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Website: is an online platform for getting personalized recommendations from experts regarding products for hobbies such as golf, fishing, skiing, and camping, among others.

What Is It? is an online shopping experience with a human touch. They are a collaborative online shopping service intended to assist shoppers making expensive purchases.

Curated matches customers with experts for items that have some degree of complexity and are usually expensive.

This allows shoppers to get access to unbiased product recommendations and good deals, personalized for the customer by real experts.

The company was founded in 2017 but announced its official launch in late 2019 with $27.5 million in total funding.  The primary office location is in the San Francisco Bay area, but experts live across the country.

“At Curated, our goal is to help people pursue their passions and interests to the fullest by helping them buy the right product or experience. We want to get rid of the uncertainty that often surrounds complex or big-ticket online purchases,” said Eduardo Vivas, co-founder and CEO of Curated. “There’s an incredible number of experts around the country — like golf and ski pros — who live their passions every day and have the desire to share their knowledge...”

Not only does the customer win by shopping through Curated, but so do the Curated experts, who get to monetize their passion and expertise.

There are experts in categories across the board, from winter sports to bikes, from golf to wine.  All of these experts are knowledgeable and excited to help the shopper discover the perfect personalized product.

How Does Curated Work?

When first visiting the site, Curated customers are asked a few basic questions about their specific needs – about history and experience in the activity as well as preferences and intended use.

They are then connected with a Curated expert, who will discuss the details of what they are looking for.

While the conversation begins on the Curated platform, it can continue on whatever medium you are both comfortable with – text, email or even phone, if it’s easier to describe your needs verbally than to write them out.

Once the expert has a good understanding of what you are looking for, they will provide a few personalized recommendations including detailed explanations of why each product is a fit for them.

The customer can purchase directly from Curated once they’ve found the right product together.

If you’ve ever tried to buy one of these items on your own online, you know how helpful an expert could be. They can answer questions and assess your specific needs, and send unbiased recommendations that are perfect for you.

They can also help you shop smarter, and find good deals you might miss otherwise, on your own. Over 1 million customers have been connected with experts to date.

Cost and Price Plans

Curated is a free service. You only pay for a purchase or booking. If you enjoyed your experience, a tip is recommended, as 100% of the tip will go to your expert.

Experts are paid per conversation, and a percentage of your total purchase, in addition to that tip. 

The tip inspires them to make sure they are making the very best recommendation for that customer, not simply suggesting the most expensive option.

In addition, Curated guarantees they will get you the best deal around, so there’s no more buyer’s remorse.  Curated will price match, and there is free shipping on any purchase over $50.

Customer Service

The Curated team wants you to love your purchase, so that the connection customers build with their expert can keep helping them when they need advice in the future.

For that reason, a customer may return most new, unused items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.  There are some exceptions to that, particularly for golf items which have a 14 day return policy.

Because you’ve been connected with an expert all along, the overall customer service is extremely personalized for an optimal shopping experience.

Online Customer Reviews & Complaints

Both customers and experts alike seem to be satisfied with their Curated experience.

In order to understand the customer service, it’s helpful to research how satisfied the experts are with their employment experience. has 19 job reviews on Glassdoor, with an average of 3.4 / 5 stars, and over 60% would recommend it as a place to work.

Most experts appreciate the ability to monetize their expertise and passion, and the flexibility of working with Curated, since the work is technically freelance and commission based.

Because Curated has happy experts, they also have happy customers.  You have the ability as a customer to read employee reviews, so you can actually see how many previous customers your expert has assisted, and reviews of their expertise.

That allows you to understand your expert, and get to know them better as a person.

Overall, experts have an incredible 4.95 / 5 star review across over 25,000 reviews site-wide, and so many customers have found the perfect product through the Curated experience.

The Bottom Line

The question you might be wondering - is legit? The answer is a resounding yes.

Curated has amazing reviews on their own site, but also across other independent sites.

While still a relatively small scale operation, many happy customers have been connected with experts across multiple domains of sport and hobbies, and gotten the perfect personalized recommendation.

The Curated experience is a great way to shop for new or old hobbies, and ensure you’ve got the best tech and gear just for you.

