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April 21, 2024

I bought a $100 Chili's gift card. I tried to use it and the balance was $0. I contact cash card and was told that I did not use the gift card within 45 days. I used it a few days later. NO EXCEPTIONS!

They just kept my money, even though I did not even get a partial benefit. Very sneaky.

Thank you...Wells Fargo
August 6, 2023
Received a gift card, but when I checked the balance was zero. CardCash would never answer my Emails. I wrote a formal letter seeking a refund. Again, no answer. Wells Fargo, my credit card company, refunded my purchase price. Stay away from CardCash.

Do not use
June 15, 2023
I used a $50 Starbucks gift card and was offered to trade it for 42.18, started the whole trade process but they rejected it after two days and when I checked the balance it was now $44.93. These scam artists skimmed some money off the top and rejected my order. Fake website DO NOT USE

Zero Stars
May 5, 2023

If I could give zero stars I would. I put my gift card number in in their website, received an offer and was asked to send physical card to them so I did. Weeks later I received no $$ so I inquired as to why and was told card was invalid. I went directly to the restaurant website and confirmed the card was in fact valid. I sent screenshots and received a message back again saying the card is invalid. Again I checked and it is not invalid. Don't know what's up with that but something is.

Stay away from this business
September 15, 2022

It is a legit business but it is very bad. It isn't worth your time. I only tried to sell gift cards to them and the experience was horrible. They won't accept my gift cards after hours of work and saying my gift cards are "high risk transactions". Ridiculous. I don't even know if my gift cards will come back to me unused or if I would even receive them.

Don't use this site its a fraudulent site "Thieves"
July 8, 2020

I wont even rate this site. They don't deserve a rating this site stole money from me in regards to the sale of a gift card. My twins are sick and needed medication so I sold my card due to being desperate for my kids payday was a few days away.

This site offered me $44.50 on a $50.00 card to sell and they bamboozled me buy stating that there would be pay out instructions emailed to me for the pay out. I never received the payout or the instructions for pay out. I will be filing a report with the better business and then with the police.

Thank you for compromising my kids health

selling my gift card
July 7, 2020
I sold my gift card of $50 dollars to this site They promised to pay me 44.50$ for the card. The site confirmed the sale and said that I would receive an email with my payout instruction. In brief explanation it said it would take no longer that 15 min to receive. Well I never received the email or payment from them. I have followed the steps to contact them and yet to hear back from them. My issue is still unresolved. I advice never to sell or buy from the website/place of business.

Cancel every order I believe they list cards they don't have
March 15, 2019
Tried several different payment methods on different days, always cancelled claiming fraud prevention, after tying the money up on hold at my banking institutions, for weeks each time. Ain't Nobody Got Time For That! I think they list things they don't have, like 250 2% cards and can't sell me 5, get real.

Card runs out
December 23, 2018
Seems as if you don't check the balance weekly, eventually they will run dry, happen 3 times, can't trust CardCash anymore

complete scam
May 15, 2018
Card Cash took an order for gift cards from their salesman Joseph Blaustein. I sent the order of the gift cards as requested by Joseph. 3 weeks later I was informed they would not pay me for my gift cards. On their website it clearly states payment owed yet they refuse to pay me. They have my cards and now want to send them back. How am I to know what they used in my cards? They will tell you of course we didn’t steal the balances but how do I know that? They have also marked my account paid for cards when it wasn’t. Gift Cards are as valuable as currency. They are not to be exposed by businesses with no other agenda then robbery. I have no gift cards, as tainted as they would be at this point, or any money.

They sell stolen giftcards - stay away!
May 9, 2018

This company supposedly verifies the giftcards that they sell, but the one I received was never activated. It was a BevMo gift card, but when I tried to use it, they said it had a zero balance (it was supposed to be $100). When I called the BevMo customer service, they said that the card was never even activated - meaning it was never legitimately sold in the first place. So somewhere along the supply chain, the card was taken without consent and sold through supposedly verifies all their giftcards, but if that were true, they either knowingly sold a giftcard that was never activated, or they are lying and did not verify it. Either way, it is proof they are not honest and buyers should be aware of doing business with them. When I tried to contact their customer service, they just ignored me and stopped responding.

Looking at the BBB reviews on this company, it seems they have a lot of negative reviews and don't give a crap about one more bad review.

For anyone that's been duped by this company, these are the steps that I'm taking to try to get my money back. Hopefully it might help others from getting scammed, or apply sufficient pressure on the company to resolve these issues. If not, hopefully they will go out of business and will stop scamming people out of their hard earned money.

- DOCUMENT all communications with this company - don't take them at their word on anything they tell you over the phone.

- Make an effort to reach out and resolve the issue - who knows, you might get lucky.

- If they ignore you or stop responding, file a complain with the BBB, and other scam-watch websites, like the

- File a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

- File a complaint with your local District Attorney

- File a complaint with the Windsor, NJ District Attorney

- If the transaction involved shipment of stolen goods shipped through the US Postal Service (as was the case in my situation), it's possible there may have been federal mail fraud statutes that were violated. Credit card fraud across interstate commerce may also be a federal crime as well. I believe the FBI would be the correct agency to contact in such cases.

- Write to your local Congressional representative to let them know about what's going on, and ask them to follow up and intervene on your behalf. One of the little-known duties of Congressional representatives are to REPRESENT their constituents on various matters of government. For cases such as this, where their constituents are getting swindled by shady out-of-state characters, their office can send letters to the DA, FTC, FBI, and/or other organizations and ask them to look into the matter. A letter from members of Congress will NOT go unheeded by these governmental organizations. And they WILL take action and report back. Especially if they are receiving multiple requests from different Congressional members about the same scammer, they will probably start a special task force to make sure they do a thorough job of investigation.

