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Cell Phone Cash Review - Legit?

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  July 12, 2023

Cell Phone Cash
is a "make money online" opportunity being promoted through various online advertising channels. 

Manipulative Advertising

The ads are enticing and promise potential customers daily earnings of up to $1,000 from automated websites.

Their website, CellPhoneCash.co, is deliberately vague on details simply stating that you will not be required to sell anything, no technical expertise is required, and that the program is beginner friendly.

It also employs a variety of marketing tactics designed to break down your natural barriers to buying something like this.

These tools work surprisingly well and can get even the most rational people to buy into too good to be true online scams.

Some examples of techniques that these manipulative sales pitches tend to use are:

  • Persistently mention how much money you could be making
  • Intro video to Cell Phone Cash is full of stock footage of people counting piles of cash
  • Website uses many gimmicks and widgets to create the sense of scarcity, urgency, social proof and credibility

How Does Cell Phone Cash Work?

These types of make money online programs were prevalent years ago but most were removed or banned from advertising on major search and social media platforms for their misleading claims.

Many had a similar premise as Cell Phone Cash, in which a basic internet or affiliate marketing course was sold as an opportunity to make easy money online.

Typically, customers would receive cookie cutter websites designed to harvest emails and resell the same course that they purchased for a commission, making it something almost similar to a traditional pyramid scheme.

The seller would convince customers who may have little experience with how online marketing works to promote their cookie cutter website using paid ads on search engines, or through their own social media pages.

Cell Phone Cash claims that you won’t be selling anything which, while technically true, is still highly misleading.

You will be doing affiliate marketing, a type of marketing where you'll earn a commission by promoting a product or service sold by the actual seller.

An example of this at work is shown through their testimonial:

Facebook post promoting Cell Phone Cash

( This Facebook post describes affiliate marketing )

So while you’re technically not selling a physical product yourself you are promoting a website containing links to an information product that will pay a commission if there is a purchase through your link.

Is Cell Phone Cash Legitimate or a Scam?

Ultimately, we do not believe these types of programs actually help people make money.

There are legitimate ways to make money with affiliate marketing, the concepts that Cell Phone Cash is referring to.

For example, if you created a popular blog sharing your favorite DIY projects and tutorials you could use affiliate marketing to monetize your website by recommending tools to your readers.

So whenever someone follows one of your links and makes a purchase you would earn a commission from the tool company.

The main difference between this and Cell Phone Cash is that you generally would have to work extremely hard to create a successful and informative website that is valued by your audience and search engines alike.

Cell Phone Cash is bypassing this critical step and selling users on the myth that making money online is easy and only takes a few clicks of a button.

Contact and Refund Info

CellPhoneCash.co states that the course is created by “Merlin Holmes.”

The company name is Precision Media Lab, LLC DBA as The Fast Tracks

The address is listed as:

Precision Media Lab, LLC 
9888 W Belleview Ave, STE 2135
Denver, CO 80123

The program is actually sold through ClickBank which is a 3rd party payment processor.  

The good news is that they offer a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.  If you're unhappy with Cell Phone Cash you can reach out to them directly to initiate a return.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

There is currently not much customer feedback about Cell Phone Cash, aside from people wondering what it is and how it works.

The few reviews that have been submitted to Reviewopedia mention one of the other major red flags for these types of programs, which is online coaching or mentoring upsells.

These reviewers claim that after purchasing the program they were contacted by sales reps looking to sell them additional “training” at much higher prices.

The seller also asked intrusive personal finance questions about how much money people make per month.

It's is almost as if the nominal $37 fee asked for Cell Phone Cash also puts customers into a funnel as leads for further, and much more expensive, upsells.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of legitimate ways to make money online but in order to do so you either need to build an audience via quality content or learn how to effectively market products using online ad campaigns.

Despite what the creators of Cell Phone Cash claim, both methods require hard work and experience to be successful.

