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no customer service at all
December 23, 2022
horrible experience, no access to comunicate.

NEVER BUY FROM THEM. Extra Large Shirts are NOT made correct.
July 19, 2022

Extra Large Shirts are NOT made correct. I'm 5'9" and my weight is about 195lbs and the T-shirts I bought from don't fit or look right. Both shirts have extra extra large sleeve holes and the head hole is for a child, with the bottom of the shirt rests at the top of my pants.

They might fit if I was 4'0" tall and weighed 300 lbs with 30 inch biceps. Looks like a clown shirt. Never Buy form this place they want $10 for return shipping or will give you a full refund for store credit.

Why would I buy anything else from them when they can't make a t-shirt correctly. NEVER BUY FROM THEM.

Won’t Honor Your Order
January 12, 2022

Do not order from FansEdge. They listed an item for a price and I bought it. Confirmed my order two weeks later and they said it would ship in early 2022.

Then I received a refund alert on my credit card that they refunded my money and cancelled my order. I told them I wanted the item I rightfully purchased and they lied to me and said the manufacturer no longer had the item when in actuality they just refused to honor the price I paid.

They fraudulently kept my money for a month even though they had no intention of honoring my order. Please avoid ordering from them.

Unfair Shipping pieces added
October 18, 2021
I just placed an order with a promo code. Shipping ended up to be very expensive for just one shirt. I did not want expedited shipping and yet there was no choice .

April 24, 2020
Horrible Experience. I put in an order for jerseys for my nephews. Never received a confirmation email and was charged twice for the same order. I called customer service and they said they had no history of my order and that I would have to call my bank to refute my charges. A week later I was charged yet again ( 3 times total) for the original purchase with no chance of actually getting the product. Absolutely horrible experience.

April 5, 2019
I was scared because of all the reviews I saw after placing an online order. BUT, my Detroit Tigers hoodie arrived on time as promised (3 bus days), and it’s better quality than I expected. Well done!

November 21, 2018
I order a jersey Nov. 5. I called today , Nov 20 and they haven't shipped my order yet. She had an attitude and only offered to shipped today with a waiting period of another 10 business days. I just asked for a refund instead and she placed me on hold for more than 15 min. I was planning to buy my kids attire from this company, but never again will I do business with them. HORRIBLE SERVICE!

BeverlyHitchens December 18, 2019

I too am running into shipping problems. 2 people said items would ship today for delivery on friday. I still have not gotten the promised email stating items were indeed shipped. And my status is still pending. Items were ordered dec. 11th. First customer rep, was not nice. Today'swas nice stated I would get an email items were shipped. But nothing and no news and no updated order information.

Happy customer
October 1, 2018
I ordered a Buccaneers Jersey and I got my order within 2 days no complaints over here

Wrong product
August 30, 2018
I ordered a shirt for $40 that was described as 50% cotton and 50% polyester. This was a custom shirt and had my name put on it. When I received the shirt in the mail it was 90% cotton and 10% polyester. They refused a refund or even a discount after misrepresenting this shirt on their website. I got nothing back from them. I put in a dispute with PayPal. They are a scam.

February 6, 2018

Purchased flags, .banners, and a hat on Monday, Jan 22, 2018 for my superbowl party. Paid by credit card which they immediately took the money. Contacted their customer service on Wednesday, Jan 31 to inquire about my order, and was informed it wasn't shipped yet.

The superbowl items JUST arrived today (Tuesday, 2/06/18) two days AFTER my annual party. I have ordered similar items in prior years from other websites, and they have ALWAYS arrived two or three days before the game. Other folks also had the same problem, as evidenced by a bevy of complaints on the Fansedge Facebook page. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING from this website, and encourage others not to buy from them as well.

You can't even find a street address for this company.

Fans Edge needs to be investigated. They are defrauding customers and stealing from them.
November 30, 2017
DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! On Monday I put an order through for several items. My bill was $252.80. When I didn't get any confirmation number I jumped on and checked my credit card. Imagine my surprise when I realized FANS EDGE charged my card $1264.45!!!! They charged me 5 times!!!! Furious I called them. After waiting for nearly an hour I got through to someone and tried to explain. They put me on hold and never came back on. I called back again - this time I got a gentleman who told me they had glitch in their system - seriously!!! Said that's fine I just want to make sure I get what I ordered and paid for 5 times. After another very long call they put my order through - guess how much I had to pay this time! Nearly $300 dollars!!! Can you say against the law!! You can't charge someone more for something after they've bought and the company messes it up and charged you 5 times for! Just think how many people they did that to???? I was told they had millions of people ordering that day. Hmmm...if that happened to say 20,000 - that company just illegally pocketed a million dollars of consumers money. SAME ON YOU FANS EDGE!!!! Hopefully enough people read this and no longer buy from such a shady and corrupt company!

