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October 12, 2023

No thanks! First it’s all a sales gimmick, I used a “pro” who pays to be on their site, totally unhappy. Signed up to find someone else. Barely had my number typed, started getting sales calls. Be ready for spam, thanks alot.

March 22, 2023

This is my review of the Dave Ramsey FPU. First, I've always wanted to personally order it, but I couldn't afford it; so I prayed about some way to get it. My neighbor was the answer (through the good Lord providing),by giving me his copy that he didn't want anymore. The only difference I have with the program is the Snowball Debt. I have an old fine from the 90s that I need to pay off first, because as long as I "have an outstanding balance" I'm charged, legally by the State's legislation, to automatically get charged an extra $10/month.

So I do side gigs, several of them, and help out my maintenance man around my complex($5/wk). I save up the $5/wk to pay the fine monthly payment. The side gigs I have two separate areas where I don't touch the money, unless needed.: PayPal and a SoFi account. I've also stopped my frivolous spending as much as possible (cut down on sodas, one of two addictions) and I'm in the process of quitting smoking soon (by my birthday in a couple of months).

To be honest, I wouldn't have gotten this far without starting the FPU program. And by the way, with SoFi, since I don't use the direct deposit, I'm only eligible for the 1.20% on both the checking and savings accounts. Also with SoFi, every 7 days you sign in, you get 10¢ by SoFi as a reward. In January this year I got my first int dividend on the checking account.

Long story short, I'm a little bit further discipline wise then I've always have ever been before on my money management.... Thanks to Dave Ramsey and FPU. #THANKYOU #DAVERAMSEY #FPUWORKS #REQUIRESDISCIPLINE

P. S. I also use the free version of #EVERYDAYDOLLAR

Dave Ramsey? NO THANKS!
September 27, 2022

Dave Ramsey is no magician, and he has not stumbled upon anything novel. He just markets his scheme better than most. He wraps it up in the pages of the Bible and peddles it to hapless Christians.

My wife and I did the Financial Peace "University" at church, and it was mostly USELESS. Other than the section on budgeting there wasn't much there for us.

Dave Ramsey's advice seems tailored mostly to poor and uneducated people. Debt is often a necessity if you want to grow a business. As long as you borrow RESPONSIBLY you will probably be ok.

I would like the Exalted Mr Ramsey to share with us how much he borrowed or currently borrows to finance his business. He seems to want all these clueless chumps to shell out cash to him while he lives like a king.

I am also not crazy about how he quotes common anecdotes as though they are his own. Back in 2004 I chose the route offered by Robert Kiyosaki. I invested in rental property, and I am now semi-retired.

Please, do yourself a favor and read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." Also, do some research on how Dave Ramsey ACTUALLY became rich.

And, try this FREE advice:

- Know how much you earn

- Know how much you owe

- Consider getting a second job if necessary

- Invest a minimum of 5% each month in an IRA

- Shop at discount stores

- Track ALL your expenses

- Stop buying what you don't need

- Get eight hours of sleep each night

You are the owner of your LIFE, no one else!!
July 18, 2022

I put a 5 star because I am dealing with a D Ramsey coach currently! I can't really tell what will happen as I'm only three weeks in. I just decided to look up Ramsey to see what was being said!

I've had good reviews from family and friends on the coach I'm dealing with. So far, so good and I am a person with not any huge amount of debt but for my entire life I just winged the financial side of life! Work to get by however my last job was so unsatisfying I quit and went with my heart instead.

The money is unpredictable as I'm mostly self-employed. What's interesting is reading the other reviews of people blaming Ramsey for their perspective on life in general. WE are the sole RESPONSIBLE person for our lives and what we choose Ramsey has a method and is sharing it, take it or leave it but don't blame him for your inability to change your points of view! Interesting.

I will check back once I've had more coaching under my belt and write another review!

Ramsey bait n switch
January 26, 2021
He's a liar and a bait-and-switcher. Click his links for incredible insurance deals for $80 and when the high school grad calls, with the background noise of 100 other teenage robot callers behind her, she'll eventually tell you, "well for you its $160. $180 without the exam which i just gave you to get you to $180."

October 8, 2011

I work in the financial service industry and I was fine with money (very little debt, large emergency savings) until I was hit with a tsunami of events- major car accident that left me hospitalize, extreme drops in income, major home repair issues, sudden loss both family cars, major family health issues- all events within 4 months of each other.