Cell Phone Cash is essentially modern version of a pyramid scheme, as the websites they offer you will usually be nothing more than sales pages for selling Cell Phone Cash to other people.

Since they do include “educational” material as well they can technically get away with this because there is an actual product being sold.

However, when Cell Phone Cash states:

Seller stating that Cell Phone Cash is similar to a pyramid scheme

( Seller states that your website will help them make more money )

It is because more people will be brought into their program to whom they can pitch their advanced coaching for thousands of dollars.

If you are interested in learning how internet marketing works there are lots of free tutorials on legitimate online learning platforms.

They can give you a better idea about how the systems for earning money from content or social media work, and this will be a better introduction to internet marketing than paying for too good to be true schemes.

If you have tried Cell Phone Cash, please leave your reviews below.

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Be Careful
November 28, 2023
Cell Phone Cash is a scam, don't fall for this garbage! What a waist of money.

lyn February 27, 2024

These types of scammers should be banned from making any false advertisements and enticing people who are honestly just trying to make money from home due to one reason or another. This company is the one getting rich and the poor people who bought into the program are left dry.

My advice is NEVER pay for an affiliate program. They pay YOU for promoting their product. Never pay them.
October 9, 2023

The website landing pages are NOT Seo friendly or optimized for the google algorithims to find. Plus, you have to spend much more of the little bit of money you have to start a paid google ads campaign. So, it goes to say that the scammers are not promoting this landing page. That is your responsibility, and it is not free. That said promoting this "website" takes a long time to see results. It could be months if you get any results with a large upfront cash outlay. If they were making money they would not be selling it.

Mulugeta October 14, 2023

I registered then I was requested to buy a lifetime access, then after 2nd one, and other 3rd one but after this all even I can not see my account. When I try to login, I am asked another registration and repeatedly to buy the so called lifetime access which are similar steps. But I lost all the money that I paid. So, I think, it is fraud and scam.

September 27, 2023
Scam all the way, this guy Alex got upset with me, I would not sign up for another credit card, when i started questioning him he told me not to tell him how to do his job. then I hung up on him and a few minuets later I get a nasty text from him.

Tosh September 29, 2023

Yep that's what they do they get all angry cause they didn't get your money, good for you !!! Scammer alert for sure...

September 22, 2023
NOT A SCAM!!! The people I have been speaking with are amazing and very punctual. Finally an online program that works!

Scam alert
September 11, 2023
Cell phone cash is a straight-up scam. I'm so sick and tired of all the get-rich subterfuge on the Internet. Can't anyone just be real anymore? It's like a contest to see who can come up with the best lies. FML!

CharlesChin September 13, 2023

Absolutely agree. 100% if get rich quick with little or no work to make income for small fee all scams.

A zero from alaska
August 15, 2023

I live in Anchorage Alaska and recently have been digging into affiliate marketing or dropshipping. Cell phone cash caught my eye as well, a previous review about the mother's last $ I saw reminded me I'm in the same exact position. Literally three days from moving to get out of a disastrous living situation with our six month old, just relating is all because my gf and I almost spent our last money that is for rent. Thanks to evryone for the reviews because if I spent that money we'd be stuck in a apartment with gallons of water leaking through the roof for months now...

PJ September 07, 2023

Without Marketing this program won't work period

Easy Man's WayJon September 07, 2023

Cell phone cash is a sham. Once you pay for your website which is $27.00 unless you decide to pay for the add-ons, you get only 2 websites that actually show the products straight away, while the other 3 only have a video, which if you were to watch it, goes on forever, not showing you the product till the end, which seems to never come.

They have training videos and the websites they built seem legit but you have no way of knowing if anyone is actually clicking on your website or if they are buying your product which you are promoting as an affiliate.

DeniseCampbell September 09, 2023

Well I just signed up and I paid $37. I will wait a week to see what happens then I will ask for my money back and if they don't give it back I will take it as a lesson but I did get some education out of it so like this article says I guess they are giving something.

