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April 13, 2018


WARNING: DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! The wig I received was horrific looking! I’m in the process of trying to get a full refund. Wig was purchased for $152. It is costing me $93 to return before I can get my refund. That's over %70 lose ..... DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. IT'S A TOTAL SCAM

First Timer! Impressed.
April 3, 2018

I was very impressed!!!

My order arrived on time. It was packaged secure, with a wig cap. The wig was full, soft and sheds very little. (3) days later I found two extra combs so total of three to help secure. It was longer than expected which was nice. It's absolutely gorgeous! I know where I'm spending my money for now for wonderful hair!

Love it and it looks very natural
April 2, 2018

I love this hair. Its thick and it flows so nice. I love the realistic part and the way it frames my face. I had no issue with the install. I'll will be buying more or another just like it.

Good work yall. I love it.

I must say this wig feels natural is pretty soft doesn't shed.
March 27, 2018

My questions were answered quickly (I asked a lot of questions) My package came 3 days after I ordered it and it was supposed to be 6-8 days. The boxing was cute and I even got free wig caps. Once I install the unit I will update the post with pics. This is a great buy!

We put 1 star since we can’t put zero!
March 24, 2018

We put 1 star since we can’t put zero!

Wig ordered for a friend that is going through chimiothérapie, there website looked real and since the prices were quite affordable we decided to buy a wig....

We ordered online a wig the 16/03/18 , received a mail saying that our transaction couldn’t be completed, so we left it there.....!

1 week later while checking my bank account I can see that 200euros were debited at “ IZIVOGUELIM” (which is their bank account) , I looked up on the internet and found the worst comments on this company that sells dresses!!!?

I contacted them by the tchat which figures on the mail I had.

They did debit my card 200!!!

No receipt, no news for 1 week !!!

They asked my if I need the wig ? I mean I paid 200euros and you ask me if I need it?

I asked for a refund they said it’s not possible since the wig is shipped.

They sent it by fedex from Hong -Kong to France it took less that 24hours!!! And it was finally delivered to Mr J.MENG !!!

Who is this guy?

Meanwhile I went to my bank and the police, they advised me to cancel my credit card.

I sent them a mail to ask who is this Mr MENG who received the wig...

They answered me that if I need the wig they can resent it, otherwise I will be refunded!!! ....... to my credit card !!!!!!!

I asked for the wig and I keep receiving emails to be refunded!!!

It’s okay, I have lost 200 euros with the Chinese mafia.... but

Please keep away from this site they are DANGEROUS !!!

Good hair for a good price
March 19, 2018
This wig is absolutely AMAZING! This was my 1st wig by this company, So far the hair is amazing! I will definitely make another purchase! TERRIBLE
November 24, 2017
I purchased a wig for $200. Absolutely disappointed ! Nothing like the picture! Thin and scraggly hair . Would NOT reccomend this company

Fake Wig Not Fit For Halloween!
July 2, 2017
If I could give this company a zero rating, I would. I have cancer and I was trying to find a wig that I could wear during chemotherapy, so I bought the real hair wig that I thought was closest to my hair colour. What I received was a synthetic wig in a weird colour! When I returned it, I followed the return policy in the package. It cost $30 US to return it and they refused to refund me 70% of the value because they said they never received it. After I sent it back, I received a bill from FedEx for customs duty. Basically I am out $200 for something that looked like a wig for a doll. Do not buy from this company. They are located in China and are looking for suckers like us. Bad on them for taking advantage of people with cancer.

Just wabted to ask a question before purchasing
June 16, 2017

Before purchasing a wig I wanted, I used their Live Chat to ask how long the wig would take. I tried calling no answer then used Live Chat 4 days later and no response I emailed them still no answer!

I am happy I didn't go ahead and purchase this wig before asking questions and hearing about other people who were obviously scammed! To anyone thinking of purchasing one of these wigs think again!

Worst buying experience of my life
May 17, 2017

Do not ever buy from them!! The wigs look nothing like what they show on the website. I purchased a wig and it was such bad quality I had to return it. They gave me such a hard time returning it that I agreed to exchange it finally. I ordered a short bob with bangs, they sent me the same wig I returned and insisted it was different. When I sent them picture of the wig I reordered, they told me they cant't make it look the same as the picture.

their website also states that you can exchange for free which includes free shipping. the statement below is from their website:

If you do order a wig that you are unhappy with for any reason, they do have an exchange and return policy. If you simply need to exchange a wig, you can return your item within ten days of receiving it, as long as it is unworn, unaltered, undamaged, and with tags still attached.

