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Love these things!
April 20, 2019
I have purchased a total of 18 Displates over the course of 3 years or so, and will continue to purchase them. They are gorgeously made, and look stunning on my wall. The quality of the prints are exceptional. I have only had one issue; one arrived with some slight scratch damage. I emailed them about it, and they immediately shipped a replacement at no extra charge, AND allowed me to keep the damaged one. I have also inquired about extra magnets, like if I ever move, and they have told me they would provide new magnets for all of them free of charge when the time comes. Not only are the Displates themselves great, but I have nothing but praise for their customer service too. All in all, these things ROCK!

Legit and great product/service
March 30, 2019
Bought 16 plates from them almost 2 years ago. Great product, shipped perfect. Had emailed them to get more magnets and they sent it with out a problem. Prices are decent too

Disappointing quality for the price
February 5, 2019

I ordered a large poster, with the hopes of ordering more down the line if the quality was good enough. Unfortunately, I will have to pass.

Duty fees to Canada at the door were pretty steep and came as a surprise, since there is no message or warning during checkout.

The print is quite faded compared to the sample on the website. Additionally, the image was pretty blurry blown up on to a large poster. There isn't an easy way to tell on the site how much the quality will suffer when you go for a larger print.

The magnets for hanging the poster seem to hold well enough, although there isn't an easy way to move them and hang the poster somewhere else, and they don't include any extra magnets.

On the plus side, The metal definitely adds a cool dimension to the poster. Maybe if they address their quality issues, or lower the international price significant'tly I'll get a few more one day.

It's OK at best
November 29, 2018
The product is actually really nice and functions as planned. However they don't warn you that it ships out of Europe and you'll have to pay additional duties when it gets to you. I don't remember the exact amount but I feel it was close to an additional 40-50$ on top of what I had originally paid.

Quality not as good as website shows
September 6, 2018

Found a piece of artwork that looked amazing in their advertisements. Ordered the large size, but in person it’s not as crisp as the website was showing (I have Costco metal prints that are much better). It’s very likely due to them not using a high enough resolution source photo. They’re too concerned about monetizing than supporting their customers.

I reached out about returning it because the quality didn’t match- they said I’d have to pay return shipping. Return shipping is just about the price of the poster. Their response? Sorry, that’s policy. They offered zero compensation and now I have this pos sitting on the floor in my office. Huge regrets.

Do not recommend if you are expecting it to look as good as it does on their website.

Returns are Impossible
June 5, 2018
I was dissatisfied with my Displate and wanted to return it, but was told it would cost $300 to ship it back to Poland (the only return address available) via UPS, Fed Ex, or DHL. This is more than the product itself cost. Returns are practically impossible because of the ridiculous rates and inconvenient return locations. Buyer beware.

Amazing Place
December 5, 2017
Bought items from Displate a few times now! They are always amazing quality and the packaging is outstanding - it looks amazing! Some of them are a little pricey, but worth it!

Please Don't Support Them
August 9, 2017

The quality of prints at Displate are great. The whole idea behind them is also really ingenious. My issue with them is this: the artists that provide the poster content are treated horribly. I have no idea how anyone still uploads their art. Here's how it works.

Displate advertises that their site is a great way for an artist to sell their artwork and make money. Anyone can create a free account and upload their work. You are allowed to set your own price for each poster, the minimum price being $44 for production costs.

Personally I always used to set my art at the minimum to give people the best deal and want to buy my artwork. When I first started, I was making a decent amount of money back, approximately $10 per poster sold. Since then, they have tacked on a number of fees that Displate does not compensate for, they make the artist pay for it.

They claim that the artist makes 23% commission. That made sense when I was making $10 back for a $44 poster. However, now I make only $3.08 back. This is now only %7 of the overall cost, and Displate pockets all the profit.

I've tried emailing Displate about this change twice now, and all they can tell me is some generic version of "We have fees factored in now". I personally am going to be removing all my artwork and deleting my account. I wish people would stop uploading and supporting this horrible company.

