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Recurring charges,
March 2, 2023
Gaia company is charging me for service that I cancelled. I signed up for the free trial and I cancelled the following day. The company is attempting to charge me $99.00. There is no customer service. The number listed for customer service does not work. I’ve sent email to the customer service email with no response. When I attempt to log into my account the site response is no email on file. Do Not sign up for free trial. This is a nightmare with no resolution.

Deceptive and predatory billing practices
December 19, 2022
Deceptive and predatory billing practices, non existent customer service, limited content. Once they have your billing info they will charge you without notice or consent. Don't sign up. It's been 4 years and I'm still trying to figure out how to remove my info from their system with little hope, outside of a lawsuit, of getting my money back.

Buyer Beware
February 23, 2022

I cancelled my subscription a few months back due to lack of new content; yet my account was just charged and my subscription renewed. I did not approve this. Apparently, I "paused" instead of cancelling my subscription.

It is rather tricky how they have this set up. I've always received reminders that my account would be charged, but not this time. And they did not care about refunding me. I will never trust this site again, nor do I recommend them (content is years' old with little new content).

Dont waste your time
February 18, 2022
Loved the shows, but the service is poorly architected. Subscribing through the iphone app and the Gaia service are not synchronised at all, and you end up paying through Apple yet not actually able to watch it for more the a few days before it kicks you out. Customer services cannot solve the problem and are unhelpful. is:
January 31, 2022 is:

1. lies.

2. CGI content.

3. Fake and bad customer support and service.

4. Negative and weird.

5. You can't never update anything including your own private uploaded profile picture!.

6. Weird and frightening payment and subscription management year and or monthly, you cannot perceive anything with them!.

7. A lot of technical issues both app and website..

The technical or general customer support and services is not helpful or supportive or reasonable making any sense at all...

Peace out..

I will never return or approach this massive bottleneck advertisements and commercials clickbait targeting.

Why are you taking money out of my PayPal without my permission
October 25, 2021
Gaia international LLC has been illegally been taking out of my PayPal account for over a year without my authorization. I want my money back please. I know not know you and you have been taking 9.95 out of my PayPal each month for a year now. Robyn mitchell

Ripped me off too
July 19, 2020
I tried to cancel the free trial and I got to the cancelation page that said it was canceled but they still charged me anyway. I tried to cancel after the charge and it appears to work. The site then offered me a free month but this experience has turned me off. I don't want to see anything from them and I hope to find a way to cut their ads from my youtube viewing! Disney is half the price has more interesting content and they didn't rip me off on the trial!

CStubb September 13, 2020

Same crap, tried the 866.284.8058. which referred me to the website link. What the heck.

Not worth headache and deception
January 29, 2020
A total rip off!! Was very dissatisfied when after the free month trial, was not charged a monthly fee, but for a yrs worth. Did not want a yrs subscription and there is NO customer support when I signed into my acct to try to resolve this issue. Theres community support and automated responses. I have emailed several times and only received automated responses. They are hoping that you wont persue the headache towards resolution.

Just horrible
January 13, 2020

My experience with Gaia is horrible.

I AM BEING CHARGED monthly for the better part of a year, but cannot watch as profiles and Roku TV tell me I have to subscribe!! Duh? That's what I am paying the monthly money for? My bank account religiously posts their fee's, and have sent emails requesting help, and they sent me how to cancel. Sweet, but it said I am not subscribed and therefore can't cancel!!!

August 20, 2019

I have been a subscriber for almost a decade (started back when it was GaiamTV).

There are literally thousands of informative videos, (and new content added every day) mind/body workouts like yoga, Qigong, informative interviews, and such a wealth of information regarding improving health, nutrition, emotional balance and spirituality.

The content provided by has led me to discover SO much more about my self and my own power than I can even convey.

I have given subscriptions as gifts and watched the lives and health of my friends and family improve through what they learned through watching their programming. If you are searching for ways to changed your life for the better - I would highly recommend diving in.

Legit Scam
November 26, 2018

They do have a few good videos. BUT after a week you probably have seen all the videos worth seeing. Heres where it goes wrong, they wont let you cancel your subscription...Cancel page freezes and customer service do not reply on your emails concerning this.

Don't let yourself get scammed by these criminals.

StarBright August 20, 2019

The truth is- people should check it out for themselves. Try it and see if it works for you (like it did for me and many of my friends and family) There are literally thousands of great videos on there - new ones added constantly. Calling them criminals is ridiculous. I consider the expense of $95 a year to be completely worth every penny. Also, their customer service has been on point for me whenever I had issues over the years.

That has been my experience. Check it out for yourself.

October 29, 2018

I spent the time and energy to go into my bank and receive a refund for the five months that I have been charged. However, because these reoccurring charges have not stopped, even though my account is cancelled, the only other option is closing my bank account. This is not the route I want to go as it would be time consuming and difficult in some areas being that it is not just my account but my husbands. I would appreciate if you all could contact me rather than disregard what I am explaining. I am a hard worker that has been abused by an online system that has my personal debit card information. That is charging me without my permission and when I continue to say to stop. So, please.. someone contact me to help with why my account is closed, yet, the continuous monthly charges. Thank you

I feel helpless! They have my bank information and continue to charge me. My account is closed and this is not okay. The company finally responded to me and did not read what I wrote. Instead, they sad. Your account is cancelled goodbye. They failed to acknowledge the money they owed me for five months. Today, I spent an hour in a half leaving work to drive to the bank, dispute my case with proof showing that my account is cancelled, and driving back to work. It has been hectic. I feel stolen from and this so called conscious company has cared zero about me in the last five months of contacting them. Do not trust this site.

Don't waist your money...
September 27, 2018
I have had a very disappointing experience with Although they have some great video there customer service and billing department are appalling. I had tried to cancel my subscription because I felt like I could get the same quality and more variety by using YouTube and did not feel it was worth the money. I was still charged the monthly fee after I had canceled then when I went to use gaia I was not granted access, I kept getting a message saying my subscription was not active and I needed to pay to restart. They had just taken out money of my account to pay the subscription amount. When I tried to call their customer service number I kept getting a recorded message saying that were unable to take my call. No options to talk to anyone in any department. I tried to call them every 20 minutes for an hour and still the same message. I then turned to emailing them about the issue and still haven't received any response. I am so disappointed with my experience and in the company that claims to be uplifting and enlightened. They don't care about you and your experience, they just want your money and don't seem to care if how they get it is unethical and shady. DON'T WAIST YOUR MONEY OR TIME!!!!