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KeraNew is a hair supplement that the maker Kintsugi claims can help customers achieve fuller, thicker and more youthful looking hair by counteracting the harmful toxins that damage hair.

Kintsugi was founded by Paul Lindsey, a popular salon owner, who saw the need for hair restoration/repair products and states he’s partnered with both stylists and scientists to create a line of effective haircare products.

Product and Ingredients

KeraNew has an extensive ingredients list.  Some ingredients, like Biotin, Vitamins A, C, D, E, and some specific B-vitamins, are known to be good for hair. [1], [2], [3]

KeraNew ingredients include:

Vitamin D3  -  deficiency has been linked to hair loss, shedding, thinning, and alopecia in multiple scientific research studies.  Hair loss from Vitamin D3 deficiency can affect someone at any age.

According to the studies, women were more likely to experience Vitamin D3 deficiency.  It’s important to note, too, that women who are perimenopausal may already have a deficiency in D3.


Vitamin E  -  A research study from 2010 did show that a Vitamin E supplement improved hair growth in those people who were already experiencing hair loss.

It's possible that Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties reduce what is known as oxidative stress on the scalp, which is linked with hair loss.


Kintsugi KeraNew Ingredients List

Kintsugi Keranew-Ingredients

( The KeraNew ingredients list is extensive  )


Niacin  -  has many health benefits for many parts of your body. It has been shown to improve nail, skin, and hair health.

It has also shown promise in laboratory testing for hair thinning and loss, particularly in women, but more data is needed to confirm this result.


Vitamin B6  -  has shown much promise in reducing hair loss and promoting new hair growth, which has been proven across multiple research studies.

Vitamin B6 has also shown promise in protecting hair against toxins in the environment. A vitamin B6 deficiency can also cause hair loss, but scientists noted an improvement in study subjects who did not have a B6 deficiency.


Biotin  -  is a B vitamin, also sometimes referred to as B7.  It’s found in foods such as bananas, milk, and eggs. 

Biotin deficiency has been found to cause hair thinning, as well as rashes on one’s face, particularly around the eyes, nose, and mouth.  Biotin deficiency can also cause high blood cholesterol and heart issues and has been linked to brittle nails.


Pantothenic Acid  -  has been linked to hair growth, but there haven’t been any research studies to confirm this.

It was once thought to help reduce skin damage and inflammation in patients who had undergone radiation therapy, but this has not been confirmed by laboratory testing.


Iron  -  There is a good deal of research spanning decades that links iron with hair loss and regrowing hair. A deficiency in iron can also cause hair loss.


Zinc  -  is what’s known as a trace mineral, meaning your body only requires a small amount to function. People typically get enough zinc from their normal diet.

Those with a zinc deficiency, however, can experience hair loss, as well as a number of other symptoms such as slow healing, impotence, diarrhea, weight loss, and decreased appetite.


Collagen  -  is a protein that your body makes naturally to maintain healthy joints and keep the elasticity in your skin.

As we age, the collagen is broken down by our bodies faster than we can make it, which makes sense when you think about how skin and joints change as you get older.

One of the issues with collagen supplements, though, is that it isn’t clear if consuming collagen has the same benefit as the collagen your body makes, as the collagen you consume will be broken down during digestion.

The study data has proved conflicting on this matter.


Keratin  -  Some people tend to get biotin and keratin confused, but while biotin is a vitamin, keratin is a protein found in the skin, hair, and nails.  Biotin is often linked to keratin because it helps your body break keratin down.

A keratin deficiency is rare, because your body gets sufficient keratin in foods like milk, eggs, and bananas, but there are factors that can contribute to keratin deficiency such as smoking, pregnancy, rapid weight loss, and malnourishment.


MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)  -  is a sulfur compound found throughout nature in plants, animals, and human beings. 

It has been touted as effective for a range of conditions from arthritis, high cholesterol, and cancer, but scientific data on this supplement is lacking.

The most promising research has linked MSM as being beneficial to those with osteoarthritis and with exercise recovery.

Potential Side Effects

Certain KeraNew ingredients have the potential for side effects.

It's always a good idea to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen.

Potential side effects include:


Vitamin E  -  You should avoid taking Vitamin E if you take cyclosporine, lovastatin, ketoconazole, Allegra, or Halcion. You should also avoid Vitamin E if you take any blood thinners, NSAIDS, chemotherapy drugs, medications to lower cholesterol.


Niacin  -  can cause flushing, particularly when you first begin taking it.  It can also cause diarrhea, upset stomach, liver problems, muscle damage, kidney issues, and changes to blood sugar levels.

You should avoid this supplement if you have liver or kidney disease, high blood pressure, or heart issues.  Those who take medicine for diabetes, blood thinning medication, antibiotics, or thyroid medication shouldn’t take niacin.


