Online Dating
Based on 3 Reviews is a new dating website which promises to help people have a place where they can easily and conveniently meet new people and find new connections for “flirting” with o
Based on 10 Reviews is a website that markets itself as an online bar and happy hour, which works as a virtual hybrid between an online dating site and a social networking site, where users can meet n
Girlfriend Activation System
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The Girlfriend Activation System is a dating product from Christian Hudson, who says that he can help anyone crack the secret code in a woman's DNA that will help her fall in love with y
Based on 0 Reviews is an online dating site which describes themselves as an online “adult introduction” website for men, women, and even couples seeking casual sexual encounters, a
Based on 2 Reviews is a new dating website which promises to give their users the ability to meet thousands of Japanese singles, whether locally and internationally, using a free membership.
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Livelinkst describes itself as "the hottest place to meet the coolest people," and is a different type of dating service than a traditional dating site. Though they do have a we
Based on 1 Review is a new online dating website which promises to be a place where singles can come together, meet, flirt, and find love online, if that’s what they want.  How D
Make Him Desire You
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Make Him Desire You, found at, is a program and eBook available from "professional pick up artist" Alex Carter who says that he can teach women the s
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I signed up in March, 2019, paid for the upgrade, cancelled and continued to be billed until I had to change my credit card. Match continued to entice me back as recently as yesterday (April
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Went for the one month special. Had 5-6 "Flirts" from supposed people interested in meeting me. After a few email exchanges I suggested we talk over the phone, instead of just emai