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Website: is a people finder website which states that users can search for anyone using their people search tools, as well as acquire background checks and look up phone numbers.

Online people finder services which can be accessed without special permission only really allow you to search for records that are available to the general public.

But the website says that these records can be used both for finding friends and family members that you’ve lost track of, as well as providing necessary background check info.

If you choose their service to provide a background check, they can offer you criminal records, phone number and address history, access to sex offender databases, tax liens, and more. The website says these basic record searches can help keep you and your family safe.

They also say that they can help you reverse look up phone numbers – simply enter the number of the person who has called you and the website says they can identify numbers from landlines, cell phones, and even numbers which are “unlisted.”

Once you determine what sort of information you are looking for, will provide it for you in a single, easy to read report for $29.95. Or you can choose to pay a subscription fee and receive unlimited reports.

A one month subscription costs $24.95, while a three month subscription costs $14.95 per month and a six month subscription costs $10.95 per month. While you are a subscriber, you can access any number and any type of reports you choose.

For people who do not wish to have their personal records accessed by these people finder websites, you can choose to exercise their “Remove My Info” option, which allows you to remove your records from their database so it will no longer be available to searchers.

If you have any experience with or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Today's Unlawful Act Experience Report Company Fraud To Bank To File Claim
April 27, 2022

Absolutely scam experience as others claim... no discussion fraud on free trial membership... chase bank informed me on April 25, my birthday night $29.15 & then this morning today April 26th took out $1... get it... there advertisement charged whatever a plan NO WHERE claiming in other charge or plan... only this once you give them your finance credit card info.

For a $1 grant permission for you to seek people & if you wish print of pdf file $7 charge... after that nothing mentioned about this bull crap of the operator starting the speech "let me explain charges about your account... what account? on second day free trial, again, shock of news to unlawfully debit $29.15 out of our account before debating the $1 that ORIGINALLY IS SUPPOSE TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE!!..

First thing tomorrow morning AM eastern time been advice by CHASE BANK Agent Mark to file FRAUD against Orlando, FL CHECKPEOPLE.COM to get our money back!!!!... now from 62% add us as 63% bad with Better Business Bureau...

How ridiculous can your operators you hire to even waste time thinking ways to be trained TO RIP PEOPLE OFF!... ESPECIALLY TODAY BECAUSE OF THEM, CHECKPEOPLE.COM, CHASE BANK EXPLAINED "THESE DAYS... that companies advertising one dollar trials are a way to get into our account debit "out of the blue" so called plans that don't exist until our right to cancel even on second day discover whopping $29,15 to be exact...

Thank you CHASE Bank on educating me ... because of this experience just lost some customers on any companies offering trial free $1 because BEWARE CHECKPEOPLE.COM TOYALLY UNTRUSTWORTH!!!... MAN OH MAN THIS JUST BIT THE DUST... BYE! BYE!

A SCAM!!!!
March 12, 2022
I used this Hoax of a website which offered a lot of FAKE INFORMATION so I cold to cancel the next day to cancel and I was still billed! I AM PISSED!!

Don't Trust This Site
March 8, 2022

I used Checkpeople and was being charged $44.65 under my nose. I kept seeing that my savings was being drained, so I did some digging come to find our it was Checkpeople. I don't trust this site, they are awful.

Complete scam
December 13, 2021
This site was pretty much worthless. I couldn't even find myself. I paid for the trial at $4.99 but was charged for the trial plus an additional $6.99 for any reports. This was a hidden cost that I wasn't able to opt out of. So, $12 for a $4.99 trial. Also, and beware, within 24 ours of signing up, my email spam folder went from 2 entries to 270. Avoid this site and Truthfinders. Both are the same trash.

These people are low lifes and should be in jail
May 20, 2021
Scam alert !!! This service is a rip off. I paid my $1.00 fee for a report but they charged my credit card $7.00 and have tried to authorize a 29.95 payment so they could bilk me out of more money. Please do not let these people rip you off as they have done me. Please do not ever use thir site.

Pricing plan is hidden. Cancelling isn’t easy.
December 28, 2020

They’re a bit cagey about the cost. The banner says “$1.00.” Obviously that’s not going to be the price so you click different screens looking for the real, hidden, cost. But you don’t find anything. So you click “get” or “purchase” or whatever and you discover you’ve just bought into a “plan.”