AliLee Cecil June 18, 2018

Thank you for posting this! I was considering uploading some of my work, but decided to do a little research first about how artists felt about it. I’m glad I did!

JaneSpaulding June 26, 2018

Thanks for saving me this headache.

RebeccaKennedy September 20, 2018

Saaaaaame! Thank you

PaulBraddock September 20, 2018

I'm in the process of signing up, but I'm concerned about some of the personal info they require. Did you have to upload your passport or other ID for "tax reasons"?

Customer service - questionable
June 9, 2017

I have been attempting to place my first order. It may well be my last.

I was informed by Paypal that payment has been made three days ago.

Then I began getting emails telling me that my order will be held until Displate gets my full first name.

I do not see why this is necessary. I have asked in an email and all they can say is that it is required in the case that the shipment goes astray.

They have my full address. My home phone number. My email address. My MONEY. Yet they are holding my shipment pending receipt of my first name in full.

Ridiculous. And frustrating.

G Walker

G Walker June 09, 2017

Update: I just now received an email that informs me it is a requirement of the shipping company (DHL). After three emails on my part and several days delay. I was offered a discount code on a future purchase.

Had this information been supplied in the first communication, a lot of frustration could have been avoided.

RickJunior December 21, 2017

waste more time

RickJunior December 21, 2017

seriously? Who orders something without there name on it? weirdo.

Bobijo3 April 10, 2018

It's kind of your fault at this point...

Excellent customer service. Quality products
January 3, 2017

Always loved my displates, this review was only needed after I moved house.

I contacted support requesting to purchase 4 magnets, they said they'd send me 5 for free!

Great customer service, thanks guys.

Hidden fees.. not worth it
December 6, 2016
They're expensive to begin with, and then you get charged duty, around $10+ PER displate once they arrive in NA. Not worth it.

Elisabeth Knyt April 24, 2017

Hello Jeremy,

Thank you for your comment on our service.

We are sorry to read that you are not satisfied with it. Unfortunately there are some factors which are beyond our control and one of them is duty fee.

In accordance with our regulations: “Depending on the destination there is a possibility of additional duty fee. Its amount depends on a specific countries regulations. Any costs related to customs duties shall be paid by the buyer”. This is why, we are not able to foresee the possible customs duties charged by the particular countries, as their amounts are connected with the value of the goods, the tariff code and the local customs law in the country.

We do hope that above information will influence on your opinion on our service.

If you have any questions in this matter, please feel free to contact us also at [email protected]

Best regards,

Elisabeth Knyt

Customer Service Manager

Brandon August 18, 2017

Regarding these charges, where are you located? If I were to order from you will I be charged with these duty fee's considering I live in the U.S.?


Excellent customer service and posters
October 31, 2016

I am from England, UK. I ordered five Displates, that arrived from Poland within two days of making the order. That is fast. There was no customs tax and postage was free (because I ordered more than three). They came by DHL courier.

They come securely packaged in a Displate box. Each picture wrapped in film for protection. There is a 2" self-adhesive square magnet that you stick to the wall. The Displate then sticks to that and it's done. You can move it around to it aligns with other pictures. However be aware that the wallpaper must be clean as you don't want dirt affecting the adhesive. There may be some surfaces it won't like. But just like you can't nail into glass, you can't stick a magnet to a wet surface. Some common sense has to be used.

I have had them on the wall for over a week and they haven't moved. They are metal though and should over time the magnet weaken, it's not as if there is a frame or glass to be broken. I could just get another magnet and put it back up. I doubt that will ever be needed, but should you move home and want to take the pictures with you, that is probably what you will have to do.

They are a light metal, which helps with then staying on the wall. Just don't expect a steel bar strength to them.

The pictures themselves measure 455mm by 315mm. The image goes around the edge, so the 3mm sides are coloured and bends around to 5mm on the back (useful info for artists).

