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Elvenar Sucks
March 23, 2024
Slow paced and the DEVs are changing the game all the time to make you buy more diamonds to get anywhere

Goes downhill quickly
May 20, 2023

The game starts out ok, just the further you play the more the npc enemies become BS, actual combat ceases and the npcs just spam you with ranged curses that stop any of your units being able to fight at all leaving them open to being taken down by the npcs easily, so all forms of battle are a waste of time and the game basically just becomes only playable farming resources to buy wins through negotiation, making the game as a whole more a mindless distraction with no realistic playability.

ok but at a cost
March 27, 2023

started well even if just yet another cashgrabber hoping impatient people would hand them money to speed up production to get more stuff, but quickly showed its actually WORSE than most others by setting cooling down periods on upgrades just to hamstring genuinely good players from using skill to advance faster than theyd like, making players who "advance too fast" without otherwise paying, to either pay to unlock what they just researched or wait at least a day to unlock normally

6/10 gameplay, but -7 for parasitic business practices

I Love It! Great Game!
October 10, 2022
I have been playing this game for about 6 years!! It has so many different things to do. Tournament , Fellowship adventures, the spire and so many beautiful events every 1-2 months with unique buildings. I started this game for the graphics and over the time i love it for all the things you can learn and explore!! Υou don't need to pay, it gives free diamonds (premium) through different events. It's a game for team players and smart players, if you want to just plant tomatoes there are other games like Farmville.

Do not waste your time
October 17, 2021
This game is interesting to start then It starts to get very slow and boring takes forever to expand your city without wasting money on something you cannot touch I do not recommend this do not recommend this view it is too damn slow if you want something that will take you 2 years to build a city flying plant glad I personally have played it for 2 weeks and I am going to eliminate the game

"Never happen"
September 18, 2021

The game is limited by space and even worse, the rotation of objects is disabled. When asked why this is so, they say it will never happen.

I can’t wait for their version of Tetris, “Rotation will never happen”.

Or any other game designed by their intelligence.

Just kidding, it will never happen!

Too Slow and too Rigged.
January 10, 2021

I have been playing for about 7 months now and am reaching for level VII. I have to say that it seems the game has problems. I just earned a expansion slot but the game didn't register it and I didn't get it. I think that was the turning point for me.

It requires far more patients (in my opinion) than it should and I think the way the goals to reach in the games chapters are not thought out well enough. It's more of a struggle than it is enjoyment. And yes, I have bought diamonds a few times to get things a little more active.

The other negative is in trying to activate any of the Ancient Wonders you have to get runes. Once you get a rune you then have to see if it is going to accept it and most of the time it doesn't so you continue playing to get more runes. I stopped bothering with Ancient Wonders all together.

At this point I am going to cut my losses and play something a little more enjoyable. That not getting an earned expansion slot did it. You need the metabolism of a tortoise to play this game.

Most expensive "free game" ever
September 9, 2020

This game is rough from the start. Within 20 minutes or so you will already hit the wall and be forced to wait on something to progress. This is maybe after three or four buildings... The big bottle neck is the premium currency of diamonds.

As you expect from a f2p game various task can be sped up with diamonds and I accept that, however in Elvenar there is both no way to earn diamonds in game but also several items that require it. So no magic branch and no more than two builders, ever.

Elvenar Scam
April 23, 2020
I find that I have to run 3 or 4 cities at a time because it takes so long for anything to happen. I saw right away that diamond points were key to success, but I refuse to whip out my credit card for this. Forge of Empires is jus the same. All Inno products are based upon the premise that people will pay money to continue playing. I'd prefer to put money down to purchase a game outright rather than set up a procedure in which my bank account is bled dry for this stupidity.

August 31, 2019
Tanks a Lot for alle the helpfull rewievs. Know that Because of them i Will never play this game.

HermanBijnens December 30, 2019

reviews are clearly by people who had no patience and quit when they meet the first serious obstacle. The game has a clear tutorial the guide you thru the 1st level, there are is a forum where you can find lots of info and several independent websites with good and clear info. If you want a fast game, you are at the wrong address, if you want some challenges and are patient you can give it a try

ErikK September 03, 2023

That's BS HermanBijnens ..... the game is a psy-op set up to keep the player paying real money in order to advance at ANY level. My mentally-challenged wife was a victim to this fraudulent scheme and spent a large percentage of our retirement funds to fund your BMW's, Porsche's and yachts. Karma will visit you, I promise.

