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Bob Proctor, head of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, is a popular life coach, self help author, sales consultant, and professional speaker.  

Proctor has been in the mentoring industry for over 40 years and was one of the featured instructors in popular "The Secret" DVD.

How Does it Work?

Proctor is a self-help guru with a rag-to-riches life story.  After working many dead end jobs he moved to Chicago to work for his life time heroes Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant.  

He worked his way up to V.P. of sales and used the skills he learned there to start his own seminar and sales training company. 


For over twenty years he worked with Prudential Insurance, creating custom sales training courses for over 20,000 sales people.  Several years after that Bob Proctor moved on to do the same for Re/max.  

Over the years he has worked with several large corporations and has helped transform their sales staffs.

Through his own company, LifeSuccess Productions, Bob offers a variety of motivational and self help books, videos, and coaching options.  

Most notable titles include: "You Were Born Rich," "Success Puzzle,"The Winner’s Image," "The Art of Thinking," and "The Secret DVD."  Bob's company also offers options to work directly with them as a consultant/coach teaching his materials to others.

Some of his infomercials would have you believe that he's going to teach you how to make money and attract wealth.  However, his materials tends to focus more on improving self qualities and changing people's mentalities.  

That maybe what some people are looking for while others want a concrete framework.

If people are looking for someone to show them how to make money in a formulaic way then Bob Proctor may not be the guy for them.  

However, if you need a spiritual and motivational pick me up then you can listen to and learn from his materials.

If you have experience with Bob Proctor or the Proctor Gallagher Institute, please leave your reviews below.

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Bob Proctor Customer Reviews

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Proctor Gallaghar Institute is a Big scam - Beware
November 13, 2021

This is a scam. Let me tell you how PGI consultants sell the programs. They would make a group of own people. The PGI consultant will interview his own people who will praise power of thinking into results program and then the PGI consultant will post this video on facebook, youtube, insta and all social media platforms to lure people into buying their program.

Once you pay money, you will not get any help and you will be asked to tell lies on videos so that more people can buy this program. I have been fooled by one such consultant named Manish Jain by using these techniques and i paid USD9000 for the thinking into results program.

The PGI consultant was easily approachable for initial 6 months ( i made payment in 6 months installments ) but after 6 months, it is not easy to talk to consultant. If during sessions, you ask about progress plan, he would tell you to sell TIR program and would tell you that you are failing because of your paradigms.

If you get money from anywhere then " it is because of TIR" If you lose money, you are creating vacuum to get more wealth" as per TIR consultant. I suggest everyone, please dont get fooled by PGI and their consultant. they are here to make money by playing with emotions of people.

Bob Proctor Evil Scammer!
October 1, 2021
The Proctor Gallagher Institute stole $7000 from me and their courses have nothing in them that you can't find for free online. What's worse is that the information in the courses does not work. If you follow his advice you will be so gullible that you will continue to get scammed by every scammer out there. Bob Proctor will brainwash you into a positive feedback loop using NLP sales techniques and it will destroy your life!

Kanwal November 13, 2021

I completely agree with you. PGI and their consultants are part of a scam. Let me tell you how PGI consultants sell the programs. They would make a group of own people. The PGI consultant will interview his own people who will praise power of thinking into results program and they will tell you how a guy’s salary became 500 times and how a business was transformed and then the PGI consultant will post this video on facebook, youtube, insta and all social media platforms to lure people into buying their program. Once you pay money, you will not get any help and you will be asked to tell lies on videos so that more people can buy this program. I have been fooled by one such consultant named Manish Jain by using these techniques and i paid USD9000 for the thinking into results program. The PGI consultant was easily approachable for initial 6 months (i made payment in 6 months installments ) but after 6 months, it is not easy to talk to consultant. If during sessions, you ask about progress plan, he would tell you to sell TIR program and would tell you that you are failing because of your paradigms. I suggest everyone, please don’t get fooled by Proctor Gallaghar Institute and their consultants. Their sole objective is to make money by playing with emotions of people.

