Furnished Finder Reviews

Furnished Finder is an online platform that specializes in providing short-term, furnished housing options for traveling professionals, particularly healthcare professionals on assignment.

The platform is geared for stays that generally average around 3 months.

How Does it Work?

Furnished Finder features a variety of housing options, including apartments, condos, houses, and hotel rooms, all fully furnished and equipped with essential amenities.

The vast majority of renters that utilize this service are traveling nurses, allied health professionals, and locum tenens. 

The website allows users to search for properties based on location, price range, and desired amenities.

Property owners can list their properties for a one-time fee of $99 for 12 months.  The full hotel or apartment complex fee is $250 for a 12-month listing.

There are no additional charges for bookings.  Keep in mind that once you purchase a listing, you cannot get a refund of your fees.

Is Furnished Finder Legit?

Furnished Finder is a legitimate platform that has been in operation since 2014.  The company has established itself as a reliable resource for traveling professionals seeking temporary housing.

The company has partnered with KeyCheck, a leading identity verification service, with the aim of enhancing the safety and security of its platform by confirming the identity of property owners and tenants.

By incorporating KeyCheck, Furnished Finder aims to improve trust, reduce the risk of fraud, and enhance the overall experience for users on the platform.

As a result, tenants can feel more confident when searching for a rental property, and property owners can be assured that they are dealing with legitimate tenants.

However, it's still crucial to exercise due diligence and communicate with property owners to ensure a positive experience.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Furnished Finder has received generally positive reviews from both property owners and tenants.

Users appreciate the easy-to-use platform, the variety of housing options, and the convenience of finding furnished housing tailored to their needs.

The platform has been particularly praised by traveling healthcare professionals who require short-term housing options while on assignment.

However, some users have reported minor issues, such as difficulties in communication with property owners or inconsistencies in property listings.

Furnished Finder has an 'A' rating with the BBB and receives an average rating of 3.9 / 5 stars from over 250 customer reviews.

The company has received 47 customer complaints in the last 12 months and 90 complaints in the last 3 years on the BBB website.

Tenant Reviews

Furnished Finder has received numerous reviews from tenants who have used the platform to find short-term, furnished housing. 

Tenant reviews often highlight the following aspects:

  • Ease of use  -  Tenants appreciate the user-friendly interface and search filters, which make finding a suitable property straightforward and efficient.


  • Variety of options  -  Wide range of housing options, from apartments to houses, catering to various budgets and preferences.


  • Direct communication  -  Tenants appreciate the direct communication with property owners, which allows for faster response times and more personalized interactions.


  • Reduced risk of fraud  -  The platform verifies property owners with KeyCheck's identity verification process and requires them to pay a one-time listing fee, reducing the chances of scams or fraudulent listings.

However, some tenants have mentioned the following drawbacks:

  • Limited availability  -   In some locations there may be fewer property listings, making it more challenging for tenants to find suitable housing.


  • Inconsistencies in property listings  -  As with any online platform, the accuracy of property listings can vary.  Users should carefully review property descriptions and communicate with property owners to verify information.


  • No built-in payment system  -  All financial transactions are handled directly between the property owner and tenant.   Some users might prefer a platform with a built-in payment system for added convenience and security.


  • Limited customer support  -  Some users have reported occasional difficulties in communication with property owners or resolving issues through the platform.


Furnished Finder Reviews from Landlords

Commonly praised aspects include:

  • Targeted audience  -  Property owners value the platform's focus on traveling professionals, particularly healthcare workers, as this niche market results in higher-quality tenants who often require housing for extended periods.


  • Simple pricing  -  Property owners can list their properties for a one-time fee, with no additional charges for bookings.


  • Control over communication  -  Property owners appreciate the ability to communicate directly with potential tenants, allowing for better screening and relationship building.


  • Increased visibility  -  Listing a property on Furnished Finder can help property owners reach a broader audience and potentially increase bookings for their short-term rental properties.


  • Improved Screening  -  The partnership with KeyCheck allows property owners to screen potential tenants more thoroughly.


On the other hand, some property owners have reported the following drawbacks:

  • No built-in payment system  -  Similar to tenant concerns, some property owners might prefer a platform with a built-in payment system to streamline the transaction process and enhance security.


  • Limited assistance with disputes  -  In case of disputes or issues between property owners and tenants, the platform's role is minimal, as they mainly serve as a marketplace for connecting both parties.

The Bottom Line

With a variety of housing options and a focus on catering to the needs of traveling professionals, Furnished Finder has earned its reputation as a reliable resource.

While there are some limitations, the platform's focus on short-term, furnished housing for traveling professionals offers a valuable service for both property owners and tenants in this niche market.