B6  -  Taking Vitamin B6 with Amiodarone can increase your sensitivity to light. You should avoid this vitamin if you take Dilantin, phenobarbital, or Levodopa.


Iron  -  If you have diabetes, you should talk to your doctor before you take an iron supplement. You should avoid iron supplements if you have a hemoglobin disorder.  Iron supplements can interact with antibiotics, so avoid iron while taking them.

Don’t take an iron supplement if you take bisphosphonates, Levodopa, Levothyroxine, Methyldopa, mycophenolate, penicillamine, or Chloramphenicol.


Zinc  -  can cause gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and indigestion. You should avoid zinc if you are taking antibiotics, cisplatin, penicillamine, or amiloride.

How to Use

According to the Kintsugi website you should take two capsules with 8 ounces of water once per day.

Cost and Price Plans

  • 1 bottle  -  $78.00
  • 3 bottles  -  $211.00
  • 6 bottles  - $398.00

Each purchase is backed with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Customer Service

You can reach customer service at 1 (800) 935-4601 or by email at [email protected]  Customer service hours are Monday – Friday 6:00 AM to 5PM and Saturday and Sunday 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST.

You can also submit a form on the website.

The company’s address is: 22704 Ventura Blvd PMB 439 Woodland Hills, CA 91364-1333

Kintsugi KeraNew is backed by a 90 day money back warranty.  You will need to return products at your own expense.  If you have any issues contact customer service to initiate a refund.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

The company website has only published its five star reviews.  

Among those reviews are reports of experiencing incredible results such as hair growing back, improved hair appearance, and slowing down hair loss.

Outside of these reviews there’s not much independent online feedback for Kintsugi products.  

In the search results you will find many websites promoting KeraNew but be aware that they receive sales commissions for their efforts.

Kintsugi Hair has an A+ rating with the BBB with an average rating of 4.67/5 stars from over 80 customer reviews, with only 1 complaint filed in the last 3 years.

Competitors and Alternatives

Nutrafol is a similar product, but with a more streamlined ingredient list.

It is a little pricey at $176.00 for a pack of two (120 pills), but it does have an impressive 4.3 out of five star rating on Amazon, taken from 5951 ratings.

Does Kintsugi KeraNew Work?

When we looked at the vitamins and minerals in this supplement, we were actually impressed with the choices that were made.

But when you look at the complete list of ingredients, there may simply be too many.

It’s often difficult to figure out how a supplement will affect what conditions a person has and what medications they have to take regularly.  

When you look at a list of ingredients this long, it’s hard to know how these ingredients will interact with each other, let alone with prescription medication.

If you’re interested in this supplement, we would encourage you to take the bottle to your doctor and make sure it’s safe for you to use and when you start the supplement, don’t take any other supplements or vitamins with it. 

Make sure to monitor any symptoms that may occur.

If you have any experience with Kintsugi KeraNew, please leave your reviews below.

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Kintsugi KeraNew Customer Reviews

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Hopeful results; simple to use
May 21, 2023

I’ve been using Keranew for almost a month, so my experience is limited. I do think it has been having a positive effect on my hair, in that it seems to be growing faster, although I still lose more than I should (IMO) when it’s washed and styled.

Full disclosure: I have tried various supplements that seem to have stopped working after a few months, which is why I switched to Keranew; but only time will tell if my results will compliment the company’s advertising. What I do like is its simplicity of use: Two capsules once a day, with a glass of water.

Why I am losing hair while taking this product
November 25, 2022
My name is Susan. I have been taking Kintsugi for a little over a month and my hair continues to fall out. Why? Please tell me as I am very upset. Susan in Jacksonville Fl thanks

Alarming hair loss and thinning!
October 3, 2022
I have noticed my hair falling out and thinning at an increasing rate shortly aftet I started using these supplements. My hair sheds every time I comb or run my fingers through my hair. I have never had issues to this degree. I'm extremely disappointed, because I have never had my hair this damaged. On top of that, my hair has not grown. My hair up until now use to grow like grass. It's become dull and weak

DawnR October 04, 2022

If your hair didn’t have any problems to begin with then why were you taking it?

LatashaBrownlee October 05, 2022

Health benefits of the supplement for my hair as proclaimed by the manufacturer. There's nothing wrong with prevention. Who doesn't want healthier hair. I also wanted to maintain the quality of my hair as I get older. It was more for maintenance. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

AmberSmith November 15, 2022

Hello Latasha. My name is Amber, I am with Kintsugi Hair. I am sorry to hear about your experience. This is not a common reaction to our formula. While many of our customers see great results with our formula, we do understand that it may not be for everyone. For this reason, we stand by our 90 day money back guarantee. As always, we suggest consulting with your physician before starting any new supplement. To be sure it is a good fit for you. I would like to escalate your review to our Customer Relations Team, so that an agent can provide you with personalized care. Please email me at [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a nice day.