If you have any experience with or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Ted was the best to work with!!!
September 26, 2023
Just started out playing golf and Curated, with the help of Ted,made my buying experience so easy. I’ve bought twice and have been completely satisfied both times and look forward to the next purchase.

September 25, 2023

I found Curated while surfing social media and I wasn’t looking for this experience but I’m super glad I found it and tried it.

Being a golfer I found Curated’s ad interesting. I contacted them and a guy named Chris Casey started chatting with me. I wasn’t happy with the clubs I had been using and thought the problem was me so I stayed with them to the point I realized no matter what I did those clubs weren’t going to deliver. I thought I needed to get in better shape ( still doing that part) but still nothing was changing .

Chris asked me a bunch of questions about my abilities etc . After, he suggested a different brand than the one I was using. It appears Curated can get whichever brand you might want.

I waited a year during Covid to get the clubs I ultimately ended up hating but I was determined to make them work.

Moving on, I bought a new driver, 3 wood, and 3 hybrid. When I finally got out to play I was astonished how dialed in Chris’s suggestion was. Blown away . Also there were certain custom options I wanted and Curated delivered 100%. Having had that great experience I again reached out to Chris Casey and he was right there, again. I asked what he would recommend if I wanted to replace the rest of my set and told him my previous results were a dramatic improvement. He again suggested the same brand. I asked for certain mods again.

Also, Curated does offer a trade in value for your old clubs. Great! Golf clubs certainly don’t appreciate in value and I thought the trade in amount was fair enough, Couldn’t be easier. I’m purposely not mentioning brands in this review as everyone has a different experience and opinion.

In conclusion, I think Curated is fantastic and I can’t thank Chris Casey enough for his expertise, time and patience with my questions, and his advice. Totally on target. Total game changer for me. I had a much better experience with Curated than I did with the “walk in try’em out “ golf shops. Astonished!

Thank you Curated and Chris Casey .

Great Service
August 31, 2023
I’m very happy with Billy Estes and Curated. They pay attention and do what they say. Really happy with the wedge I bought and recently ordered a new driver I can’t wait to hit.

Not what their reviews say
August 27, 2023
My experience was horrible with this company. You buy in good faith when they have no idea if they have an item. They did not. Charged my credit card and tell you it takes 10 days to credit the card back. That is a sham and they know it. They get the float. Then after ten days no credit. Watch out!!!

Like a personal assistant
June 29, 2023
I really enjoy having a professional helping me find what I'm looking for. And matching products with my needs and discussing options. Without me spending hours researching.

May 26, 2023
Excellent. Period.

Options and specific discussions that help the service.
May 9, 2023
The business and online chat with an expert is essential for product selections and performance expectations in the field. Curated has by far the best online outdoor products and personalized service that keeps me coming back. I would high love to share my experiences with others.

Heather happy
April 8, 2023
Love love very helpful happy to receive expert advice.

December 6, 2022

I thought this was a great idea to help me find a car seat. I was recommended car seats by the car that I had. I ended up getting one and put it in my car to see if it fit and took it to the fire station to have it checked and they said it was not a good car seat for my car.

When I tried to return the seat they said I couldn’t because it was used. How else are you supposed to know you don’t want a car seat? Well, I’m at least glad I didn’t give the curated lady a big tip.

Don't even think shopping at Curated. You'll get wrong item delivered.
November 25, 2022

I ordered ski for my boy and they sent me a wrong size. They requested return but didn't pay for pick up. I needed to bring to local UPS store. The package didn't have an order slip and they don't seem to be using POS system to prevent from sending wrong items. Customer service team were responsive, but their fulfillment operation was terrible.

Don’t do it
November 3, 2022
Don’t do it. Ordered skis that came inappropriately packaged and severely damaged and had to fight and battle for well over a month just to get an insufficient partial refund when a full refund should’ve been offered.

June 26, 2022

Total waste of time. Christopher, so called expert was completely useless. Never answered any of my questions about trade ins or grip size. Price quoted was honestly no better than local golf store. Christopher just stopped returning emails and texts once I told him he wasn't answering any of my questions.