Scott September 10, 2023

Thank you so much for this review it opened my Eyes! In search of an affiliate marketing program I can start for free.

kimfarrell September 19, 2023

Thank you for your honest review. I know better but I was about to take the plunge which us ridiculous because I have all the tools in place. This isn't the place for me to put in links even though I could use the credit.

I personally have a blog that was built for me with income streams built in. You still have to put work in but over time it will pay off.

I would start with leads leap. It's free to start lots if help if you need it m. I will say you will get a lot lot more traffic as a paid member. GL everyone. To your success Kimberly Farrell

EbbyHirsh September 22, 2023

It's been working for me... this is affiliate marketing not get rich quick. Maybe this just wasn't a good fit for you personally but I have had success with the program. Scams don't offer you your money back, this program does. So that's not a scam.

Karen November 08, 2023

But just try to get your money back. I’ve been trying but no luck

Made my first sale in less than 24 hours!
August 14, 2023
First off, I have had my fair share of experiences with scams. Being 60 and well traveled has taught me a few things. CellPhoneCash, so far, has been exactly as presented. The pages are set up for you. All of my associate links are working properly. With that said, I only found one of the "offers" that I will be advertising is the same opportunity. Yep, that's right. I will actually have to do some of the work myself in order to be successful. Who would have thought? No opportunity is going to do everything for you. This one is better at teaching you how to use the tools they have provided to give you a jumpstart to success. People need to just stop with the whole sense of entitlement garbage. It's seriously beyond sad. If you want what you never had, then do what you have never done. Earn it!

LatonyaC. August 17, 2023

I had cell phone cash websites for a couple of months now and been busy with work but when I would go in and try to work on getting the affiliate links out in traffic I'm having a difficult time. I think I'm not doing something right and I need some additional help. Can you show me what you did with yours?

AaronBelleri September 11, 2023

This guy probably works for the company PR department. SMH..

AnthonySavinon October 16, 2023


No refund of my last $ for food and bills!
August 8, 2023
Dagnabbit. ... I didn't see any reviews especially this page before I paid for it around 3:00 a.m. this morning... because of all the enticing text like someone else said that they needed people in my area blah blah blah, with my last $ that was for food and towards a bill... Thinking I would make it back before the day and just go without food till I made the money back... almost instantly according to their video reviews! I dozed off before I could finish my 2nd training page... But I desperately needed funds for my rent, gas and food! Everything I've been researching all month never gave me any money... Even supposedly watching videos or listening to music for money... None of those worked out. I'm a single disabled mother that's a full time student online and on SSDI... With a strict limited income... Which is only for bills that have raised like crazy! I thought this was actually going to be helpful. I tried to get in contact with someone to get my last $ back after seeing this site early this morning yet I had no help with receiving my funds back! Any suggestions???? Please!

Theresia August 09, 2023

I am so sorry that you are going through this, I signed up maybe 3 months ago and have not gotten anything. I can't even log into the site. But there has got to be some way for you to get a refund, it's too late for me but you just signed up. I'm glad I didn't get the 5 sites. Keep trying to contact someone.

JeanneMabrey August 17, 2023

Theresia, THANKS FOR YOUR REVIEW! I'm desperate and almost sent my last to get what sounds like the new flim-flam!

Karen November 08, 2023

How do I get a refund?

Cell Phone Cash Scam
June 29, 2023
I almost bought into this scam, But i always google the company before i pulled the trigger, i am so glad i did, I found out it's just another scam site collecting down payments for nothing! Why does google allow this to continue to let these scams be so prevalent on their web browser.............

Derek July 28, 2023

It seems to me that you are basically giving them your contact list and 37dollars.

Beatrice July 30, 2023

I bought this and it took me a few hours to get through the videos ( not 15 minutes). Once everything was set up I discovered that my website did not have traffic directed to it and now I was on my own. They originally promised everything would be set up but that is not the case.

PJ September 07, 2023

They did say they would do everything only to find out that we would have to do our own marketing. Right now I have 5 websites doing nothing.

