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Website: Displate.com

Displate.com is a website and company that manufactures "exceptional Metal Posters," which have been created by one of their "amazing" artists in their volunteer art community who are supported when you purchase their products. 

How Does It Work?

A displate is a metal poster that has been designed by one of the Displate.com artists to depict an artist scene, an iconic movie or pop culture figure, a clever saying or phrase, or anything else you could potentially come up with.

The displates automatically come with a magnet. The magnet will have an adhesive side that will be attached to the wall of your home where you'd like to display your metal poster, and the opposite side is what will hold your displate.

Cost/Price Plans

With such a wide variety of products available on their website, there is no way to quote a set price range for the items they create, though many of their displates are available for between $44 and $69.     


Refund Policy

Customers who are unhappy with their purchase for any reason should contact them for assistance or for instructions on returning their product. All displates except those ordered via "Create Your Own Displate" are available to be returned and refunded 100% up to 100 days after purchase, as long as it is in its original state and has never been hung.    

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected] or by submitting them directly to their website.


There are not many user or customer reviews available for this item at this time, though there have been some third party reviews which seem positive about the type of products this company is offering. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different companies and website that offer art and home decor products, of many different varieties and types, so customers who are looking for alternatives should be able to find something else that better suits their needs, if Displate.com does not.

If you have any experience with Displate.com or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Displate.com Customer Reviews

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Import fee way too expensive
September 25, 2021

It's "legit" but I would avoid outside of the US at all cost!

The import fee is ridiculous, they use DHL, it's metal and I don't know what they use as boxes but it's just absurd, if you buy 3 you'll end up paying for 4 (literally)

Look elsewhere.

Great product, would recommend.
August 2, 2021
Bought two Medium Hearthstone heroes, Ragnaros & Dr. Boom. Opt'd for the Matt finish an unframed. Both were amazing, I gave them to my nephew for xmas in 2020. I live in Eastern Canada and the arrived within a little over a week. That is fast considering they shipped from Poland.

So so quality at a high price
April 16, 2021
Color quality and picture vibrancy isn’t that great to justify the high price.

Not willing to help with the problem they created themselves.
April 15, 2021

I wanted to get a custom displate.

I have read that its quite a hassle to do so. You first have to buy a different displate and add the club membership on top off that. You cant just solely buy the membership.

This already annoyed me a bit, but I went along and asked my father for his creditcard so i can buy one for a friend of mine as a birthday gift. So when my dad finally had the chance to visit me (he lives far away because im studying quite far from my parents their home) he did and we followed all instructions.

We had paid and and all went smoothly only i did not receive club membership. I thought it would take a while so after my dad left i went in to check again. Still nothing. So i contacted them and they informed me that something went wrong on their side.

They said they could cancel my order so I can try it again. I informed them of my situation and since they dont accept IDeal i couldnt repay if they would cancel this one.

I also told them the reason i wanted club membership is because i wanted a custom displate.

Here is where this story takes a darker turn.

After repeadetly denying me an option to get club membership. I said i would also gladly pay for a custom displate (even extra if needed) but they couldnt find a possible way to make this happen aswell. Which is just so insane. A random stranger can litterally just get club membership, I can send them my image and they can make the displate and deliver it to my house. BUT somehow the company itself cant do this.

This is just straight up not willing to help, not trying to get a customer satisfied and overal laziness.

I have send over 20 mails back and forth with this company but they just do not want to fix it.

Total Scam
March 5, 2021
Total fraud. Company is based out of Poland and ships empty boxes. I asked for them to reship the items I ordered or refund my money and they refused. Buyer beware. If Paypal didn't take a month to resolve disputes I would have had my money back a while ago.

Displate is a SCAM!
December 14, 2020

I ordered a Displate medium sized picture for $107.00, my card was charged and then I got an email saying that they couldn't fulfill the order because I wanted it sent to my PO Box.

They claimed that I'd receive a refund and was given a discount code for a future order.

I wanted the poster, as it was a Christmas gift, so I placed the order again with the discount code for a large poster for 123.00, again my card was immediately charged and this time I didn't get any communication in regards to this new order and I still haven't received any refund or product!

Received my item
July 29, 2020
I received my Angry Bird Displate picture and I love it! It looks great, it was easy to mount. My only suggestion is perhaps their website offering extra protective leafs if someone wants to move the picture to another location. Very happy with the product.

Just got 3 of them.
March 30, 2020
They look exactly like what they were shown to be on the website. So far everybody who has seen them have thought they were pretty cool, including a couple of friends who I know are going to buy some soon.

They suck
August 21, 2019
As an artist its hard enough to sell your work but for a company to pick and choose what your allowed to sell and not sell even after a few weeks of it being uploaded is total BS. And to tell me that a portrait (mostly what I do), contains "adult material" when its from the neck up?! WTF?

Don't trust them
August 21, 2019

If you are an artist don't put your work on this website, you can get banned for no reason and you don't get paid.

Their service is terrible, if you need help they reply in days.

Fascist attitude, they cut you out if and when they want.

I got accused of copyright breaking with no reason and they kept my money. On the website you see many people stealing other artists work, modify it and sell it, and they never get a ban.