Increased hair loss? :-/
August 12, 2022

I have been taking Kintsugi's supplement for 6 weeks. I had also been using the Awakening Mist (AW) and the Moisture Bond (MB) during the first 4 weeks. I bought 6 months worth of all three products. I noticed clumps of hair falling off about ten days ago, so I stopped using the AW and MB in an attempt to experiment and see if that stopped the hair loss and give the supplement a chance to work on its own.

Not yet sure of what is going on or what will happen. Has anyone else experienced worsened hair loss? If so, with what combination of products? I'd really love to know because I want to stop the hair loss, not make it worse!

AmberSmith August 18, 2022

Hello, my name is Amber. I am with Kintsugi Hair. I am sorry to hear about your experience. This is not a common reaction to our formula. While many of our customers see great results with our formula, we do understand that it may not be for everyone. For this reason, we stand by our 90 day money back guarantee. As always, we suggest consulting with your physician before starting any new supplement. To be sure it is a good fit for you. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. My email is [email protected] Have a nice day.

Losing way more hair now!
July 21, 2022

I have been taking this for almost 3 months and while I think I see an improvement in one side of my hairline, I am losing way more hair now than I ever was! I’m talking out handfuls at a time. Has anyone else had this happen?

AmberSmith July 26, 2022

Hello Sandy. My name is Amber, I am with Kintsugi Hair. I am sorry to hear about your experience. This is not a common reaction to our formula. While many of our customers see great results with our formula, we do understand that it may not be for everyone. For this reason, we stand by our 90 day money back guarantee. As always, we suggest consulting with your physician before starting any new supplement. To be sure it is a good fit for you. I would like to escalate your review to our Customer Relations Team, so that an agent can provide you with personalized care. Please email me at [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a nice day.

Smoother and Softer
March 27, 2022
I have been taking Kera New for over a month now and feel my hair smoother and softer.

Such an easy way just to capsules a day and my thinning hair is becoming full and shinny
March 24, 2022

Kintsugi hair vitamins have made a huge difference in my hair coming in faster and making it fuller. My skin is also much clearer as well. Have been taking for about a month.

My nails have always been strong and healthy but growing even faster then before. Great product and will continue to use.

I will continue using KeraNew for a while longer to evaluate how well it's working for me.
March 11, 2022
I started using your product almost 2 months ago. I see tiny new hairs growing.

It worked for me
March 10, 2022

I am 68 years old and have suffered with thyroid problems most of my adult life brought on by having my ovaries removed. Long story short I have fought all the battles of weight gain, skin dryness, nail brittleness and hair loss among other things.

I have tried many products over the years and all to no avail. So I read about Kintsugi and figured what the hell, what's one more. I figured I would give it a month, one bottle, and see what it would do.

To my surprise my hair, what is left, felt stronger, looked healthier and shinier. The biggest difference I noticed was how it felt. Heavier. It had weight to it; it didn't feel like cotton candy floating on my head. I stopped taking them for the next month to see if there were any changes. I have since re purchased Keranew and look forward to my hair becoming healthy again.

Thank you Paul Lindsey and your wonderful team

for caring.

ChristineJenkins August 04, 2022

I noticed you said you had thyroid issues. One of the ingredients says not to use if you have thyroid problems. Did you talk to your dr? I have thyroid issues and want to know if it is just a suggestion not to take it or if there are severe consequences. My hair is thin probably because of my thyroid, but want something to help. Thanks.

Not just another purchase
March 9, 2022
I am in the middle of my second month. Since before I finished the first 30 days I was being told my hair looked fuller. My hairline was no longer visible and that made me happy. I can wear my hair down again. I am only looking forward for length but hair loss has stopped. My hairline is full of new hair. Thank you because for the first time I found a product that is ethical

Makes your hair a lot healthier
March 6, 2022
This product has helped my hair a lot. It’s stronger & healthier less shedding and has helped my hair to grow love the product, I highly recommend it. Thank you Janie m bansmer

Thinning hair no more!!
March 4, 2022
I have noticed new hair growth since I started using this product!! I also have significantly less hair loss. No more hair globs in the shower or even just from combing / brushing. This has turned my hair decline around!

Not a major change just yet.
March 3, 2022
I have been taking Kintsugi for almost two and a half months. I have not noticed a major change, possibly less breakage. I am hopeful that at the three month time frame I will notice more of a positive change.

ArleneBurkhardt September 19, 2022

Hi there - can you tell me if Keranew is Gluten Free? (NO wheat, rye, barley, or malt) Thanks