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Can't Unsubscribe!
August 5, 2022


I chose to unsubscribe, having subscribed to see what was on offer & how well it would work. I do not need endless emails & decided to unsubscribe (probably 5 times), I have tried blocking , junking them & they still keep on coming. I will never use them.

Company is a fraud!
September 20, 2021
This outfit is a fraud. I had many books downloaded and when I went to retrieve them for reading, I got a message saying the book was just loaned and the loan has expired. Silly me! I thought when you buy something that you loan it...period! Apparently not with BookBub! Beware!!

My library
May 17, 2020

BookBub changed their format and I can’t find the books I had in my library to read. They never responded to my many requests as to where I can find it.

Before they changed I could get right into my library and/ or the book I was reading.

[email protected]

Murder on the Mind
December 27, 2019
I enjoyed this book. The characters were vivid and came alive and the subject matter was very interesting. Looking forward to reading more of L.L. Bartlett's books

Book Bub
June 8, 2016
What an amazing resource! I get a daily e-mail with books on sale or free. I click the link and it sends me to Amazon where I can read the synopsis, read reviews then decide whether or not to purchase. There are always one or two free books offered. I have not been disappointed with the quality of the books. They have been great reads!

Multiple Motives
January 29, 2015
The characters the story line and the fact I thought it was the client till the very end kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book. Didn't want to put it down had to for household chores and sleep. Can't wait to read the next one in the series.

November 7, 2014
Downloaded several of the "free" books from BookBub. They were all just samples, ending in the middle of a chapter. Maybe the one you buy are different, but nowhere does it say the books are not complete.

Carrie Brungardt September 18, 2015

Mr Majors - don't know what books you received only samples of, but I did find FULL might be that you aren't doing a simple technic that i do. I have found out that if i click and highlight the author and title (in this order) copy and paste it in a notepad paper on my computer...go to the amazon website, since i have a kindle, and then i search for the book and click to buy it, for i only go for free books, then i load it to my kindle after and then read. It works for me and i do love the free FULL books. Good luck and try this, it might work for you. Hope it does. - CB