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you take money by force
January 25, 2024

it is not possible to cancel the subscription

Do not fall for this scam!
December 6, 2022
It is a scam! Repetitive content for which they overcharge and do not care about the customer! Do not fall for it!

Keep your money
September 19, 2022

Shady sales practices to wrap you and your team into lack luster sales training you can get for free

Highly recommend going other routes

Refund Refused
August 26, 2020

Terrible customer service. I have a special needs teenage son. He can't manage his own money so I have to monitor his checking account. He was suckered into signing up for grant Cardone and paid them $297, which was to be billed quarterly.

My son does not have money for this, so I called them to cancel the subscription. They canceled it, but refused to refund the $297. He had the service for 9 days.

I then asked them if we could pay for the 9 days and be refunded for the remaining quarter. Again, they refused. Grant Cardone is unreasonable and will not refund my special needs kid after he made a mistake by signing up. Total scam. Do not be fooled.

Grant Cardone --- "Last 12 hours to get this deal!"? It's a constant trap/Lie
November 14, 2018

Their sales team treats their customers like crap. All they care is their revenue!

I bought two certificates on Cardone university, each at $297. On the transaction page, they didn't say no return , but they say if you have any questions or satisfactions, contact xxxx.

Less than a month later, they sold a package with all 5 certificates with a general admission ticket to the 10X conference for $697 at real estate wealth expo.

I called to ask for refund for the two certificates I bought. Their accounting team relies e-mail like every 1-2 weeks, and after about a month and half back and forth with E-mail, they told me because I have access to both of the program, I could not return them.

Excuse me, you spent $600 on programs that will expire in 12 months, and you just let them sit there without accessing the material?? I asked them to reconsider their decision, no response for a week, I decided to call them, and of course, they said no, blah, blah, blah.

And after asking to speak with their decision maker twice, they finally connect me with their "upper management team" -- A gentleman who claimed himself as the company CFO. And what he told me was, "you should have read the policy before you made the purchase. We constantly have different deals on the internet in different times to boost up our sales. My job as a CFO is to increase our revenue, not to deal with refunds." And then he said I got to go, and hung up the call.

WHOA! I thought Grant Cardone said take care of your EXISTING customer in his book "Sell, or be Sold". When they are selling you something, they take your payment instantly, but after that it's completely out of their business. The team is only there for your money, not you, nor any other customers. Now you know their company's mission and attitude.

Grant Cardone is a complete scam
December 18, 2017
Don't fall victim of these self help douche bags. they sell you a product that isn't as they describe, they give you certainty that if you don't like what they sold you you get a refund but when you request refund they patronize you and never get the refund you were promised. Total scam

Has to be a joke
January 31, 2017

I feel like the reviews on this page must be paid reviews, or reviews by employees of this company.

I have been watching these videos for a couple months now, for work, and the only thing that seems to make Grant successful in sales, is the fact he was able to scam people and companies to purchase this....

His latest video told me to challenge myself, in ways such as parking in spots that say "no parking".. How is telling people to break the law, a positive and meaningful message?

Am I the only one that thinks right before he films these videos he gets high on some drug to hype him up?

This is a fraud and I am shocked it is allowed to be sold!

AlexToth October 19, 2017

I smell something fishy too. Everyone claims this has helped them for years but they posted in the same year that this "university" was created? How would that be possible?

December 9, 2016
My life has been changed by this University. Doubled my income in a year. Earning more than ever and allowing myself to take care of my family. Truly a blessing.

Niall O Hanlon December 27, 2016

Hi Vaughn,

What product-type and industry are you selling?

Have you completed the full year of CU?

What specifically did you find the most helpful?

All the best,


Vaughn Reynolds January 04, 2017

I sell board games online and build marketing for game design companies. I have been on Cardone U material for over 2 years now. The most helpful part for me is the reality that taking action really does change everything, and no matter how much action you think you've taken, if you haven't closed the deal, it wasn't enough.

It showed me how to go MASSIVE without being annoying.

Very powerfull!!
December 8, 2016

I am currently in the follow-up section of Cardone U and this chapter helped me a lot.

Very detailed etc…

I think what would have helped me expend my business would have been the same chapter (type of calls for owners follow-up)

but about people who haven't sign yet. Those are the one you also need to follow-up very closely.

I sell Kitchen cabinettery in a market where there is so much competition and people do up to

4 /5 different places and see all kind of different materials and designs. We work a proposal for about

7 hours each before anything is sign or any money have been made…

This year been particulary rough for me since my business is only 3 year old and the market was really slow.

I feel like the following up prospect who haven't sign are the target to expand my business.

It would be a big help to know how to follow them up proprely

Thank you and sorry for my english, Iam french!


Niall O Hanlon December 27, 2016

Bonsoir Emilie,

Ca va?

Votre entreprise en France?

Je suis désolé, mais je ne parle pas beaucoup de Français!?!

Did you find you can get more business and are achieving better results with the CU programme?



Cardone U Life Changer
December 7, 2016

Love the content in Cardone University. The video content ranges from sales, motivation, handling objections, finances, goal setting, Books on MP3, Webinars, and tons more!

This program is the mack daddy of all Grant's programs! My confidence in life and business has increased! I have been able to massively increased my income!!