But you can’t find the details of the plan. So you come to this site (which you kick yourself for not doing in the first place) and discover that you’ve signed up for a $30-per-month thing.

Some reviewers use the word “scam.”

So you go back to the site and try to find the cancellation page. It does not exist. You finally find a little something on the FAQ page. You find a phone number.

You mutter “f*#k me!” cause you know the drill. You’ll call and immediately get put on hold for 15 minutes. Half a second before you’re going to give up in frustration, an operator comes on. You tell her you want to cancel. She indicates she will “start the process” ... but not before taking you through the usual upsell song and dance.

You interrupt her and say, “Look. I’m unemployed. Ya know. Covid. I have no money. I need to cancel.”

She finally does it. You thank her. You wish you could sleep at night so you wouldn’t lie awake and, at 3:00 AM, start wondering what ever happened to your ex-boyfriend from the 1980s, which leads you to websites that promise to answer all your burning questions.

PS. I still don’t know whatever happened to my ex boyfriend.

August 10, 2020

The site is lacking in terms of how much information they give you for your money.

When you call in to cancel they do not actually cancel the account so you must keep an eye on your account. THEN - when they charge you again they refuse to refund.


Subscription Scam! Beware!
August 3, 2020

I purchased one report for $7.99, which I thought was reasonable.

Two months later I discovered that I had been charged monthly subscription fees of $29.16 each. I did not knowingly sign up for a subscription, and can only assume this is another of those companies that are there solely for that purpose - to trick you into a subscription.

I called customer service and talked with an employee who would only refund one of the subscription fees. The end result? I paid $37.15 for one report!


Dangerously Bogus Reporting---- For True
June 19, 2020

This just happened to me. Subscribed to 3day $4.99 trial. Looking for info on long lost friend. Found info, called and cancelled same day. Cancellation seems to go well. Have a confirmation number and email verification. So far good. Decided since I could use for 2 more days to look up myself. Information such as relatives, former addressed linking me to the name were absolutely correct...then I looked at criminal records and got the shock.

Bogus theft charges, using addresses allegedly mine were not only places I'd never lived but didn't match any in the address file that I could document as being correct. Prompted me to look at the "reports" of my two grown children. Same as before: accuracy with regard to addresses, relatives and most acquaintances, but that criminal charges "report" was dangerously inaccurate. One record listed a battery charge against my Son when he was 10yrs old!!!

They don't know about this yet. Trying to get some redress. I'm not one to sit on things like this. Immediately called customer service to report what I found. He guided me through a process of removing the report...but unacceptable until I know whete this info originated. Was told the company was merely a search engine and only pulled data from outside sources. Do you know he insulted my intelligence by telling me this data...regarding criminal charges!!!...came from the three credit reporting agencies!!! Either the CS Rep, who otherwise was very nice, didn't know better or was counting on me not knowing better. I dunno...maybe it was a sign for me to order my credit reports, which I have done.

Also spoke directly with a warm body at Equifax who looked at my report on line and assured me there were no references to criminal charges, would not be on my credit report, and if were would not be released from them as part of the public domain. I will be pursuing this. Very dangerous especially at a time when people are engaging in finding new work; changing careers etc. I will be looking specifically at this company's bogus abuse of information, since I have used similar services for same reason, in same way and never once have seen this type of info against my name...OMGoodness and my children!! Completely unacceptable.

Please for all of you who went through this and too much time has gone by to get access to the bogus reports without re-subscribing,(heaven forbid!!), note that I will be pursuing this to satisfactory resolve. Having 2 days access on this trial, I will take screen shots for a permanent record, along with seeking out a corporate response. I don't feel its enough to tell consumers to just request their "reports" be removed. We have a right to know how and why this inaccurate data was generated, and more importantly that it will not continue to happen, most importantly if there are no assurances it will not continue; the consumer has a right to request that their data not be apart of this collection process.

I have looked at BBB complaints. There are quite a few, but none seemed to address this issue. Most had to do with products and services, improper billing practices, untimely refunds-if at all. Clearly enhancing my personal concern, about the conduct of business by this company; and so I will be filing a BBB complaint, and would urge anyone who feels the need to highlight untoward practices you have experienced with this company. I would also urge anyone having these kinds of experiences with similar companies to register your concerns.

