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Website: is an online database where job seekers can search for jobs and where employers can post jobs and search resumes. This site has large database of job opportunities because they pull job openings from other websites, job boards, newspapers, associations and company career webpages.

Not only is the site free for job seekers but the site is extremely user friendly and has a very clean layout. Job seekers can create an account profile where they may save their resumes, type notes, and set up automatic searches. Job alert settings enable users to receive new listings directly through their email. With the number of listings to browse, filtering out job openings by title, salary, company, location, and job type makes the search a lot quicker. for employers is an easy way to find applicants for free. Hiring managers can screen resumes based on search filters that include distance, education, years of experience, job title, company, and location. There are fees for job postings; these fees are based on a pay-per-click basis. Employers choose how much they want to pay for a click. Add funds to your online account and each time an interested applicant clicks on your posting, the money is deducted from the budget. This means, that unlike other sites, there is no expiration date for your posting, it is dependent on the amount of available funds.

Job seekers only had a couple complaints about Complaints were mainly regarding the job postings, some of which seemed rather suspicious. Job seekers did find some scam job postings, there were ones directing them to other sites, others which were not in fact available positions and some were even posted multiple times displaying different salaries.

There is a continuous dissatisfaction with the customer support available and the email contact response time. A possible contributing factor to this issue may stem from the method uses to gather job openings. Because some listings are obtained from other sites they may not always have the information or answers to respond with.

Those who are looking for a job can save valuable time by searching for a job on Indeed’s website, rather than searching through numerous career sites, one at a time. Just be cautious and be keen to postings that redirect you to a third party site. Other red flags are postings that ask for money and require registration.

Employers will also be able to save time and money by using As more people become familiar with their database of jobs pulled from different sites it will make this one more desirable for those looking for a job. Traffic will continuously increase and opportunities to find candidates will grow as the site continues to gain popularity among job seekers.

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Indeed is a malicious, racist, Database looking to sell your personal info to the highest bidder.
May 16, 2021

Literally, most of Indeed is just getting your personal info via resumes and job applications and selling them to the highest bidder.

Hence why other reviewers and even myself, have gotten nothing but spam callers and robot spam in their voicemail for about a month at a time and ONLY ever hearing back from places full of Ex-convicts, drug addicts, and those willingly and knowingly practicing purposeful malicious negligence to threaten your safety until you quit.

HR is typically staffed by racists who refuse to hire ANYONE, especially those overqualified, so then they can scam the US department of labor by crying "OMG WE CANT FIND ANYONE TO WORK FOR US!?" to get free H1B money for hiring non-citizens.

Indeed is a complicit money laundering scheme and it needs to be shut down.

Absolutely the worst customer service.
April 8, 2021
As an employer trying to hire, this is by far the worst company to hire. If you are a person looking for a job and are using INDEED, I feel for you. You will have better luck getting a good lead at the local pub!!

Savage waste of time for job applicants
October 21, 2020

Over the past decade, I've tried on and off to find work via You can read reviews about the job application process from many other applicant's on Indeed's own review pages. Very many of us have the same experience. You find jobs you're qualified for. Whether you're the first person applying or the last, whether you apply early Monday morning, on the weekend, late at night--no matter what you do, you don't hear back from anyone.

Unless it's a minimum wage dangerous position no one else will take. The only two job apps I've heard back from in the past YEAR during the pandemic are from residential care facilities. I have a master's and a doctorate (not boasting--multiple degrees are now VERY common among online job applicant's since so many of us followed the advice to become "more educated"...) in health sciences, but apparently the only thing I'm qualified to do is be a nurse's aide or young child behavioral aide trainee. Each position was both in a state with frighteningly quickly spreading COVID-19 cases AND at facilities where so many employees had recently become sick that the facilities were DESPERATE for workers.

Still, they both offered near minimum-wages for dangerous work that involved double-duty (caring for children AND elders at a company-related nursing home--not advertised in the job ad!). And still, the interviewers for both positions were denigrating and condescending--as if throwing the applicant's the possibility of a life-threatening job were sign of the employer's beneficence.

I follow the online job gurus' advice to research companies, craft a "pain letter" cover letter, tailor my resume to the keywords in the job ad... Nothing.

Then, I started limiting my search for jobs requiring "no experience" or for companies explicitly stating "Urgently Hiring!" Or companies that INVITE applications from "career changers" or "retirees" (to avoid the ubiquitous specter of age discrimination). Still NOTHING.

