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JobsFlag is a job finder website that aims to give its members access to hundreds of jobs, both full and part time, which are presented in real time and updated on a daily basis.

How Does JobsFlag Work?

According to their website, all you have to do to find jobs in your area is use their search tool to enter a job title or keyword, and then the residential zip code of the area in which you are looking for a job.

However, before you can receive the available listings you'll have to submit your full name, email address, and phone number, and consent to have representatives from JobsFlag, College Matching Service, Education Bridge, eDegree, Degree Match, College Achieve, or Career Advisor contact you with career and educational opportunities.

Cost/Price Plans

All services available for use on this website, whether listings of available jobs or the ability to post your resume online for view by companies who are seeking employees are all free at this time. 

Refund Policy

Since their services are free to use, there is no Refund Policy necessary for use of JobsFlag. However, customers should be aware that the third party companies or services they are directed to through JobsFlag may cost money, and they should seek out Refund or Return Policies from those retailers if they choose to purchase something. 

Customer Service Contact Info

There is an email address, [email protected], available for customers who need to issue a comment or complaint, as well as a traditional mailing address of 1178 South State, 2nd Floor, Orem, Utah 84097 and the ability to submit issues directly to the website. There does not seem to be a published phone number at this time. 


JobsFlag receives mostly negative online customer reviews, with customers complaining about poor services, nonexistent job openings, and the selling of their personal information.

Customers should be careful about giving the company their personal information, as they warn you that they will share it with many of their partners for marketing purposes.

Is JobsFlag Safe?

There does not seem to be any complaints regarding safety at this time.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other job finder websites out there, including,, and others.

If you have any experience with JobsFlag or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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JobsFlag Customer Reviews

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November 25, 2022

I don't understand how this site works... You click on a job to see the details and apply, and you are redirected to a completely different site and shows jobs that are completely unrelated to your search. In all likelihood, the developers do not care!

Avoid Terrible website
September 25, 2022
Links to non existing jobs. The same link will send you to a different random job each time you click on it. Complete BS

Tons of emails at 3am
September 23, 2022
Rather it can be classified as a scam or not I don't know, but have fun with the countless emails on irrelevant communications from several senders all linked to them at 3 in the morning. The actual job listings seem to vanish as soon as you give permissions. It's fake listings.

Went for a Job, Received Spam
March 10, 2022

I was given a link through JobsFlag for a position through Apple. I have yet to receive anything back about it, but I have received several unsolicited emails for other jobs I'm not interested in as well as advertising for religious groups and colleges that I would not have otherwise been receiving. I also received an increase in spam calls since sending information through here.

Honesty - DELTA AIRLINES no jobs as specified by!
September 18, 2021
Shows Delta Airlines is hiring work at home Customer Support agents, no such job! I went to Delta's official website, no such job available.

Nope November 22, 2022

Just saw this same phishing ad for Delta WFH customer service starting at $31 per hour!! LOL i go to Delta's actual job posting site, that's nowhere on the list! Fake ads of fake jobs to get clicks and your info to send spam. All this "jobflags" is.

June 3, 2018
Please don't go with jobsflag company.they are online fraud company.they always asking you money.once they got it they don't know you.even they didn't pick up your phone call also.please don't go with this company...

Lesson learned
November 23, 2015 sold my cell phone number to other telemarkers.

I did not check any box or ask for any calls or advice about enrolling in college classes. I have a college degree.

It took some doing, but I finally received named as the company that gave one of the 8 different telemarketing calls per day I receive.

Even though I have unsubscribed and told most telemarketers to take me off their list, some are still calling. I live in Indiana so I am turning into the Attorney General as they violated our "No call law" that I am on. is dishonest because I did not ask to be contacted. I have a college degree and no way interested in more college.