The print quality is fantastic. Very detailed (in the images I saw). Four of them were perfect. The fifth had a slight issue in one corner. It was tiny and I didn't know if it was bad enough to complain over. I also didn't want to deal with the trouble of posting it back internationally. I contacted them though just to see what there response would be. They asked me to send them a few photos. They sent me a replacement immediately, without having to post anything back, paying anymore money or hassle. There custom service is EXCEPTIONAL which is partly why I am taking the time to post this review.

The artwork is exactly what I wanted. I ordered five "Car Legends" prints and they look absolutely stunning. I have already ordered five more for another room, and a sixth for a Christmas present. I do believe you need either 3, 5, or 9 of them to make a great looking wall. On their own they feel a little small and its only when placed side-by-side with others that they stand out as a collection.

I suppose that is my only criticism. These pictures are not cheap for the average consumer but their quality shows. They always have a 20% code somewhere, so search the net. I know occasionally (like Halloween) they have 30% off so it might be worth waiting if you want to order a lot.

I looked into the ways to make money with Displate. Anyone can create their own gallery of "liked" Displate, and anyone that buys from that gallery earns you 5%. A few adverts on Facebook can start making you some money, with very little effort on your part.

The artists who designed the image however only earn 25% from each sale, which is a little low in my opinion. After taxes it's not the best, but then you get to see your creative art in homes around the world, and have it featured in an international shop. If the alternative is just to have it gathering dust on your hard-drive, then its money in the pocket which is always needed.

They take PayPal, but there is a surcharge for using it, which is not cheap. So I paid via credit card instead which had no fees.

In conclusion, they have surpassed all my expectations and I recommend them entirely.

Amazing Art, Good Service
October 28, 2016

They're legit, I've ordered several times and have everything I purchased. Delivery has always been quick, and I'm writing from the UK.

I'm a bit grumpy at the moment because they sent an advertisement email out offering 26% off a specific collection, which I jumped at (ordering 6 in one go!) and it turns out I've paid full price in spite of the site confirming the code was applied. They have since told me my choices are a full refund or go ahead with the order as it stands, as they cannot offer a partial refund. This is very annoying.

On the other hand the artwork is very impressive, the quality is top notch and if you get a bit of a theme going you can make a wall look bloody stunning. Additionally, they also sent me free magnets one time when I asked to purchase some for another metal artwork I had purchased from another shop, which is really impressive!

Website is not good
August 17, 2016
I placed an order with this company. The email confirmation does not show what I ordered and there is no way to check on the order in my account. I'm afraid they are taking my money and I won't get my product. I should be able to check on my order status but their website makes it impossible. Very shady....

Jake October 19, 2016

I was wondering if you ever got your order. I'm interested in the company and really like some of their work. They seem to get decent reviews, from what I can see.

James October 28, 2016

Hi I've ordered from them a few times, and received them in good time (considering I'm based in the UK). And to be honest, the ones I have I love (I have 7 and another 6 on the way). My only issue I have is the 6 I just purchased were supposedly discounted by 26% by using a discount code they sent me by email (hence why I purchased so many in one go) but I was charged the full price and they won't give me a partial refund - it's either cancel entirely or go ahead full price. I wound up on this site trying to figure out if the discounts are unreliable.

To their credit, when I asked if I could purchase magnets separately (for another metal artwork I had from elsewhere) they sent me some for free. They're nice, I'm just annoyed my current order has cost me a lot more than I was promised.

James October 28, 2016

Oh I forgot to add you're right about the confirmation email - it's really annoying that your order isn't listed, nether is the total price (I had to check my bank statement to find out). I think they just have a really basic system for it.

May 27, 2016

This site won't let you edit your reviews so I have to post a second one to offset the previous star rating. Displate responded this morning and advised they can send replacement magnets for all 5 displates which is wonderful and basically negates my argument from yesterday. If the plates can be hung again at my new home, then they're exactly what I was looking for.

