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Too much trouble to deal with them
July 6, 2022

It is more trouble than the feeling of green responsibility is worth to deal with them, unfortunately. :( Agree with all the other people on here. They need to focus less on PR and "influencers" and more on site usability and transparency.

Disappointed and financially hurt
December 8, 2021

I loved the idea of using bamboo as an alternative to trees! I signed up for a monthly membership even though if costs a bit more than normal toilet paper. What I didn't expect is for them to add over $80.00 dollars in other random cleaning products.

Okay, maybe that was my mistake. I go to my subscription page and edit my cart so not to pay for more than I want again.....however, my package just arrived and it now cost me $155.00. $50.00 more than my last shipment!

When I call to get answers I am met with snarly customer service and then get an email that I am unsubscribed. Way to loose a customer. I will never recommend your company. What a shame. Scamming people who want to help make a difference.

Scam-Repeat charging without Authorization
August 10, 2021

Scam. They send you a few products you can get anywhere for the same price or less and then charge you repeatedly for things you didn’t order. I called and sent emails and I was assured it would never happen again.

Sure enough, I was just charged again since they determined I was a VIP ( Visit their site and you will get that status). Stay away…far, far away.

Do not become a member you will be sorry
October 5, 2020
Do not become a member of Grove. They will put EVERYTHING your order on a repeat shipment and if you don't go in monthly to edit at the correct time you will end up with a lot of stuff you do not need. Also very expensive products. You can get all the products cheaper at over places online.

TerryLogan December 08, 2020

its a total rip off!!

Have strayed from their purpose
June 11, 2020
This is a company that sells natural CLEANING products, I am not sure why the owner has sent his opinion piece on social justice issues. There is enough chaos that I can watch, read or listen to, and I certainly don't need someone else's opinion on political and legal matters. This is NOT what I want nor expect when I shop the grove collaborative. Stick to your business. I pay you money - you send me products. Period.

Scam and not customer service
March 6, 2020
I have bought several orders, ver negative customer service and such a scam!

Don’t trust Grove
January 6, 2020

On December 23,I went to Grove website so that I could delay my orders because the holidays were in the way .What happen next was a sheer nightmare. After going through all your reviews on the website I have realized that I have the same exact problem that everybody else is complaining about.

On December 23 I logged onto the website and I try to delay the accounts by at least 1 to 2 months. It would not allow me and it would only allow me to go one week at a time for each account. After I realized it wasn’t going to allow me I decided to just cancel because I realized it wasn’t going to work out for us. I went onto Grove website questions and answers on how to cancel orders. There was no cancellation website there was no way to cancel. The one thing that it did state was to simply empty your cart. Which I did. I then went ahead and trusted that what I had done as per your instructions on your website that it would take care of it.

That same week I was charge $19.99 and $66.86. I went back into Grove website to verify that there was no order that was pending or occurring. I went into PayPal since I did not authorities those charges and I disputed them. I received an email two days later from your Grove stating that there was indeed an order and that they could not cancel it for me,they stated that you went ahead and canceled the membership which I never agreed too and I had no idea but I had thought that they would credit me the 19.99 since I’m not using the membership for a whole year a credit then should have been done .The order stated that the order was already on its way. According to their records Grove stated that the ordered was done send somewhere around between December 24 and December 27 and that that’s why it wasn’t being able to cancel. I have since then logged onto Grove website to verify this so-called order that is on its way and I do not see an order on Grove website I do not even see a tracking number. This is very concerning since on previous orders I always got a tracking number . I did not authorize a shipment for 66.86 or for 19.99 . I have not received an order and at this point I’m requesting my credit . And I’m reporting to FTC since I have see. So many posted complaints for Grove .

Lee July 06, 2022

The simple act of trying to get your name, info and charge card number out of their database is impossible. It's like you are not even speaking English with their customer service people? Very frustrating. Don't let them have any of your information. ANY. And in particular, your payment information. "The Preeeecious"!

Severe 'Pests'
December 19, 2019

The products were just 'okay.' They were slightly higher than their competitor's, but no better in performance. Their 'Method' laundry detergent can be purchased at Target for about 10% cheaper, and [obviously] without a shipping fee. The unsettling part about Grove, is that once you use your credit card to purchase from them, it somehow constitutes recurring monthly shipments, and of course - a fee deducted from your method of payment. The absolute WORST part about Grove is the fact that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get them to stop contacting you once you've opted-out on their product shipments - these folks will call you, text you, and email you [literally] dozens of times per month, even after you have texted 'STOP' to them and asked them to stop emailing and calling you. (For example, they will call you, and if you don't answer - they will text you one minute later, and then you'll get an email in a few more minutes). ...How did I come to purchase from this [practically] unknown company in the first place?...I moved, and the postal system mailed me a 'Welcome to the neighborhood' packet, which contained Grove's sales promotion - a coupon for free products. I ended up having to pay some money (if I recollect, around twenty dollars) because my order exceeded what the coupon allowed. It's been almost four months since I placed my first and only order with Grove, and my email SPAM folder is FULL of countless emails and I still get numerous texts every week from Grove. I don't know if these folks are desperate, overly aggressive in sales, or if someone among them has a mental imbalance but - whatever the case, I sure would love to rid my life of them.

