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Very poor packaging
November 6, 2023

I love the chicken but the packaging is a big FAIL Once my delivery came defrosted and my newest order the inside of the box looked like an animal got in the outside of box was split open and some of the chicken was split open this to me is a health hazard. I reached out to them and Bill was no help at all, I sent pictures also I have been ordering from them a very long time something clearly has changed and the packaging is terrible sadly I may have to look elsewhere.

Great quality
April 23, 2023

just placed our 3rd order for chicken. We find the whole thighs, whole chicken and chicken tenders delicious and well worth the cost.

the specials have not disappointed.

Disgusting. lots of bone fragments in ground pork.
March 22, 2023
All of the ground pork came with bone fragments and hard cartilage in it. Disgusting. Wouldn't refund or take packages back. Don't ever buy from them.

Won't do this again.
February 20, 2023
Decided to try this and will not order again. I will say everything was still frozen when delivered even though it did not ship on original date due to inclement weather in their location. We have tried the chicken now and steak and a chuck roast and the beef made my husband and I ill both times we ate it. Did not have the same issue with the chicken, but when I gave some to my dogs, they had stomach issues as well. Now I have frozen food we cannot eat and not sure what to do with it. Not sure if it is too different than grocery store meat or if something is wrong with it.

February 5, 2023
Pretty disappointed in the boneless breast package I received. Poorly trimmed/prepped. Lost abt 1/4 of the package after we cleaned them up. Wouldn't say these are worth the price point.

Poor Quality Roast
November 14, 2022

I received a chuck roast as part of my first bundle. I cooked it this evening. It was truly the worst roast I’ve ever had. I had to throw away about half of it because it was so full of gristle.

Unlike the roast, the chicken tenders were good.

What a terrible waste
July 23, 2022

Pkg arrived w/nothing frozen except whole chicken that was only partially frozen. several pkgs leaking. unable to get response from company. Epic fail. just wasted a whole bunch of money because had to throw everything away except whole chicken. I don't have those finances to waste like that. deplorable shipping process.

JuneBaker July 23, 2022

Update: still a terrible waste, however was contacted by Derek, representing the company today. I was graciously offered and delivered a full refund, and treated fairly and kindly. thank you again, Derek.

Best customer service
February 19, 2022
CV has the very best chicken. We love it. I ordered a lamb roast and it wasn't good. They immediately refunded my money. Great customer service.

Not frozen on delivery
September 2, 2021

At first I thought it was a wholesale scam. Placed my order over the weekend, expecting it to ship on Monday. Emails went unanswered. Phone call went to voicemail and no one returned the call. Finally posted on Facebook and got a reply there - it was shipping the following week. Ok.

Delivered today (I was home for the delivery.) What a mess! NOTHING was frozen. No dry ice. The touted cooler totes were coming apart at the seams. Now have a lot of chicken in the fridge and have to figure out what to make with all, of it. Since you can’t refreeze thawed chicken, I expect most of it will end up in the garbage. Not Happy with this company!

Pack them better.
June 20, 2021
Love the chickens but I just got 6 more the so called dry ice was busted A quarter ince of this matter in bottom of bag 2 chickens the bag they were in opened that goo ruined 2 chickens and the rest were thawed so I got 1 chicken to eat that night,great food crappy packaging for frozen food.

JuneBaker July 23, 2022

I had a very similar experience.Nothing frozen & several pkgs leaking. Unable to make contact w company epic fail