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Clarifion review: Does it really work?

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  July 13, 2023
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Clarifion is a California based company that manufactures home air purifying solutions.

Their product line offers several options using both traditional air filtering methods, along with their highly-touted air Ionizing technology.

There are many reasons why you would want to use an air purifier at home, and Clarifion claims that their products can address all of these needs, whether it be germs or airborne pollutants entering your home.

One of their most popular products is the compact air purifier Clarifion Air Ionizer.  Below we’ll take a closer look at the Clarifion Air Ionizer to see if it lives up to the company's claims.

How does the Clarifion Air Ionizer work?

At first glance there’s a lot to like about this unit.  It’s small, has virtually no setup time, operates at a whisper level, and requires no ongoing maintenance.

According to Clarifion the unit works by releasing negative ions into the air - up to 10 Million pcs/cm^3 of Negative Ion-Output.

The idea is that these ions attach to airborne particles, weighing them down, which removes them from the breathable air in your home.

They state that this can work on:

  • Germs
  • Odors
  • Pollutants
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Dander
  • Smoke

Note:  The company does clarify that the Clarifion Air Ionizer will not eliminate the smell of cigarettes but can help with the actual smoke.  The same goes for pet odors, the Clarifion can help eliminate smells but not totally eliminate them.

Each unit is designed to cover up to 150 square feet.  Clarifion recommend getting one per every room you want purified, ideally placed in a location that maximizes airflow.  The company states that the filter is safe to use in any room and around pets.

Although the light is a good indicator that the device has power, there is no way to determine whether it is removing particles from the air.

Unfortunately, this is a complaint that applies to most air purifiers, as there’s no easy way to tell whether these invisible particles are being removed.

Does air ionizing technology actually work?

There are some studies that point to the benefits of Air Ionizers, concluding that in their tests, negative air ions were able to reduce respirable and inhalable dust and efficiently reduce fine particulate matter in the air.

There are also new studies focusing on Air Ionizers as a method to neutralize the SARS-CoV-2 virus because of their ability to release ozone.

Ozone, an oxidizing gas, has been shown to kill bacteria, fungi and molds, and inactivate viruses.  However, more research is needed into this specific application.

Downsides and potential side effects of breathing ionized air

Some of those same studies into air ionizers effectiveness also reveal some potential drawbacks.  For instance, portable air cleaners can both remove and generate pollutants indoors due to ozone release.

Breathing in Ozone can lead to some minor negative side effects like throat irritation and coughing, but prolonged use can also include things like lung inflammation and increased risk of infections.

If you suffer from any breathing conditions like asthma it’s best to consult with your doctor before using an Air Ionizer.

Furthermore, Air Ionizers have their limitations, particularly when it comes to removing larger particles from the air, oftentimes those that trigger allergies or asthma.  

They also are not effective against volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as those released from paints and some cleaning supplies.

Another concerning factor is that the California Air Resources Board’s position is that, “ozone generators are ineffective at cleaning indoor air and inhaling ozone poses serious health risks for humans and animals.”

Currently, Clarifion is not on their list of banned devices, presumably because of its lower concentrations of emitted ions, but this statement is condemning nonetheless.

Additional Clarifion Products

AerClear 3 Stage HEPA Home Air Purifier - As an alternative to the questionable Ion purifier, Clarfion sells a true Hepa filter option.  This unit has a 3 stage filter and claims to capture 99.7% of airborne particles.


Clarifion DSTx - Their latest release.  This option is a hybrid of the two technologies, offering a Hepa Filter, Carbon filter for gasses and odors, along with the negative ion generator.

Price Plans & Customer Service

On Amazon you can purchase:

You can email Clarifion support at [email protected].  The BBB lists their phone number as (866) 211-0306.

The company states its name as Air Soap LLC and is registered in the state of Wyoming, yet on another part of their website they state they are located in Newport Beach, California.

Clarifion offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee from the day that you receive the product. If you aren’t satisfied you can request a refund but may be charged a 15% restocking fee.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

The Clarifion Air Ionizer has fairly positive reviews on Amazon but with an overall very mixed reputation.

Some of the more concerning reviews on Amazon were from people who deemed the unit a fire risk, as it turned their outlets black.  

One customer pointed out that the device comes with a warning label for it to be cleaned and inspected to avoid risk of fire.

Other reviewers simply stated that they felt no difference and that it was difficult to tell if the product was doing anything at all.

Some had issues with the lights in the unit going out and not having any way to repair or replace them after the initial 30 day refund period.

The AerClear Purifier has even better reviews on Amazon with a 4.5/5 rating, though there are few reviews which makes them less reliable.

The company has a B rating with the BBB and a rating of 1.74/5 stars from 97 customer reviews.  Many of the complaints there stem from poor customer service issues.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you’re in the market for a new air purifier, there are plenty of products for you to choose from.  When in doubt, it’s often best to consider a recognized brand with excellent customer service.

One option is the Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Air Purifier, which does require changing a filter, but it’s a good option as it cleans the air in your home up to five times per hour.

The Honeywell boasts excellent reviews, receiving a rating of 4.8/5 stars from nearly 30,000 customer reviews.