Great Customer Service and Products
September 9, 2019
At Grove Collaborative they do a phenomenal job keeping their customers happy and healthy! I have done both the subscription membership and one-time orders. Upon cancelling my subscription membership the team was so helpful in getting my account sorted out. The products are full-sized and top of the line. This is a great company. Thank you Grove!

Pleasant Service
August 19, 2019
I have loved some of their Free Gifts added to my order, such as the beautiful, organic cotton towel

Never use Grove
June 24, 2019

I got the free starter kit, which was great. However I was put on an automatic shipment. And they added items to my order I didn’t order, based on suggestions?!

I was like WtF!!! I got them to give me a full refund and they said that I should donate the items because they are a B Corp.

A B Corp wouldn’t send things to people that they didn’t order in the first place.

This company is a scam and lacks transparency.

AngelRoyal December 19, 2019

...I did a review, and I too mentioned their 'recurring shipment,' but I forgot to mention that they added on items that I didn't fricken order, so thanks for letting folks know about that too! I still cannot figure out how my payment method ended up in the 'recurring expense' status because I did not knowingly give my consent to Grove to keep on charging my debit card for continuous shipments! ...And you're right, they do lack transparency and it does seem like a scam (a rotten trick at best).

Love Grove
May 3, 2019
I love Grove products! I had one item that was damaged in shipment and they replaced it and gave me a credit. Great Company.

I had a Great Experience with Grove Collaborative
April 11, 2019
I have tried them. They gave me five free items for trying it out and an extra free item when I spent a certain amount. You have the option of having auto delivery turned off and you can opt out of the VIP program and not have to pay the yearly fee of $19.99 if you are not going to order often enough. They give you a personal helper if you have any questions or need help with anything. I think it's a fantastic service. So far, I have only used them twice so I have opted out of the VIP program and auto delivery but it's nice they give you options. I would recommend trying it for yourself. Like I said, it's very easy to opt out of auto delivery and the VIP program if you don't feel you will get your money's worth out of it.

Love Grove products
April 10, 2019
I love Grove products. I have been with them over a year and purchase items every month. I love the ease of buying from home and not going to the store wondering where to find what I want. I also love the Mrs Meyers product I have a couple favorite scents I love most ,but the all smell terrific and are planet freindly. I highly recommend then.

Grove has very fraudulent practices
March 22, 2018

I wish the star counter went backward.

After my first trial order, in which there was no way to NOT be a VIP customer the trouble began.

I live alone so I only need products once or twice a year.

I spent an hour trying to figure out online how to quit the membership. I had to continually take things out of my cart that they put there.

It took a few days but the only way to stop them is email. First they say they will put your membership on “hold”.

I wrote back and repeated I not only wanted my membership to VIP cancelled but my entire account.

They said they did. But I could still log in to the site. So I tried to delete my personal information. It always came back. There was no way to change or delete my credit card.

I then put in Don’t as my first name, Want-Any for my last. I changed my address to 123 Sesame Street in Faketown, Alaska.

I wrote them that my credit card info was still there and I demanded they delete everything.

Guess what?

They did the next day.

BUT not before charging my card over $49!!!

I saw it on Pending Transactions. My bank stopped ALL further transactions with them, then gave me the transaction detail and numbers.

I called and could not get a real person so I left a voicemail about the “mistake” on my card and told them I had quit VIP and them. They ignored me.

I emailed the same information but 3 days later the charge went through.

They are supposed to warn you 2 days before any shipment. Not. This company also withdraws the funds days before shipping. These things smell of Rip/Off/Total Fraud.

I wonder if they sent something to Don’t Want-More on 123 Sesame Street?

When I talked to the Fraud Prevention at my bank the gal laughed out loud when I said it was The Grove Collaberative. I asked why? She said they get thousands of fraud reports on them every year and their company is #1 on their list.

They are putting a case together and I documented everything. They assured me I would get my money back.

So I want to give them Negative $49 stars.

The products I have found cheaper on Amazon, EBay and Target.

Look them up on Trustpilot. Many many hundreds of one star Fraud reviews. But they keep putting up one sentence no detail five star reviews, probably by Bots and not real people.

The BBB gives them an F, They have never answered any complaint.

So what do YOU think?? Ha...Scam/Fraud.....BEWARE!

LynnAnderson April 10, 2019

They give each shopper a personal helper so this review in my opinion is a fake


You must work for them.

AngelRoyal December 19, 2019

I endured the same experience - I couldn't figure out how to opt out on the monthly shipments and because of that - I ended up having to cancel my bank card because I didn't want to end up with problems with my financial institution simply because my opt-out request was not honored. I cannot quite put my finger on what it was about my experience when I asked for the 'opt-out,' but I got the impression that I needed to exercise a more thorough precautionary measure, hence the cancellation of my bank card.