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July 27, 2020

ZERO STARS. This company has scammed 1000s of people out of their money by promising refunds during COVID than ghosting them. My final payment of $1290 was due after COVID started. I asked them what would happen if we could not travel. Was assured not to worry, we would get a FULL REFUND and i also rec'd an email stating we would get a full refund (got that in writing too).

Let my final payment go out and guess what - A no travel order comes down for both our state and the state of the rental. So guess what happens next - NO REFUND. NOTHING. NADA. They are $2000 richer and we are $2000 poorer. I was told - OOPS my bad, we changed our policy... REALLY? so now over 554 people have lodged complaints with the BBB and the attorney general. STAY AWAY.

July 13, 2020

I booked a vacation through Evolve and paid the required down payment. a week before my vacation, they contacted me to pay the balance, which i did. two days before i was supposed to leave, they cancelled my vacation due to the Covid 19 problem.

I have tried to contact them numerous times via telephone and email and they to not return either. i have tried to get my $1038.00 returned. i had also taken out travel insurance. it is pretty poor that they can not return phone calls, emails or my money. all of this occurred before June 1,2020. i wonder what their excuse is? STAY AWAY!!!

Do not rent from this company
July 2, 2020

Unfortunately, despite reaching out multiple times I never heard back from this company until AFTER I cancelled my trip due to Covid-19. We had a trip booked in Florida, which now looks like it will be the new epicenter of the outbreak in the US while we were still under strict quarantine in Baltimore.

They gave me the runaround once I finally heard from them and refused to refund the 50% we had already paid, despite telling them I had my pay reduced to the point where I am making less than I was 3 years ago (again, because of my job being affected by Covid-19). You would think they would show a little compassion... I wasn't even offered a credit like some others. I

know this is a difficult time for all companies, but I feel like they purposefully waited just long enough to reach out to me that I was put into a position where I could receive nothing from them. Of course we'd all love to be on vacation right now, but it's not worth risking our lives for it. I just wish they showed me some compassion when every little bit counts for me and my family.

I can't believe how cold and unhelpful they were. If anyone from the company would like to reach out, you have my contact information. I have contacted you multiple times. Any time not relating to this issue you responded within the hour, but with this… ghosted. I’ve filed a complaint with BBB as well.

Evolve does not care about the customer
June 23, 2020
Evolve is ripping off customers by changing by not honoring their rental policy. They are say that I can not get a refund due to a Force Majeure clause in their rental agreement. The problem is that they added this clause after I had already booked my trip. Scam company avoid at all costs!

DO NOT USE Evolve Vacation Rental
June 5, 2020

We rented a lake home for our family to gather in over the 4th of July holiday in Washington. We ahead of time because it is a busy holiday, we had very specific requirements, and we had children flying in from all over the US to join us. Two months before our vacation (with cross country flights already booked), Evolve canceled our rental.

They offered to help us find another place, but every rental left with booking over the holiday had bad reviews or significant problems. It was so discouraging and I would NEVER consider renting from them again.

Scam and unethical.
May 22, 2020
We booked and cancelled our holiday four months out due to COVID and they would not refund us our money even though the policy stated they would. We had booked through many other companies and had to cancel due to COVID and Evolve was the only one to not refund us our money. They are not to be trusted. Buyers and vacation home owners beware you are not dealing with ethical people.

Carla Watson June 02, 2020

You are referring to one bad experience. I chose Evolve to handle my vacation rental a year and a half ago. They have been amazing and my business immediately took off. They have gone above and beyond to help me and my guest. They are not a scam. I am sorry you did not get your money back. All of my guest were reimbursed or switched travel dates and I was completely booked...All guests were taken care of.

LindaG. July 27, 2020

Carla, do you still feel this way? NONE OF US GOT OUR MONEY BACK - i bet you as the homeowner didn't get any money either? EVOLVE KEPT EVERYONE'S MONEY. If you want to align yourself with a company that steals money from hardworking people that's on you, but for the consumers - we were robbed in plain sight.

Unethical company - stay away!
April 3, 2020

This company has behaved so unethically during the Covid-19 pandemic that I hardly know where to start. Despite the fact that people are unable to travel, Evolve will not issue refunds. In my case, the homeowner cancelled the reservation and wanted to refund me my money. But Evolve got into the middle and refused to refund me my money, despite their own advertised policy to issue a refund to renters if the homeowner cancels a reservation.

As far as I'm concerned, they misrepresented the terms and conditions of the agreement I entered into and are holding onto funds to which they are not entitled. Assuming this company survives this situation (think they're headed for bankruptcy), DON'T EVER BOOK ANY PROPERTY AFFILIATED WITH EVOLVE!!