Worst InnoGames title ever
August 11, 2019

The game is a pure disgrace for an awarded company that is practically monopolizing the browser game market for over a decade.

The lag is atrocious, which is a real issue when you take in account the severe lack of action confirmation which in turn brings up the issue of the blatant and nearly inevitable pay-to-play. The queue mechanics are less of an issue but still greatly reduct from the enjoyability of the game and make it look like a chore.

As if all these weren't enough of a hassle accounts get deleted for a single month of inactivity and sometimes (as in my occation) the game deletes all your progress and forces you back in the tutorial which lead me to assume that the servers are in an inexcusable state for a company of popularity.

The art is nice and the gameplay's concept is something I've been looking for BUT all the other issues make the game literally unplayable so I can't give anything more than 1-star.

HermanBijnens December 30, 2019

If your city got deleted, it means you were not yet at level 4 and did not play for a month or more. With a little bit of good will, you can get to level 4 in less as 1 month.

Racin February 21, 2022

I do not think you can do that without buying diamonds.

May 28, 2019
The game sucks it might as well be Farm Ville..... You cant't chat with the community at large there are no real battles its just building your city.. What a pathetic eccuse for a game. This one BLOWS. Don't waste your time

HermanBijnens December 30, 2019

Did you try the tournaments ? That is the best place to learn how to fight so you can use it to get expansions and enlarge your city

Do NOT Waste Your Time or Money
March 28, 2019
This game is a good concept, however, it really is like watching the paint dry. The creators make you wait an eternity to manufacture items you need to level up, but of course you have the option to pay REAL MONEY to advance faster in the game. Is it a free game? Yes. But unless you don't mind waiting 2 years to get to level 3, don't waste your time. I've paid a lot of MMORPG games, but I'm telling you, this one was created for the sole purpose of making money. You can't even drop buildings into a storage area and every time you place a new building, you have to rearrange your current buildings but guess what? There's not enough space so you have to sell off buildings (that you NEED) because they refuse to allow players a storage area where you can drop buildings in order to rearrange your city. This is nothing but a money maker. On a scale of 10, I'd give this game a -2 for player satisfaction. This is truly the most horrible game I've EVER played - and I've played A LOT!! Shame on these developers. Players write in that they want a storage area to ease the pain (and loss of real money you spent buying the diamonds to buy those buildings you're being forced to sell) when they're trying to rearrange their city, but the developers may as well post a giant F U sign on the splash page because after several years, we STILL don't have it. And they keep raking in the money. Share my post. Make others aware this Innogames is definitely NOT the place you want to play at.

HermanBijnens December 30, 2019

if it takes you 2 years to get to level 3, you're not a good player. Yes patience is a part of the game, if you want something fast elvenar is not your thing (BTW i am at level 15 after 4 years)

Screwed over by Customer service
February 6, 2019
I had been playing this game for about two months and really enjoyed it. But then during the middle of a tournament there was a glitch in the game and neither the badges you worked your can off for OR the packages you PAID for registered in the game. I sent two reports to Customer service during the problem. Their answer. Send replacement product AFTER the tournament was over with items that could only be used in the tournament. So basically sent worthless online items that cant't be used for anything else. I have spent almost a month going back and forth with customer service and they will still not credit me back the 3 packages I bought. I was buying ten packages a week or so, so you would think they would care about their money stream. I even asked them to just replace the sets with the three sets of something now that would be worth it, but they have done nothing. Guess they would rather lose a customer who pays than fixing one of their mistakes. LONG STORY SHORT. THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER TO PAY FOR THIS GAME....DONT PLAY You have been warned

Elvenar is a money pit
July 26, 2018
To anyone considering this game, don't. They don't care about smaller players, only those who are willing to spend a ton of money to get big fast (as are most games like this).

