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flashover hazard/poor customer service
October 22, 2020

Very disappointed.

Looked forward to less dust in my house. Opened box and first thing I saw was warning label on side of device stating flashover fire hazard. Did not see this anywhere on website.

Been trying to return for several weeks. Still have not figured out how to do it. Spoke with lady on phone for almost 5 min. Could not understand her due to her accent. Said she would send me an order number (I had lost mine). She never sent it. Guess I'll have to take my loss of over $50.00.

Would never order anything from this Company again.

Patricia Waldo October 30, 2020

Wish I had read this review before I ordered it. I had my order number but that did not help. I had a very hard time understanding her and must have worked both ways because I had to repeat my number 4 times. She would not give me an RMA number that I needed to return the item. I paid over $50.00 and she wanted to give me $26.00 plus I had to pay the postage to return it. I have had mine plugged in for 2 weeks and can tell no difference at all.

Clarifion - Three Clarifions
July 15, 2020

Scammers!!!!! Please do not buy their product, you will regret after you buying.

I was purchase my order since June 3, until now I haven't receive my order yet, I did call and leave the message none of them answer or reply my call, also send them 3 times email to asked, again, none of them are reply my email.

Yes, I did received the tracking #, but the package was stuck INGLEWOOD since June 5th, and then the packet was moving to BRISBANE CA 94005 July 10th and stuck there.

Now I just check where's the packet right now, and it show me the package was in Los Angeles, CA?

GinnyLiz August 30, 2020

When you read this review is seems awkward which makes me think it is phony

GinnyLiz August 30, 2020

I found BBB has a C rating on this company, that is not good

Took a month
May 16, 2020

Left the day I ordered it, but then stayed in Sacramento USPS for 3 weeks.

Finally received them after 5 weeks. Do they work? The little blue light comes on. No way to actually test negative ION levels in the room.

I guess the rooms and closets I placed them in smell a little bit better. Not a huge difference.

JeanHales November 04, 2020

For anyone who has had trouble getting resolution, you can dispute the charge with your credit card company or bank and with all the info I have read in the comments above, with the product not working and no resolution to customer complaints, you probably can get your money back. I have done this in the past. If they are based in the United States, you can request an English speaking customer service representative.

Purchased and charged but never received product.
May 16, 2020

I purchased first week of April sent email and called finally received tracking info saying it’s being shipped it’s in Cali but has been in same location for 2 weeks now. Did my research before purchasing enticed due to pandemic but very disappointed in delivery process.

How do you charge an account the same exact day I purchased it processed my payment that same day but it takes months and numerous attempts to get my products horrible customer service and a shame because the reviews are pretty convincing would like to try it myself.

Not cool I was also charged $150 for 3 when they offer 6 for 149.

Contemplating refund or wait??? Is the product worth the wait added stress during this quarantine?? This pandemic will be in the history books by the time I get mine super annoying!!

Jinky June 06, 2020

Did you ever get your order?

Well I have been waiting and waiting
April 13, 2020

Finally received a tracking number after a week it stalled at that nothing after it was picked up.

So I contacted them and requested a refund usually that means it was damaged or its a smoke screen and was never shipped. I was told I couldn't get a refund because it was shipped I had to wait 8-10 weeks, unacceptable.

I would not purchase this product!

Then if you return it its a 15% restocking fee... who charges that anymore! Scammers I was taken by the pandemic and wanted to get my house healthy , they played on people and that was wrong!

Bad people!!!!

DonnaThompson May 12, 2020

Still waiting for product after ordered a month ago. Says would be 7-10 days. They say left warehouse but no proof of that.

Jinky June 06, 2020

Did you ever get your order?