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About Education Connection

The Education Connection, at, claims to help you find an online educational provider or traditional college or university by “matching” you to an educational institution.

Education Connection begins the process of matching to you a degree program by asking you about the fields you are interested in working in, as well as the subject matter programs you would be interested on focusing.

After you have filled this information, they ask you for all your contact information and whether or not you will be interested in getting information from financial aid providers. When you are finished with this step, you are told that your “matches” will contact you.

Because your information will be given to a variety of sources, you should be very careful of what contact information you give them. For example, unless you are ok with representatives and marketers calling your cell phone, you should try to provide a landline phone number.

Education Connection also provides other educational information and materials on their website, including guides to financial aids, career services, and how to determine whether or not a school is accredited.

These extra services are free for anyone to use, even if you choose to not use the Education Connection’s matching service.

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March6, 2013

They simply sold my information.

I marked best time to call at 3pm, and started getting dozens of phone calls before 8am by obvious call centers. Over and over and over..

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January25, 2013

They dont do a thing, i've tried to find some colleges on their seach engine and it just collects my contact information
(good thing all i put in was fake aha!) and gives me no colleges at all just advertising for online colleges that dont even offer my major.
all those commercials and spokespeople is just a joke. Never go on there!

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May 27, 2015

Thank you for the reviews. I won't w/my time being scammed.

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