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How the SCAM companies AFFINITYTRADE and BLOCKCHAIN are both FRAUD
March 8, 2023

After reading all the reviews I can 100% guaranty that BLOCKCHAIN is a FRAUD!!!

(probably a fake company just like


Let's start at the beginning.

I invested 250€ on a app called (or something like that) it promised a TRADEBOT to fix my trades, as I am unexperienced in trading.

This app brought me to AFFINITYTRADE.COM

There I got a contact person who guaranteed he would do the trades and no TRADEBOT. After that multiple people called me trying to make me put more FUNDS on the account (I am a smart guy if it comes to that, so 30min long calls and 100 excuses why I do NOT want to ADD FUNDS and FIRST want to see PROFIT and PROOF).

Over time they left me alone for a month with no contact after that I contacted them asking how to progress was and they said:


(me same story 100 excuses why I can't do that and just want my 250 back and keep the profit).

Eventually nothing happened last call was NO DEPOSIT NO REFUND.....

Now comes the funny part...

LOCKEDFUNDS.COM contacted me and said:


Now they want me to FUND 10% in their wallet 694,1$ , but after reading all the REVIEWS first and being scammed already.


Btw thank you all for your REVIEWS specially the "EMAIL ADRESS" they contacted from that made everything very clear..................................

(I had a phone call with a woman after that she send the email to convince me that I am not being defrauded again).

Here is the full email they sent to lure me in.

22 feb 2023

from: [email protected]

As I explained, I am reaching you from blockchain.Com I am representing the security department of blockchain. Previously you have done transactions with some people, that call themselves as a trading company, known as "Affinity trade". You have done transactions in the amount of 250€ and you have made profit 6,691€

These people tried to withdraw your money to thier wallet, but the wallet suspected as fraudulent and the transaction got declined, and the money is locked now and compromised.

In order for you to have a refund of this money, you need to have proof of funds in the wallet that I wil need to help you download to your device, and after connecting to you and seeing that blockchain nodes confirms the transaction the money is going to be refunded to your wallet.

As this money is in crypto from now, this cannot be refunded to your bank account, we wil need to use a crypto exchange to sell the asset and buy €. Our interest in the commission that we are going to have when the whole amount is recovered, it is going to be 3%

Feel free to reach me in case of additional questions. Best regards, madison evans

Official representative of blockchain, cyber security department.

This email includes a photo of her passport and a pdf file with 4 official people signing it to make it more official.

8 march - 2023

Week later she calls me again (15min ago)

and I checked the email and wanted to FUND the ACCOUNT, but first I checked for "REVIEWS" and thanks to you people "I am AWAKE".

If this is a SCAM on top of a SCAM, damn then I am being SCAMMED for real haha

Thank you all for the reviews they won't get ANYTHING from me not a penny!

Eric October 25, 2023

I had answered an ad about Bitcoins and paid $250.00 into the fund for trading.

On the 27 SEPT 2023, received a phone call from a male who reportedly said he was Bryan [email protected] and that he would help get my earned funds.

He sent me a page of the supposed company he worked for "FINANCIAL CONDUCT AUTHORITY" with a reference number :BXL00160, APPROVED BY REGULATOR.

He kept me on the phone on a non traceable number and then advised that I had a very large sum of money that had been made through the trades in total it was $69,000.00 and change

I asked where did he get my banking information and he stated it was from when you made your deposit.

He then went into my bank account in Canada and the next thing I knew he had through INTERACT e-Transfer taken out $6,000.00 dollars to two of what he stated on the phone co-workers.

Then I am sent six pages with the letter head BLOCKCHAIN.COM. This document lays out the following in paragraph form: Security Policy and Terms of Blockchain, Liquidity and capital adequacy, Main Liquidity adequacy requirements, Foreign Investment, Blockchain administration procedure.

Then with a what appears to be a corporate seal signed by MAYA MILLER, CPCC , BLACKCHAIN.COM LEGAL DEPARTMENT, WITH THE NAME MILLER written over the seal. The next page LETTER OF CONFIRMATION.

This Document has my name in the top left corner along with a large sum of money. On the left side of the document it has my name, Wallet Address, Total Amount, Leverage, Liabilities Unfulfilled, Liabilities fulfilled.

