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Poor customer service and delivery time way off
December 20, 2023

Paid $24 us for FedEx shipping (3-4 Business days) Ordered on Dec 9th. Just received today (Dec 20)

Had to pay $26 duty as well.

Not happy with customer service and don’t trust the promised delivery time.

Art Theft Ambivalence
September 30, 2023

Poor customer service. Site rampant with art theft and stolen intellectual property. Making profits off of copyrighted characters by uploading crappy crops and photoshopped watermarks of fan art without compensation OR credit to artists. Response is mediocre at best, "We're not liable" at the worst -- they clearly have no qualms nickel and diming artists AND customers with hidden fees and making a profit off of copyright infringement. Do not support them.

KatelinArmstrong September 30, 2023

You also can't guarantee the quality of an image because the 'marketplace' isn't maintained by any staff. it's all user submitted images....

Frame is just a border - not as expected
July 17, 2023
The overall art was fine, but we paid about $20 extra for a frame that doesn't exist - it's a painted on boarder that covers part of the art, and is incredibly poor quality that is absolutely not worth the money. I would have expected this quality from wish.com and wouldn't have ordered.

KatelinArmstrong September 30, 2023

That's likely because Displate does not upload their own artwork. It's a 'marketplace' where stolen art is edited poorly, watermarks removed, and then uploaded by a rando that wanted to make a profit. You probably got scammed by one of the sellers who uploaded a low resolution image so when the image 'prints' it looks bad. Displate will charge you for returns and then claim they aren't liable - And that's a quote on social media from the company themselves. "It's a marketplace, we aren't liable, the user is" BS

Unreliable - Fail To Deliver
December 28, 2022

Ordered from Displate 01DEC22. The item has still not arrived today 28DEC22 despite a replacement allegedly being shipped, Multiple communications with the Displate Customer Services team who make promises that are not fulfilled. They take your money as an honest customer seeking their product but can’t fulfill the order.

They can’t even blame this one on a third party strike taking place. I have never been let down so often in relation to a simple transaction.

A little overpriced but still amazing product
August 11, 2022

I love displate I order all the time dark souls and fantasy themed paintings, the people complaining sound like older people who just misunderstand the terms and the way shipping works apparently everything is right there on their site.

They offer discounts regularly, all the negative reviews I've read so far are caused by customer incompetence not actually displate.

Anyways I wish they could get the price down to about 38 39 bucks or 45 total including shipping and they would get a big percent increase in sales like a really big increase.

Buyer beware!!!
July 27, 2022

Buyer beware!! I ordered a horse picture for my dad and it was the worst quality. Looked like it had been sitting in the sun for weeks. They expect you to return it international. I live in the US so this would have costs me $600! I only paid $135.

I emailed them told them my issue and they asked for a picture of the item. Even after seeing the picture they said I would have to pay to return. Not even offering to send me another one or partial refund or even a credit.

There were so many ways for this company to make this right. NOTHING! Very unhappy.

Scam to take $3 a month from unsuspecting teens
July 7, 2022

My son signed up for the Displate club in December of 2020. We never received any notification that he had a certificate for a free Displate.

We recently looked at his account and found that the certificate had to be used within a short-time, 30 or 60 days, so the $54 we put toward the club went in their pocket.

We cancelled the membership and identified the past 6 months as fraud to Citi. If I could go back further on our account, I would. Anyway, I wouldn't waste the time or money.

Club is a Scam
April 11, 2022

I signed up for displate club, as I was going to buy more. My first order was 7-9 large and extra-large plates. So it was a good deal for me to be in the ‘club’.

While working with cs for something else I asked then why I was getting a sales page for the ‘club’. After 4-5 emails back and forth… Looks like a month ago my bank declined the charge because of “incorrect information”. I have not moved, and I still have my account with that bank, there are more than enough funds, so it was not my issue… The bank has not sent anything about an issue with my card or replaced the card, I use this card for all online subscriptions, Netflix, Disney, Apple, and more… none of them are having issues.

I brought the issue to them, a month after the ‘failed’ charge. When I noticed something was not right…

I received no emails, no communications from displate, I was also logged in a bunch between Feb-March. I have searched my inbox I have a welcome email and invoice for my first order. There was a promo email that was in junk from last week.

My complaint is that I was a month shy of my one year when I was ‘canceled’ through no fault of mine, the cs rep basically said I was s*** out of luck…

There are so many ways this could be better:

Pause the club and make the free plates available once you have 12 paid months

Allow the user to pay for the missing month

Give them an X month credit if they sign up again

Send a letter or postcard

Call the user

Use a non-marketing email to help inform the customer

Not change information in their system

Allow users to pay for the year at a slightly discounted rate

An alert when you log in saying there’s an issue

There are probably a million and one ways this could have been better.

The fact that I was signed in and got no emails about their being an issue is my concern and is made way more frustrating by the response from the cs rep basically saying there is nothing that can be done.

