15% on the 16-pack, 20% on the 32-pack, 25% on the 64-pack, and 30% on the 96-pack.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Most of the reviews for this product are positive. For example, many have said that the Liquid I.V was perfect for those who suffer from extreme dehydration.

It has also helped with muscle cramps or other pains that can stem from over-exercising and not getting enough fluids. Another person has said that it greatly improved their Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Some of the drawbacks include too much salt or sugar. A few people have said that the packets had too sweet or too salty of a taste for their liking. There are also some scattered complaints of the flavors not living up to some people’s expectations.

Competitors and Alternatives

Zipfizz vs. Liquid I.V. - Zipfizz doesn’t use natural flavors,, unlike Liquid I.V.  One of its ingredients includes guarana which can be found in energy drinks such as Rockstar, which isn't considered all that healthy. 

Liquid I.V. vs. Emergen-C

As usual, Liquid I.V has beat out another company similar to them.  Though Emergen-C has a leg up on Liquid I.V because they have superior shipping and return policies.

Where to Buy Liquid IV?

Liquid IV is carried worldwide in 20,000 different locations.  You can find it at stores such as CVS, GNC, Whole Foods, Kroger, Costco, and many more.

If you prefer to shop online, you can find Liquid I.V at,,, and other sites.

If you have any experience with Liquid IV or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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