With the money that he had taken for his so called co-workers is $6,000.00, The Leverage is listed at $9,000.00, with the Liabilities Unfulfilled being $3,000.


Then at the bottom left side of this document these is that same seal with the signature of the "CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER""Macrina Kgil", Then when I advised this Bryan LOCK, that he had cleaned out my account of available funds as I had not received my pension cheque he said well go ask your friends for the $6,000. 00 as there is still an unpaid Liability.

This was at 10:30 p.m. I never heard from this person until the 24 OCTOBER when he e-mailed me and asked for the balance of the money.

As he had all of my banking information he had the last $3,000.00 transferred out of my account to a Richard MANLY. From the 27 SEPTEMBER until the 24 OCTOBER all of my Automatic withdrawals for house insurance, car insurance, healthcare, Life Insurance Utility bills for gas and power all went N.S.F.

On the 16 October I was diagnosed with Cancer. On the 24th he contacted me and told me the money would be transferred in 24 hours. Then at 8:00P.M. my time he sent me a note after I had been to the bank to get money for groceries and the bank had frozen my account for suspicious activity and cut off my overdraft.

For a month now I have not had enough money to cover all of the N.S.F charges and now the bank has frozen my account so no money for food or for my mortgage.

One very interesting point about this document from BLOCKCHAIN there is no date of the transactions. Do I now believe these people are fraudsters and a large way including the BLOCKCHAIN and I would like to know where there office is located as on the net they say it is in Miami, AND ON THE NET IS STATES THE HEAD OFFICE IS IN VILNIUS Upes g.23,Lithuania.

Is block chain a scam?
August 10, 2022

They are saying I now have around $25K in my blockchain account but want me to loan $25K from my bank but leave in my account in order for them to then transfer the $25K into the same account..strange. When I asked this question they're saying i need to show I can cover this amount. Very confusing and feels like they want me to loan this money from my bank so they can go in and take it.

Has anyone who wants to withdraw from blckchain to their personal account had issues like this?

DanielJutras September 24, 2022

I have. They contacter me to transfer 6000$ usd but I must have 1000$ usd in my bank account and give their bot access to it through Anyview (something like that). Scam I'm sure.

filipe October 04, 2022

FilipeI have also, they asked me 20% of the amount to be withdraw to be deposited from my bank account in order for them to release the funds. However the letter uses Blockchain logo, the email address is Blockchain. co and not so I'm not sure who is really talking to me.... Sucks!
May 30, 2022

This company is disgusting. They have been holding my BTC now for 3 weeks because I recovered MY account with the seed phrase that ONLY I HAVE ACCESS TO. They are saying that they don't know when I will be able to withdraw again. So they get to keep MY MONEY as long as they feel like.

Careful: Wallet is Not Safe
February 2, 2022

My wallet was compromised, 2FA and other security measures - just useless. It is possible they are involved (or some of their staff). After all my funds were stolen, no solution and compensation were offered by Such attitude is so disappointing. wallet is not secure and not protected enough. This conclusion is obvious and should be delivered to all users and other customers willing to open up new account.

October 19, 2021
I bought Ethereum and a month later purchased more only to discover that my original Ethereum disappeared. The problem is easy to see as I only have these 2 deposits and no withdrawals but for 6 months now, despite my written complaints, they have done absolutely nothing at all to resolve the problem. This is obviously a scam and not a real exchange!!!

EddieB October 20, 2021

Can we do something to sue them? it's definitely looking like a scam because they've frozen my transaction for over a month now and despite all my correspondence with them they haven't solved anything and now they stopped replying to my ticket requests. Based on the replies below this is happening to many people!

jewels December 16, 2022

if you find any kind of resolution can you please share, my husband is having the exact same problem with them PLEEEASE!!

JCounts November 09, 2023

We are having the same problem too! We tried to transfer our Bitcoin to another wallet and they won’t release it. They asked multiple questions, we answered all of them honestly and now they won’t get back to us at all. How can we sue these people?

Worst Crypto Exchange in Existence!!!
August 2, 2021
Horrible excuse for a legitimate crypto currency exchange. They hold funds for every excuse, then when you try to send they put a hold called PENDING REVIEW. No idea what this is for, no explanation, no idea how long it lasts, absolutely no customer service in the meantime. I'm told by their chat support folks they can't help me - duh, support usually means support. They are rude, never respond to inquiries and give no reason for holding my funds. I've been waiting for a confirmation on a transaction I did on July 25, today is August 2. No justification. No response. No service, scammers and unprofessional at best RUN to any other exchange unless you like living on the edge and watching the market go up and down with your money in limbo!

