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Worst Crypto Exchange in Existence!!!
August 2, 2021
Horrible excuse for a legitimate crypto currency exchange. They hold funds for every excuse, then when you try to send they put a hold called PENDING REVIEW. No idea what this is for, no explanation, no idea how long it lasts, absolutely no customer service in the meantime. I'm told by their chat support folks they can't help me - duh, support usually means support. They are rude, never respond to inquiries and give no reason for holding my funds. I've been waiting for a confirmation on a transaction I did on July 25, today is August 2. No justification. No response. No service, scammers and unprofessional at best RUN to any other exchange unless you like living on the edge and watching the market go up and down with your money in limbo!

total distrust
June 29, 2021
I'm Brazilian, the tech support is shameful, this is a well-spoken company, but from my experience with this exange it's not good, the security is so flawed that I'm suspicious of their work, I had my funds stolen and my $164.00 didn't even try to rescue to not send more data to this exange.

Poor Customer Service / No Response
March 2, 2021

Read what others have said. Total scam for sure. Can't use the money that I've put in. They say there is some 14 day hold. But their customer service says it's only on ACH deposits. This was not.


Gargantuan fraud on a massively organised scale
February 28, 2021 have stopped sending me authorization emails for over two weeks now. They posted on Twitter that they’ve approached email providers to resolve this issue, but have since removed the tweet. I opened my account in 2018 and purchased £50 worth of Bitcoin which is apparently now worth £400.

It’s not a huge sum of money, but it’s the principle of the thing. It’s interesting that the media are being deathly quiet about the whole thing when so many small investors have been affected. This smacks of gargantuan fraud on a massively organized scale. This is a friendly warning to anyone who thinks is a trustworthy organization - don’t believe the hype!

January 15, 2018
I logged in 6th Dec 17, to see 2 transactions of all my funds sent out, not authorised by myself. I sent numerous support tickets/emails to but no reply. So I tried reaching out over fb and twitter only to be blocked for commenting about my stolen btc. Since then I have seen hundreds of people who were also robbed. I was not hacked, I hadn't given out any private info or spoke to anyone. It is people working within. Avoid this company.

January 5, 2018

I bought BTC LAST WEEK AND STILL NO CONFIRMATION. NOTHING only status pending!!!!!

I hate this frauds

Very smart
December 12, 2017
To not store any user personal secrities details on none of their servers is a next level of security because they force their users to use a pen and paper passwords and put the paper in your favorite place in real world not virtual as the bitcoin

They lost my ETH
November 27, 2017
I signed up to use their Ethereum wallet and deposited 1 ETH into it. After a while the address and private key attached to my account were automatically changed, making me lost my coin. is a fraud -- its support promises are lies
October 31, 2017
I set up a wallet and was able to deposit 1/10th of a bitcoin into it. Glad I didn't do any more, because is a fraud. I log into my account and there's no way to get into my wallet to do something with my bitcoin. Support is non-existent when it isn't lying. TWICE I was told that the problem (logging in but unable to reach my wallet) would be fixed "within 72 hours." Guess what? Never happened. My complaints to have gone unanswered and I see that my account is now "suspended" for some unknown, undisclosed, reason. So I chalk it up to a bunch of petulant frauds at and urge everyone to stay away. At least I'm only out $140

May 16, 2017

I Along with too many other people have a pending

transaction that has been pending for way too long. I want my Money within & hours from now 2:59 am eastern time 5/16/2017. I My transaction is not complete within this time I will Launch the largest online campaign on blockchain that you ever seen. Better Business Bureau , State Dept, I will Hire bloggers from

fiveerr to expost this company along with several hundred dollars in Googole as well as bing ads. Boy did you mess with the wrong person. I am a marketing expert and trainer. Please don't turn this into a mess Because I assure you i will turn it into an even bigger mess. I need my money and I need it with the said timeframe. The clock is ticking.

Account Hacked even with 2 Step enabled
May 13, 2016

Blockchain account was hacked even though two step was enabled.

Couldn't get an answer out of them on how this was possible

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