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Website:, part of Boston based Rue Gilt Groupe, is an online shopping site that offers steep discounts on top designer label, along with other services such as a person stylist program.

How Does it Work?

Membership to is free, and becoming a member of their community enables you to access all of their exclusive sales.

Each sale is only available for a couple of days, when factoring in the limited inventory and the number of members shopping on their site, it is easy to understand why there is urgency to buy an item you want as soon as you see it.

Not only can you take advantage of discounts offered for thousands of items through, but you can actually receive additional discounts.

With their credit point reward program you can earn points to save even more money on your purchases. Points are applied to your account when you order specially marked items from certain vendors or by simply referring new members to their site.

Online reviews regarding the Gilt Groupe’s sales, products and customer service showed that many customers were satisfied with their experience. There were, however, other customers that did not share that same opinion.

Buying products on Gilt is easy.  The hard part is waiting for your new purchase to arrive. Customers complained that they had to wait an extremely long time to receive their order.  In fact, some of them waited over a month for their items to ship.

Other customers were unhappy with the quality of the clothing that was sent to them. They noticed that the merchandise looked worn and even discovered that what was supposed to be a designer piece was actually a knockoff.

Customer service seemed to be another factor that contributed to poor online reviews; this was due to the agents’ lack of follow through and their careless attitude in response to customers’ problems.

Another topic of complaint was the return policy. Although the site makes it seem as if you able to return an item easily, there are many conditions that make it impossible to get your money back.

Although it seemed as if a refund was easily obtainable, customers were typically issued store credits instead.

When there is a small window of time to make a purchase for something you see, the urgency is escalated and the product is more desirable.

Read all of the details outlined in the return policies for each item because they are all different. If you rush into an order without reading the fine print, it is possible to discover that an item is deemed as a “Final Sale.”

If you have any experience with Gilt or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Gilt Customer Reviews

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Contacted Massachusetts Attorney General
October 28, 2023
After experiencing horrific service and reading other reviews which I should have done prior to this, I am reaching out to the Massachusetts Attorney General‘s office to investigate. This company needs to be shut down immediately. I will also be reaching out to local media so that people are not scammed like I was.

MarvisBell January 17, 2024

Thanks for the info, I won't be using them. Having been investigating and viewing their site for months.

Ripp off and awful customer service
April 5, 2023

Great products but awful customer service.

They have shipped packages to the wrong address and don’t care and also will not refund.

Buyer beware - no customer service - steals your money. .
March 31, 2023

I had purchased many items from them and was happy until there was an issue. Poor customer service, they lied and stole my money. I purchased outdoor lights for my patio and decided to get 2 sets each set cost 39$ so tax shipping came to 85$.

My account was charged twice at 85$. I contacted customer service and they said I was not charged twice. I sent them pictures of the double charge and the money deducted from my account they still stated I was not charged twice.

They did the same thing on a jacket I purchased for 54$ - I was charged twice and filed a complaint and they said I was not charged twice. I did not get the item even thou FedEx said it was delivered the next day that I ordered.

I filed a complaint and they did a refund of one charge of 54$ I did notify Paypal and my bank requesting refunds. They are good about getting your money returned as I had a similar problem a couple of years ago.

Do not buy from Gilt
March 25, 2023

I received a damaged sofa that I paid 900 dollars for and have spent a week trying to resolve the issue. I tried to get replacement and after photos of the damage photos of the box it came in, they finally say there is no replacement. Then was told I can send it back and they would send a prepaid sticker for that.

So I guess I was suppose to call a freight company pay to have it picked up and sent back. And then offered only 170 dollars if I just keep it. So I am now stuck with a damaged sofa or would cost me more to send it back. I should have gotten a full refund or at least half because it can never be resold. I am now having to buy an end table to hide the tear.

Also in case for those of u that don’t know they do not bring furniture in-your home or open the box or take it back at delivery if it’s damaged. Total nonsense and bad business.

Fake product
March 22, 2023
Gilt is selling fakes. Received Hydropeptide face cleanser that smells like Bengay. Never gonna buy again

Never buy from them
February 8, 2023
This company is absolutely horrible and does not stand by their products. I spent $900 on a pair of shoes that fell apart into wears. All they could tell me was it's not in the 30 day window so there's nothing we can do. Also, their Christmas return policy was January 14 but I got a delivery on December 15 so there's no Christmas return policy it's still 30 days. Don't buy anything from Gilt. They suck.