The first time you exchange a product, you can do so completely for free, including the cost of Shipping and Handling. Returns, on the other hand, have a different process.

see the exchange with customer service below. Worst experience ever!!!!!

we're sorry for the mess caused

Sorry for your waiting.

We have refunded the money for you,you can receive it in the next 3-5 business days.

Please be patient to wait ,have a good day.

Best Regards,

Best Regards

Lacewigsbuy Customer Service

2017-05-16 22:25 GMT+08:00 <

You really left me no choice. I will accept it but I still feel that I was deceived because the product you sent me was not what I ordered. I'm very upset at the way this whole process went.

-----Original Message-----

From: Customer Service [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 2:09 AM

To: Subject: Re: Check Your Payment And Complete Your Order? #WIG20170302974105

could you please tell us wheather you accept the $15 compensation?

Best Regards

Lacewigsbuy Customer Service

2017-05-15 22:29 GMT+08:00>:

> Process credit.


> -----Original Message-----

> From: Customer Service [mailto:[email protected]]

> Sent: Saturday, May 13, 2017 3:29 AM

> To: > Subject: Re: Check Your Payment And Complete Your Order? #WIG20170302974105


> we can just apply $15 compensation,we have made replacement for

> free,we also bear the shipping fee to you,so please understand.if you

> accept,we will refund you,thanks.

> Best Regards

> Lacewigsbuy Customer Service



> 2017-05-12 21:47 GMT+08:00

>> At this point, just pay me back the amount it cost me to return the original wig, rec't attached, and $15 compensation. I'm going to just donate the wig to the American cancer society and be done with this whole thing.


>> -----Original Message-----

>> From: Customer Service [mailto:[email protected]]

>> Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2017 2:20 AM

>> To:>> Subject: Re: Check Your Payment And Complete Your Order? #WIG20170302974105


>> We are informed by the factory that there is no problem with the wig.

>> The wig is layered. The factory can not make the style 100% like the

>> pictures. Hope you can understand. We tried our best to apply $15

>> refund to you as compensation. Hope you can accept it.

>> Best Regards

>> Lacewigsbuy Customer Service



>> 2017-05-05 21:41 GMT+08:00

>>> I'm sorry but I do not accept that answer, this is not the wig I ordered, this is the one I returned.

>>> I really feel like I'm being given the run around at this point!


>>> -----Original Message-----

>>> From: Customer Service [mailto:[email protected]]

>>> Sent: Friday, May 05, 2017 6:03 AM

>>> To:>>> Subject: Re: Check Your Payment And Complete Your Order? #WIG20170302974105


>>> Hello,


>>> Sorry for your waiting.


>>> We are informed by the factory that there is no problem with the wig.

>>> The wig is layered. The factory can not make the style 100% like the

>>> pictures. Hope you can understand. We tried our best to apply $10

>>> refund to you as compensation. Hope you can accept it.


>>> Looking forward to your reply.


>>> Best Regards,

>>> Bell







Terrible, Unbelievable Experience
April 28, 2017
I have attempted to complete an order with this company for two days now. I am unable to login. I have called and emailed numerous messages requesting help to complete order. I also attempted to inbox numerous times at their online chat, but there is NEVER any customer service. It is clear, that my patronage is not valued by this company. DISAPPOINTED! This is not just poor customer service. there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! DISAPPOINTING!

Bad experience
April 9, 2017

I don not usually write reviews but this website and their customer service is so bad that I had to write a review.

First of all, the wig I got was nothing compared to the one I bought from their website for the amount of money I paid. The wig I got was so small and looked used.

Their return service is very poor. I spent a little over $20 to return the wig to China and they just refunded me 70% of the amount I paid for the wig. So, I lost 30% of the purchase money and the shipping fee to China.

Please, do yourself a favor and never buy from

March 7, 2017
Lace I ordered a wig and within 2 or 3 hours called to cancel it was a custom wig that said it would take 30 days to make.well 2 or 3 hours after I paid I called and emailled them and asked to cancel.they have been very rude emailled me back 2 days later saying if I get a refund it would be a partial because it was 2 days later.I called the number within 3 hours on the same day I ordered no one answered I left 5 messages and yet the wait 2 days to it's been 6 days and still waiting on my partial refund of 398 $. They are give me half.due to restocking fees. I wish I could contact someone I believe that's why they do this because they know we can't really do anything that would affect them directly.karma karma karma.will get them 1 day.unroll them please beware

Not this place but the same
January 20, 2017 is exactly the same but I couldn't find a review site. They may be one in the same. My wig looks NOTHING like the picture and I highly doubt it's human hair. It looks like something I could have purchased at Walmart as clearly a joke. After contacting them they basically said too bad.