HermanBijnens December 30, 2019

if you play it smart, you don't pay any money, at least now there is a way to earn diamonds without having to buy them for real money. It is only a money pit for people with no patience, the 'i want it now' people

Got stuck
June 25, 2018
I have been playing for about two months and I liked it at first being about strategy and planning. However, I got stuck with the game, can't do more researches till I finish more provinces and can't finish provinces because I get defeated in battles and negotiating option takes lots of resources that need forever to be replaced. can't do more upgrades because i am out of culture and can't have more culture without new province expansions. It's so frustrating. The fellowship adventure is so silly. The helping enchantment is not flashing clearly and can be missed easily. Even buying options are so expensive; not much you can do with few hundred diamonds.

HermanBijnens December 30, 2019

Scroll thru the declinable quests, there will be quests that give you coins, supplies, or whatever you need. There are websites available with great help

Real fun
June 4, 2018

I disagree with some of the above negative comments. I have been playing Elvenar for 1 and half year and it remains great fun. It is true that you can progress, although a bit slower, without spending money on diamonds or other items. I buy occasionally diamonds to be used for special events like fellowship adventures.

For me one of the most interesting aspects of the game is strategy and planning ahead for for restructuring and re-arranging your city when building upgrades require more space than before.

All in all a game worthwhile playing.

LethalBlade June 25, 2018

of course you don't have a problem since you're buying diamonds to advance.

Emmitt Hoeft May 28, 2019

Ate you out of your mind.. You say its worth playing. Please tell me what is worth playing about it?????

It Sucks the big one there is absolutely NOTHING to do except spend money and build... Are you one of the developers or something ????

No help from Development Team
September 26, 2017
I recently had an issue with getting a sold building restored. It was indeed my error that when attempting to sell a plant next to my level 17 residence, that I too quickly clicked sell and ended up selling my residence instead of the plant. I immediately brought this to the development teams attention and surely thought it would be no problem to restore. I myself am a former mmo game coder, so I know this is not an impossible task to complete, but their response was a generic, better luck next time, and don't click so quickly. I put in serious time, and money, trying to build a beautiful city. With this response, know that this company does not care if you have an easy to resolve issue. I do not recommend anything made by this Innogame's company. They want to be paid, and do as little for the consumer as possible at the same time.

AngelaGant January 20, 2018

Thx for saving me time and money

ArillaJane Turpen May 29, 2018

I had a somewhat similar experience with their so-called customer service. I bought an item that never appeared. They pretty much said, well, since you don't have the resources to buy it again, you're out of luck until you do.

ShawnDunington June 01, 2018

Helki, most games are like this. If you missclick you don't get said item or power back. I don't know why you blame innogames when you are the one that misscliccked.

Arilla that sounds weird you probably got an untrained staff member.

I've worked on online games for like 13 years. I worked on innogames stuff for like 10. I stopped working for them in 2014 due to life surprises lol. But the training states to look at the history of each player and if you can see they bought an item but it's not there to give the player the resources to try again. Especially to check if it's a bug so other players are not affected. Remember innogames you can always request an upgrade to your ticket to get a boss to review it.

Ken Hicks October 15, 2018

I lost all of my goods from the Industrial Age in Forge of Empires due to a glitch and Innogames refused to restore them and without giving me a reason. I am in the Contemporary Age now, so I would have to make a lot of trades or rebuild my Industrial Age factories to replace the goods and it's just not worth it.

Plus the Innogames rep was very rude and refused to listen to reason. I have spent a lot of money on this game for Dianonds and other stuff plus years of my time and I am very PO'd.

Wonderful Game—ADDICTED!
May 22, 2017
I have been playing for three months and I'm addicted. I love these slow paced games, but the I particularly love the graphics of this game. I manage fine without paying. I feel that all previously stated qualms are invalid. The ancient wonders aren't a problem. The rune shards are easily collected by contributing your knowledge points to others' ancient wonders. Even then, you don't have to work towards the construction of ancient wonders. Its all up to the player. Its completely absurd to suggest that growth is only possible through spending money. Obviously Innogames is a business and that business wants your money, but they just dangle it there tantalizingly. I've developed my city fine without spending a penny on anything related to elvenar.

Rip Off
March 31, 2017
Really the only way to "evolve" is to spend lot's of your hard earned cash (the real stuff not the coins you earn in the game),