David Ramsey gave me a sense of direction with his baby steps. I had to swallow my pride as a financial adviser and accept that I need to learn to do things differently. I am very grateful for his insight and the Financial Peace University for restoring a sense of peace into my and my family's life.

JillianMerry September 27, 2017

My son was brain washed to thinking he had to not only be the sole supporter of his family and get his masters and pay off his house by 39 and get his kids college paid for... My son committed suicide June 29th, 2017. I solely blame Dave Ramsey. My son was not mentally ill. Dave Ramsey Brainwashes our young adults. Dave Ramsey is the only one on the golf course or on his private yacht from his course and books.

DavidJ. Wise March 23, 2018

My God man, you must be a Democrat and crazy

October 6, 2011
Working the baby steps has literally saved my marriage, brought my husband and I to Christ, and has allowed us to actually start enjoying life. I never knew how stressed out I was about money until I was debt free. Reading The Total Money Makeover"" and attending ""Financial Peace University"" were life changing for me. It can be very difficult to stick with the process while you are getting out of debt, but it is beyond worth it once you are on the other side."

JillianMerry September 27, 2017

my son died because of Dave Ramseys brutal ( cult ) BS

September 15, 2010

You are a great blessing to all of us David!

May God bless you more and more!

Solomon September 27, 2022

Google "Dave Ramsey and Timeshare Exit Team." It is pretty amazing.

August 24, 2010

I am not sure that it is fair to the kids to go on an extreme cheapskate budget that leaves out vacations and dining out.

You should have something in your budget for enjoying yourself. That is unless you cannot pay your bills. Broke people should not go on vacation in the first place.

February 23, 2010
His advice does work. No doubt. But, I must agree with what Henry posted. It's hard as hell to find a job at all these days, let alone three! While I do still have my job, by the grace of God, I have been unable to take on a part time job, due to the unavailability of them. So, I just have to make do on one salary. The plan will just take a lot longer than it would have with a second job. One weakness Dave has is sitting in the ivory tower too long and not coming down with the common folks and seeing how tough things are these days. Nothing ever changes for him because he is rich and will stay rich, regardless of the economy. Not putting him down, he earned his wealth, but he also did it when times were easier. He fails to realize that. His plan will still work, it just takes longer now due to the economy. But, you can't tell him that.

September 22, 2009
I can listen to Dave from a Ft. Wayne, IN radio station, but doesn't always come in clear. What XM-Radio station is he on?

July 2, 2009
Every Thursday my unit orders pizza for lunch and puts on a Dave Ramsey video for the soldiers to watch. At the end we talk about what we took from the video. Since we have started this program we have less soldiers coming in with money issues and there has been huge drop in creditors calling. I love Dave Ramsey for helping me lead my soldiers in the right financial direction.

April 15, 2009
i was on my job for 24 years and my plant shut down and now i cant't find a job. you always say work 3 jobs!! hell u cant't find a job!!! i am 51 year old and no one wont to hire a 51 year old man and i am about to lose my house my car so big boy do u think a 51 year old man can work 3 jobs when he cant't find one!!!!!!! so what do u think i should do? (without getting a smart reply) who know one day you may be without a job!!!!

HeidiLorenz July 18, 2022

Henry I'm interested to see what happened with you!?

March 4, 2009
Your view on Reverse Mortgages. Downsides?

September 10, 2008
david makes me laugh. he sounds like a nice guy who can say a lot of good thing and make money damn near like doctor phil

July 20, 2008
WNEB Radio 1230 AM Worcester Massachusetts first radio station has the David Ramsey radio show proclaiming anyone can get out of debt and start getting on the road to financial stability.

June 6, 2008
My youngest daughter is reading your book and loving it. Never in a thousand years would I have thought that she would get a new perspective on finance. You certainly had an impact on her but I'm sure I'm one of many sharing this comment!!

December 30, 2007
I was listening to Dave on the XM-Radio. I was a owner/operator truck/driver and I was getting out of debt. Then my wife got sick and fuel got to high, I had to give back the truck. I'm trying to get back on track I lost my XM but I wrote a lot of stuff down, so far it's helped. If you can listen to Dave on the radio every day you get a great high (with out the drugs).I really miss listening to Him,But I still have the notes to get me through. I really Hope you listen to him he has great advice. Thank You for letting me talk to you.