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Scam scam
October 31, 2019
Cheeky bastards tried to take.9.99 from me never heard of them

Who are they?
October 25, 2019
Trying to take 9.99 from me? What for who are they? And how they get my bank details? On phone to bank now!

October 23, 2019
Same here, how do they get your bank details??

October 16, 2019
They did the same to me.. I had my review blocked on trust pilot. I'm the same as every one else. No idea how they got my details. They also sent me an email to ask for more details to locate my account. I did message them back and told them They have no chance on getting any other details from me after taking unauthorised money from my account. My bank was great and got money back but its very unsettling that they have been able to do this

jamessinclair November 20, 2019

scum....they try collecting through a company called eazy collect spelling correct....if eazy collect are independent contact did they get my details?? with cash plus interesting to know if its all banks or just mines?

Sophie Jones March 03, 2020

I've just woke up to find they've been taking 9.99 off me for months. Would it be ok to cancel the direct debit or would I get debt collectors banging my door down. I have sent them an email also although I dont expect to hear back. Thank you

LeVal March 08, 2020

Sophie, I replied in another comment to you. Yes, cancel with them and report them to your bank. They did the same thing to me and others. The police are involved with them. They're very dodgy people. Keep a log of everything.

September 23, 2019
absolute scam website taking £9.99 direct debit never heard of them low lives and also trust pilot hiding there hundreds of bad reviews whats the point jn being a review site if u block all the bad reviews TRUST PILOT why protect a scam site SHAME ON YOU people are being ripped off u punks dnt trust "trust" pilot

DavidMark Coulter October 03, 2019

never heard of them, stole 9:99 out of my bank! how did they do it??!!!

Don t even know who they are
August 27, 2019

Today went on my bank to find a company I had never heard of and certainly never signed up to had setup a direct debit, really how do people like this get away with it and until

Now never heard of them, never had a email or call or anything, it seems when your going online for quotes on insurance, loans etc someone must sell your details

And bank details to them, currently being investigated by the fraud dept of my bank.If you check Trust Pilot reviews they have reported everyone one of them so no one can read about them. I would like to

say avoid but I had never heard of them until seen it on my bank today.

April 26, 2019
They took £9.99 out of my account which I did not authorise the bank are refunding me they are scammers

StephenSheppard June 21, 2019

Agree, have done same to me. How do they get the authority to take money out?

April 9, 2019
Taken money from my account . Never herd of the company. They refuse to give it back. Aggressive on the phone. It’s only £10 but it’s the principal. Complete SCAM!

March 29, 2019
Rip off merchants took 9.99 out of my bank. I haven't the faintest idea who they are!! After phoning them it seems I signed up to a subscription comparison site. If you see this company steer well clear and if you do use them DO NOT give them bank details!!

Buy via direct debit scam
March 15, 2019
I have never heard of this company nor signed up to it and they taken £9.99 out of my bank account!!!

February 26, 2019

No idea how but they repeatedly try to take 9.99 and then refund it the same day. Really strange company.

They shouldn't have bank details. If someone can find out how they do it I'd be interested. All banks should know and block it.

Cat May 11, 2020

Loaning companies and a bunch of other companies that require your bank details is just... its gross!

February 23, 2019
Never have I heard of this company prior to £9.99 direct debit going from my bank account I never set up. I looked up their website to which you needed an email address to log in so thought I'd try mine since they were taking money from my bank

Scamming thieving bas#$%d's!!!
February 9, 2019
Looked at my account to see how much money was in it. Saw a 9.99gbp debit had gone out to these 'people'. Never heard of them. My bank has been made aware and DD cancelled!!

PaulKenyon February 22, 2019

Same has just happened to me but I'll just have it reversed

January 26, 2019
This company are scammers not at any point was I aware I had signed up to a 12 month subscription, I do not buy their excuses when trying to get a refund. ❌❌❌AVOID AT ALL COSTS❌❌❌

Marcus & StaceyWilliams June 04, 2019

These people are scammers. Happened to stumble upon an email in husbands account saying he set up this account with bank details when he had not. Spoke to by rude women. Asked to speak to manager and was refused. Husband is dyslexia and dyspraxic and this company is exploiting vulnerable people! Good job I spotted email. Will be reporting!

Scummy scammers
January 26, 2019
Received an email to say I'd set up a direct debit which is bulls..t!!! they don't even recognize my email address when I attempt to login!I have 2 young kids so what right do you have to help your self to my money?

SharonHughes January 26, 2019

They are disgusting and unethical how they scam people.

Application Form Fraud
January 20, 2019

They scooped my details when I made an online application and then attempted to set up a direct debit. I was lucky enough to notice this and have had them blocked from accessing my account, reported them to Fraud Action at my bank and have contacted the police.

They are an absolute disgrace. Be careful!

January 9, 2019
Taken money from my bank account via a direct debit, luckily I check my account regularly!

janvoden January 12, 2019

They have me too I've never heard of them

Chris Whyte January 20, 2019

Please, both of you, report this to the police and your bank's fraud action team as I have done. It's only then that we can get them closed down.

JulieSpurgeon January 20, 2019

Have done!

Scammers beware
November 4, 2018
Taken money from my bank never heard of them before beware

Chris Whyte January 20, 2019

Please report them to the police if you have not already done so.

Neil Littlewood
October 13, 2018
Nothing but a mob of cheating scammers, everyone should tell police about them, and get the fraudsters locked up, where they belong.

Taken money from my account!
October 12, 2018
Ok so I’ve Never heard of BuyVia until this morning when I’ve checked my bank and they’ve taken money. I will get this sorted. I’ve never ever ordered from them so how they have my bank details I’ll never know!

Neil Littlewood October 13, 2018

They are legalised gangsters, what are the police doing to stop this horrible scandalous act. Lock them up for a long time.


That's hapend to me today, they take 8£ from my account I didn't know for them till now