At $220 it's more expensive than the Clarifion, but it comes in an extra-large size so that you can clean your entire home with one device.

Does Clarifion Really Work?

While there is research to support some of the claims made by Clarifion, at this time we would not recommend the product.

The Clarifion Air Ionizer may be able to clear your air of tiny particles and some bacteria, but we believe it falls short in the more important task of removing large particulates that are the cause of most breathing issues.

Further, while negative ion technology can deactivate viruses, more research is needed to test its effectiveness against the Covid virus - one of the likely reasons for purchasing an air ionizer.

It seems that a high quality Hepa filtered air purifier would have a more noticeable effect on household air, especially against more common environmental hazards like wildfire smoke or pollution.

Even though the company claims that the Clarifion Plug-In Air Ionizer is hands off, the fact is that it does not actually rid your household of contaminants.

It is not a true filter, meaning the neutralized dust particles are still in your home just not in the air, which still requires cleaning.

If you have any experience with the Clarifion Air Ionizer or their other air purifiers, please leave your reviews below.

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Clarifion Customer Reviews

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April 12, 2024
I ordered 6 of these in late July 2023. I did not receive them until August. Two of them stopped working in February 2024. They replaced those two. Another 3 stopped working in March 2024. Five of the original six stopped working within 8 months. They would not replace the last 3. Also, I noticed no difference in the air or dust. Stay away from this product.

First Impression
March 22, 2024
The very first dissatisfied impression is for the booklet that comes in product package. It's in washed out fonts which makes reading it an eye straining process. I have just received my order and have not had time to experience soot causing issues. But I will certainly watch for and pay careful attention to that concern.

Clarifon Air Purifier
December 21, 2023

Most of the reviews I have read are not good however I have been using them for several years both in my Florida and Wisconsin homes.

While I have no definitive test to prove they clean the air they seem to do the job. Less dust in the house is my observation.

When we arrive in Florida after home is locked up for several months we plug in the units (5). Within several days the musty odor is gone. I have a couple is the ozone units (fan type) with no issues.

Save Your Money!
November 23, 2023
I bought this product to reduce the dust and pollen in the air, but it didn't make a difference so I'm returning it.

Does Not Work. Scam!!!!
November 8, 2023

Bought 4 of these! Should have returned them for refund. NOT WORTH A DAMN! THIS IS A SCAM! No decrease in dust……just $$$. wasted!

February 13, 2023
I guess I'm sensitive to the ozone these things produce. I have had a severe cough and heavy feeling in my lungs not long after placing 6 of these in my home. After realizing that my cough started after getting these and doing thorough research, I unplugged them all! These do indeed omit ozone which is extremely dangerous. They will not admit this and do not even have an ozone rating on their website. With all of that aside, if an ionizer makes the particles heavier. What keeps us from breathing in these heavier particles before they fall from the air? I think that in itself would be bad for our lungs. Maybe we should keep the mad scientists out of our air and get a good old fashioned filter if we feel it necessary.

CarolynHunt March 02, 2023

Agree. Since using three Clarifion I have developed a severe heavy cough and wish to return those items.

Annette May 27, 2023

I have been wondering the very same as indicated above. My husband purchased these as my morning coughing was of concern to him. Since purchasing six and plugging them in various rooms it appears that my coughing is lasting longer into the day. I did check the unit in my sunroom and it does have dust accumulation on the item so I will do the cleaning process of wiping each one down. I also have to consider that I am outdoors in the early morning working around our yard for two hours or longer. Plus allergies are in my family history. It may be that I need to give it a little more time to validate it's effectiveness and what my concern really could be. However given additional information hiw Ozone technology can have side effects fir done this leads to additional concerns. I feel like had I done more research, I would have not purchased the product regardless of the manufacturer.

Does nothing
January 9, 2023

As far as I can tell the Clarifion did zero for cleaning the air. I bought 3 and used for over a year and could not tell any difference. I live in a prairie type area if that makes any difference. But in my personal experience they did nothing.

POOR customer service
October 27, 2022

I ordered this product and after consulting with my doctor, I wanted to cancel my order. I placed the order and within 45 minutes I called to cancel The operator said my order was already in delivery and could not be cancelled. Then offered me 50 pct off. I just wanted to cancel!!!

I refused the offer and asked for return labels. She said she would send them to me in email.

I will return this product. POOR customer service!!!

they don't work!
October 15, 2022

Well I was caught at a vulnerable moment after dusting my house so I decided to buy.

Bought one for every room. Got them plugged them in and after a few days I dusted again and couldn't tell any difference. So for the price I contacted support and we chatted back and forth. They offered my a 50% refund if I would keep and I declined. Told them I wanted a refund that 50% was still too much $ for something I was unhappy with so they agreed to give my an 85% refund and told me to keep the product.

They also sent me an email of our entire conversation, so if I don't receive my refund in a couple of days I will contact my credit card company and send them the email.