MichaelMoran September 13, 2023

Nice Roger almost bought so you are providing your gracious review of 1 star for a tool you did not buy, did not try, just jump to the conclusion, LOL

Over 15 yrs experience
June 26, 2023
Looks interesting the guy behind it is Melvin Holmes he has been in affiliate marketing over 15yrs. He has sold courses in the past for affiliate marketing and they were pricey. That's all I could figure out on Google.

AaronBelleri September 11, 2023

So why in the heck did you give them a 3 star review?

What happened to cellphone cash generating me an income instantly, Why did they lie and why don't I have money flowing into my bank account after paying them $39.
June 19, 2023

Cellphone cash was very misleading, it said that you wouldn't have to sell anything to generate a passive income.

I was directed to click on a link to start generating an income right away, just to find out that clickbank tricked me into signing up with them to promote or sell products for them.

I still do not see any cash following into my bank account every single hour after paying them $39.00. They even picked out the products they wanted me to sell. They tried to get me to pay like $189.00 for like a total of 5 money making sites but I said I couldn't afford to pay that much because I was broke.

Then watching their video they said that if I sell or promote their product, I would have to shut off my cellphone data and only use my Wi-fi so my cellphone wouldn't ping off of different towers because click bank would most likely suspend my account.

I thought in affiliate Marketing you're suppose to be able to work from where ever you go, remotely. So you're not tied down. Plus you're supposed to be able to pick out your own stuff to promote. So I haven't set up the Website because they lied to me about not having to sell anything.

Jeremy August 17, 2023

Can't get them to respond, do not give them your money. I've asked for refund and will not get a response and can't find phone number to call them.

Lauriah August 22, 2023

Thank You, I'm forever a wishful thinker. I have Sucker on my forehead that I forget is there until off course I'm sucked in!!

LauraGreen September 27, 2023

Jill, you asked why money isn't flowing into your bank account after paying them 39.00$, then you stated that you didn't even bother to set up the website because they lied to you.

My question is, why are you complaining about not seeing any money flow into your bank account when you didn't even set up the website? You can't blame the company for you not making any money if you didn't even set the website up to first to see if any money COULD be generated.

Don't blame them until you have actually made the effort to set up the website and see if anyone clicks on that link and does what you did when you clicked on that link. You can't say it didn't work when you didn't even put the website up to get that link for people to start clicking and paying and making that money flow into your account. It must work for those who try, because you clicked that link and you paid that money and it flowed into someone's account.

So you can't say it doesn't work, you can't judge and call it a scam IF YOU DIDN'T BOTHER SETTING YOUR WEBSITE UP FOR PEOPLE TO CLICK ON THE LINK SO THE MONEY FLOWS INTO YOUR ACCOUNT , instead they clicked on someone else's link and made that person's wallet a little fatter or their account a little fuller.

Don't complain if you don't try first, it looks and sounds foolish to do so. Make complaints and ask for money back when you literally tried for real and give it a few days for people to land on it the site, and if you don't make even one sell, then you have every reason to complain and write reviews and talk smack about it, ask for a refund if the they offer it and write your reviews and then make sure to complain to someone who might be able to do something about scam sites, the Better Business Bureau.

At the very least, the company will be put on the naughty list for other consumers to be warned and if there's enough complaints, then they will shut em down and who knows, you might have better luck getting a refund. This isn't just for Jill, it's for all the people who didn't bother trying first, just making complaints about something your assuming will or won't happen.

Give people a real review to read with a real reason backing up the complaint or reasons why we should steer clear of a company or product.

Tosh September 29, 2023

It's ok, I did and it was a complete scam. Good for you not setting up this hoax.

CellPhone Cash Clickbait Scam
June 14, 2023

They have been sending me emails on a daily basis for about a month and a half now, right after my gadgets were hacked and I suffered a monetary loss. Coincidence?

