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October 26, 2023

This website or company is the most surprising scam I have seen to date. The reason is because it is featured on google and other platforms as a website to book hotels but it is a complete scam. I booked one night through them and they charged me not only for that one room, they duplicated the charge for the same amount.

Now, I got to the hotel to get my room thinking that I was just going to call them to fix that issue, the hotel was not even able to find my room. So, I had to figure another way to sleep while on a road trip. That happened on August 6, 2023. I called these people more than 10 times and there is always this Sage guy that is super arrogant and rude, and always telling me the same BS over and over. I got pissed on the 4th time calling because I told him that he has been feeding me the same BS and promises but nothing had happened. He gets pissed when he realizes that someone can see through their scams and would hang up.

It is October 26, 2023 now, called them today and this same Sage guy picked up and cut me off while explaining the reason for calling and asked me to provide reservation ID. After that, I told him what has been happening and that this time I won't take any BS, he said to wait. He came back and said they issued the refund 10 days ago, but there was a breach in their system because something was mismatched. What????? I have not talked to these people for a month just to see if they would issue my refund as promised and he just lied to my face again. I told him that this was a lie and that he will have to issue my refund while on the phone. And then, guess what he said, "you have to call back after 24 hours and we will issue the refund."

Please DO NOT USE HOTELWIZ. They are a complete fraud. Don't get fooled, they are scammers.

Horrible site, horrible customer service, horrible choice
May 28, 2023
Tried to cancel a reservation, but every time I told this to someone they hung up on me!

Bait, Charge, No Reservation Booked
May 23, 2023
To any one tempted to use HotelWiz know that they have an MO; show a great rate, entice you into booking a room, charge your credit card but never make an actual reservation. This scam is so ingrained that when you call "customer service" you immediately get an attitude. The rep, "Sage", I dealt with had a demanding tone about all the info he needed. His work is so exasperating to him that when he finally found the nonexistent reservation but existing credit card charge that he rattled off that the charge would be reversed so quickly that I could not understand what he said and then he hung up on me. When I tried to call back I ended up on hold for five minutes before giving up. I only was able to verify the charge back by calling my credit card company (who provided excellent customer service). DO NOT USE HOTELWIZ.

Hotelwiz will charge you and not deliver
May 16, 2023

Booked a hotel room through Hotelwiz. They charged my credit card.

I called the hotel two weeks later and there was no reservation, nothing under my name.

Tried for two days to get in touch with Hotelwiz - via email, phone, chat. No response to anything. On hold on phone then call ended multiple times.

This is a scam.

April 18, 2023

Fraudulent company. They didn't make a reservation at the hotel and they don't refund the money. Unfortunately we fell in. There is only one star because otherwise you can't send the post

Worst policy ever don't use them!
August 15, 2022

They have the worst refund policy in the world. I made a honest mistake by choosing the wrong date. They said they could not change the date nor cancel the reservation so I lost over $100 and no hotel. This is bs and I would not advise anyone to use them because you have no room for error and you will lose your money so I ended up disputing with my bank. I will never use them ever in my life.

Horrible policy!
August 9, 2022

I booked a hotel through Hotelwiz. After the booking, I realized that the dates for the booking were incorrect. It had the following day of the booking as a default for the time frame and I needed it for that weekend.

I called Hotelwiz Customer Service within five minutes of realizing my mistake. They informed me that their policy doesn't allow for any changes or refunds. They absolutely wouldn't help me change the date of the booking.

After I got off the phone with them, I contacted the hotel itself. The person at the hotel was amenable to changing the dates if they had availability for the dates I needed, but said they couldn't change it without Hotelwiz contacting them to do so.

I tried one more time to call Hotelwiz to let them know the hotel was willing to change booking dates. They repeated the same policy back to me that they can't change dates or provide refunds.

In short, it cost me approximately $200 for an understandable mistake and a hotel reservation that I couldn't use! I've learned my lesson to read the policy prior to booking anything. Caveat emptor

Do not use
July 5, 2022
Do not. I say do don’t use this company. Took my money for a hotel that was not there. Will not give me my money back.