March 14, 2020

I contacted evolve to manage/market my rental. Hannah R helped me. They advertise that if you rent for 4 or more weeks a year, they can help. My property is available 365 days a year. It is my primary home, but I can stay with my sister when my home rents. If it rents a lot, I can rent an apartment.

They told me since it's my primary residence, they can't help me. They didn't tell me that up front. They wasted my time completing the application process and having me send my homeaway listing in. Hannah was rude when she said they will require me to remove personal pictures because it's a real turn off to renters. I think there's a nice way to say that. On homeaway, they collect and pay my taxes. Hannah said evolve doesn't.

I looked at them because they've been marketing on Facebook a lot. Why would I pay more for them to be rude and to not collect my taxes. And, I've had great success on homeaway. So, I'd steer clear of them. Evolve, in the future, be up front and don't waste people's time. If you're as rude to renters as you are property owners, I don't want you representing my property.

Bad for Renters! Bad customer service! Beware.
March 9, 2020

First, I attempted to post my review to their website. They only post 5 star reviews otherwise they hold your review for 'mediation' which never happened. Because of this I lowered my rating to 2 stars. My original review is below.

My fiancé and I booked this cabin as a nice getaway for the weekend. We booked this place after looking at many others because it checked my boxes, wood burning fireplace, nice kitchen, functional restroom, a tv, and Wi-Fi. To our surprise there was no wood burning fireplace. One of the main reasons we booked the cabin had been changed by the owners with no regard for paying visitors.

The owners and Evolve offered a $25 per day concession (2 days) on an over $350 trip. The refund did not even cover the cleaning fees. This place was a joke and so was the customer service. The porch has some places where you feel you may fall through. You cannot relax on the front porch where the best view is because the front door camera is there listening and watching.

The oven had never been cleaned and filled with smoke every time we turned it on. The main bedroom had an annoying clinking sound every time the heat was used. Lastly, there was hair on everything, the pillows, the washcloths, and the dishes.

I would never book with them again. False advertising and no real responsibility for the effect it could have on a planned trip, including the supplies we brought and bought and our plans for the trip. An okay cabin as a launch pad but not worth the money. Book elsewhere for over $350 for 2 nights.

Very Upset
February 6, 2020

Booked a vacation rental in Florida. Booked the flights separately, booked car, and ride to and from airport, only to be told 15 days before we leave that the rental has been canceled, due to the homeowner not having the correct permits. How can you represent a rental property without knowing if the homeowner has the correct credentials to rent.

It’s now too late to find anything available and our flights were non refundable... totally ruined our vacation plans and cost us almost a $1000 , we can’t recover... never book with Evolve again and suggest no one should either. This could happen to you!!! . If u cancel , they keep your money. If they cancel, they lose nothing .

More exposure than other sites.
July 18, 2019

When listing with Evolve listings show on VRBO, Airbnb, and a few other lesser known sites. They partner with those sites.


They need your bank information to deposit money into your account. Usually a few days after guests check out. Can't remember if they wanted a SSN.

Scam ?
July 12, 2019
Tried to list a property with this outfit and firs they wanted my direct bank account info and then claimed that they couldn't verify my identity and wanted my SS#. No f'n way am I giving them my ss#. I have dealt with other payment processing companies that don't even ask for banking information let alone a SS#. This company smells like a scam.

More professional than others
May 27, 2019
Listed our cabin with Evolve and immediately had more bookings. They sent out their own photographer. I found them much more professional than the previous booking company who could not get the address right.

kathym July 12, 2019

just curious if you had to give your SS# in order to get set up with this outfit? First they asked for my bank account number for payment processing and then told me they couldn't verify my identity and asked for my SS#. The more I go into this company the more it appeared to be some sort of a scam. I have dealt with other payment processing companies that have never asked for my direct bank information or SS#.

SHARON July 18, 2019

They need to know where to deposit your money. How can they do that without your bank account information? Direct deposits usually show up a few days after guests check out. I can't remember if they asked for SSN. If you are setup as direct book they will charge you for their fee if you cancel something they have already booked. But that seems reasonable.

RobbieA Marshall August 31, 2022

This was back in 2019, just when they were starting to make up all kinds of rules, not allow you to speak to management, not help with VRBO listing issues, change the cancellation policy, not allow photos... Since then, they added "Smart Rates" and "global" minimum night stays, so you've lost any remaining control you had over your property. Cannot adjust seasonal rates or change the # of nights over the summer. And now- they have a new rental agreement that cedes all power to them. If you don't like it, they will give you the boot, because they no longer need or care about their first clients that helped launch the company.