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Good product if you manage to get it (on time)
July 9, 2023
Soaps are really nice, although they don’t last long, they perform as advertised. But getting this company to ship your order in a timely fashion is difficult. Don’t expect overnight delivery. It’ll take them 1-2 weeks to ship.

JohnPayne August 03, 2023

I found out the hard way. And, they have no customer service beyond automated messages. Just short of a scam company.

Smells Nice
June 8, 2023
I love their Pine Tar bar of soap. I recently ordered 4 bars of Pine Tar soaps along with 3 Deodorant in Pine Tar scented. This scent smells nice and clean and my husband loves taking a shower and leaving the bathroom smelling like Pine.

April 25, 2023
Never received the order and they tried to replace it 3 times. Don’t waste your time or money. Terrible company

Sasquatch sized poor customer experience
March 2, 2023

Order at your own risk. Chances are what you order will be back-ordered, even though it shows in stock on their site.

Then they will let your order sit there "processing" for days on end until you finally ping them on Facebook and ask "what's going on with my order", which is when they tell you "your items are all on backorder".

Then they will tell you that they cannot refund your order and you will be forced to escalate threatening legal action while taking time-stamped screenshots of all the product pages for the items you ordered to show that they are advertising the items to be in stock.

Finally, they will back down and refund your money, but not cancel the subscription you started along with the order, even though you specifically said "and cancel my subscription".

Realistically, their soaps last about 3 to 4 days anyways, at $7 per "bricc", so you're spending about triple per month what you would if you just bought a good quality body wash and loofah.

They get a one-star because their soaps do smell good and of course, because that is the lowest you can rate them.

No product received.
December 3, 2022
I placed an order in October. It is now December. The Shop website status remains "Order received" so it appears my order hasn't been processed. I've reached out 3 times for an update. These products may be wonderful, but they're worthless if I never receive what I've paid for. This is 2022. Shameful business practice.

Michael March 02, 2023

It's because they don't let you know that the items you ordered, which deceptively showed as in stock on their website, are actually on backorder.

And under the terms of the order, you cannot get a refund unless you start threatening legal action, which they know and you know will cost more than the order total but they just don't want the hassle, so they eventually just refund the money because they don't want the negative press.

SCAM? I don't know
September 27, 2022

I placed an order and after contacting them three times over the 22 days since I still have not gotten my order.

Terrible Customer Service
September 20, 2022

Garbage customer service, it's like they're hiring high schoolers to do their customer service. Will never buy or recommend anybody Dr. Squatch. Roughly $100 millions revenue on 2020 and can't get decent customer service?

Don’t waste your time or money.
September 10, 2022

So first things first, they got my order choices wrong. Secondly, when I got them, they flake and fall apart straight out the package. And thirdly, most of them smell terrible. Add to the fact that it’s overpriced, just steer clear.

Soap does not cut grease.
March 18, 2022

I've been an automotive technician for the last 20 years I decided to get some good smelling soap from these guys and see if it worked it doesn't cut grease you would think soap would cut grease it does not I recommend not buying this soap

Awful customer service and shipping
February 11, 2022
I have been with Dr Squatch since the beginning. Their customer service and shipping are subpar. They sent incorrect items or less items in the last 2 orders, The are growing fast and it seems like they cannot handle the sales.

Customer Support and Shipping is horrible.
December 17, 2021
STAY AWAY! They have almost zero customer service. Your product may or may not ever arrive, But it most certainly will not arrive within the slotted time frame, You'll be lucky to get it in a few weeks.

Very poor customer service, damaged product and refused return
November 3, 2021
Do not buy from this company. All of the reviews they post are not real. They shipped me a box of soap that was for a gift and the product box was so damaged I would be embarrassed to give it as a gift.

My experience with Dr. Squatch soap.
July 29, 2021
A awesome smelling soap that doesn't last at all. As far as a daily driver soap it isn't worth the money, 7 bucks a pop they don't even last a week. A 6 pack of regular soap is cheaper then one bar and last 6-8 months not 6-8 days. If I were to recommend this soap it would be for special occasions like a date.