January 24, 2023

Submitted an order to Gilt the order status showed rejected on Borderfree (third party) and shipped on Gilt. I emailed asking for clarification and more information. They ignored my email, unbeknownst to me they shipped the item. I decided to make a 2nd purchase of the same item thinking that the first order was cancelled. I immediately contact Gilt advising of the error. Gilt refuse to accept responsibility for their mistake and would accept returning of the item. I found there customer service to inadequate and irresponsible. I will NEVER shop there again no matter how good the deal is.

November 20, 2022

Terrible company bought earrings got a different pair then the ones I bought. Received FedX label. From Gilt. I think it was fake Diana M would not even ans there store door it is all a scam. Gilt would not help in any way to return the earrings. Do not go near this store.

Gilt Is Guilty Of Theft!
September 25, 2022

The worst company. Customer service is non-existent. Having non-empathetic, rude, condescending humans who answer a phone and read a script over and over again, is NOT customer service.

However your people excel at this disgusting behavior and call it customer service. My money and shoes have been held hostage for almost a month now and these fools keep telling me that OnTrac just “likes to mark packages as delivered but may take another 5 business days (7days) to actually deliver it”.

Ummm…are you kidding me? That’s not normal. Nor is it acceptable by someone who paid money for something. It’s a transaction. If OnTrac “likes” to do that…how about GUILT either cancel your contract with them and go with…idk…ANYONE ELSE who will deliver packages when they say they do?? GUILT IS A RACKET.

Take your money, read you some scripts and tell people about you Policy bill, and make them call back every 7 days to hear that you need to wait another 7 days. Yep, that’s what’s been happening. But let me fill you in…

9/3 ordered; 9/9 expected delivery; 9/12 expected delivery changes. 9/13-9-18 OnTrac marks package as “out for delivery” each day and at the end of each day “delayed due to bad weather”. I live in the DESERT…Tucson, AZ…we DON'T have bad weather. I’m told to wait until 9/21 and cal back if I don’t have my package.

9/19 OnTrac marks package delivered to front door. We were home. No one came. We also have a package center in which we would get a code texted when delivered. No code. No text. I call on 9/21 as I’m rod to do. Now, because OnTrac marks if delivered, I get to wait ANOTHER 7 DAYS from the 19th because “OnTrac sometimes marks packages as delivered and they can take up to 5 more business days to actually deliver it.”

Does anyone know that marking something as delivered when it’s not is a LIE? Why would a reputable company keep doing business with a company who openly and casually likes to lie?? Where’s the corporate social responsibility? I can’t be the only one who has suffered by this ridiculous business model.

Anyway, I’ll call back for my final time on 9/26, where I will demand my full refund or I will be filing a claim with my bank for fraud against GUILT.

ConnorLee November 03, 2022

Thank you for this review. I was thinking of making purchase but will not be doing so anymore.

SueTimken November 04, 2022

How do you stop at company that is a scam. With one star how do they stay in business. They are run by Ruelala. Same CEO. He should be in jail

Poor quality Merchandise; No integrity
September 23, 2022

I am a first time shopper to Gilt and had a very, very disappointing experience. The items I ordered, 3 sets of Duvets, were of poor quality. These are bedding that were on sale from between $215 -$330.

I called immediately to file a complaint and returned the items and was told they were final sale! I was livid as this was not noted on the items when I placed the order! The agent I spoke with then informed me that she will accept two of the 3 items for return!

So now I am stuck with this poor quality garbage Duvet and to top it off, I have to pay for the return, when they advertised FREE RETURNS!

When I questioned this with the agent, she informed me that the free return only applies if I would accept a STORE CREDIT!!!!! They have no integrity and I will not be shopping there anymore.

Refund My Money
June 8, 2022

You take advantage of customers. You are supposed to be an upscale merchant that is trustworthy. You are a disappointment, and I will do all I can to get my money back.

I should not need a police report; you are a rip-off with bad business practices, you hide behind foolishness to oppress customers; I need my money back. I can not afford to shrug my shoulders and walk away.