Maybe this is an entity that requires more regulation in the handling the reporting of Public Domain information. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will do my best to provide updates via this venue. All the best, and Stay Well.


Elder Abuse
June 15, 2020

This company is one of the sleazy data aggregators that compile otherwise private information about private citizens and package them for sale online.

I have REPEATEDLY tried to get my elderly father's personal information removed and have been lied to, patronized, and ignored.

My next action will be to call my state's aggressive AG to report elder abuse, as well as seek civil attorney advice, and bring this form of abuse (not just elder abuse) to the media. Most people have no idea that dirtbag companies such as this are compiling and then selling their personal data. Soon they will know

July 18, 2019

They are nothing but a bunch of incompetent, lying thieves!!!

Besides charging you for inaccurate information, they ruin people's reputation by posting false information .


Unauthorized charges to credit card
April 28, 2019
I went online and paid $4.99 to access info on one person. I did not sign up for anything else and now I have a pending charge for $49.99. I have tried to call several times and left my number for a call back. No one will ever get back to me to explain this charge. Steer clear unless you want unauthorized charges placed on your card!!!

February 8, 2019

I have previously received poor products and services from various businesses before but never in my entire life have i ever written a review. I however simply could not let this theft pass by. My experience was HORRIBLE.

First they indicate on their website that running a background check costs $1. There is however a secret charge of $7. Of course, you will only get to find out about it when you look at your bank statement!

That's not all. Without your knowledge and consent, they automatically enroll you to a monthly program where they charge $44.50 just a few days after they run away with your initial$7. You call their customer care and what do they tell you? that it was a valid charge because you were supposed to call them so that they can unsubscribe you from the program that you did not subscribe to in the first place let alone being aware of it!

All said and done, please do not waste your money. I'm glad my bank resolved the issue. I cannot even trust that they have unsubscribed me from the programme. I have since replaced my credit card just in case they are tempted to make any further debits to my account

January 29, 2019
Tried to run a couple reports and both came back with nothing more than the age of each of them. Like nothing whatsoever. Well I should say that they had some associated people but I'd never heard of any of them. Don't waste your time or your dollar trial period.

This is a fraud/scam
January 22, 2019

A 0 rating!,I went on this site today because I was bored and had nothing better to do, i put in my information since I know me best,

WOW, it says I have a prison record, says I have been arrested several times and a whole history that is so bogus.

All my info Name Initial places lived relatives are correct but the rest is not funny, what if a job-line

or someone of importance check this out!

They need to be stopped somehow.

Then the idiot I spoke to was so nasty!

January 4, 2019
They are liars. they say their services are free, if they are free why do I need to pay a $1.00. That is not free. I don't own a credit card so I wasted time get this background check because I didn't have a card to pay the 1.00. They should state this upfront

GJean Miller September 07, 2020

They charge you 29.00 and extra 7.00 dollars , they are liars and take it out every month . They are a scam and don't give money back , they are a scam . Its no dollar they lie.

highly deceptive service
January 4, 2019

I signed up for a one-off check for circa $7 and was shocked to find out I have monthly recurring transactions on my card for circa 34$ (both in £, hence approximations). I was not aware this was subscription as I was checking the small print carefully before payment, so I am not ripped off. Well, I still was....

deceptive pricing, must call to make any changes to account
November 2, 2018

It offered me a range of subscriptions, I selected the least expensive one and then received a receipt for $60. I called the number to let them know this was incorrect and they said there was nothing they could do. They could not change it to another option, refund the difference, nothing. This is flat out deceptive. Their customer service was not at all helpful and simply said "there is nothing I can do to change that." I have never heard that phrase from customer service anywhere.

October 11, 2018
So when they ask you to put in search info on the first screen and it brings up all the “info” on that person DON’T BE A FOOL and signup not even for their temporary trial period for $1. The report you get on that person will not contain ANY of the info from the search that entices you to want to see it. AND then there are hidden charges for PDFs that it leads you to believe are free. BEWARE this gave me zero info but the first search had a lot of info on it SCAM ALERT

not worth it
September 30, 2018
did not find anything I didn't already find of other free sites. Know for a fact the person had criminal history, but they didn't find it. DON'T DOIT