Sloppy Materials, Sloppy Thinking, False Promises
March 30, 2021

After paying a fortune (thousands of dollars) you then are told you should buy an additional work book for over $100 (otherwise you can print out all the materials yourself). The book is shipped in the mail and has obvious typos, even though the copyright is 2009 - so it's been in print for 11 years with typos.

Here are the specifics - the book is Thinking into Results, Program for Leaders, by the Proctor Gallagher Institute. The typos is on page 14 and reads as follows "You should be able to articulate your goal in once concise sentence."

Having said all this, the program does function like a self-guided cognitive psychotherapy routine which could have some benefits to some people, but googling self-help videos probably will save you a lot of money if you spend the same amount of time you'd otherwise spend on these poorly crafted materials.

Great Inner Game
June 24, 2019
In my opinion and experience Bob Proctor is probably the greatest coach if you are seeking “inner game” self belief change. No one understand it and explains it better than Bob. But if you ant some advices and tips which you can implement in your business then his materials is not what you should be looking for. It all depends on what you need. Mind you, “inner game” and mind set is probably the most vital element for success which can in turn even attract things to tour life.

I am very grateful to Bob Proctor
January 22, 2018

I have studied a lot of personal development but my life did not really change for the better until I started studying Bob Proctor.

I took the paradigm streaming course and I bought every single audiobook he has on Audible. I listened to the books over and over for two years.

My thinking changed and my life has changed too.I managed to land my dream job, all of my relationships have improved, and I no longer have issues with other people.

My finances are better but not where I would quite like to be. I am going to continue to study Bob's material for years to come.

December 23, 2017
This is a scam........

November 11, 2017
i like the review of Bill Illinois. Bob proctor explains the law of attraction the best. however the cost of his programs ridiculously High. i didn't take the course n if i can afford in future i wont mind buying it. Generally speaking we c presentation bfor buying any product n his presentation is good but not clearly defined contents of course, may b sometimes vendors don't like discloser. My stance is, if u can comfortably afford, buy it otherwise buy books instead.

PatrickCvetic December 23, 2017

I really don't give a @#$% if coach book is legit or not. I don't want the $<"(>,% calls

PatrickCvetic December 23, 2017

I wish this butt would stop calling my phone

January 13, 2017
I have spoken to someone about a course re B.P's teachings. I can fully understand it and do "get it" but the cost of this course (admittedly its for 24 weeks)is £3495 Sterling (British Pounds)- my initial thought was that it was very expensive which I thought it would be, then 2nd thought was , well how much do you invest in yourself and your mind. Then I came across these reviews and was shocked at the number of disgruntled customers. I already do have a number of books, CDs, on mindset, goal mapping & life mapping. After thinking about it and reading many of the comments here, and looking at other courses available within my own company, I decided not to take this course on board.

December 14, 2016

Bob Proctor teaching is really poor. It makes you go through a marketing loop that makes you feel there is more to it until you discover that the only thing it is about is paradigm and at the end of the program they try to enroll you in MLM schemes.

Their Matrixx program is a shame : overpriced, of average quality, information you can find on amazon.

Their newsletter is a shame : repetitive and non segmented.

What shocked me is a promo for an event made for an MLM con, Wolfgang Sonnenburg. The email claimed to be a generic success event. And during the event we were surrounded by MLM recruiters everywhere. Not to mention the poor quality of the information taught. Half of it in german translated in poor quality.


omniapt August 24, 2021

Yea, join us for a "free" webinar then you realize you're a seal surrounded by a bunch of killer whales

December 7, 2016
Bob Proctor clearly gives you his formula for success. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Anyone can buy this book for 5 dollars and transform their life. However most people want the magic pill to success and don't want to work for it. Bob's products are for those who want a coach, either way it is not a magic pill and you must still do work.

