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Coursera is HORRIBLE!!!
September 30, 2023

Coursera is a rip off. I have tried to cancel the monthly charge of $49 for over a year and they are simply inaccessible and/or unresponsive. I have no idea how I am going to get this cancelled. I am considering changing banks to get rid of this scam of a company. Until then I will post my honest review of this horrible company who sadly claims to help educate people, but only steals their money.

Recommended MOOC. BEST of all.
March 27, 2023
A great platform for online learning! Lots of partnerships such as IBM, Google, Microsoft and tons of huge universities over the world. If you like to learn and improve yourself, this is a great choice! Although some contents need further improvement. Support is nice, financial aid is provided if you can't afford the studies! Recommended!

Bugs/glitch preventing ability to pass course
June 27, 2022
Absolute scam. I was taking the IT course for Google and in course 2 there is a glitch that prevents you from passing the quiz even with all of the correct answers. Without the quiz you cannot complete the course or certify for the certificate. In the discussion forums there were probably hundreds of people all reporting this issue getting the same copy and paste responses from support. The threads go back to even a couple years ago. I was completely shocked and appalled that they just didn't seem to care to fix it. I have been demanding a refund from Coursera now and refuse to continue with the course.

Poor teaching, deceitful billing
June 4, 2020
Poor overall. They don't teach anything useful and they make it difficult to cancel or get help. Look elsewhere for programming instruction.

Learning Because You Love To!
March 24, 2020

I have been taking the free courses through Coursera for years. Subjects that were suited to my particular interests and some that simply sounded interesting. I have enjoyed them!

I have not had the need to pay for anything such as a certificate, so have no experience with them in that regard.........but, I can say that if you simply want to learn it is a great place to do it!

Shady thieves
March 15, 2020
Started taking their Google IT course which said 1st month was free. Coursera charged me $50 a week later and has no way to contact them. Worst educational site online.

Charged for canceled subscription
June 24, 2019
Canceled after working through introductory lesson. Even received an email

What a Scam
August 3, 2018

The subscription won't stop even after you finish the course or even the whole specialty.

They just keep charging you covertly, until one day you find out the huge amounts of dollar deducted for Coursera.

Then, there is no way to contact them directly. And their email reply is basically just saying it's your fault that you didn't cancel the subscription.

I learned about this the hard way after losing about $250x4 = $1000 dollars to them for nothing.

This company should be sued.

Scam. Period.
February 24, 2018
Scammed me out of $160 I thought I was paying for a one time course. Tried to reason with them. They don't care.

They use shady business practices to make a buck
April 18, 2017

Coursera is a ripoff. They use shady business practices to make a buck. You sign up for a free trial and if you don't cancel in time they charge you $50 with no refund.

They don't send any notice before charging you the money. You are only notified after it is too late. A significant't amount of their income comes form people who don't want or intend to use their service, but Coursera hides behind their TOS to screw these people out of $50.

They should focus on the people that want to use their service instead of spending so much effort screwing people that don't.

Micheal October 25, 2017

I don't get's really easy to cancel the subscription...just delete your credit card details from your account page. Simple. No need to get in touch with them directly, although when I did, that was easy too. I know this because I've done something similar, I entered debit card details that Coursera weren't able to process and one day later my subscription was cancelled. When I was ready to re-subscribe I used an accepted credit card. The usual unsubscribe method works for most of us, so maybe you're a special case, but still, use your head and just remove your payment details. The TOS are super easy to understand too and the help forums lay out all the details in plain language. It's $49/month for a subscription that gives you unlimited access to over 2000 of their courses and their verified certificates, which is a dang good deal for someone like me who actually wants the certificates and enrolls in Specializations. If you aren't interested in the certificate, you can do certain courses for free with access to all course material and quizzes or you can do a course in "audit mode" which means you have access to everything except the peer review option. It's entirely up to you and depends on your own learning goals and your reason for taking a course. Just read properly instead of using your own ignorance to put off people who could potential benefit from and enjoy Coursera . Seriously.

MichaelGoodley February 24, 2018

Try $80 a month.