To review the plates themselves, they are really beautiful and there are so many to choose from. If you have a favorite TV show, movie, character, or just some general love for frogs, seahorses, dolphins, whatever, I guarantee you can find a displate with that theme. Also, the art is diverse so if you're looking for something quirky one day and something dramatic the next, you can find both here. Lastly, the metal makes for a unique addition to a mixed media arrangement - I use them often in my wall art collages, hanging them right alongside canvases and framed pics..

Replacement Magnets?
May 26, 2016

I have 5 displates and recently moved. As the site states in its FAQs, you cannot reuse the magnets once removed from the wall. Since I was moving, I obviously didn't have a choice. I would like to rehang my displates in my new place but now have no magnets. I have written to support twice now asking if it's possible to buy replacement magnets. First off, I would appreciate, at the least, a response regardless of the answer. Second, if the answer is no, this seems to be a big fault in the entire concept. The whole point of buying these was to avoid putting nail holes in the walls of my rental property. If I can't take them to the next place, what was the point in spending over $200 on wall art I can only use once?

My rating would have been 3 stars if someone had at least responded to my repeated requests, even if the answer was no. It would have been a 4 or 5 if they do, in fact, offer replacement magnets for purchase.

Wonderful Company
February 26, 2016

They make beautiful products and treat their artists with respect. I know this because I am one of the artists! :D I especially love how they are diligent in finding those people who are scamming or stealing art work like you see above.. Very appreciated and happy to see because this is happening too much on artists websites.

Don't trust them with your money!
November 10, 2015
Displate are the worst they stole money from me twice and deleted my account without giving me a reason. Don't trust them with your money!

Displate Abuse December 10, 2015

Hello Jay, thank you for your comment.

The decision to ban your Artist account was made due to numerous report of abusing the voting system submitted by other artists and breaking of the TOS.

Please find below the case investigation description:

- On 23.09 and 24.09 several artists reported the flooding the popular section of the website with approximately 200 of your works

- Investigation was started

- 4 suspicious accounts were found

- suspicious account nr.1 was created on 16:10 of 23.09.2015 and immediately proceeded to like about 200 of your works without following you in a matter of 2-3 minutes (a very high suspicious activity as marked by our software)

- suspicious account nr.2 was created on 16:30 the same day, just a moment after the previous suspicious account #1 has finished liking your works and immediately proceeded to like about 200 of your works without following you in a matter of 2-3 minutes (a very high suspicious activity as marked by our software)

- suspicious account nr.3 was created on 13:56 of 24.09.2015 and immediately proceeded to like about 200 of your works without following you in a matter of 2-3 minutes (a very high suspicious activity as marked by our software)

- suspicious account nr.4 was created on 14:22 the same day, just a moment after the previous suspicious account #3 has finished liking your works and immediately proceeded to like about 200 of your works without following you in a matter of 2-3 minutes (a very high suspicious activity as marked by our software)

- This resulted in abusing our voting system, which resulted with about 200 of your works flooding the popular section. As artworks being in the popular section can help increase artists sales a decision was made to ban the account permanently due to breaking the rules of the TOS paragraph VII.

A new account was then created by you on 27.10.2015

As per paragraph 7 point 6: "A person who has been deprived of the right to use the Website may not re-register on the Website without the prior consent of the Service Provider."

Therefore the account was banned again.

Hope this clarifies the situation

Smalls February 26, 2016

You rock, Displate. Thank you for taking this company serious and getting rid of the bad apples in the bunch! <3

Jay February 26, 2016

I asked my friends and family to vote for my work to help me succeed on iour website but you banned me. Pro tip if you use Displate don't ask your friends and family to support you, you will get banned form the site. Displate failed to speak with me before removing my account they failed to refund me and also failed to tell me not to rejoin the site after many support tickets unanswered why i could not log in. they were happy to take my money twice and ban my account twice. be very careful when dealing with this company. If you want to be paid correctly for your work try Fine Art America they give you 100% of the profits and only take the printing costs.

Jake October 19, 2016

I understand what you mean Jay, but that really is abusing the system. Getting 800 likes in a few minutes from 2 days is pretty much against the rules they stated. I do think they should have contacted you to clarify and see if it could be worked out though.