Zero Expertise and Terrible Service
May 18, 2022
Terrible service across the board. I purchased skis, boots, bindings, poles, skins... complete set-up. The "Expert" sold me bindings that were too small for the skis. After sending them back to get the correct size.... they sent me the exact same size again. No idea what is going on over there, but I've wasted a ton of time and gas driving around town dealing with their failures.

Fraud, not honest, false advertisement
May 12, 2022

I am afraid that all the reviews on their own site have been filtered and altered, since the truly independent sites all have horrible reviews. Check BBB.

First of all, the feeling I got from talking to the "expert" is, he just tried to sell me whatever that's left, not what would be good for me. He picked out the skis and boots and the poles, I went ahead and asked my expert friends, they all said what he picked was not what I should get. So we changed all the numbers before placing the order.

When the order arrived, it was NOT what I had ordered! They loaded a picture of the 2022 model , but sold to me the 2020 model. One is green, the other is RED!!!! so I called and went out to send them back. The new one arrived, it was the same RED, 2020 model!

Basically, they were trying to sell the 2020 model as the 2022, if I did not do some poking on the internet, I would have been fooled. So instead of me sending them back and waiting for the un-able-to-locate 2022, they offered me a $50 credit. I accepted.

Guess, what, when I got my code, it said, I would have to spend $100 or more and it expires in 30 days!!! It's not an honest business. I went to their website to see their reviews, it's nothing but glorious. They must have filtered all the bad ones and made up some new ones -- if you see BBB, the rating is so low. They are a big fraud.

Curated says they price match, DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!
April 25, 2022

I was shopping for a new set of skis and stumbled upon the Curated site. I answered the questions and was contacted by one of their experts who would help me find the skis that were just right for me.

I actually liked his recommendations and we had a lot of back and forth texts regarding my needs and ability. We finally narrowed it down to a particular ski and binding combination and price. I decided to cut the cards and found a large online retailer selling the same ski and binding for about $150.00 LESS.

I was then told that this retailer (Ski Essentials) did not qualify for price matching because they do not follow something called "MAP pricing guidelines".

It seemed obvious to me the that this sale had several components, skis, bindings, mounting and shipping and perhaps one of those components was discounted. Curated refused to match this price and I purchased the skis elsewhere.

Hope this helps !

Return options are a total scam!
February 26, 2022

Ordered ski boots but they are too small. Immediately requested a return, but the process isn't automated. They send a message to ask for a reason for the return, and then nothing.

I have told them numerous times the boots don't fit, but no response and I still can't return them.

Additionally, their message says there will be shipping charges (but no quote on how expensive) and there may be a restocking fee, but no details on when that would apply or how much it would be.

TOTAL SCAM. I could have bought the same boots from another normal retailer that processes timely returns in a transparent fashion, so it was a HUGE mistake to order from Curated.

Plus I paid a tip to the customer service rep who helped me, but he's no where to be found now that I want to make a return. What a colossal waste of money. Learn from my mistake and avoid this place.

Either a scam, or poorly run company
January 9, 2022

Found some ski boots at a good price on Ordered a pair. Within minutes I get a notice from my credit card company that my card has been charged.

Next day, I get an email from customer service that the boots are no longer available, and would I like to "exchange" them for something else, or would I like a full refund?

You mean, "exchange" something that I never was provided after I was charged? No thank you. Full refund? Well, yes please, that might be the right thing for you to provide in this situation. And wouldn't you know, the boots are still listed as available on their website...

Friendly and reliable
November 7, 2021
Curated was super helpful when I was trying to buy my new golf clubs. I got paired with an expert named Harrison who helped me find new irons. I will definitely be using this service again. Got my new clubs in about a week with no issues.

Buyer Beware
November 4, 2021
When it comes time for the purchase, Curated is just a middleman that will make any warranty issues a bad experience. The products are purchased by Curated from other companies in their name, not yours and they are between you and the company that would handle any shipping or warranty issues. My experience was not good.

Honest pricing?
June 12, 2021
Recently looked at the curated website found a fishing reel for $599 after talking with rep price went to $679-$35. Company would not honor the advertised price of 599. Buyer beware

DocBrown November 07, 2021

It has to be an approved site for them to price match. My expert told me they only work with certain vendors that are reliable.