In my case, i do photo manipulation and digital painting and i am always very careful about working with copyright-free pictures.

But they decided out of the blue, without explanations, that it was time to kick me out.

They kept my money and that's it.

Don't waste your time and money please, they are not worth it.

Total Scam
August 8, 2019

Free shipping somehow ends up with me eating $25 in customs and duties, which I find out about as the DHL guy is on the way to my door. Won't give it to me if I don't pay.

Ended up paying 100 dollars for a glorified fridge magnet with free shipping.

Customer service refuses to help me.

Never do business with Displate.

Verification of Images Is Longer Than Told...
May 24, 2019

I registered recently a day ago and started uploading at least 6 of my pieces. The verification said it can take up to 24 hours. In other words, it should not go over 24 hours to simply look over some pieces to see if they are legit mines or not.

I do not like being told that something will take a certain amount of time and that person/company does not abide by it directly. Instead of having that misleading verification process time, how about saying it can take up to 2 or more days so people can get a better experience.

I use a different website called TeeSpring and if you're using copyright material the minute you post it, they simply disable it and send you an email. (I would know this considering I tried uploading one of my pieces of Homer, yet they found this a "Copyright" problem. Don't know why when there are several artists selling pieces of cartoon characters in their own styles as well.)

I rather them have that type of system than me waiting more than 2 days for my stuff to publish. I don't have that type of patience. Not saying I don't trust the website but, they need to improve that one area and I'll consider using it. Other than that, I have deleted my account

Why is this even a thing
May 5, 2019
Well, the website sells stolen intellectual property, so...

VictoriaRose July 08, 2019

This is quite an accusation... can you back this up?

ZofiaLewandowska July 12, 2019

I've had a handful of proofs, but those cases got deleted after some time (I just checked, it is a nice surprise), that is a good thing they did, even if they're a bit late.

Though there are still plenty of posters for sale, that are simply fanarts/official graphics downloaded from internet and poorly remixed in photoshop. I don't have a free moment to search for originals now, unfortunately.

I do not say of course the whole website preys on unfair tactics, but cases of art theft are not dealt with fast enough, and there are a lots of them. I know it is hard to control such tactics, but you can make a solid amount of money by putting up to hundreds posters for sale in span of couple of months, before someone takes your account down. And this is terrifying to me.

Love these things!
April 20, 2019
I have purchased a total of 18 Displates over the course of 3 years or so, and will continue to purchase them. They are gorgeously made, and look stunning on my wall. The quality of the prints are exceptional. I have only had one issue; one arrived with some slight scratch damage. I emailed them about it, and they immediately shipped a replacement at no extra charge, AND allowed me to keep the damaged one. I have also inquired about extra magnets, like if I ever move, and they have told me they would provide new magnets for all of them free of charge when the time comes. Not only are the Displates themselves great, but I have nothing but praise for their customer service too. All in all, these things ROCK!

Legit and great product/service
March 30, 2019
Bought 16 plates from them almost 2 years ago. Great product, shipped perfect. Had emailed them to get more magnets and they sent it with out a problem. Prices are decent too

Disappointing quality for the price
February 5, 2019

I ordered a large poster, with the hopes of ordering more down the line if the quality was good enough. Unfortunately, I will have to pass.

Duty fees to Canada at the door were pretty steep and came as a surprise, since there is no message or warning during checkout.

The print is quite faded compared to the sample on the website. Additionally, the image was pretty blurry blown up on to a large poster. There isn't an easy way to tell on the site how much the quality will suffer when you go for a larger print.

The magnets for hanging the poster seem to hold well enough, although there isn't an easy way to move them and hang the poster somewhere else, and they don't include any extra magnets.

On the plus side, The metal definitely adds a cool dimension to the poster. Maybe if they address their quality issues, or lower the international price significant'tly I'll get a few more one day.

It's OK at best
November 29, 2018
The product is actually really nice and functions as planned. However they don't warn you that it ships out of Europe and you'll have to pay additional duties when it gets to you. I don't remember the exact amount but I feel it was close to an additional 40-50$ on top of what I had originally paid.

Quality not as good as website shows
September 6, 2018

Found a piece of artwork that looked amazing in their advertisements. Ordered the large size, but in person it’s not as crisp as the website was showing (I have Costco metal prints that are much better). It’s very likely due to them not using a high enough resolution source photo. They’re too concerned about monetizing than supporting their customers.

I reached out about returning it because the quality didn’t match- they said I’d have to pay return shipping. Return shipping is just about the price of the poster. Their response? Sorry, that’s policy. They offered zero compensation and now I have this pos sitting on the floor in my office. Huge regrets.

Do not recommend if you are expecting it to look as good as it does on their website.

Returns are Impossible
June 5, 2018
I was dissatisfied with my Displate and wanted to return it, but was told it would cost $300 to ship it back to Poland (the only return address available) via UPS, Fed Ex, or DHL. This is more than the product itself cost. Returns are practically impossible because of the ridiculous rates and inconvenient return locations. Buyer beware.

Amazing Place
December 5, 2017
Bought items from Displate a few times now! They are always amazing quality and the packaging is outstanding - it looks amazing! Some of them are a little pricey, but worth it!