Recently, I completed an application in which I had to count the words in each paragraph, change each paragraph's font AND color, all while answering very specific questions in a specific order. I thought it was a test to see who would actually follow the instructions. I felt like a performing circus animal. It was humiliating--but I did it and triple-checked that I'd followed the instructions. I never heard back from the company. And, of course, nothing from time-wasting

Indeed acts like so many other portals in the internet age: they wash their hands of any responsibility for what happens to the people using their services, instead currying the favor of the people PAYING (supposedly) to use employers.

Research the history of the US Labor Movement. You'll see that employers/corporations will do anything, no matter how unethical, to make money. And they certainly don't care about the human beings they use for labor--and they even hold those applying to be laborers in special contempt. Maybe this is universal human nature--the way those who are safe and have survival resources treat those who aren't and don't. But Indeed's complicity is unforgivable.

The US government and international watch dogs all report that an unprecedented number of people have slipped into joblessness and poverty due to the pandemic--all while the wealth of corporations and the super-wealthy has exploded. And how has Indeed responded to these extraordinary circumstances? By continuing to do what countess throngs of frustrated, dehumanized job applicant's have been complaining about for decades now--making it easier than ever for uncaring employers to savagely waste job applicant's' time by forcing us to jump through demeaning hoops because we're desperate for work.

All the while, the same jobs get reposted a few weeks later despite never extending the simple courtesy of letting applicant's know that we weren't selected or WHY we weren't selected so we could understand how to improve our odds in the future.

Yes, Indeed is a statistical scam at least--and quite possibly something far more malevolent than that.

Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!
August 20, 2020
Doing a search for a job within a 10 mile radius brings up a very surprising large number of openings. But then, once you remove the Amazon job that is listed once , sometimes even three times on a page of results, the number of openings shrinks to less than half. And the scan / read time would be cut VERY significant'tly!

KarlaReece February 20, 2021

I find Indeed useless. In order to benefit from it you waste hours of your life.

Indeed is pretty horrible
July 1, 2020
They are all about money and I've been trying to post for 2 years and have not been able to find an intern who is willing to work for class credit. They have sent the nastiest emails to me and I'm so sick of it. Indeed. Go away.

They won't leave me alone
April 18, 2020
When I tried to post a job with indeed it took more than an hour to get to the point where they said it would cost $13 each time someone looked at my free posting. It would be worth it if I paid for qualified applicant'ts, but that $13 was every time someone even looked at my job. so I said no thanks because I have used this type of service before and was not happy with want it cost. Now they won't stop calling and emailing me. Many times on the phone and replying to emails I have said leave me alone. and the emails and phone calls just keep coming. About the 10th time I told them I would start leaving reviews each time they contact me and I am running out of places to leave reviews. They might be good for some people but I can't get them to stop contacting me. They keep saying I can post for free, but when they called me the first and second time there was no mention of a free listing and they assured me it was worth the $13 per click and it would only cost me about $400 for the first 2 weeks and I could stop any time.

Don't bet your future on this generic match site
January 14, 2020
You are better off with Craigslist if you aren't looking for a Professional position and just need a part time or temporary job. If you have experience and looking for advancement opportunities stay away from this site, especially their so called assessments whose results will be used over and over to any and all employers you apply to with no chance to redo. I was busy with a child when taking an assessment and it timed out making me look like I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to IT, now I can't retake it and when I apply for a job guess what, it uses the Same results. Ridiculous, wasting people's time And Employers money.

Indeed is a scam to employers
December 26, 2019

Indeed supplies resumes for Employers but have no control over applicant'ts applying over and over for jobs they aren't even qualified for...costing Employers big $$. In addition, once an applicant't has been hire, they continue to vet them by asking them to update their resume putting them back into their open pool. This is like headhunting from the staff Employers already paid for!

When an applicant't is rejected for any reason, they still apply over and over again costing Employers $$. This is a scam! Employers are held hostage. I have had several conversations about my complaints but why would you listen to the person paying you?

And their assessments are a joke! The applicant't doesn't have to complete to submit their resume even if you've ticked the box!

There are so many issues with Indeed that are a scam its outrageous! Will report to authorities! SUCKS!!!!!!
September 11, 2019
I've tried ever since sometime last year to find a job through indeed, and I've had interviews, but everything I've tried has ended up with one bleeping job loss after another. It consumes my time and my energy, not to mention the fact that I've had hopes all this time for all the jobs I've applied for, and yet these hopes have been nothing but fake. Thanks A LOT INDEED FOR MAKING MY LIFE MISERABLE!!!!!!!

KarlaReece February 20, 2021

Yes, Indeed has wasted hours of my life!