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Consult Beaute, led by TV personalities Dr. Terry and Heather Dubrow, is a health and beauty brand that aims to revolutionize the industry with their approach regarding the health system.

Dr. Terry Dubrow is a UCLA School of Medicine graduate who stars in the hit TV show “Botched” by E!, which showcases him repairing failed cosmetic surgeries.

His actress wife is a well-known lifestyle expert with many titles under her belt, such as author, television personality, lifestyle guru and mother of four. 

Consult Beaute Products

Consult Beaute state they offer a wide array of cosmetic and health-promoting products dedicated to rejuvenate and prolong the vitality of one’s allure and health.


Elimi-Fat Gummies

One popular product that the company markets is Elimi-Fat Weight Management Gummies, which the company states may help promote weight loss with Morosil, an extract from a specific type of Moro blood oranges.

Supporting animal rights, the company follows cruelty free research and development by not performing animal testing with their products.


Beaute Caps Pro

One of Consult Beaute’s other featured products is their Beaute Caps - Youth Replenishment for Gorgeous Skin, Hair & Nails.

One bottle of Beaute Caps Pro contains 60 capsules, with the company recommending a daily dosage of two capsules.

Developed with the sciences backing and supporting the body’s hair, nails and skin, the Beauty Caps contain all the substances and nutrients that the target areas need for healthy growth.

These include Biotin, sulfur, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, manganese, branched amino acids, green tea and even horsetail.


Primo Beets

Another featured item from Consult Beaute is the Primo Beets, a health supplement to aid in blood flow and circulation.

The body’s circulatory system is one of the most crucial aspects of overall health, since it’s the circulatory system that delivers the nutrients and removes the waste from all the different parts of the human body.

With one bottle containing enough of the product for 30 servings, Primo Beets comes in two flavors: original and cherry.

Consult Beaute states that Primo Beets is developed with high-quality ingredients that have been studied and proven to be effective in promoting healthy circulation in the human body, such as ginger, turmeric, coconut, amla and aloe.

Primo Beets is intended to promote a healthy circulatory system and other positive therapeutic effects, such as helping the body’s immune function, and maintaining proper blood pressure.

How Does it Work?

Consult Beaute states they prepare each and every product with meticulous research and development to ensure that all their products are effective in what they do.

The company is able to do this by developing their products with high-quality and natural ingredients known to benefit the body in specific ways.

All their efforts towards their research and development is to give everyone asking “is it safe?” a good night’s sleep.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Reviews online on the products by Consult Beaute seem to be a mixed bag.

Consult Beaute is ranked 127 by a website on dermatology products.  The company is reviewed to be generally positive, with a few unhappy customers here and there.

Dissatisfied customers have reported negative effects of the products on their skin, such as irritation, redness and others.

Checking their social media platform can also yield negative reviews by customers that witness negative effects or no effects at all from the use of Consult Beaute products.

However, the positive reviews still greatly outweigh the negative and majority of Consult Beaute customers are pleased with their purchases and the company.

Customer Service

Consult Beaute is providing a 30-day period for you to return or exchange your item in the event of dissatisfaction. You may opt to have a full refund (minus the shipping and handling fee), or to have the product replaced.

Regarding any inquiries you may have, the company can be reached either through their email ([email protected]), or their phone number (866-272-4425).

Competitors and Alternatives

There is a great selection of other companies focused on dermatological products such as Advanced Dermatology, Vichy Laboratories and Noble.

Advanced Dermatology is a New York-based skincare company with a wide array of products as well.

Voted as the number 1 anti-aging brand in European pharmacies, Vichy Laboratories is a skincare company with stores everywhere.

Differentiating itself from the rest, Noble focuses on their products coming from a scientific angle.

With their motto “skin care with molecular precision,” Noble relies on their advanced skincare technology to put themselves apart from the rest and stand out in the dermatological industry.

The Bottom Line

Being in the skincare and health industry, it is not too surprising that their products don’t work on every single person - that’s just an indication as to how complex each individual human being is.

That given, Consult Beaute attempts to products that work for the majority, providing high-quality products for promoting health and beauty with natural ingredients.

If you have any experience with Consult Beaute, please leave your reviews below.

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Consult Beaute Customer Reviews

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Excellent products developed by a world class physician!
April 16, 2023
I have been waiting for a line of skin care products that I feel I can trust, developed by an actual physician. When I saw that Dr. Dubrow and his wife started this line, I immediately ordered a few to test them out. I loved them so much that this is my third time around ordering. With my last order, I was absolutely delighted to be gifted a large bottle of the beaute caps that I had previously purchased and love. That's a $111.00 GIFT! In addition, I received a $25 coupon toward my next $100 purchase! I cannot say enough good about these products. I have mostly been using the Volumagen line so far because I love the way they make my skin look younger and healthier but this time I decided to try the Champagne line. I just received the package today and put a small amount of the firming facial cream on the backs of my hands to test it out and wow, what a difference it makes on just my hand! I am so excited to have products backed by someone with real experience and knowledge instead of trying to figure out which bottle to choose off the shelf of Sephora. Thanks so much for the great products and gift! I am a very happy customer!!!

Primo Beets
September 24, 2019
The cherry flavored primo beets are the best!! Delicious in taste and makes me feel energized.

chocolate meal replacement shake
May 2, 2019
I'm sorry I paid so much for this product and I bought it from evine. The company would not give me back my money. I let the product sit around for a few days before trying it. The first time I tried it I thought this is bad tasting, like fish or pig or something. By the way I'm not a vegetarian either. I'm sorry, but, my gag reflux does not work that easily, and I gag when I drink this. Just can't handle it. It may be good for you (not to sure about that either) but, I just cant't handle it Ive tried a few times to make it work but nooo! cant't do it. So, just be warned! I've drank a lot of meal replacemnt shakes in my 55 years and this has to be the worsed ever Sorry doc doesn't work for me. I wish it did considering the fee I was charged for it! very disappointed :(

Mimi June 10, 2019

Sorry you feel that way but this is the only product that since March 1st to now 6/10/19 has help me lose 20 lbs along with the 16/8 diet.

I use almond milk instead of water, in the reduced sugar or unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/2 of a frozen banana or even a whole one,can always try other frozen fruits,mix it up in my NutriBullet comes out like a thick delicious milkshake .I have all 3 flavors vanilla,chocolate and strawberry.

Don't give up experiment as this is the BEST MEAL REPLACEMENT I EVER TRIED.