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We’ve all been there: those sticky situations where we wished we could have rented a product before forking out large chunks of our savings on items we wouldn’t eventually want or use. The same applies for when you have bad credit or are looking for a shop with a low-interest rate.

Well, the good news is that several businesses these days offer rent to own services. These provide you with increased flexibility and convenience. Today, we will review one such company called FlexShopper.


FlexShopper offers a wide range of products to choose from. You might even find yourself buying things you didn’t expect because of the excellent prices.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the deals of the day, or whether you’re looking to spice up your living room with the best home theater systems or TVs, FlexShopper might be a great place to consider. 


Other products featured on their website include mattresses, furniture, video games, home and office supplies, musical instruments and the list could go on.

How Does It Work?

FlexShopper works by leasing you goods under a rental-purchase agreement, otherwise known as a lease. To repay this lease, you either make 52 weekly payments, or choose the early purchase option to fully buy the rented goods.

Should the product you’ve chosen no longer be needed, or should you not be entirely happy with it, you may also give the company sufficient notice and return the goods to them.

Cost and Price Plans

When discussing price, the cost will depend on the item of your choosing. However, if you rent multiple things at the same time, the company might apply a Cash Price Reduction by $50 for the second and each subsequent item you rent using them.

It will ultimately depend on your budget and willingness to increase spending limit. However, this avenue will make it less expensive to purchase the items before the end of the term of the lease.

Customer Service

Regarding FlexShopper’s customer service team, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Possibly the faster and most hassle-free way to get in contact is using their online chat option.

Additionally, you are able to use their main website for tracking, initiating returns, or posing billing questions using their online service, or by giving them a ring. Their phone number is (855) 353-9289.

With regards to their returns policy, you need to be aware that you won’t be able to return goods during the initial lease term unless they are defective.

However, if you rent a product for at least the initial term and give the shop enough notice, you may be given a chance to return the item – provided that it’s still in excellent condition.

Online Reviews/Complaints

When it comes to online reviews concerning the company, opinions and feelings are highly mixed. On the one hand, you will find more than a handful of reviews on Better Business Bureau (BBB) that detail how efficient, fast and to-the-point FlexShopper is.

There, you will see over 1000 reviews on questions such as "is Flex Shopper a safe site?" or "does Flex Shopper build your credit?"

On the other hand, complaints regarding the business are quite concerning, mainly since they speak of unauthorized payments, hidden fees and customer service representatives who threaten customers about their repayment plans.

While it’s hard to separate the good from the bad, it does seem that in most cases, the company is working towards reaching a positive outcome for the consumer – even if it will probably be the last time they will use the service.

Competitors and Alternatives

Bearing the above-mentioned in mind, there are several alternatives you are able to consider for receiving the same service, particularly if you’ve been denied or didn't qualify for FlexShopper.

Our first recommendation is RAC (Rent-A-Center), a company through which you are able to purchase furniture, appliances, smartphones and other electronics – even when you don’t have the immediate funds.

With no credit and no growing interest, this is an excellent option for families. A second competitor of FlexShopper is Aaron’s. Founded in 1995, the company has a long-standing history of excellent customer service.

These days, they offer a low-price guarantee on every single item in the store. You are able to pay monthly or semi-monthly and there are other flexible benefits to take advantage of.

Last but not least, Premier Rental Purchase features top brands, the option to upgrade your account as you go and free shipping to and from your home.

Where to Buy?

Renting a product using FlexShopper is a relatively straightforward process. You may choose to give the company a ring and discuss your options, use their mobile-friendly app, or go directly to their website and select the products that interest you.

The best part? You can even lease your favorite products from anywhere, regardless if FlexShopper doesn’t feature them on their website. You just input the details on the site and leave the rest up to them.


To sum it all up, FlexShopper features an excellent range of products, a straightforward application process and attractive prices. However, concerns start to arise when researching their previously sketchy customer experiences and warning flags.

FlexShopper Customer Reviews

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Don't do it!!!
November 27, 2018

How is it possible not to receive a response or any correspondence after 3 weeks? No updates to my online account, no phone calls, no emails, no snail mail, no telegram, nothing.

Three out of four items were returned back to Adorama on 11/8. I have provided the UPS delivery confirmation on numerous occasions. The other item was mailed back to Best Buy via regular mail on the same day I shipped the other items.

In addition, I have asked for a breakdown of account details for both of my accounts several times. I’ve received nothing.

This is ridiculous. FlexShopper has the absolute worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Further, your agents are unprofessional and disrespectful, they lack product knowledge, skill, accountability, and urgency. I will never do business with FlexShopper again and I’ll be sure I spread the word to others to keep their distance.

It’ll be even more pathetic when (and if) I finally receive a return email from FlexShopper. It will most likely be some canned, apologetic response saying “we’re sorry you feel this way, blah blah.”

My banking and payment information will be changed tomorrow. If your company is still interested in receiving payment from me for my previous orders, you can reach out to me - I might get back if I have time.