JoJoWolf December 21, 2017

Very poor service and the cost you do better going to NFL.come the Question is when you having someone 400.00 Dollars they're Humans but when you log in or call no one no more then you so what's your job taken Dollars Bad Bad Bad Dog's crap on people B B B going to no

Terrible communication
December 22, 2016
I ordered a Christmas present for my son on December 6. Besides an initial confirmation email, I did not receive any communication regarding this order. So I called on December 19 and was told it would ship the next day and they would upgrade shipping in order to have it by Christmas. Guess what, now it's December order received. Called again and was told it was a "warehouse delay" that would now ship after January 3. SERIOUSLY? NO EMAIL--I had to call to find this out. I literally think this company is a scam. I would give them a zero if I could.

Never got my package.
December 20, 2016
Bought a Cubs sweatshirt on November 29th during their black friday sales week. Website advertised Free 2-day shipping. Two days went by with no package; called them, they said there was a problem and the order was never processed but that it would be sent immediately. Fast forward to today, December 20th, after three different times calling them and getting assurances that my order would arrive soon we come to find out my order was NEVER re-prossessed and my item wouldn't be arriving because they no longer had them in stock. Thankfully, and rightly so, they gave me a refund with their apologies.

December 12, 2016
I really wish I would have found all of these negative reviews before I ordered from Fansedge. Worst experience ever! I am months into the process and still waiting for a refund on product I never received, and frankly they never intended to send.

Had No Problem
November 11, 2016

I ordered a Toronto FC replica jersey from FansEdge. Within hours I had the confirmation of the order. 24hrs later I had a tracking number. It took 7 days to reach me in Toronto, which is about normal for shipments from the USA. The quality is what I would expect from a replica jersey that costs less than $70.00 USD.

Maybe I got lucky but I would have no problem ordering from them again.

Horrible!!! NOT a fan of FansEdge
November 8, 2016
A group of us are making a road trip to New Orleans for the Saints game on Nov 13. I ordered shirts and tailgate gear for the trip nearly 2 weeks ago. After 3 calls to their customer service and hold times over 30-40 minutes, they still can't tell me why my order has not shipped (everything in stock) or when it will ship. The first call to them on Nov 3 (over a week after I placed order), they promised me it would ship Monday, but their systems were down and I would have to call back the next day to be sure that I was upgraded to overnight. Another 40 min call the next day and then told, they could not guarantee when it would ship. Another call today (11/8) and still the CSR has no idea when it will ship. Unfortunately at this point it will not arrive before we hit the road, so thanks FansEdge for being so incompetent that we will not have the tailgate items we ordered for this once in a lifetime experience for a Saints fan!! I am NOT A FAN of FANSEDGE!!!

Fansedge AVOID
September 30, 2016
Ordered a shirt -- given a tracking number that never came "alive" with delivery company. Product never arrived. Customer service via "chat" promised delivery in next two day. Still no shirt. So, weeks after placing the order, I've asked for refund. We'll see....

January 7, 2016
I really hope that folks check reviews PRIOR to ordering from FansEdge! As most people do, I began shopping for Christmas gifts in November. On November 26th, 2015 I found a great Seahawks Neon Lamp that my god son would LOVE! So I purchased it for his Christmas gift. Upon opening the lamp, his mother noticed the light wouldn't come on, she had to move the lamp around a couple times, then the light came on. A week after Christmas, the lamp went out altogether. I inquired with FansEdge for a replacement, all I wanted is what I paid for. They said it was past the 30 day policy for returns.....REALLY! It was a Christmas gift so, it wasn't even opened or given to him until December 25th! That's not even possible! I was offered a small store credit. Absolutely ABSURD resolution! Why would I want to spend even MORE $$$ on a product through a company that wont even take care of its customers! I will write on as many of these online sites as I can find and tell EVERY person I know NOT to purchase from FansEdge. I have 2 children very active in the community in track, soccer, softball, and basketball. I will let every coach, player and league official know to stay away from FansEdge.

Poor quality clothing; no redress
November 22, 2015

I ordered a University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Hooded Sweatshirt from FansEdge, Order #10410769, About one year after the purchase, when I removed it from the washing machine, I noticed the left sleeve had noticeable holes in two places. Obviously the material is of poor quality.

In comparison to many brand name sweat clothes, like Champion, Adidas, etc., which I have had for more than 5 years, I never had a problem after washing the clothes countless times.

When I called the company's Customer Service Department, the representative refused to replace it despite that I saved my receipt. The company doesn't stand behind their products. Don't ever do business with this company!