Do the investigation, challenge FedEx, and find out why the package was not delivered to my door as the building management stipulates. Why did FedEx call me to come down?

I live on the 5th floor of a massive building with signs all over mandating that packages MUST be taken to the tenant's door; FedEx did not oblige...your failure, your problem, not mine.

Please refund my money. $1,600 is not a joke; it is not chicken change for me. GILT REFUND MY MONEY

Total SCAM!!
February 24, 2022

I was sold a fake Invicta Men's Objet d'Art Stainless Steel watch and when i received it the box was destroyed and the band on the watch was broken. This site is a complete scam I wish I could rate it a zero!!

Total Scam. Stay Far Far Away
February 17, 2022

This site is a total scam. I can only attest to my experience, but their concept appears to be one where they list a product for sale at a steep discount and if the product gets a lot of interest then they delay your shipment and continue to raise the price on the product. For me, they confirmed the order twice over the phone, told me the it was going to ship almost a month after I ordered it and on the day it was supposed to ship they cancelled the order due to quality control issues.

The humor and sadness came when I contacted them and they told me the vendor for my order and the vendor with the product currently listed on their site for twice the price was the same. When I asked who the vendor was they said it was the manufacturer.

In the end I ordered my items from a legitimate seller and had to spend almost $2,000 more than I would have had I not wasted time with this site.

Truly amazing sites like this can continue to exist in this day and age, but hopefully enough people will listen to the reviewers and stay away.

False Product
January 31, 2022

I will never order from here again. I purchased Amika Shampoo + Conditioner. Arrived on time, looks like my product, smells like my product. But it is watered down and dried my hair out and made it super stringy.

I've NEVER had this problem when ordering through the Amika website themselves. Gilt had a cheaper price for the Shampoo and now I see why. I am HIGHLY disappointed and WILL NEVER shop this website again.

November 17, 2021
Ordered bras in Sept, it is now Nov. still waiting. Tried to TRACK package , get message; "Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable." I belive I was scammed. I will try to recoup my money but I belive it is futile.

Buyer beware not what you think you will get!
June 13, 2021
Do not order anything from these criminals. I ordered cream for my face and they sent a totally different item...Wish I had read the reviews prior! Scam scam scam!!!! Do not waste your time as you will not get what you ordered!

Love the Cartier Watch; slow to ship
March 5, 2021

I bought my fiance a Cartier Pasha watch. It was a great price for a preowned watch. I saved a lot of money. It did take a couple weeks to ship but it arrived today and while it did not come in a fancy box, needless to say not Cartier, the watch is awesome! It appears/feels to be authentic and it looks new.

I am very happy overall!

Fake products And no refund after returning it
November 11, 2019

Be where of this company they will sell you fake products. I have return my products over a month ago without any site of a refund.. Been writing them for weeks and every day they keep on sending me the same email your refund will be processed would win 7 to 10 days. This is been going on for over a month! All of the beauty product or fake do not buy it!

SusanConklin December 05, 2019

Contact your credit card company and file a dispute

SusanConklin December 05, 2019

You can file a dispute with your credit card company

TomGore March 05, 2021

I received authentic Cartier watch. Love it. Beware reviews from someone who spells Be where.

January 20, 2019

My purchase of home goods turned out to be a very pleasant experience. Keep up the good work Thank you!

Worst online vendor ever. Crooks. Buyer beware as they will send you something NOT what you ordered and not offer returns.
May 18, 2018
I shop for EVERYTHING online from groceries to clothing to furnishings. This was my first order form the Gilt Group and it was a rather expensive dining room table. The first time it arrived, it was severely damaged and had to be returned (2 holes that actually went thru the table form a fork lift). The second time when it arrived, it was almost comical. It was SO FAR from the item pictured. I immediately contacted them with pictures snipped from their site and the actual photo of the table that arrived and they look nothing alike. Nothing. They will not take the table back. They will not issue a refund. They will not even acknowledge that it’s not even close to what they have advertised. I walked the photos around my office and got 12 separate opinions. Everyone said that it was not even the same table. I am not being dramatic, but this company is criminal. I should have never strayed from Wayfair or Amazon. Both have impeccable customer service when it comes to all aspects of purchases and returns.

carol ann August 13, 2019

the same experience with me!!! beware of this company!