November 30, 2016

I have not purchased anything from Bob Proctor,

but when I was released from prison and had lost everything and had very little support being homeless

in the beginning of the 2014 winter, staying up at George Webbs all night and sleeping at McDonalds during the day, sleeping on floors in drug houses

(one was an efficiency apartment the size of a small living room with 5-6 people sleeping there)

while they did heroine, crack, pills, and rampant depression surrounding me. Along wit one of my friends over dosing and dying.

( I grew up in fostercare until I turned 18 which consisted of living in grouphomes, fosterhomes, and homelessness and eating out of dumpsters and sleeping outside, then later went to prison for 3 years for shooting bullets into a live cafe) much more terrifying experiences.

No parents, mostly homeless men for mentors, lost and hopelessness were my feelings! -with a little bit of hope still burning.

During this time a colleague introduced me to "THE SECRET" and this supported and woke up something inside of me to never quite no matter what.

So... while homeless and with almost NO sleep I walked 3 miles

(with no jacket with freezing winter winds blowing through my bones)

to the college I previously enrolled in (Milwaukee Area Technical College)

and to take an accuplacerror test to finalize my enrollment, and surprisingly scored higher then average.

I kept telling myself I would make it and that the universe(GOD) will provide and so while my cousin and i were sleeping in McDonalds, she was able to get someone to agree to take us in.Yes!!

These people were crazy and borderline hateful (slowly found this out), but I managed to continue my goal which was to score higher than everyone in every course I took.

A few months later I was booted from the crazy people's house(still grateful for their help) moved into an RV I purchased from student loans and received a letter from the college that I made it to the HONOR ROLL (first time in college)

Later, attended 2 colleges at the same time while still homeless(lived in RV for awhile then city ordinances came down on me, so I couch surfed)

found a room in a rooming house and woke up every morning at 6 and ran in Washington Park in the middle of winter everyday.

Now I have a career making $60,000 a year and have built a business, created a mastermind group with a long lost cousin and we are slowly going through all our concepts and dreams together. WE WILL BE MILLIONAIRES!!




I will soon be taking the course myslelf, it will work for Me because I SAY SO, and the UNIVERSE IS LISTENING.

What is $7000 anyway? If you are that scared then go half with someone and take it togetger. But figure it out and never quit no matter what!

November 26, 2016
For those who rated Bob Proctor's material poor...Just just didn't get it. If was because of you paradigm that has not been shifted.

November 22, 2016
Well, you don't have to buy Bob's company's products -that are overpriced by the way- since there are torrents to download them for free, because in my humble opinion knowledge isn't for sale and must be free. So you only get disappointed after buying a product from his company and then finding out that it wasn't very helpful for you. However I think that the information in his products is so valuable and helps a lot. Good luck pals

November 17, 2016

Can someone please give me some idea of the material you go through with this program. More like in what succession. What book/cd/video do they start you on and how are you to use it.

Id be grateful for any help with this

November 12, 2016
Bobs a good guy. He teaches proven principles in an excellent way. You don't have to pay 7000 to benefit from bobs wisdom. I bought an excellent program by him for about 100 whose ideas helped me make many times that amount. I got the program from Nightingale Conant, whose programs are excellent and come with a money back guarantee. If you want an introduction to what bobs about without spending anything look on YouTube.

November 5, 2016

I recommend listening to videos of bobs on you tube. Buy the books of several authors too.. or down load for free. I watched bobs video.. he refers to the law of attraction as philosophy ... it is in my opinion also. Reality wont spare you chaos... misfortune .. corrupt dealers .. or loss..injury or ill health.. its part of life.. hence the expression school of hard knocks... Personally i would build on bobs written ideas.i loved the attitude in Born Rich...but you are missing messages as signalled to you by doubt.

Still learn what you can free off the internet.. business is hard graft.

google "criticism of ...philosophers name"..

October 23, 2016

I am going to make this simply - this coaching is a joke! If you want a whole lot of information, some of which was recorded over 20 years ago, you may find this beneficial. Sure you might get some value out of.

