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About Dr. Al Sears, MD

Dr. Al Sears, MD is a doctor, nutritionist, and certified fitness expert who has created a long list of products, publications, and programs with the goal of helping people be their best and healthiest versions of themselves. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, “Dr. Sears is a pioneer in integrated medicine” and “one of the nation’s first board certified anti-aging physicians,” who works hard to provide his readers with information regarding new and different treatments or solutions for various medical maladies and health conditions.  

He has a wide variety of products. Some of his most well known include the PACE Express Fitness Program, which has been designed to give users “maximum fat loss results” in just 12 minutes a day by using a progressively challenging workout routine.

The website also offers the 8th Element Cancer Cure, a healthcare publication which offers information about an alternative theory of cancer treatment called oxygen theory, and is based on research that showed that when tumors are exposed to high levels of oxygen, the cancel cells stop growing.  


And for customers who are interested in a variety of healthcare information, there is the Confidential Cures series, which provides information on healthcare tips Dr. Sears has discovered while traveling, and any new breakthroughs regarding common conditions like heart disease, arthritis, and much more. 

Cost/Price Plans

This website provides various articles and videos completely for free, but most of their extensive and well detailed offerings will certainly have some sort of cost attached. The PACE Express Workout is currently priced at $58.98, for example, and Confidential Cures has varying costs depending on the type of subscription membership you choose to purchase, with the VIP Membership being priced at $99.95 and the Gold Membership priced at $49.95.     

Refund Policy

Because the Dr. Al Sears MD website provides such a variety of products and publications, they do not provide a general, overarching Refund Policy that is applicable to everything they offer. Instead, when you are interested in purchasing a specific item, you’ll need to check the specific guarantee or policy associated with that product.    

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to contact Customer Service with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 561-784-7852, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to their website through the Contact Us link.


There are some red flags associate with this website and company that may give customers a bit of pause. For example, though the website promotes Dr. Sears as an “anti-aging specialist” the reality is that this is a certification given by a private organization, not an actual medical specialty that is recognized by medical boards. 

In addition, there are many different websites and organizations that object to the publication of untested, holistic and alternative medical theories because they can convince people suffering from serious medical conditions to ignore their doctors and approved medical treatments. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

The alterative or holistic medical industry is growing quickly and includes many different doctor backed websites like Mercola.com, The People’s Chemist, and many others. 

If you have any experience with Dr. Al Sears MD or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Use non-synthetic vitamins, they do honor money back
February 7, 2021
I've used several of their supplements. Curcurmin Triple Burn, Rejuvenol, Ultra Accel II, their D3 and eyesight formula and a few others. Their ingredients are quality. For example, Vitamin E is 3x more effective if natural and not synthetic....heals a sunburn overnight if you break open the pills.

Trump admirer with no credibility
June 11, 2020

Sears is a persistent little guy who tries very hard to get your money.

He thinks that people are stupid enough to go along with his touting of his hero D. Trump whom he claims is going to battle with the FDA on our behalf!

No evidence of this has ever been produced, Sears has oddly placed and posed photos of his favorite politician all over his newsletter as if to seek to legitimize his unsupported claims.

Wayne M September 04, 2020

I like Al Sears and I like Donald Trump. This gives me more confidence in his integrity. I have benefitted from some of his products, for example Recovery, which aids in blood sugar control. Like all supplements, some of his creations can get a little pricey. I refer to him as the Hippy because of his long hair. He also champions alternative treatments like stem cell therapy. This is good to know. Big Pharma tries to crush them, but there are enough doctors like Al Sears to fend them off.

Wayne M September 04, 2020

I actually like Dr. Sears and have found some of his products to be helpful, such as Recovery. I refer to him as the Hippy because of his long hair. I'm also a Trump supporter and that gives me more confidence in his integrity. It's good to find out what natural alternative treatments are available to combat disease with no side effects. He sometimes will spill the beans about stuff without making a dime, though his products like all supplements can be a little pricey.

Totally false promises
November 12, 2018
He makes big promises for his products, but they don't even come close to having enough of most ingredients in them to do anything. Not at all based on clinical research. Appalling!

Christine D September 21, 2020

I believe this man is the same man who has Einstein as his picture, who also gave him 1 star. I call BS!!!

January 23, 2018

I have had a subscription to Al Sears MD for about a year now.

I initially signed up due to an advertisement to a miraculous one pill cures all.

You will receive numerous mailings with his double-speak.

Never really giving you information but putting you in a circle of "if you want to find out more now buy this subscription". It's complete insanity. He does not sell any cures to anything he advertises.

I doubt the good doctor is an actual person. Seems like just a very slick marketing campaign. If he is real he's either a very cleaver con man or he's truly mentally ill.

My opinion? Run. Stick with Dr. Mercola or The People's Chemist. They're both straight forward and actual people.

Shawn B November 07, 2018

ok if he can sell the pill without the information of what it can do, then why not sell the info and pills separately in order for the customers to give feed back

I would like a follow up

[email protected]

Sarah April 11, 2018

Hi Larry,

Yes, there is a pill. The reason you won't see it advertised in the same place you will see information/studies about it is that, believe it or not, you cannot legally make disease claims about anything that is not a DRUG (curcumin is naturally occurring and therefore not patent-able as a drug) and sell the product. It doesn't matter that the science is true and proven, it is illegal to let anyone know about it if you are selling it. You can sell information with all the scientific backup so that people can use that information to treat themselves. You can sell a pill, but with none of the data that shows its effectiveness against any disease. You can't sell the two together. It is either inform, or sell a pill without fully informing. People like Dr. Sears will do both, but separately, if they are complying with DSHEA and the FTC. I know this is confusing, but doctors committed to alternatives to big pharma's drugs jump through special hoops to disseminate information and alternative products. Hope this helps.

Where's the Pill
October 29, 2017

I hate ads that claim there is a cure or a pill (example: $1.00 a pill) that doesn't really have the pill. This is just another bait and switch to sell books and so-called reports. If this Dr. wants to contact me to explain his promises I will leave my email address at the end of this complaint. If he has such a pill as he claims, I will gladly buy a 60 day supply to take myself and report on it's effectiveness. Surely he could find a manufacturer and distributer who would be glad to produce such a pill. If he does not have a product such as he talks about, then he is no better than the "Big Pharma" he attacks.

[email protected]@reagan.com

Vicki E August 16, 2021

He’s a Quack selling junk to poor gullible people who agree with his administration of Trump! That said, most comments were previous to 1-6-2021 & the proven #BigLie from #SoreLoser #Disinformation is rampant on Social Media sites! Beware & fact check all sources starting & ending BitChute.dot Org!!Troll bots are in full force for 2022!

Jayeson V June 11, 2020

This reviewer has hit the nail on the head and I applaud the intelligent comments made.