Potential customers should be aware of minor issues that may arise and exercise due diligence in verifying property listings and communicating with property owners.

If you have any experience with Furnished Finder or their services, please leave your reviews below.

Furnished Finder Customer Reviews

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bad actors
April 14, 2024
Furnished Finder has a history of automatically renewing your account (for landlords), even when "auto renewal" is turned off, charging $149. They refuse to make a refund. It can be difficult to delete your account. I caution against using this unscrupulous company.

January 9, 2024
I had the best tenants a landlord good have they were a family of 5. They were very respectful of my property and very clean. Very Lovely family. Dee Bivens was the tenants.

An Exercise in Frustation!!!
December 7, 2023

Key Check is an exercise in frustration beware - no help - The tenants want to use credit card - keep TRYING to set it up but just going around and around and around - and I HAVE PAID for this annoyance........

Scams Fraud ads
December 4, 2023
So far while looking for a place in Florida for the winter I've found six fraudulent ads. Two posing as Property Managers. One property is up for sale and the Realtor has been trying for weeks to get the ad removed with no luck. I've notified them with zero response. Make sure the person can verify they really own the property

Consumer beware
September 4, 2023

You can have good & bad listers. Sadly, a lot of this information doesn't surface unless you've been at the place for awhile. Owners can be conscientious or they're just in it for the extra money.

A lot of the places I've been to were filled with cheap, uncomfortable furniture with swayback beds to cheap low padding naugahyde sofa relics of the past. The same goes for appliances where you get a toaster oven so small that you have to cut an uncooked pizza into bite sized pieces before they fit or you get a mini frig that can only hold a couple of items.

One place had chipped & cracked dishes, another with so much dusty bric a brace & odd pieces of junk, that it could choke you into respiratory failure. One manager kept me waiting in a parking lot for 2 hours while she attended to personal business. Then she involved me in her personal affairs, & frankly, I was oversaturated before we even got onto the topic of renting.

For me, the best units I've gotten were away from the owner & the owners property; otherwise unwanted intrusion. The absolute worst are basement apartments. Many do not have windows or adequate ventilation systems. You can risk a case of SAD within a month of not regularly seeing the sun or being able to detect weather conditions for proper apparel. You may or may not have a parking space & even if you do you may be forced into moving your car while the owner goes about his chores.

A recent basement apartment listing claimed good insulation & a quiet atmosphere which couldn't get further from the truth. You can hear everyone, even the dog, walking back & fort, dropping & dragging stuff, or TV & radio noise, in addition to racket from any visitors. What I never considered was the plumbing. Often, the basement plumbing is below the sewage line so all waste has to be forced through vertical pipes via an electric pump. In addition to that, the renter is tasked with silencing the pumps alarm when it goes off so it doesn't disturb the owner upstairs.

A major catastrophe occurred when we suffered a 19 hour electrical outage & the owner was unable to offer a suitable substitute or solution for a toilet. It took some creative thinking to handle the problem (thank goodness for military training & a concept called contingency planning). The bathroom on most days, is odorous, along with the apartment & garage where the pump is located. Recently, the landlady's brother came to visit & she has been fumigating with perfumie spray she's using to mask the odor & deprive me of much needed oxygen. It's not fun to be gasping for air.

Consequently, I'm making arrangements to move. The other issue is the FF site. If you are renting from a lister & you contact another property for availability, your text will go through your current landlord. First, this is a privacy violation. Second, it alerts the owner you are leaving before you can give adequate notice. Third, the owner may opt to list the rental as available based on a perceived vacate date which can unexpectedly force someone out onto the street.

Another issue when putting out a request is that some owners waste the time to tell you that they aren't available on your specified dates. I only want to hear what IS available Some places will make you sign leases while others don't. Most, have utilities included. I was amazed at one lease I read with utilities included stated that the renter was responsible for utilities. I made her change the clause before signing but many didn't. Always read those leases.

Another listing stated if you didn't like pets not to rent from them because they had a dog that jumped. So, don't list, & don't rent.

Payment also varies with mode if payment with many places opting to use TurboTenant or another payment portal that is directly linked to your checking account. Often, TurboTenant account is per property & not per customer. So you can get past due notices when you are current.

August 8, 2023

I have a furnish bedroom, full bath, pool, access to laundry room, family room and kitchen. The leads I have gotten are for the entire house to rent, a studio apartment or entire family.

They do not allow renters to select "room in home" or "separate unit" etc. So there's a problem.

They will not give me a refund in spite of their lack of providing services as promised.


MJ September 04, 2023

I agree because it happened to me as well. Recently there is a comment in the upper right hand that specified "room" or "unit" but not before I contacted many owners asking for clarification.