June 30, 2022

Complete scam. I booked a hotel in Shreveport with HotelWiz, and when I go to check in, they do not have my reservation. Called customer service number, I was told I'll get a refund. Haven't gotten it. I filed a dispute with my bank. DO NOT USE THEM!

June 23, 2022

Paid for hotel. Hotel had no record of it. One month later, still no refund. I have now had to send them a copy of an invoice where I personally paid the hotel. Why is this even relevant? What if they didn’t have a room and I had to go to another place?

Hotelwiz - Refund Policy Misrepresentation
February 1, 2022

I recently booked and pre-paid for a hotel stay through Hotelwiz (Hotel Amigo Atlantico in Guardalavaca, Cuba). I had to cancel the booking a few days beforehand however because I tested positive for Covid and couldn’t travel. Hotelwiz’s refund policy prominently displayed on their website indicated I was entitled to 43% of my money back.

However, buried somewhere in the booking receipt’s fine print was a statement that my booking was non-refundable and I was out $400. My subsequent efforts to recover 43% of my money were met with a shrug. This is at the very least unethical and possibly criminal behavior.

I’ll never book through Hotelwiz again and I’d advise anyone who does so to BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL AND READ ALL THE BOOKING RECEIPT’S FINE PRINT. Better still, simply avoid booking with Hotelwiz altogether. There are undoubtedly many better companies.

December 23, 2021
Scam. Never use this website. They charge you for no reason. The customer care is the worst.

NellieSmith August 15, 2022

The worst!

Don't believe what it says on their site!
December 6, 2021

They do charge cancellation fees (the whole amount) even though they say they won't.

Fraud no refunds!!
September 16, 2021
I can’t give them a negative star or I would! These people are horrible. The reservations are fake and they don’t refund your money. I “booked” a room and when I get there they I was nowhere to be found. I call the company they said the only thing they can do is refund me. It has now been 3 months and no refund. This place is fraudulent!!!

JamesFarrow October 06, 2021

The worst place I have ever had to deal with. I made a reservation and when I got to the hotel they had no power. The hotel said they would refund me but it had to come from hotelwiz. It has been over a month I have called literally everyday and all they say is it’s pending. They are horrible never again

Do not use this company EVER!!!
August 16, 2021

1 star is more than I should post. I have never had such bad customer service and each person on the phone lies about when I will be getting my refund that was due to me almost a month ago. The hotel refunded them for an incident that happened there, I have now been trying to get my money back from them for over 3 weeks.

I have emailed and called more than 10 times. They keep telling me-first it was 3-5 business days, then 7-10 business days, then when I still did not have my money, I called about 5 times and each person kept saying just wait another 24 hours, just wait another 24 hours, lie after lie.

I have emails and call logs as well as recorded phone conversations of the lies I have been told about my refund. The only thing this company actually did right was book my stay, that was done at least. That is apparently all they are able to do. I think they assume I'm going to forget the $120 they have of mine, that I am owed!!!

1 star is way too positive for them!!!! I will call and email over and over until they pay me what is owed!

Do Not Book With Hotelwiz
August 6, 2021
They were very misleading. Their website says "free cancellation", but they wouldn't refund my booking when I needed to cancel due to COVID lockdown. I will never book with them again.

This site is a scam site.
July 28, 2021
This site is a complete scam. You will be charged, and they will not proceed with payment to the hotel, leaving you without a room when you attempt to check in and leading to even higher charges as you attempt to locate a room at the last moment. Terrible, scammy services. Repeated promises to return call to rectify the situation but you will not be called back. Excellent reviews of this site are obviously fake. AVOID. AVOID. AVOID.

Scam website
June 14, 2021
SCAM Website - booked hotel via hotelwiz website. Hotelwiz never sent payment to hotel. I had to pay hotel directly. Waited in lobby of hotel for 3 hours for them to send payment. Hotelwiz never sent payment to hotel chain. It's a scam.