You will be sold by someone over the phone, that will convince you that this coaching will help solve what ever challenge you are facing. But here is the thing... Like I have already mentioned, unless you love absorbing information, this coaching is definitely not what most people need.... which is a / personal direct coach / mentor to help you through your challenge and adjust your mindset / thinking. You will get zero phone access to anyone you can actually talk to, it all be done through email and your only platform for asking Bob a question is via group webinars. Which, if after reading all these responses above, you still get this program... you will want to leverage every one, because depending on the day, will either be answered or not.

But my biggest gripe with this program, is that I was very clear I was debt and wanted to get out of debt. I was reassured by the sales person that this would help... but ironically advised that paying on a credit card is what many people do and I should some how feel comfortable with this. I worked out after 1 month this was definitely not the coaching program for me. But when I tried to cancel, was again convinced into believe that it was just my paradigm holding me back from change.

When I asked on one of the webinars, a direct question to Bob what I could do about debt, he basically said that it was my fault for getting into debt and the fault of the bank for lending me the one in the first place. If I couldn't afford to repay it, then I should have never taken it on! I feel this was definitely the indicator of a scam... Sales people basically just out to close a sale, making you feel comfortable to put it on a credit card, but then internally, saying that it is the bank should have never given me the debt.

Don't buy smoke and mirrors -- there is no tangible outcome to this, so unless you have the cash to put into this training, don't do it... SIMPLE!

I don't question that the material is sound and the learning you can gain and apply to your life can change your life... If you are super disciplined and are happy to apply all of it by yourself with little guidance or personal input / actual mentorship.

Overall, this program fails because :

a. the format it is delivered - you really can do better with someone working one-on-one / in a mastermind

b. the price they charge for basically really old information / old event recordings.

Hope that helps someone think seriously about committing the money to this!

September 4, 2016
Where can I begin ??? I took the coaching a few years ago & my whole life has changed in amazing ways from my finances , self esteem , relationships even totally changed my career ! I found my life's purpose through the coaching program ! I studied it exactly the way it's laid out ! Bob is amazing such a down to earth humble guy & his knowledge is not to be found in anyone teaching these materials ! He's the real deal part of Napoleon Hills lineage , he does everything in a lawful manner & you will have to too if you want to win ! If you're considering getting coached go with Bob I've tried many others before I got to Bob & nothing worked it was all motivating but motivation is temporary ! What Bob teaches is long lasting & you will have to study to get it ! Bob will show you , I am forever grateful to Bob for what he has given me ! My feeling of Bob is always " when the student is ready the teacher will appear " Bob is a master teacher !! Don't procrastinate jump right in !! Hope this helps anyone who needs help in their lives ? Don't listen to the naysayers trust your own gut / intuition ! He's teaching this for 50 years & has helped people win oscars , increased prudential insurance a billion dollars I read , helps the average joe become more successful too . God bless

July 8, 2016
Guys, analyse this fact, do you think a person who earns 5000 dollars a month by cleaning can double his income after reading Napoleon Hill. Bob proctor goes on to say that he starts earning 100,000 in the following year by just cleaning. I am highly skeptical of this story. Bob Proctor`s stories go on to tell how he met someone, learnt something and went on to be a millionaire. He didn`t understand the principles then and now he understands it and wants to sell it to us. Common guys, the only person going to get rich is Bob Proctor and his institute. The only people who get rich in this world is by selling stuffs that are of value to people. Bob proctor is only trying to increase the value of his product. ANd i think 7000 dollars is overpriced.

May 26, 2016
Sorry to here about people loosing money and think its a scam but honestly thinking you failed and point the finger at bob for not succeeding is guttless no one had a gun to your head if you want to think you have failed then you have but you did not fail you failed forward you wont do that again so you have learnt now lol but its how you approach his teachings and apply it you will get there don't quit you can do it