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More professional than others

May 27, 2019

Listed our cabin with Evolve and immediately had more bookings. They sent out their own photographer. I found them much more professional than the previous booking company who could not get the address right.

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July 12, 2019

just curious if you had to give your SS# in order to get set up with this outfit? First they asked for my bank account number for payment processing and then told me they couldn't verify my identity and asked for my SS#. The more I go into this company the more it appeared to be some sort of a scam. I have dealt with other payment processing companies that have never asked for my direct bank information or SS#.

July 18, 2019

They need to know where to deposit your money. How can they do that without your bank account information? Direct deposits usually show up a few days after guests check out. I can't remember if they asked for SSN. If you are setup as direct book they will charge you for their fee if you cancel something they have already booked. But that seems reasonable.

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