October 4, 2022
DON'T DEAL WITH THIS DISHONEST COMPANY!!! I was in the process of ordering one of these, when I decided there was no way something that small could work, so I changed my mind. I had already clicked on PayPal as means of payment, but I still had not completed the order when I left the web site. Those dirty crooks processed the order anyway! When I got an e-mail that my order was on the way I was shocked and called customer service. I told them I changed my mind before the order was completed and did not order it. I was told that if I send it back (even unopened) I would be charged $5.00 restocking fee - I would NOT be refunded 7.95 shipping or 5.16 taxes and I had to pay for return shipping on top of all that (another 7.95) So out of the 58.00 I was ILLEGALLY charged, I would only get a refund of 32.00 for something I didn't even order! SCAM COMPANY INDEED!!!

Fly Killer?
September 25, 2022

Just read all of the above reviews and I plan to throw away all 6 of the ones I bought. And you may not believe this - but it kills any flies that come in my home! I swear, I find dead flies on the carpet and window sills.

Don't need a fly swatter! And no, I am not over run with flies but with summer and the door open occasionally for my cats, they do wander in. If flies die - what's it doing to the air we are breathing?

CrazyEngineer X November 17, 2023

It emits ions and a marginal level of ozone. Neither of those kill flies. So I don't think it's gases or chemical emissions If the stories are true, I think it kills some when they land on it, and its front surface is charged up to high voltage (too delicate to hurt a human) or has a buzzy AC field reaching out an inch from the front plate. Maybe I'll try experiments to see if I can see a fly drop, and where he is when it gets him.

Stops Working Within Months
September 8, 2022

I would give them -0 if possible. I purchased 6 in January & 2 already stopped working (8 months) called cs & was told that after 30 days( because I didn't purchase warranty, I couldn't get replacement) , of course company claims product will last approximately a year or 2 ; they are all liars & I will never purchase anything else, ..

My husband just purchased the odrx unit ...Guess what ? It goes back, it came package was opened!! My air is no different, I have a large room purifier that works!!! Clarifion is terrible, please don't waste your $$$$!!!

No support from the company.
July 12, 2022

Purchased the Clarifion air purifier units which plug into wall outlets. Several of the units created a kind of gray coating on the units which spread to the wall around the outlets

Could not clean it off. Have to repaint.

Company said too bad. Past 30 days and they not only will not refund my money, but will not offer any remuneration for cost of painting. Don’t buy this product.

Moni July 26, 2022

Light went out after 30 days, expensive plug-in. Purchased three and the other two are still "working". I'm not totally confident that they do what company promises.

Don't bother
May 6, 2022

Waste of money

Wanted to stop the

More expensive than the site seemed to advertise.

Customer service? Incompetent.

Useful device? No, no, no.

DeborahSmith June 20, 2022

I bought two of the units they arrived in Dec of 2021 … plugged them in …. First notice is the blue light is very bright for a bedroom … but we adjusted … after 2-3 days I noticed a difference …. No more clearing my throat in the morning or stuffy head … so I thought - OH Wow … this is awesome.

We rocked along with the bright blue light in our dark bedroom and them one day (June ‘22) I noticed one of the units - there was no blue light …. Unplugged it and tried it in other plugs - no light … and then 2 days later the bright blue light in our bedroom no longer works …. So I contacted the company - they couldn’t find my initial purchase …. So I had to find my original paperwork and call back.

2 business days later I find my original paperwork and email them the information. And their reply was basically - so sorry but you have had the unit longer than 30 days - even though their Website says the units should last between 2-3 years.

If the unit is only gonna last barely 6 months it is not worth the price or aggravation!

Deborah Smith, East Texas

Didn't work
April 8, 2022

I have asthma and I read the reviews on this product. I bought one for my bedroom and it did nothing for me.

ColvinSmith June 01, 2022

I purchased one of these units, and after several hours of use, as an asthmatic, I had severe coughing, did not notice any difference in air quality. unit is unplugged and back in the box.

Clarifion air ionizer SCAM
April 6, 2022

I purchased 6 of the Clarifion Air Ionizers on 12/18/2021 and have had them plugged in every since.

I faithfully wipe them clean every 2 weeks as instructed. I can see absolutely no difference in air quality or in nose, throat, or lung symptoms.

I conclude that they are another big SCAM.

Not worth the money
March 4, 2022

Not worth it, and they do not last long with no refund.

Clarifion is a scam. No customer service
January 31, 2022

I purchased 9 clarifions, and it is a scam. I tried calling them to ask if I needed to buy more for our house of 1700 sq ft. I had to leave a message. No response. I then emailed this response. Their product is a total scam. This company will not give a label or any address to return their product. I just had to throw them away. No one likes to be taken advantage of and the whole ordeal was exhausting.

December 9, 2021
I know there is no way it is working. But I haven't seen any improvement either!!!

After a fair trial period it will not work.
November 8, 2021
Does not work . Do not waste your money. Tried all actions to give it a chance .

SueF December 03, 2021

I have to agree. My husband purchased 3 of them for help with allergies. I can't tell any difference whatsoever. Total waste of money.

Kary January 31, 2022

I totally agree. they wont return calls , so you cant even ask how to return this totally useless product, I just had to throw away all 9 of the ones I bought!

PaulSmith May 16, 2022

Their customer service is non-existent. Good luck in getting any resolution with any problems.