Coursera customer support dubious
January 13, 2017
The course can deceptively charge you twice if you want to defer a course to the next available session. This is not obvious at all. Their contact process is designed to frustrate the customer and distance the company from the customer. When I was finally able to reach a dialogue box to submit my request, the submit button did not work. In a previous page, the customer was asked to submit a complaint through a link "submit a support ticket" only to find no such link is found on that page. The instruction states to look below, but there was no link!

Great choice for learning
August 31, 2016
I tried free courses and learn a lot , Coursera had a nice looking website, If you come to get knowledge Coursera is a great choice, I don't know if their certificate is reliable and I don't try to get one.

Good if all you want is to learn content
July 11, 2016
Coursera is great for giving you free access to content. I'm taking a writing course right now and learning a lot. It's true they will try to upsell you to get certifications, but if you don't care about that then you can just enjoy watching free lectures from famous Professors.

Coursera is not what it seems to be
July 7, 2016
The concept of Coursera is a dream come true. The actual implementation is lacking. First, it is NOT free. But, $49 for a 4 week course, which roughly equates to 1/2 a credit is still very economical. Second, the website technical glitches deleted or showed my homework submission as done while my class peer reviewers told me the file was blank. This happened on submission #1, and twice to submission #5. Another classmate had the same problem and in the help center it was a common discussion topic. How would you feel if you spent all that effort on an assignment for it to show nothing, you get a zero grade, and have to either fail the course or slip it to the next term? The third point is the professor's lectures. Worthless. Absolutely put you to sleep boring and not relevant to the homework assignments. So you are left to your own devices to bridge the gap. I have a graduate degree and went to a top-20 undergraduate school for my degree so I write from very good experiences and expectations....

January 29, 2016
I purchased a course, they refused to accept my passport as identification. I told them my Skype doesn't work. They did not respond. I'm within the 2 weeks, have spent over an hour going from one screen to the next and back, and cannot find where I can actually request the refund. Never again.

Winnnie April 27, 2016

The courses are free you only have to pay for the certificate, if you want it that is. This is brilliant, Professors at the worlds top Universities giving you their University courses for free, this is no scam the courses are always free. For someone who does not have the resources to obtain an education but still wants to learn, this is incredibly valuable. I suggest waiting until you pass the course, then see if you want the certificate or not. This is useful not only if you pass the course & get a degree from lets say Stanford, but also for everyday people that just want to learn more about business from Princeton or learn better communication skills from any number of universities.

Policies are Criminal
January 13, 2016

Their refund policy is that you can't get a refund after 2 weeks from when you paid. So if you paid on the first day of a course, and get through the first 2 weeks, no refund is possible.

The problem is that in the Specialization I took for learning code. The first class, Programming the Web for Beginners, became ridiculously hard after the second week. A good example is that the lecture videos teach you what a function is, and it's basic components, then for the quiz, they ask you to write 5 different programs, full on programs. So people who are truly Beginners, who have never read or written code in their lives, are supposed to just magically know what to do because a video told them what a function is.

I quit after week 3, for there was no passing that class. When I complained and asked for a refund for the remaining classes that I have not, and will not be taking, they told me that they "Absolutely cannot fathom" me. That their refund policy is clearly stated, and they insinuated that I'm an idiot for even asking.

This organization is criminal. How convenient that the class got beyond ridiculous after their refund period. Do not waste your time or money on them.

Money Scam
October 26, 2015
I finished a course on Coursera in August and now it's October but I still have not received the certificate after having paid and completed my profile, as per the requirements. I searched similar stories looking for answers on this delivery only to be dismayed. It seems that many people are in the same situation and some have been waiting even longer. How can I trust a company like this? I'm a student and I spend $50 on something that I may never get! From now on, I will only take courses from them if I don't want to get a certificate for least until I get the one I already paid for....

September 24, 2014

1] Error in review: not all courses are free.

2] It is one of those sites that look like they are organized and structured but when it comes to

speed+loading+accessibility+support, it is not adequate, for a site that handles thousands and thousands in a short span of time.

3] The course so far is not on par with the names it is associated with. I understand the need to keep it general but the online version and college version can't be the same. College students are not the same as adult learners/professionals in the workforce who are using this course as professional development.

Overall, not a place I will return to when there are so many online courses to choose from, including other MOOCs.