Deodorant stained my shirts
July 20, 2021
Deodorant stained my shirts? I have been using degree prior and never had any problems. Recently ordered deodorant and hair shampoo and conditioner. They smell great just wished the deodorant didn't stain my shirts. I like to stock up so I ordered 7 deodorants and 3 conditioners and 6 shampoos. I sent an email to return the deodorants and still no response. The shampoo and conditioner is great and I'm keeping that but I just don't know what to do with 7 deodorants that I cant use. Wish someone would respond to my email.

Soap add was only good thing
July 11, 2021
Ads great but wasn't happy with how long it lasted. was nothing like the ads. They had to of been paid actors. Don't waste your money

May Cause Allergic Reaction.
May 12, 2021

I really wanted to like Dr Squach but it just wasn't in the cards. I ordered the beach bundle with shampoo and conditioner, shampoo and candle. After a month I still hadn't received my order. The tracking number said it was in New Jersey which was odd because it passed right past me in Maryland.

I will say customer service was helpful and surprisingly I had 2 orders at my door 2 weeks later. The very next morning I tried out the shampoo and conditioner along with the bay rum soap. The shampoo and conditioner left my scalp on fire and the soap had me itching for 2 days.

I switched back to my old soap for the rest of the week then tried the bar of bay rum again with the same results. Unfortunately it looks like I will be sticking to my chemical concoction from Axe since at least I don't end up scratching like a crack fiend for 2 days afterwards.

No Issues
April 26, 2021

Here is my honest review of the soap bars I bought. I got two of the Cold Brew bars and I love them. The scent calms me, and the grit is good for taking off dry, dead skin. I didn’t have any issues with shipping, too.

I plan on buying the minute I begin to run low

Dr Squatch Is The Real Deal
April 23, 2021

You can definitely say I was a non believer, but I’ve been using Dr Squatch soaps for 4 years now and do not regret the decision at all. Being in the military and then working in an engine manufacturing plant will give you lots of dry and cracked skin.

My knuckles would bleed like crazy, it didn’t even seem like lotion was doing much to help. It didn’t occur to me that my regular hygiene routine wasn’t helping me either. The body washes and shampoos I used just made it worse. I noticed almost immediately after switching to Dr Squatch that my skin was much smoother and moisturized. It was amazing but I took it for granted, I didn’t order any Dr Squatch soap for a while and went back to the regular soaps and shampoos you’d find at your local Walmart. Bam, the bleeding knuckles of dry skin came right back.

I’m not looking back anymore, so long as DS continues to make natural, made in USA soaps, I will continue buying. It’s nice to know what I’m putting on my skin isn’t gonna come around to haunt me down the road. Plus the girlfriend likes the scents, it’s a win win. I give it US Army and United Auto Worker seal of approval.

As for people complaining about shipping issues, I can honestly say I’ve never had an issue or delay in shipping, even in the midst of covid19. Covid has severely severed the shipping and supply chain, in just about every possible way. Lack of employees, material etc. I guess what I mean is, if there were shipping issues, it’s understandable.

Overall, great American made products, kinda pricey but you get what you pay for.

Unless you enjoy MISERY, shop elsewhere!
April 22, 2021
DO NOT RISK YOUR MONEY...I placed two separate orders, on the same day going to 2 different Sons. A week later, no word on when the company will package for shipping. I emailed only to get an Automated Reply 3 TIMES... I called their phone only to get a recording saying ! "We aren't taking calls!"

Wondering if this company is a sham
January 16, 2021
Do not order from this company. I ordered a month ago, supposedly my order was processed, and I never received 37 dollars worth of products. They blamed the holiday rush, but the delays I've experienced were nothing like this. The UPS tracking number I was given was proven invalid by UPS, which I have never experienced with any other company.