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About is an online database where job seekers can search for jobs and where employers can post jobs and search resumes. This site has large database of job opportunities because they pull job openings from other websites, job boards, newspapers, associations and company career webpages.

Not only is the site free for job seekers but the site is extremely user friendly and has a very clean layout. Job seekers can create an account profile where they may save their resumes, type notes, and set up automatic searches. Job alert settings enable users to receive new listings directly through their email. With the number of listings to browse, filtering out job openings by title, salary, company, location, and job type makes the search a lot quicker. for employers is an easy way to find applicants for free. Hiring managers can screen resumes based on search filters that include distance, education, years of experience, job title, company, and location. There are fees for job postings; these fees are based on a pay-per-click basis. Employers choose how much they want to pay for a click. Add funds to your online account and each time an interested applicant clicks on your posting, the money is deducted from the budget. This means, that unlike other sites, there is no expiration date for your posting, it is dependent on the amount of available funds.

Job seekers only had a couple complaints about Complaints were mainly regarding the job postings, some of which seemed rather suspicious. Job seekers did find some scam job postings, there were ones directing them to other sites, others which were not in fact available positions and some were even posted multiple times displaying different salaries.

There is a continuous dissatisfaction with the customer support available and the email contact response time. A possible contributing factor to this issue may stem from the method uses to gather job openings. Because some listings are obtained from other sites they may not always have the information or answers to respond with.

Those who are looking for a job can save valuable time by searching for a job on Indeed’s website, rather than searching through numerous career sites, one at a time. Just be cautious and be keen to postings that redirect you to a third party site. Other red flags are postings that ask for money and require registration.

Employers will also be able to save time and money by using As more people become familiar with their database of jobs pulled from different sites it will make this one more desirable for those looking for a job. Traffic will continuously increase and opportunities to find candidates will grow as the site continues to gain popularity among job seekers.

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1 Review SUCKS!!!!!!

September11, 2019

I've tried ever since sometime last year to find a job through indeed, and I've had interviews, but everything I've tried has ended up with one bleeping job loss after another. It consumes my time and my energy, not to mention the fact that I've had hopes all this time for all the jobs I've applied for, and yet these hopes have been nothing but fake. Thanks A LOT INDEED FOR MAKING MY LIFE MISERABLE!!!!!!!

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