Mary March 07, 2017

This company is horrible I ordered a wig from within 4 hours I cancelled my order and they refuse to refund my money....scam

Nothing like the picture. Scammers!
December 10, 2016
I ordered a human hair wig, total $240.00. I got sick and wanted to have a quality wig that would last. Unfortunately, I ordered before I read the reviews because the site is so professional. I read the reviews the next day and I called the San ask to cancel and the woman who answered actually refused and was rude. She finally said if I cancelled it they would only refund a portion of my money. So I did not cancel. The wig came within 1 week and whe I open the plastic bag, I was so disappointed. It was very thin and the tracks on top were exposed ( they made it poorly) the tracks could not be covered because as I mentioned it was very thin. And to top all of this off, it was not human hair; they had a list to tick off and human hair was not one of them. The wig was very curly and the colour very light for a 1B. I would advise everyone to stay away from this website because you will not get what you paid for. SCAMMERS.

September 6, 2016

Please be very cautious when ordering from this company. Just as the other comments are stating, I too received a wig that did not look like the picture. I contacted customer service and they said their wigs are not going to look like the pictures "due to long term shipping".. what?? They offered a free return and even compensation to keep the wig.. but at this point I did not want to risk getting any other item from them. So, I opted for a return. Note, the items ship directly from their warehouse in China, which I was not aware of.. and I was responsible for the return shipping along with a 30% restocking fee. NOT cheap. This company is very unprofessional and does not have any remorse for their faulty advertisement. Take my advice and DO NOT order from

Terrible experience!!! buyers beware!!!
July 1, 2016

I wish I found this site before I wasted my $200 on the wig. The reason I am disappointed is that the wig looks nothing like it pictured, it wasn't styled properly. First of it was missing the bangs that are clearly on the picture, the length is wrong, the long string of hair is hanging right in the center totally out of place, the density of the wig is bad as well, see through especially in the back.

The is nobody to call and talk , all customer service is through email, and they said that should just keep it or donate is and get something new from their website.In other words no return!

I tried to leave a review on their website, but it doesn't go through because it's negative! This site is a complete scheme, they return policy is a total lie!!!

I am not going to buy anymore from this site !!!

Elli September 06, 2016

Please do not order from this company. Like others who have commented, I too received a wig that did not look like the picture. It came directly from the warehouse in China.. if I had known that's where it was coming from I would not have ordered from them. After contacting customer service, they told me their wigs are not going to look exactly like the picture. The offered a free exchange and even compensation to keep the wig, but they would not help out with the cost of a return. I was responsible for return shipping, which is NOT cheap, and also a 30% restocking fee. They also claim they use 100% real human hair.. that is not true considering how cheap their prices are. This company is very unprofessional and they do not have any remorse for false advertisement. DO NOT order from them.

Very Unhappy
June 2, 2016

I ordered the Beyonce Wig based on the picture. The picture shows a beautiful very curly and wavy wig. I was sent a wig that has absolutely no curls. I have tried to put curls in it with a hot curling iron, but the curls do not take.

The wig cost me $285.00 and looked nothing like the picture.

I will not order from this company again.

I was a fool to trust them
January 10, 2016

I have ordered several wigs from I wish that I had found your review site before purchasing the first one!

If you do buy, go in realizing that almost all the wigs are bleached to yellow and then dyed back. That makes the hair porous and glassy looking. You can avoid this trap by purchasing a "virgin hair" model coloring it yourself if you are dark brunette.

And returns? Forget it. UPS wanted $80 to return the first wig, I knew I couldn't return it. Got a second wig that looked better but they use photos from all over and the product looks very different than the photos posted.

Take some advice from someone who got soaked for $600.

Evelyn June 02, 2016

I had a very bad experience with them. I ordered a custom wig, the Beyonce, which showed as a very curly and wavy wig. The wig I received t was totally different from the picture and had no curls. I can't even get it to hold curls even with a curling iron. The wig cost me $285.00. I was very disappointed and won't order from them again..

December 15, 2014
Horrible wigs. Just not even close to pictures. I would rather be bald during my chemo than wear these scary-looking wigs. They are so unprofessional that when I said that I want to return them, they suggested me to resell instead because it's cheaper than returning them. WTF? I returned and did a charge back with Paypal. Now I have to fax Paypal the receipt from PO. Gees. I mean It;s bad enough I have to deal with cancer, but this company needs to put down before they hurt more people. This is just wrong.

Joyce Coston May 15, 2017

All the reviews including this one has happened to me! This company is the worst ever.