At this time I don’t think I will ever order from them again, and I will be letting everyone know about it.

This was my experience, from my viewpoint. I wanted people to be aware of this issue so that it does not happen to you.

A google search tells me I am not the only one with this issue.

Get ready to be Phished
March 3, 2022
Products are fine, but within minutes of purchase my Inbox was flooded with phishing emails and it continues nonstop 6 months later. All the emails are from Eastern Europe, where Displate is located BOGUS!

AdamPalmer August 11, 2022

You agreed to terms of service all you had to do was uncheck that box, seems like your blaming others for your own mistakes...

KatelinArmstrong September 30, 2023

Alternatively, Adam, other customers are now informed of something they need to make sure isn't selected by default. A company being absconded from bad practices because they TECHNICALLY give you an option to 'opt out' is a lame defense. Its still a crappy thing to do.

Avoid this company.
February 25, 2022
First and last time customer, the duty fees feel like blatent theft. Don't charge me for shipping if you're not including duties.

They are legit
January 24, 2022

Not sure what all the hate is for. My Displate LE purchases have all been great. Love the product. To be honest the non LE purchases have been mediocre at best. The one time I had a damaged product delivered I sent pictures to their support and they told me to keep what I had and sent me another one. So they are legit but the product may not be for everyone.

KatelinArmstrong September 30, 2023

Art theft and bad customer service. Mainly art theft.

Import fee way too expensive
September 25, 2021

It's "legit" but I would avoid outside of the US at all cost!

The import fee is ridiculous, they use DHL, it's metal and I don't know what they use as boxes but it's just absurd, if you buy 3 you'll end up paying for 4 (literally)

Look elsewhere.

Great product, would recommend.
August 2, 2021
Bought two Medium Hearthstone heroes, Ragnaros & Dr. Boom. Opt'd for the Matt finish an unframed. Both were amazing, I gave them to my nephew for xmas in 2020. I live in Eastern Canada and the arrived within a little over a week. That is fast considering they shipped from Poland.

So so quality at a high price
April 16, 2021
Color quality and picture vibrancy isn’t that great to justify the high price.

Not willing to help with the problem they created themselves.
April 15, 2021

I wanted to get a custom displate.

I have read that its quite a hassle to do so. You first have to buy a different displate and add the club membership on top off that. You cant just solely buy the membership.

This already annoyed me a bit, but I went along and asked my father for his creditcard so i can buy one for a friend of mine as a birthday gift. So when my dad finally had the chance to visit me (he lives far away because im studying quite far from my parents their home) he did and we followed all instructions.

We had paid and and all went smoothly only i did not receive club membership. I thought it would take a while so after my dad left i went in to check again. Still nothing. So i contacted them and they informed me that something went wrong on their side.

They said they could cancel my order so I can try it again. I informed them of my situation and since they dont accept IDeal i couldnt repay if they would cancel this one.

I also told them the reason i wanted club membership is because i wanted a custom displate.

Here is where this story takes a darker turn.

After repeadetly denying me an option to get club membership. I said i would also gladly pay for a custom displate (even extra if needed) but they couldnt find a possible way to make this happen aswell. Which is just so insane. A random stranger can litterally just get club membership, I can send them my image and they can make the displate and deliver it to my house. BUT somehow the company itself cant do this.

This is just straight up not willing to help, not trying to get a customer satisfied and overal laziness.

I have send over 20 mails back and forth with this company but they just do not want to fix it.

Total Scam
March 5, 2021
Total fraud. Company is based out of Poland and ships empty boxes. I asked for them to reship the items I ordered or refund my money and they refused. Buyer beware. If Paypal didn't take a month to resolve disputes I would have had my money back a while ago.

Displate is a SCAM!
December 14, 2020

I ordered a Displate medium sized picture for $107.00, my card was charged and then I got an email saying that they couldn't fulfill the order because I wanted it sent to my PO Box.

They claimed that I'd receive a refund and was given a discount code for a future order.

I wanted the poster, as it was a Christmas gift, so I placed the order again with the discount code for a large poster for 123.00, again my card was immediately charged and this time I didn't get any communication in regards to this new order and I still haven't received any refund or product!

Received my item
July 29, 2020
I received my Angry Bird Displate picture and I love it! It looks great, it was easy to mount. My only suggestion is perhaps their website offering extra protective leafs if someone wants to move the picture to another location. Very happy with the product.

Just got 3 of them.
March 30, 2020
They look exactly like what they were shown to be on the website. So far everybody who has seen them have thought they were pretty cool, including a couple of friends who I know are going to buy some soon.

They suck
August 21, 2019
As an artist its hard enough to sell your work but for a company to pick and choose what your allowed to sell and not sell even after a few weeks of it being uploaded is total BS. And to tell me that a portrait (mostly what I do), contains "adult material" when its from the neck up?! WTF?