Sure…I guess I look like a plum just ripe for the picking because it will take a while for me to get through this process of recovery: I’m not going to participate, especially after having been teased with ‘we really need associates in ….SC, and places are filling up FAST! Don’t let this awesome opportunity pass you by! It will *never* be offered again after midnight tonight!!’

I’m glad I found these reviews, I’m glad I’m just naturally wary.

Thanks for the warnings, everyone.

ErikDe La Rosa June 25, 2023

Thank you everyone for all of your reviews I was just about to do it.

AGENDA 21:Scenario Realized October 29, 2023

You didn't happen to be charged a anything from Knott's Berry Farm or from the northern California area, have you? I had the same thing happened just after I made the cell phone cash membership payment. They called me up with some kind of coach and then I haven't heard anything back from them. I was charged for a season pass for Knott's Berry farm which I've never been to. I'm just curious if you had something close to that charge or from that place that would put a scammer in an area.

Zero Stars
March 24, 2023
It's a scam scam scam don't even bother people the guy just wants you to keep on paying $24.95 a month well he gets money in his pocket you get nothing! Of course you know my rating, zero Stars.

Fon March 27, 2023

I'm so glad I read these Comments and reviews. The scams are just too good on YouTube advertising. Thks guys for life savers

C W April 06, 2023

I really Thank you for posting this. You really saved alot of people from this so-called easy money scheme. The effort is not worth money put out.

KevinKalberg May 03, 2023

Thank you for your honest opinion, the coach wants you to spend your hard earned cash, just so he can get rich from making his scam website.

Lauriah August 22, 2023

Thank You for your review. I have Sucker on my forehead and I'm in my 60s!

Stealing my money
February 23, 2023

I signed up for $97 plus $37 for five websites. Set them up on my own with easy instructions. Got a call from a "coach".

When they found out I was not a coaching cash machine they blocked my number and no matter how many calls I make they won't answer.

I want my "money back guarantee" on the automated web pages they made but no way to get a hold of them. Scammers.

Myra March 13, 2023

Scam do not buy. Same thing happened to me. I bought the program and before I could start setting it up they actually called me and when they asked my monthly income the rep named Alex hung up on me then everytime I called him back he would not answer or simply hang up on me again.

I knew then I had been scammed. At one point Alex transferred me to another rep that again asked my monthly income and when I told him he said I need 10,000 and hung up on me too. My bank closed my debit card I used and gave me a new one. I called Clickbank and they immediately gave me a refund.

Rich March 02, 2023

Thank you for the review.

I will not buy this scam

Thanks for looking out

Bruce March 08, 2023

Thank you for posting the information. I was thinking about signing up for cell phone cash. But that little voice in my head said it is too good to be true. These scammers all they want to do is charge more money on your credit until it's maxed out. Just save your money.

Randy M March 12, 2023

Thanks , you saved me money I couldn't afford ....

Steve March 20, 2023

Thank you for this informative, honest review!

Marc H March 21, 2023

Thank you all for your replies. I, too, was about to make a purchase. But I thought I should look into this further and found this site. If it's too good to be true, it is. Thank you.

JMcK June 13, 2023

I will be very happy when one day they pass a law that stops this kind of thing from happening and/or they are fined /punished in a very dramatic state. Just hoping.JMcK

Byl June 24, 2023

I get upsell materials with every email -a lot- I receive. That Australian dude really has a way of deceiving people. Plus they must have several testimonal peeps Cause Sherry and Bob has the email blues. Also I learned that any sales pitch that has a timer ticking is ALWAYS A SCAM.This sends a RED FLAG outta control. I almost bought into a second Con for $27, but GOD held my bank card somewhere, but it ok.Thanks people for sharing.Byl Butler

GarrettSickles August 23, 2023

Simply put its my first day with this so called cell phone cash. I'm expecting a call on the 24th of August. Guess I'll wait till then to finish this review. The BBB would be interested in this if your scamming people. Piss me off an find out.

ChaseMunn August 30, 2023

Oooo somebody got pissed making threats on bbb your so gangster