MJ September 04, 2023

Sorry for the typo, " because"

Not Worth Your Time or Money
June 11, 2023

Do Not Use.

This is the worst platform I have used. You need to pay a year up front; the site is a nightmare to navigate, and it is not honestly described to landlords. You rarely receive contacts from a tenants interested in your property, you are given "leads" of potential tenants to proactively contract. Not a deal breaker for some, but not what I thought I had signed up for and far too time consuming. These so-called "leads" include those looking for different town or neighborhoods, and you need to weed through it all.

Best of all? The list of leads is NOT updated, so names are not removed if they are not longer looking.

Colossal rip-off

Scammers Galore And No One Listening
May 22, 2023

Absolutely disgraceful that they will not let you notify others of the scams out there! So they continue to scam others!! Lost over $5,000.00 and she is still publishing a fake listing and I cant even get furnishedfinder to take down a fake listing!

LindaFreeman June 07, 2023

My concern with furnished finder is the authentication process. WHY do they ask for front and back photos of my driver's license and then a left and right profile picture of myself loaded live? Then they call and ask a bunch of questions that are personal. Why are they asking if the home is an LLC or in a Living Trust?

Bad unsafe area
May 9, 2023

Do NOT rent from house off of Glen Ellyn in Oklahoma city. Three days into assignment had door try to kick in. Car was broken into and stray pit bulls that wander in your yard putting you and pet at risk. Bad area with loud music and people fighting in streets.

Waste of time and money bad customer service no call back
April 25, 2023

Please don't waste your money this site is useless, the Worst service! They have no customer help, they do not call you back, and don't want to give a refund for not doing what they said they did.

I had two accounts with them and have got 0 bookings, all of my apartments are always booked out on Airbnb, and the other is in Miami and has a pool deck that is just exquisite but it had a fire so I needed it removed, this was since Oct I have been reaching out for a call and no one gets back to you and they lie and say oh you only called once, WHAT?!!!

I'm looking into taking legal action, if a customer is unhappy because of the service, you didn't provide a refund, I WANT my $200 back! And please don't reach out here with your generic reply I am only interested in my refund.

Virginia the Agent not helpful so was the other agent who took my info but no call back very unprofessional business

Still waiting on Aloha manager to call me not holding my breath

Disability Discrimination & Refusal of Service Animal Repeatedly Even Charging Higher Fees
March 25, 2023

I am seeking temporary housing in two states and I tried to use Furnished Finder but as I have a service animal w/letter from my doctor I was discriminated against by 3 landlords who even went so far as to use Furnished Finder to illegally charge fees for her. I contacted Furnished Finder in writing explaining the illegal discriminatory acts even advising them I have a letter from my doctor for my service dog.

Furnished Finder refused to do anything to put a stop to illegal activities with the use of their website. A BBB complaint was filed and applicable complaints will also be filed with the ADA & AG, etc.

I would suggest that Furnished Finder send a blanket email to the landlords who use their website to earn money with their temporary homes advising them that disability discrimination and refusal of a service animal is ILLEGAL and will not be tolerated on their site before a lawsuit is filed against Furnished Finder and all applicable landlords.

MJ September 04, 2023

My complaint as well concerning listings for handicap and disabled persons. When I contacted the owners individually I was told not to come because they had steps, one had the nerve to tell me they only had 13 steps to a loft apartment. This is housing, just like other apartments and homes. I get it you don't want to do construction on your homes to accommodate us, but many of the listings don't give an accurate portrayal of the property. If I happened to reference my booking request that I'm a disabled Vet, all of a sudden they're booked or not available

Do not use furnished finder
January 31, 2023

Scam I paid for property to be listed I can not find it any where. This is a scam . Customer service is very rude. They will not help you and be politely rude for hours

Identity theft prominent on this site
January 26, 2023

The vast majority of the listings on here are scammers. it's a huge waste of time. however, there are some listings that are real, but they are in the minority. about 5%. what's worse is that furnished finders does not allow negative reviews.

So for example, if you have found a particular listing to be a scammer, you can't actually alert other users of this. at the same time, if other users found one listing to be a scammer, they can't alert you, so the end result is a lot of users will be scammed. there are a lot of guys on here posing as landlords and trying to steal your identity.

Odessia April 25, 2023

I agree also with ff main page they don't allow an honest review you fill everything out and they will not allow you to upload photo therefore it will not submit your review this is very stretchy to me

Kendra June 01, 2023

Do you mean sketchy?