EddieB October 14, 2021

Hello, so I'm very curious did they ever process your transaction?? I've had the same issue since Sep.23rd and every time I contact their support they "assure" you that their "investigation" team is working on it, but can't provide any other updates. It sure looks like a scam and I'm very concerned because it's a large sum of money that I was transferring!

total distrust
June 29, 2021
I'm Brazilian, the tech support is shameful, this is a well-spoken company, but from my experience with this exange it's not good, the security is so flawed that I'm suspicious of their work, I had my funds stolen and my $164.00 didn't even try to rescue to not send more data to this exange.

Poor Customer Service / No Response
March 2, 2021

Read what others have said. Total scam for sure. Can't use the money that I've put in. They say there is some 14 day hold. But their customer service says it's only on ACH deposits. This was not.


Gargantuan fraud on a massively organised scale
February 28, 2021 have stopped sending me authorization emails for over two weeks now. They posted on Twitter that they’ve approached email providers to resolve this issue, but have since removed the tweet. I opened my account in 2018 and purchased £50 worth of Bitcoin which is apparently now worth £400.

It’s not a huge sum of money, but it’s the principle of the thing. It’s interesting that the media are being deathly quiet about the whole thing when so many small investors have been affected. This smacks of gargantuan fraud on a massively organized scale. This is a friendly warning to anyone who thinks is a trustworthy organization - don’t believe the hype!

January 15, 2018
I logged in 6th Dec 17, to see 2 transactions of all my funds sent out, not authorised by myself. I sent numerous support tickets/emails to but no reply. So I tried reaching out over fb and twitter only to be blocked for commenting about my stolen btc. Since then I have seen hundreds of people who were also robbed. I was not hacked, I hadn't given out any private info or spoke to anyone. It is people working within. Avoid this company.

January 5, 2018

I bought BTC LAST WEEK AND STILL NO CONFIRMATION. NOTHING only status pending!!!!!

I hate this frauds

Very smart
December 12, 2017
To not store any user personal secrities details on none of their servers is a next level of security because they force their users to use a pen and paper passwords and put the paper in your favorite place in real world not virtual as the bitcoin

They lost my ETH
November 27, 2017
I signed up to use their Ethereum wallet and deposited 1 ETH into it. After a while the address and private key attached to my account were automatically changed, making me lost my coin. is a fraud -- its support promises are lies
October 31, 2017
I set up a wallet and was able to deposit 1/10th of a bitcoin into it. Glad I didn't do any more, because is a fraud. I log into my account and there's no way to get into my wallet to do something with my bitcoin. Support is non-existent when it isn't lying. TWICE I was told that the problem (logging in but unable to reach my wallet) would be fixed "within 72 hours." Guess what? Never happened. My complaints to have gone unanswered and I see that my account is now "suspended" for some unknown, undisclosed, reason. So I chalk it up to a bunch of petulant frauds at and urge everyone to stay away. At least I'm only out $140

May 16, 2017

I Along with too many other people have a pending

transaction that has been pending for way too long. I want my Money within & hours from now 2:59 am eastern time 5/16/2017. I My transaction is not complete within this time I will Launch the largest online campaign on blockchain that you ever seen. Better Business Bureau , State Dept, I will Hire bloggers from

fiveerr to expost this company along with several hundred dollars in Googole as well as bing ads. Boy did you mess with the wrong person. I am a marketing expert and trainer. Please don't turn this into a mess Because I assure you i will turn it into an even bigger mess. I need my money and I need it with the said timeframe. The clock is ticking.

RodyE March 08, 2023

I have read many reviews and gonna write all the info in my own review, because they contacted me as well, but knowing what everyone said here I will not give any funds to them.

If what you said is true that you are a "marketing expert and trainer" you should start RIGHT NOW with exposing them for what they are.

Account Hacked even with 2 Step enabled
May 13, 2016

Blockchain account was hacked even though two step was enabled.

Couldn't get an answer out of them on how this was possible