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( 8 reviews ) is a job aggregator website which promotes themselves as a leading "programmatic marketplace" that allows users to easily search millions of available positions and career opportunities.

How Does it Work?

To get started with finding these open positions, all Jobs2Careers requires of you is that you give them a description of the type of job you are looking for, and the area in which you are looking.

Unfortunately, many career and job finding websites you come across online are actually just lead capture or lead generation websites.

So, instead of helping you find a job, their main goal is actually to “capture” your contact information and then share it or even sell it to their partner companies or third party sources.

The Privacy Policy at Jobs2Careers clearly states that your information will be given to such companies for the purposes of sales and marketing.

It goes on to say that submitting contact info on their site or with any of their partners constitutes permission for these companies to call you even if you have previously signed up with the Federal Do Not Call registration.

As for the jobs and positions you will find on Jobs2Careers, ultimately they are all aggregated from other websites around the Internet.

So when you click on a job posting you are interested in, you actually be redirected to another site from which the posting actually originated.

In addition, Jobs2Careers also promotes work at home opportunities in the same manner they offer real, traditional employment. This can be problematic for a variety of reasons.

Many at home work opportunities promote themselves as traditional jobs or job training programs with “guaranteed” employment.

In reality, they're actually independent business opportunities that generally require lots of time and money in order to be successful.

People who are looking for standard, traditional job offerings and don’t want to get caught up with the ads, sales, and promotions of other companies with private interests may want to look elsewhere for job postings.

If you have any experience with Jobs2Careers or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Jobs2Careers Customer Reviews

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January 12, 2024
I would give 1 star if I could. This site is total B.S.. When you look up jobs posted in the last 24 hours and then click on the job, the job was posted a month ago.

Not what the user wants. Jobs for hire just redirects you to a different job hiring website
May 13, 2023
Every opportunity to click redirects the user to another job hiring website that requires your information just to fill out the application . “Jobs to careers” would be a lot more helpful if the user could fill out the application for the job we click on and wasn’t redirected to yet another job hiring website just to apply. That’s what people came to Jobs for Hire for. Not to be redirected to a different landing page.

Jobs2Careers a complete time waster
April 14, 2023

Just sent me any random job, like cashier, I have a masters degree and several years of experience in fulfillment and sales, so made absolutely no sense. Plus I got about 20 emails a day with these "wonderful" job opportunities. Ridiculous.

Great Website
September 14, 2018
Great Website! Love it

Shar September 08, 2020

Thank you for your review of Jobs2careers. I will not pursue employment through sites that just want to sell third party information. I appreciate your site:

Jobs2careers is job search engine site..not proper career site
January 6, 2016
Basically jobs2careers is job search engine site like Indeed, Juju, simplyhired etc, they will provide traffic to other job sites. Because of these sites most of the jobseekers are confusing and not able upload their resume. If Jobseekers want proper job, should submit their resume to native job boards like,, etc.

December 29, 2015
Your first thought, " Wow a site that finds a lot of the top jobs, for free. This is great." At that point (or at least mine did), your sub-conscious says, " This is too good to be true." Well...from my experience, IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!! Basically it is a info gathering site to sell your info to third party marketing companies. When you click on a job you like it takes you to another site, normally a, "pay for a week, month or year" membership site. That promises you that you will be able to view and apply for that job or others once you become a member. Then inside of that site, is another site asking you to do the same. I stopped after the first site though. I wouldn't advise to go any further. But if you do, create a "dummy" email account that you could careless about them flooding with telemarketing. But please, don't use your name, address, #SSN, drivers license or ID card. Unless you have researched these sites. Even then, some of the review sites are done by the company that you are trying to review. Smh...

ZacharyConnors February 13, 2022

Even if it's a reputable site, I don't think giving them your social security number or driver's license number is part of the application process until you actually go in for an interview.

AngelWright-Sackett March 03, 2022

They don't need that info when you interview - never give that information until you are hired. They do not need your driver's license number nor your social security number do to an interview.

Just a go between for Virtual
February 13, 2015

I received a link from Jobs2careers in my Email for a position that I was excited about, but when I clicked Apply it took me to a site called Virtual Vocations which wanted a membership fee to view the job.

What is that all about?? When I click Apply, I want to APPLY FOR THE JOB, not be shuffled to some other jobsite that demands a membership fee to even view the name of the company....


Jobs2Careers is a waste of time
January 10, 2015
This site simply sends you a list of potential open jobs that can be easily obtained from any other online recruiting or job URLs. They do not offer anything special to help you find jobs whatsoever. In fact they use your information to sell to other companies for a price. Spending any minute with is a precious minute that you completely waste and will never get back. Don't bother responding to them.

Zachariah Lloyd February 13, 2015

Agreed Mike, this seems to be just another scam site that takes advantage of people trying to improve their situation in life, and you are correct that they DO NOT provide anything that cannot be found free somewhere else.

Unfortunately, I already wasted my time responding to their Email, but there WAS NO JOB at all, just a redirect to another jobsite that wanted money upfront to be able to see the job....

STAY AWAY, just relegate these Email to your Spam folder!!

For the record, the site they sent me to was called Virtual Vocations, and after taking my payment they also did not show me the job, but sent me to a page asking for me to pay the membership fee AGAIN....