MJ September 04, 2023

Although comments may be restricted on one site, they are allowed on others. I will always try to alert others of inferior rentals or lousy owners/ listers. So I continue surfing to a site where I am not restricted about an honest review, regardless of negative or positive. Remember You Tube as well for such a forum

I give Furnished Finder an "F".
January 18, 2023

I give Furnished Finder an "F". I've scheduled two calls to get more information on listing my properties and both times no one called. The first time I scheduled a call it said someone would call me in an hour... no call, and yes all my info was correct.

I've also, emailed 3 xs with no response.... although one time someone left a message asking for a time, etc to call me which I left in a detailed message and no one emailed me or called. Very unprofessional. if it's this difficult to get a phone call I don't know how their going to handle my properties.

As a landlord you have to identify the people you rent to.
January 3, 2023

I have been using Furnished Finders for 2 years. I am thrilled with the site. I have rarely had a vacancy in the 2 years I have used them. All the nurses and doctors have been wonderful. I usually have one moving in, as the other is moving out. As I do not take pets, it usually takes me longer to get a tenant.

So, I do have to turn some down, but as long as you ask for their Contract and I.D. which any landlord would do, the $99 is a bargain. Try paying 10% per month to a realtor. The hundred bucks is a bargain.

MJ September 04, 2023

I appreciate that you have succeeded and that you don't allow pets. Many of the places where I've rented, never asked to see the animals shot record or current flea treatment. Hence, many of us get into rentals with fleas or animal dander because the aim is to keep renting. If a place looked relatively clean, it was rented immediately without closer scrutiny

December 21, 2022

Warning to ALL LANDLORDS...please do yourself a huge favor and AVOID this company at all costs. Signed up in October 2022 and tried cancelling since November 2022.

They sent me a tenant who was horrible and physically abandoned the unit in less than 2 weeks completely ignoring our signed executed lease to move into another cheaper unit, I asked Furnished Finders for a refund. They said no. I asked them for a prorated portion of the paid fees as I only had it less than 1 1/2 months prior to cancelling. They said they will cancel the account but would not provide a refund of any kind.

Save your money, time and positive energy by looking elsewhere to market your real estate listings.

No help!!
December 19, 2022
There has been little to no help. Once you pay them, you are on your own!!

Be Cautious
November 28, 2022
When listing a property, please be aware that they ask for money up front before getting any information. At the end of entry they want your birthdate, social security number and other pertinent personal data. Information about you as a landlord is provided to prospective tenants without having them so through any screening process first. My experience with customer service was some poor English and reading scripts. It scared me.

Furnished Finders is Rip off Scam company..Do Not use it.
November 21, 2022

I find this site furnished finder completely useless. After paying $99 I received no inquiries whatsoever just constant annoying emails telling me that there's an urgent need for me to update my site. . which needs No updating ! For one.. it's a bogus site and secondly no customer support whatsoever.

I asked invisible customer support for refund. I received no response but perhaps one bogus inquiry from customer support supposedly representing an actual inquiry.

RichardDenman November 22, 2022

Please be alert to confusing similar names. Apparently the review here is not for "Furnishedfinder". Note that "Furnishedfinder" is one word and it is is singular. There are also - "Furnished Finder and Furnished Finders and Furnishedfinders.

For over two years I have listed my cottage for temporary housing, primarily for visiting nurses, with Furnishedfinder and can vouch for its being a completely honest and trustworthy sight. Incidentally, though I pay a listing fee, the sight is FREE for those looking for temporary housing.

SharonCarey September 08, 2023

You describe the crux of the issue I repeatedly experienced as a beginning landlord user of Furnishedfinder housing service - before I realized my mistake. I'm not entirely computer savvy and find the platform difficult to navigate, but I'm improving as I use it - along with their helpful customer service agents. Thanks for alerting others!

November 19, 2022

Furnished Finders ripped me off for $100. Their service in my area was non existing. After placing the ad with them, no one responded to my posting. Eventually they sent me some leads but after reading the leads, none of them were leads looking for what I had to offer. None. I spoke to customer service and those people were no help whatsoever. These people ripped me off! DON NOT POST YOUR HOME ON THIS SITE! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM> THEY RIPPED ME OFF!

MelvinRuebinawitz December 12, 2022

Yes! they sent me a report that there where 22k inquires for travel nurses in my area. I found that interesting in that Park City is located in Summit County which has a population of 25K. That would be 0.9 travel nurses per person?

BeverlyPotter PhD December 07, 2023

Beware: KeyCheck is VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!! I have paid Furnished Finders and I have at least a dozen inquiries wanting to use credit card - and I can not set it up with KeyFinder - just going around and around and around on their frustrating site - for which I HAVE PAID!!!!!!!!!!