- File for damages in local small claims court, and if possible, look for an attorney that may be willing to take the case as a class action lawsuit. Considering the number of reported complaints, I think there will be PLENTY of people that will sign up.

Companies like this almost certainly are counting on the fact that most people will not go through the hassle of following up on all these steps. But even if a few people do so, it can really make a big difference. They know that people who buy discounted giftcards are looking for a deal, and sometimes may not have the means to pay full price. They are counting on the fact that they are tired from working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet and put food on the table for their families. They are COUNTING on the fact that most people will choose to just eat the loss, rather than take the steps necessary to stop despicable characters like these. They need to be STOPPED, and if appropriate, LOCKED UP BEHIND BARS so they can't continue to defraud the public. If you feel that you've been taken advantage of by these people, PLEASE do everything you can to try to get your money back and STOP them from hurting others.

Thought I Got A Deal, But NOOOOO…Customer Care or Inventory Folks Can't Read…or is it Their computers?
March 6, 2018

The Francesca's physical card I bought was supposed to be for the RESTAURANT - they sent me the wrong one for the CLOTHING company.

I NEED the Right One by this Friday but they didn't care, & were unwilling or unable to help, or even to look to see if one of the Clothing ones was Also misfiled... Hard To Believe they're hooked up with Amazon, much less a hi-tech company.

Supervisor Amanda Especially Uncooperative...She tried to get me to Buy the $100 Francesca's gift card that was left on the website, instead of the $50 one I ordered, but Refused to check to see if that one was misidentified as well.

The Return Authorization was only an email away, but it took another phone-call by me 2 days later to ask for someone else (Carmela) to simply send it to me, which I got in minutes...Obviously Amanda never sent it, the day I complained.

When they get the bad card back, I will happily be permanently thru with them.

Order @ Your Own Risk, especially if you're in a hurry,

& double-check to see you got the correct card, with the correct balance, & use it Within the 45 days, or you may be SOL

What a joke and rip off!
January 4, 2018
My Aunt purchased a handful of gift cards for Christmas gifts from cardcash. EVERY SINGLE ONE is now 'invalid' with a zero balance. What a coincidence. Once it is past the 45 day window, the funds are gone. My daughter was one of the unfortunate receivers of a $75 Justice gift card that was invalid when we went to use it. When calling customer support, we received the same almost word for word "it is clearly stated on our website that there is a 45 day buyer protection plan on the card and you are outside of that window, however we will file a claim". What is crappy about the whole situation is my aunt purchased all of these cards before Thanksgiving after nearly dying from Sepsis in the hospital only to end up back in the hospital with complications that kept her there through Christmas. She finally gets home Dec.26 and is excited to give everyone their gift cards only to be embarrassed that every single one is invalid when we all tried to use them. She is out of $325 but we will look at the bright side of her health being better and not focus on this worthless website that is unwilling to absorb any responsibility due to that good old 45 day window policy. Insert middle finger emoji HERE.

Rip off!
December 4, 2017
I purchased an Arby's gift card in June of 2017. I attempted to use it and could not. Eventually, I talked with Arby's and they said the card was cancelled due to FRAUD. They said to talk to the seller. Seller said, tough luck. They said I should expect a % of cards from them to be bad! Wow! Even with the fraud cancellation from Arby's there was no recourse other than, "tough luck".

Lost $150
November 27, 2017
Purchased a $150 gift card that ended up being empty. The company is unwilling to refund me. Do not purchase from them!!!

November 8, 2017
It's a clever business idea but a risky one. I had purchased many cards and about half of them are not accepted. The fraud claims with the 45 days are credited back but anything beyond...tough shxt. I wonder what the founders Marc Ackerman, Rudy Sahay, and Elliot Bohm feel about the losses. They should aggressively track down the sellers— must still has the contact info—and prosecute the fraud. By not pursuing them, the company is the culprit for fostering the fraudulent environment for sellers.

Card Cash is a TOTAL SCAM
August 16, 2017

Bought $200.00 Chipotle cards. Completely worthless.

Company refuses a refund. SCAM. They blamed it on the people that THEY buy the cards from!! Don't they check out the gift cards they buy before they buy them????

Here is their response: "Buying from any Marketplace involves the classical Risk vs Reward decision. Consumers shopping on a marketplace can save up to 35% but will at times receive cards that are invalid or have a balance discrepancy. This is not something we can control."

This company will rob your money and blame it on others that stole from you.Do not under any circumstance buy from them!!!

Ripoff - Cards have zero balance
August 1, 2017
My cards were voided and there was no value. It happened after 45 days so they would not refund my money. They claim it's "too difficult" to track down their sellers! So, I guess anyone can offer a card and cancel the value after 45 days and keep the money.

Waste of Money
June 14, 2017
Purchased 4 gift cards. Found that 3 of them were invalid. But, they don't accept refund because it was beyond 45 days after the purchase.

Gift card from them always not vaild
June 5, 2017
“I've purchased several Dunkin Donut's gift card but when I tried to use the second and the third card, it told me the cards were not registered. I've contacted the Cardcash but they told me it already past the 45 days guaranty so there is nothing they can do. I told them that to verify the card is legit or not is not customer's job, they should make sure the card is 100% safe before they sell to the customer. Unfortunately, they couldn't do anything with their own fault, too bad. Please make sure when you buy the gift card from them, you have to use it immediately, don't just check the balance online because the balance means nothing.”